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Slap dee Crowns Himself King Of Zambian Hip Hop

Headlines Slap dee Crowns Himself King Of Zambian Hip Hop


Christmas eve was D-day for the final battle between two of Zambias best Hip Hop artists ,Slap Dee and Macky 2 . The venue for the “Clash Of The Titans” was  HollyWood City Night club.

The show had a massive turn out of excited fans ready to cheer for their favorite artist and see who would be crowned King .

Both Hip-hop artists put up great performances that made the awesome audience anticipate more on what was going to happen at the end of it all. As the event drew closer to an end, the die-hard fans remained glued to the show, unfortunately what everyone was waiting for never happened in the sense that nothing was announced pertaining to whom the Zambian Hip-Hop king is. Leaving the fans to make their own decisions.


Nevertheless, the powerful cheers from Slap Dee’s fans that by-passed Macky2’s fans gave  Slap Dee the impression that he was indeed the King of zambian Hip Hop , by announcing on his Facebook page that he beat Macky2 and was rightfully crowned the true Zambian Hip-Hop king .


Full description of the event according to musiczambia.com


24th December 2015 will not just remain as an ordinary Christmas eve in the minds of Zed Hip-Hop lovers, especially those that have been following the rise to firm of the self proclaimed Kings of Zed Hip Hop, Slap D and Macky 2 but will forever bring memories of the night the two music giants crashed each other to bones.

Despite their place of location, Macky 2 and Slap Ds music has received massive air play on all radio stations and across the country and has given each of the two rap Cats a larger following making them ,arguably, the most popular Zed hip hop rappers Zambia has ever had. However, Debate has been going on and on between the two and among the fans on who is the best rapper between Macky 2 and Slap D.

The two started their own war in 2008 but the answer as to who is the best between the two has never been satisfactory as fans of each of these giants continue to celebrate the works of the two without reserve. However, this tough question that had been breathing fresh air since the beef between Macky 2 and Slap D started, was set be quenched on the eve of the 2015 Christmas day at Hollywood city night club in Lusaka.

This Extra ordinary show which was set to start at 18:00hrs was organised by the two managers of the two Beasts ,Shawn Kaystar for Macky 2 and Hmark for Slap D and remains a show to remember in the Zambian music industry.
Fans of the two legendary beasts only started flocking in after 21hrs and by 22hrs, the venue was fully packed with fans of the Kopala swag and the XYZ Camp chanting slogans of the Beast they were supporting.

At exactly 23:10hrs, MC of the Night, KB Killer Beats appeared on the stage to officially kick start the show. To open the show was XYZ’s newly signed Drift with his hit song “Tongo” which fans could not resist but sing along. However, it was not a good night for Kopala Swag’ son Camstar as he became a recipient of the first “booos” of the night.

XYZ’s Diva Kantu put fans to the Dance floor when she appeared on stage and performed her hit songs “Alangiz”, “Mungeli”, and “1 in a million” but things were not the same after Kopala Swags Punchliner “Mwana wanyirenda” Tiye P was introduced to give XYZ fans the wrath of Kopala swag through his songs “Munjeleko”, “Unajaila ine” and “Pamulilo”.

In other performances was Mic Burner who performed his new dancehall track “Rumour”, XYZ’s Kobi also performed “feeling myself”, “Akuna matata” and “till the last day” before Willz aka Mr Nyopole could seal it up to pave way for battle of the Night with “londole”, “Ninalakwa” and the all time smash hit “Toliwe”.

It however took about 45min after Willz’ performance to have the main event of the night which was the crowning of the best Hip Hop zed rapper between Macky 2 and Slap D and this saw fans protesting by throwing bottles on stage because they could not hold their breath to witness the best Rap battle night of the year 2015 and to also witness history in the making. It was not untill 02:15hrs when the battle line was drawn between the giants of the night and the two camps Kopala Swag and XYZ.

