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Kambwili is wrong; Barotseland Agreement is still an issue – Harrington

Headlines Kambwili is wrong; Barotseland Agreement is still an issue – Harrington

 William Harrington
William Harrington

The Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) has described as highly misleading, mischievous and insensitive Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili’s assertion that the issue of the Barotseland will be resolved once the President assents to the Constitution Bills passed by Parliament.

BNFA Treasurer General and first Trustee William Harrington tells QFM News that the statement by Mr. Kambwili only causes more pain and injury to those who have suffered injustices such as arrests,imprisonment and incarceration, humiliation and even death at the hands of State agents.

He says it is incorrect for Mr. Kambwili to claim that no one submitted to the various Constitution Review Commissions over the issue of the Barotseland.

Mr. Harrington states that to the contrary, as a commissioner himself on the Mungomba chaired constitution review commission, many people did call for the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 in their submissions.

He further states that numerous citizens when giving evidence to the Rodger Chongwe led Commission of Inquiry appointed by late President Michael Sata made very strong submissions that prompted the Commission to recommend the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement.

Mr. Harrington has since appealed to Mr. Kambwili to exercise caution and restraint over the matter of the Barotseland agreement.

Yesterday,Chief Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili said that the issue of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 will be resolved once President Edgar Lungu assents to the Constitution Bills Parliament passed recently.

Mr Kambwili said that as far as government is concerned, once the Constitution Bills become law, Barotseland will continue to remain an integral part of Zambia.

Mr. Kambwili stated that this was particularly that no one submitted to the contrary that Barotseland remains part of Zambia during the Constitution review process.

Mr. Kambwili told Qfm News by telephone that this entailed that the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 is no longer an issue.

Mr. Kambwili however, noted that what the people of Western province want is a fair share of the national development agenda.

Mr Kambwili said that the Patriotic Front (PF) is in this case committed to taking development to Western province as a sure way resolving the Barotseland Agreement issue.


  1. I am not against Barotse activists speaking out and I condemn the stance taken by Zambian govt to suppress and place treason charges on people that speak out. However, what irritates me is people like Harrington and the likes of Aka who want to eat with both hands. These guys served in govt at very senior level and never raised the issue. Now that they’re no longer in power they want to champion the cause of Barotseland. Better leave this fight to ordinary Barotse activists and those who’ve never been closer to the corridors of power. Viva Barotse

    • Harrington just wants to increase fire to this issue. He is a frustrated man. Lozi’s should put up or ship up. We are tired of the crying games, always looking for sympathy. People have died for this country in all provinces.

      It’s people like Harrington who want innocent people to die so that they can use the platform for political capital. This is being Evil.

      Ask yourselves, why has the BRE been a problem. If Lungu gave Harrington a good job now. Harrington will not even bother to talk about this issue.

      All Lozi brothers and sisters – start developing your area and work with GRZ. Stop this silly pride. Mongu is so undeveloped compared to most provincial headquarters.
      You have the money. Learn from a Godfrey Bwalya , Jon Banda, Enock.Kavindele and others who commit to…

    • @ The Chosen One, how do you know that the likes of Aka and/or Harrington ‘never raised the issue when they served in govt? First the successive govts from KK’s UNIP to the present day Lungu’s PF always silenced anyone who dared speaking publicly about the BA’64 if they were serving in govt. Usually when you are in govt you are bound by collective agreement and you publicly push the party agendas, even when you don’t agree with it. Of course an honourable thing to do is to resign if you don’t agree with party lines, like when Aka and Mung’omba resigned from the MMD citing rampant corruption. But even if they served in govt then, maybe they have now come to their conscience and realised the noble thing to do is champion the cause of their motherland…

    • continued

      But even if they served in govt then, maybe they have now come to their conscience and realised the noble thing to do is champion the cause of their motherland. Whatever their public stance was in the past doesn’t exclude them from advocating for what’s right in their own mind.

      There are many people who served in govt since BA’64 was signed, in many cases they were promised by the party leaders that they would do something about it, and yet those leaders turned out to be frauds. E.g. remember Sata’s Mongu campaign address?

    • @Tell Me. Perhaps it is helpful to consider that the issue is not about individuals. Except perhaps our presidents, whom have made choices that lead to the stalemate where a partner in the amalgamation enjoys the privileges of BA ’64 while abrogating it as judged by Zambian courts.

