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Arrest Me Over Our Agriculture Grant, Nawakwi Dares PF Govt

General News Arrest Me Over Our Agriculture Grant, Nawakwi Dares PF Govt

FDD President Edith Nawakwi during the Launch of the start up Programme for farmers
FDD President Edith Nawakwi during the Launch of the start up Programme for farmers

Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi says she faces a possible arrest for sharing farming inputs with farmers because of the Farmer Start Up Grant Project her party recently launched.

But Ms. Nawakwi has braved that she is not afraid of being arrested for doing what she and her party feels is right for majority vulnerable Zambian farmers.

Speaking in Kasisi Tuesday afternoon when she presented 100 bags of 10KGs maize seed to farmers in Chinkuli Ward, Chongwe Constituency, Ms. Nawakwi said it is her party’s duty to support vulnerable farmers that cannot manage to provide all necessities during their farming.

“They are busy donating bycicles to headmen and other in their campaign trails on going now in most parts of the country, but we choose to empower you our farmers with this three year Agriculture Grant and they are saying it’s a crime.

So, if you hear that I am arrested anytime soon, just know that this is the crime I have committed.” She said.

Ms. Nawakwi also noted that the ruling Patriotic Front has no plan on how to rescue the county from the poverty it has inflicted on the Zambian people.

The opposition leader bemoaned what she termed as “warped thinking” of certain people which she said was making Zambians suffer economic consequences of bad Governance.

She claimed that there is rampant corruption in the current government were all those in government today are just looking at how they will syphon government funds knowing that they are exiting power after the 2016 General Elections.

“Boma yatu bukabwalala bwayenda pa sogolo. Nzelu ku bantu sibaikako. Kaya ngati bonse baziba kuti pamene balili ati kwasala chabe six months so nabukabwalala nabo bwachita double. In fact, bwa chita treble.” She stressed in Chinyanja while addressing over 300 locals.
Meanwhile, Ms. Nawakwi added that the PF and its leadership under Edgar Lungu has prioritised road construction because that is where they are getting 10per cent commissions that are enriching them at the expense of Zambian people.

She says if the money spent on roads was to be used in empowering farmers in the country considering the looming food crisis, the country would not be faced with possible hunger crisis in 2016.

And Ms. Nawakwi has wondered where First Lady Esther Lungu has all of the sudden gotten the money to fly around the country delivering Mealie Meal when recently she could not afford that.

She said Mrs. Lungu’s trips cost huge sums of money that could be used in more productive areas and caring for Zambians like those in hospital and giving farming inputs to farmers.

The FDD Leader also challenged Republican President Edgar Lungu to explain to Chongwe farmers why his government has not delivered farming inputs to them.

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  1. Comment: is this woman normal? who can arrest you for supplying agriculture inputs to farmers in fact am one of the beneficially but am not one of your members.

  2. She is just an attention seeker. FDD is becoming an NGO – which in reality, under Nawakwi, that is what it should be.

  3. This woman will never be President. She is arrogant! When she shops at Spar she never parks in the parking place but just after the Zebra Crossing. There is a different law for her. Two she us a husband stealer so she won’t get support from decent women!


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