Zambian Music Macky2 SlapDee Zambian ArtistsThe Kopala Commander MK Macky 2 aka Flavour took to the stage in round one with the song “Nangu Banchinge” the song he featured one of Zambias best vocalists, Exile. This was fire for most XYZ fans as Kopala Swag fans helped their Beast (Macky 2) with the chorus. In the end, XYZ fans were heard booing at the Kopala commander but in no time, he quenched their boos with his street song hit, “We don’t care” a song that left most of the fans heads in the air. After the two songs were performed by the Kopala king, it was time for the Lusaka Beast to come and rescue his fans from the burning furnace. It is at this time that MC of the night KB introduced Slap D in the first round of the battle.

Slap D came to the stage with the XYZ anthem, backed by “Vigabenga” and later breathed fire when he performed “Nomba Ninshi” which made his fans go wild as they also were heard singing along on the chorus “Nomba Ninshi.” Slap D went further on to give remarks that he wanted to show the Kopala swag crew why he was called “Kind Dizo”.

In round two, the Kopala commander tried to give his hip hop fans some hip hop flavor in “fwebabako nifwebo” however, it is important to mention that the response received when he was performing the song was not overwhelming not until he rescued himself with the onetime hit song titled “Google” which left the fans dancing. And in he’s remark, Macky 2 said he knew that the XYZ crew thought they were running the game but he was there to show them that he runs it. “ninjishiba ati ba XYZ baimona kwati bakali sana bati nalamilanga lelo, mwalamwenako,” said Macky 2. Macky 2’s remarks were however put to ashes when the Lusaka King appeared on stage and made remarks that he had being in the game longer than he’s contender. “Kopala swag cannot battle with me because the time I released “So che”, they were not there, the time I was releasing “solola”, they were not there and the time I released “zikomo” they were never there. Said Slap D

He later set the fire when he performed the award winning song “Kuichaila” which should be said put the hands of the fans in the air. And as though that was not enough, Slap D asked the fans how they were feeling that night through his Wizkid cover song “Ojuelegba”.

The resurrection of the Kopala beast was however seen in round three when he came to the stage in a soldiers outfit. This got patrons screaming for Kopala captain and in one way or another; this was seen to be the climax of the battle between the two giants. Macky 2 made the patrons sing along and jumping like they were Rastafarians when he performed one of his most controversial songs “ndimupondo”. As though that was not enough, he summed up his round three with “lolo lolo” the street version.

Macky2 SlapDee Zambian ArtistsSlap D came in round three on stage backed by one of his sons from the XYZ click, Bobby East with a song titled “Bafana” but this was not a good performance enough to cover Macky 2s previous performance. The Lusaka Captain later brought Maya on stage to perform “Life yama Diva” a song he featured on, however, patrons seemed not have been impressed with that performance. It was not until he performed “Nichigwile” one of his old time hits which featured the Late P.Jay. While he was performing, the XYZ crew with the likes of Bobby East, Kan2, Kobi, Tosta, B-mark among others flocked to the stage to help their captain and their fans pay some respect to their late member of the group and one of Zambia’s most celebrated vocalist, P. Jay.

But when Macky 2 appeared on stage in he’s round four for the night, he said he was surprised that Slap D could bring the whole XYZ crew on stage during he’s performance when it was only a night for the two (Slap D and Macky 2). “nadabwafye ati umuntu aleta family yonse kuno, ba anchi bakwe, ba uncle, bambuya na balupwa bonse. Ine nachishiiba ati iyi game ni siya nomaba umuguys aleta family yonse.” (I surprised that this person (slap D) has brought his entire family here, his aunty, his uncle, his grannys and all he’s relatives. I thought this game was just for the two of us) said Macky 2. “nomba apa, kaili umuguys aleta ama soldier bakwe bonse kuli inkondo yababili, ine nalamuleta fye umu soldier umo, umofye.” (Now that this guy brought his soldiers to this battle which was initially ment for the two of us, I will also bring just one of my soldiers, just one). Said Macky 2

And in what was a surprise to both XYZ and Kopala Swag fans, Macky 2 introduced 2014 – 2015 Best Hip Hop album ZMA award winner, Chef 187 who is also his young brother to the stage and at this moment one could not tell who was an XYZ or a Kopala Swag fan as fans of camps put their hands for the self proclaimed “numeral Uno” with his song titled “Wala wala”. And towards the last verse of the song, Macky 2 grabbed the microphone from his brother and told him not to finish them (XYZ). “Chapwa mwaiche, bashemo” (That’s all young man, do not finish them). Macky 2 told his young brother.