      We continue to fail to teach our own history which has been politicised to the degree many clearly do not know it at all and for others it is an inconvenient truth.

      I simply suggest reading. Barotseland has more recorded information dating back hundreds of years than most. My personal frown came from reading parliamentary documents in the UK showing the noble ones trying to battle the Brits over the collection of thumb prints from all the Chiefs of ‘Northern Rhodesia’.

      “They did not know what they…

    • Ctd..

      “They did not know what their finger prints on those documents meant. They could not read the language.”

      Then you get kicked in the nuts for trying to get your neighbours heard too. What country encourages its own citizens to get an F in their real history while giving a pass to authors who keep the White handkerchief holding ‘ruler’ supreme, even if it meant using foreigners to write the text books, initially. Now anyone will revise history for a few bucks.

      We are not doing ourselves any favours. There are heroes and villains. In this case, the treachery is in black and white. Pick a side but do so when you are fully clued up on both sides then consider what an agreement is. Then consider whether breaking it and burying it will make the issue go away. Harrington is…

    • Harington u shud thank PF 4 saving u by introducing dual citizenship clause. U ar neither zunguz nor lozi. Anoited chibwantu u got from Hopeless Hypocrite is confusing yo brains.

  2. You have the money. Learn from a Godfrey Bwalya , Jon Banda, Enock.Kavindele and others who commit to developing where the come from.

    You can Put Up or Shut Up. Stop dragging the nation backwards. You either be part of Zambia or disconnect from Zambia. Unfortunately unfair things happen in life. They happened to Jesus. He got nailed on the Cross.

    We prefer you being part of Zambia. We have lived together and intermarriage for generations.

    The truth hurts…!!!!!!!

    • This is democracy. Nobody shuts up just because you do not like the message. Even in the UK, Scotland narrowly remained as part of the UK after 300 years of togetherness. Zambia is such an artificial construct by Europeans. Zambia is not a nation but a mock-up of a country.

  3. Either Mr Kambwili is poorly advised or he may have little knowledge about the BA of 1964.

    How could he honestly say the Constitution Amendment Bill has nullified anything and everything to do with the BA’64? Apparently because no allegedly made any submission about Barotseland separating from Zambia. Is he for real? Why then are many Barotseland nationals facing trumped up treas0n charges? Maybe the people in jail were never given the opportunity to make submissions. But I would like to think that any Lozi would definitely likely have made submissions about the BA’64.

    2nd the fact he thinks BA’64 is about secession indicates little understanding of the issue by the govt. It was neither about economical development, although this enhanced the frustrations of many people.

  4. continued…
    And the people who keep talking about greedy or underdevelopment are missing the point too.

    BA’64 is much older than the PF govt and I doubt they will manage to make it disappear overnight by cheap rhetoric.

    What they need is an informed and honest approach to the issue and come up with a fair solution. Failure to do this issue may boomerang in their face one day and they will rue all these missed opportunities. Even just an acknowledgement and recognition in the new amended constitution, followed by said massive infrastructure development would have been a good start that may calm some people.

  5. Dear Tell ME, you expose your ignorance over the Barotseland issue. When Mr. Harrington makes to those that have died, he meant those that have been arrested, tortured and died at the hands of state agents that is police and the OP. He means those killed because of Barotseland. Not cowards like you Mr. Tell Me. Unless properly handled through genuine negotiations with the People of Barotseland, this country risks going to a war that will make the separation painful. Barotseland is a country and it has nothing to do with tribe, sex, religion or color. Mr. Harrington is spot on the issue


  7. @Maverick
    Well said. But Western Province has produced very high ranking politicians since 1964, who could have made the BA’64 workable. The likes of Daniel Lisulo, Nalumino Mundia, Malimba Masheke and now madam Inonge Wina. I can bet with you that the moment madam Wina leaves her post of veep, she will start championing the Barotseland cause. These people like the Winas should use their influence when they are still in the corridors of power to stop mistreatment of BRE activists. It should sink in that demanding for independence is NOT treason especially when there’s a legal document. Zambia was supposed to operate more like a union akin to the United Kingdom. If one party feels they no longer want to be part of the union, the sane thing to do is allow them to hold a referendum like…

    • The Winas have always been anti-BA enforcement. They were part of the Unip Cartel that forced Mwanawina to assent to the BA64 so that they could be ministers in a Zambian govt. That’s why Winas are Barotse traitors.