Before the crowed realized it, Macky 2 was performing another of his most controversial songs “Chikalakukalipa” produced by Hip Hop singer J.O.B. this was the anthem of the night for most Macky 2 fans. As though that was not enough, Macky 2 took the patrons to the dance floor as he performed 2014-2015 song of the year “Mama Rabbecca.” And before the song could come to an end, Macky 2 told the Dj to stop the song as he was joined by the audience in singing the last lines of the last verse of the song. “ichichetekelo chakwa pompi, kwati katundu yakwa…? Bobby, the fans answered as Macky 2 was leaving the stage

On the other hand, Slap D returned to the stage to re-battle the round four of the Kopala swag vampires with two of his recent songs “waumfwa” and “paya one” but the performance of the two songs were not good enough to survive the wounds he sustained from the bites of Macky 2 and Chef 187 not until he gave the audience another of his anthems titled “Foshize” which drove his fans wild.

In the final round, Macky 2 thanked he’s fans for the support he had been receiving from the days he started music until now when he is one of Zambia’s most celebrated artists. Macky 2 said Slap D could only boast of having good music years back but not anymore. Closing up he’s final and fifth round, Macky 2 performed “So much more” and he’s current hit song “lolo lolo” which features Izrael.

In closing the battle between the two giants, Slap D said he respected Macky 2 and Kopala swag for giving him and the XYZ competition.”I respect Macky 2 for giving me competition; I respect Kopala swag for giving XYZ competition. He said. “The only difference between him (Macky 2) and me is that I do real Hip Hop music” Slap D said. He then summed it up with one of his recent songs which features pop singer Mumba Yachy and former Kopala Swag member Muzo aka Alphonso titled “Somone”

The show that ended about 45 minutes past 03hrs still left the crowd with an answered questions on who was King between Macky 2 and Slap D as no one was officially announced to have defeated the other by the organizers neither could the winner be determined by the support of the audience. Some fans talked to www.MusicZambia.com said the show was one of those to remember in the history of the Zambian music industry as fans of both camps had fan seeing their Artists perform on one stage. It was however rumored that the show was set up to shoot a movie in which both Macky 2 and Slap D are characters called “THE ARTIST.” Finally, none of these artists was crowned, and so we ask you to leave a comment below and tell us which of these two men do you feel most musically.





  1. Does that Slap D facebook screenshot say “at tamping” instead of “attempting? Lool even with smartphones, guy? Smh

    • At tamping???
      Hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!The King of ldiocy! Next just post your trash in Nyanja on FB since you rap in Nyanja and can’t attempt English.

  2. Men lie, women lie but numbers never lie. Macky 2 has more awards , number one records and record sales than Slap D. Macky 2 is way better than Slap D

  3. Slapp Dee had more fans cheering him on only because it was in Lusaka where his fan base is. If it was in the Copperbelt it could have been a different story. They should choose a neutral venue next time

  4. Oh dear, the only regret I have is reading through this entire badly written article; the author trying really hard (in vein) at narrating what happened but ends up leaving you rather fatigued. Perhaps next time, just record the thing and leave a one liner to direct readers to the link of the recorded thing.

    When I was in Zambia in 2013, this Mk II dude was real deal, with a song called ‘feelin’ nimbama’ playing in the night clubs – I thought his flow was tight. I don’t know the other dude though and I might check his songs so I can judge for myself.

  5. Slap Dee is a real hip hop star unlike marky 2 whose music is difficult to classify.Slap Dee has maintained and remained faithful to hip hop.

  6. I think MK has got more hit songs,its known fact regardless of the awards…no one knows the criteria used. Like someone said imagine if the show was on the copperbelt. But 2samitup ….PALASTNITIKI!!!!! He went home happy again like someone said

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