  8. continued…..If one party feels they no longer want to be part of the union, the sane thing to do is allow them to hold a referendum like what happened in Scotland. KK, Chiluba, Levy, RB & Sata can’t shoulder all the blame, I feel eminent Lozis have betrayed the trust of Barotseland.

    • @The Chosen One… I tend to agree with your last 2 comments. I think you are right.

      Having said that, their advocate when they leave the corridors of power shouldn’t be disqualified based on the fact they did nothing while they were part of the govt. From what I have been told Mundia Nalumino was a real thorn on KK’s bum when he was still alive. Rumour has it that Kk himself viewed him as a real threat to his continued power, so much that he may have had a hand in his death. I think growing up Mundia Nalumino was highly revered in Barotseland as a real son of the soil.

      But yeah it’s a shame they folks never influenced policy while they were in power… but remember Zambian govt have always been dominated by the fols from the north and east and changing anything…

    • continued…>/em>
      but remember Zambian govts have always been dominated by the folks from the north and east and changing anything requires a lot of muscle. E.g. Inonge Wina right now is just a lame duck veep; I doubt she could influence any policy. She was merely rewarded for her role in handing over power to Lungu after the demise of one M. Sata.

      And the Winas (with the exception of Arthur Wina) have always been regarded as trait0rs in Barotseland…. but that is another topic for another day. 🙁

    • continued…>/em>
      but remember Zambian govts have always been dominated by the folks from the north and east and changing anything requires a lot of muscle. E.g. In0nge Wina right now is just a [email protected] dnck veep; I doubt she could influence any policy. She was merely rewarded for her role in handing over power to Lnngu after the demi!se of one M. [email protected]

      And the Winas (with the exception of Arthur W!na) have always been regarded as trait0rs in Barotseland…. but that is another topic for another day. 🙁

    • “And the Winas (with the exception of Arthur W!na) have always been regarded as trait0rs in Barotseland…. but that is another topic for another day.”

      SAYS WHO? The last time I checked, the Winas win elections…


  10. One of the reasons why this issue has failed is because all the Lozi Prime Minister, Vice Presidents or Senior Ministers that had served in UNIP, MMD had one thing in mind. Just to care about their pockets and families. The list includes.

    1. Arthur Wing
    2. Nalumina Mundia
    3. Daniel Lisulo
    4. Malimba Mashers

    All these guys were Prime Minister but did nothing to fight for equal development for western province.

    This includes Harrington and (AK) Lewanika while in MMD.

    Ig you can’t fight for your own, who will fight for you. The first thing that any parents do, is fight for your own children or family. Even animals understand that ver naturally.

    Kavindele has been fighting to have a rail line for northwestern province for a long time. So are the other guys from East who…

    • Sounds like ED read the same political appointees appeasement script and got himself Inonge Wina as Veep. That won’t bury the issue either.

    • @ Tell Me… I think you have already said that multiple times… and it looks like you are alternating your alias. You are one and the same person as The Chosen, right?

  11. # A Phiri Ana bwela

    Unfortunately history does not solve everything. Life is very Dimensional and Dynamic. Yes history is their in British Libraries. So what?

    It’s like asking White People to keep apologising about Slavery. Asking German to keep apologising to the Jews on Holocaust.

    Error I meant

    1. Arthur Wina
    2. Daniel Lisulo
    3. Nalumina Mundia
    4. Malimba Masheke

    • I believe it lies in more than one source and tells us more about how well we worked together, from all parts of the federation, for common goals than we currently do. We once thought politically beyond tribes.

      As for the so what comment… It is a personal choice to understand all the dimensions in whatever way you choose. I am not fighting with you…

    • I forgot to add. Holocaust and slavery in this context are history. We are still living through the reality of the abrogation and its resultant stasis. I have said before the issue will probably continue to get kicked forward for future generations to deal with.

  12. @Maverick, Lol
    and it looks like you are alternating your alias. You are one and the same person as The Chosen, right?
    “Tell Me” is another person, just same flags. I can understand your suspicion because he has reproduced some stuff that I’ve already posted, may be it’s just a coincidence. “Tell me” wants the status quo to be maintained. I am of the view that the people of Barotseland should be allowed to decide their own future and I am also against mistreatment of those championing for an independent Barotse. My only concern is that the Lozi brothers and sisters in leadership should do more

    • @ The Chosen One… got you! Thanks for the clarification. I think I you and I agree wholeheartedly. Good on ya mate!

  13. @ Tell me

    Thank you for reminding these hypocrites of their failures. Now that the PF Government is developing the breadth and width of this nation they want to be champions of the issue they ver well know is unattainable.
    People like Harrington must know that we understand their predicament, they never prepared for retirement when they were in power. Everything has time and Harrington’s time is long gone. It’s time for others like Kambwili to work and let history come and judge them!

  14. Is William Harrington zambian to talk about BRE? That’s why the whole issue lacks credibility. Why can’t these guys go to namibia, zimbabwe, angola and botswana to go talk about the BRE document coz the map passes through all these countries have mentioned. White cheat the lozi’s since it was the only tribe that welcomed them wit both hands and being colonial master thy plan to divide the country by pushing fake useless document. The nkoyas and kachokwes lived in western prov earlier than lozis, how can thy claim ownership from the indigenious people they found? That’s madness! I support every genuine govt that thy shouldn’t create platform for any discussion of the issue coz few selfish individuals have become damn rich by pushing for recognition of the bogus document, infact they…

  15. By the way 2016 is year for work and less talk! Our late President Sata really knew what he was doing to trust president Lungu with the affairs of our great nation. Let’s give space for President Lungu to develop mother ZAMBIA. By the way, do most ZAMBIANS realise that once the elections are over and winner declared, our friends in the US and Western countries all rally behind their President and work instead of exhibiting bitterness, envy, jealous and malice!
    America this year goes to Presidential elections like ZAMBIA but they all show civility and patriotism to the their country. Let’s learn from these people and give chance to President Lungu and PF Government.

  16. UFO every time you mention Sata you force us to start talking ill of the dead. The man didn’t have a clue and I will leave it at that. As for his alleged anointed successor well I measure how successful a government is through facts and figures and I am afraid they are against your man. Everything has gone south since he took over and that’s another fact which you choose to ignore. I never thought anyone would have the courage to increase my electricity by 300% but our president certainly has.


  17. Ngana#

    BRE is a country. Please give me a break!!!

    1.Who is your Prime Minister or Presido?
    2.What is your Sovereign currency ( Oh’ British Pounds that Wina took to Lusaka in 1964)?
    3.What’s your National anthem?
    4.What’s your Constitution?
    5.Show us your army & Police Force?

    You cannot blame the people from Northern and Eastern Provinces for running the government.

    Western Province had the best education system set up by the British.  Lozi’s were among the first Zambians to study law in USA & UK.

    Lozi’s you had have good Constitutional Lawyers from the time of independence.

    However, they selfish, hold to much pride and don’t care about their own home land.

  18. If there was an agreement with the people of Barotse land, let’s please honour it. If the majority of them want self rule,you can subject it to a referendum the way the northern Ireland one was done. But please we have moved from stone age, to iron age and now digital aid. Don’t suppress or harm people with dissenting views to level of imprisoning them.Let’s move away from winanama and be civil. We can’t all be thinking the same way. Even in our differences,in our diversity, wether tribal, race, religion, political affiliation, our diversity must be enhanced. If I want barotseland,hear me

  19. Please stop this crap crying here abd there.

    You are sending innocent people to cause havoc in western province . When they get locked up and dealt with the law, you turn around and use it for political capital. Why don’t you at least afford them lawyers to represent them.

    Go to Ibex Hill, Chalala, New Kasama, Lilayi, Makeni. You will find rich Tonga’s Bemba’s, Ngoni’s developing their home lands.


  20. The problem I have with some advocates of the BRE is that they tend to lay claims to parts of provinces outside what is now referred to as Western province. I recall one heated argument I witnessed many years ago at Marshlands between two UNZA lecturers – one a Lamba male; the other, a Lozi female. The Lamba lecturer argued that the royalties the BRE claimed from Zambia were actually stolen proceeds which rightly belonged to Lambas and not Lozis. The Lozi lecturer countered that Lambaland and the whole of the Copperbelt belonged to Barotseland! According to her reasoning, there were therefore no stolen proceeds to talk about since the Copperbelt was an integral part of Barotseland! Sometime back, I saw a map of Barotseland on the internet which curiously included parts of Namibia,…

  21. Sometime back, I saw a map of Barotseland on the internet which curiously included parts of Namibia, Botswana, and Angola. Can someone please give us a sense of the territorial boundaries of Barotseland?

    • Someone has a creative version of what Africa might have looked like if it were not colonised. Google the words and there is an alternate boundary up there that seems to match what you’re referring to.

      It’s all pinch of salt territory open to dispute in retrospect. We are bound by our 1964 borders but capable of living peacefully together within. I catch a cackle imagining how obsessed with a ruler someone was when whittling away at the left side of our current map though… Pity no one on the ground was invited. We might have been clearer then…

  22. We now know the faces of the evil behind the noise. It is not those from afar, but those from within that are a danger. William Harrington has always looked fishy to me.

  23. Please Please stop this crap crying here and there.

    You are sending ( innocent ) people to cause havoc in Western province . When they get locked up and dealt with the law, you turn around and use it for Political Capital. Why don’t you at least afford them lawyers to represent them, while you busy wine and champagne.

    Go to Ibex Hill, Chalala, New Kasama, Lilayi, Makeni in Lusaka. You will find rich Tonga’s Bemba’s, Ngoni’s developing their home lands in Southern, Eastern and Northern provinces.


  24. barotselandpost (dot) com has all the answers you are looking for about Barotseland. Many scholars and independence activists have consistently laboured on all matters of history, law and politics about the matter of Barotseland. Visit it today and get all the knowledge you require. Search about each and every matter of concern to you. Barotseland is already an emerging country and a lot of Zambians will be overtaken by this change because your government is really and as usual not telling the citizens the truth of what is really happening vis-a-vis Barotseland self-determination. Barotseland is a country and it is slowly but surely reconstituting its statehood, and there is not much Zambia can do to stop this. It is just a choice of whether Zambia will let go of Barotseland the easy way…

  25. South Sudanese were very enthusiastic about nationhood. what we observe today is a tragedy unfolding. Wisdom says the answer to Barotseland is closer to the Quebec-Canada or Scotland-UK outcome; more autonomy administered by selfless persons. Question is, are they to be found in Barotseland? Or would we have the same Harrington’s eating while my relative Kalaluka continues to survive on less than a $ a day?!

  26. Kambwili said Lozis want a share of development, but why are some people in prison over the same?
    Copper stone graduate ck at his best.
    The tribalist ck now provokes Lozis.
    If the pfools manage to rig then Zambia is likely to be torn.
    Hallucinations ba ck yachilamo.
    It is not good to take things for granted. Even service men know where they belong.
    The best thing to do is to respect everybody.
    Political power has limits and end.
    Ask William Banda.
    The president must not allow all pfool creatures to hallucinate unbridled. Failure to that uncontrollable fire will break.
    Let us guard our peace.

  27. If things go the way we are seing right now.hHarrington is right. If hh will be wrongly denied this yyear then we must leave zambia. There will be nothing for us in this country.

  28. I think the only reason why Lozis want out of Zambia is simply because of their selfishness and pride. Even if they were to be allowed to run their affairs, they would still fail because they would all want to rule each other at the same time. Lozis, learn to be humble!

  29. Let the issue of Agreement just die down. The Western Province has over 40 tribes among them are the vocal Nkoyas . Truth be told , that all these other tribes have been held prisoner for years by the Lozis where they are being forced to pay homage to the Litunga. Those crying for Barotseland to be independent should brace themselves for a nasty civil war among them because the Nkoyas , the Mbundas , kachokwes etc will never want to be ruled under the greedy and oppressive Lozi regime. Imagine 40 tribes picking sticks against each other , it will be worse than the genocide in Rwanda. Zambia was liberated by many tribes , among them the Ngonis who fought the last war with the British at Fenn near Mpezeni’s palace. And why do you think Chipata was called Fort Jameson? Like Michael Sata…

  30. Comment:@hardbullzs …b4 birth of Zambia 1964, kindly produce evidence on the so called lozis illtreating other tribes within Barotseland.tribes in Barotseland lived together in peace for centuries longer than the 51 years that u seem to claim that u have cared so much for them.

  31. It is interesting to hear people celebrating a document that remains questionable in many respects, legitimacy and dodgy claims of sovereignty and ownership. Right now Cecil Rhodes is being exposed as a character with little conscience who tricked and killed to achieve his goals. His statue being at Oxford is being questioned strongly. How then can we be proud of this character’s agreements, when he misrepresented himself as representing the the British Monarch at the time? There is a lot of huffing and puffing, for what? Harrington is back in the limelight, that’s it! Zambia is Zambia and I do not believe this argument can ever benefit anyone. Let’s discuss projects together as Zambians with something to give, not bring about ire and angst.

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