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Father Bwalya teases Nawakwi over claims of her possible arrest

Headlines Father Bwalya teases Nawakwi over claims of her possible arrest

Father Frank Bwalya
Father Frank Bwalya

The ruling PF has said that it looks forward to seeing FDD President Edith Nawakwi arrested as she recently claimed that the government is plotting to put her behind bars for helping farmers.

PF Central Committee chairperson for information Frank Bwalya said that if Ms. Nawakwi does not get arrested, she should also be honorable enough to apologize for her claims.

Father Bwalya said that the apology should be made to the Zambian people because her accusation, which has been widely publicized would have proved to be falsehood.

In an interview with Qfm News Father Bwalya said that his party does not think a citizen can be arrested for simply campaigning outside the campaign time in the disguise of helping farmers with farming inputs.

Father Bwalya stated that the ruling PF is thus suspicious that there could something that Ms. Nawakwi is doing illegally in her business of helping farmers which she fears the police might arrest her for.

Father Bwalya said that it was however up to the Police itself to ascertain whether she should arrested or not and not by the instigation of the PF government.

Meanwhile, Zambians have been called upon to pray for the success of President Edgar Lungu’s assenting to the Constitution Bills on Tuesday the 5th of January this week.

People in the Country are being urged to do so keeping in mind how big the event to assent to the Constitution Bills will be in the life of their Country’s multiparty Democracy.

The ruling PF is of the view that President Lungu assenting to the Bills at a ceremony to be held at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka is therefore an event that any Zambian should want to be part of.

PF Central Committee chairperson for Information Frank Bwalya says his party believes that once the amendments to the Constitution come to effect, many things will change in Zambia.

Father Bwalya has referred to governance, politics and the rate at which the country will be developing as some of the things that are expected to change.

He states that his party is thus looking forward to Tuesday this week when the wave change in the country will be initiated.

Father Bwalya spoke to Qfm News in an interview


    • Here goes again with PF minions!

      Bandit ‘Boy’ Bwalya is threatening the leader of the opposition with a foolish arrest, in a civilized world, such hooligans of Chicken murderers would be jailed in, themselves!

      Bandit a failure at Church & his ABZ kantemba, now a chatterbox for visionless PF BANDITS.

      Visionless Lungu can sign the amendment bill at his office & save tax payers money. PF bandits want to DRINK alcohol 2moro, typical Chawama Chakolwa!
      4 months left PF BANDITS.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Bandit Frank Bwalya,

      As usual Bandit Frank is yapping! Keep an eye out for your chickens, BANDITS are trying hard to completely blind the already VISIONLESS Lungu.

      In 4 months time, these confused, violent & visionless PF bandits to be democratically VOTED OUT. Abash corrupt elements.
      The Skeleton Key

  1. Alah, I though this Father of fimo fimo died in 2015? Maybe he was resurrected from the departed in place of Ukwa Zondwe wa Tanganyika. Anyway, this chap is a stinking scum of the world, no wonder the Catholics discarded the lumpen to politics.

  2. I like this.Bwalya was so vocal pretending to be speaking on behalf of the downtrodden.Alas Bwalya is now in the company of PF who have brought more misery to the same downtrodden pipo than ever witnessed in the history of this nation and instead of speaking on behalf of the pipo now that his ka pocket and stomach is full he has just turned to empty politicking.

  3. father frank bwalya hs very right let us give him total support for the right things hs doing ….as for me am 100% behind hs ideas .viva fr frank bwalya viva president c lungu viva pf .for life (2016 lungu state house no change )…smart kasonde.

  4. Why can’t the upnd guns blog objectively. Every comment from these cunts is mixed with insults. Can you grow a brain if you want us to be taking you seriously.

    • Because you PF cadres always talk nonsense. You support the crooks raping our country and you expect us to just talk? We are very annoyed with your PF.

    • The hell you should Obrien! Positive things like the Constitution are nonsense to you. You are annoyed with PF because these positives disadvantage your ailing UPND.

  5. Ba Bwalya, wait untill God’s wrath befells you. Stop what you are doing i plead with you sonnie. Get bak to your God before its too late.

    So many of God’s people are suffering and you are busy enjoying instead of speaking for them

    Ok wait and see what will happen

  6. PF campaign rally disguised as an assention ceremony – just who is fooling who?

    What a foolish way of wasting Tax Payers’ money!

    First you deny Them their demand for a people-driven constitution by vetting, manipulating, adulterating, and picking and choosing what might be in your interests, then you slap the People in the face by asking them to come and celebrate your intransgence – what a mockery of the People:
    . No separarion of powers by
    avoiding cabinet out side
    . No devolution of power from
    Lusaka to the People at Regional
    . No equitable representation at
    regional, gender, youths , the
    disabled, political parties, by
    rejecting mixed proportional
    . No enhanced human rights

    PF must go to pave way for a…

  7. Journalists, learn to differentiate betweena personal statement and an official statement. If one fool says something it does not amount to a statement of the collective. Not that I am defending PF. Just promoting accuracy in reporting.

  8. Suffering was not brought about by the PF. I know of some people who have chosen to suffer because they have made laziness the foundation of there life. When I was in Belgium I saw so many poor guys in streets without proper homes and food and I realized that suffering was indeed universal. One wonders whether our president being accused of having created “suffering” ever lived in America, India, Britain to name but a few places where sufferers also exist to date and yet the same people are all over claiming to be assisting. Vises like stealing, illicit sex, corruption, child abuse, Drug addition and many more cannot be eliminated by the opposition no matter how strong they may be.

    • @pink toe. Yes, there is poverty in Belgium and elsewhere but all the infrastructure is there, right? All utility services are maintained and these guys are sometimes fed by their govts. The homeless live on well maintained streets. Well, not so in Zambia. Poverty is even made worse because nothing works.

  9. His Excellency is a politician who would like to rub it in Mr Winter Kabimba’s wound that the constitution or part of it that he and the Late Sata opposed is now a reality. Bloggers must realise that President Lungu is hero of hisPF party today because he has turned his back on the obnoxious legacy of no press conferences, no new constitution. It is a battle of wits within PF’s past and present. HE could have signed the constitution at State House and held a press conference but chose to go to the stadium for reasons only known to the PF. Perhaps to go nd have aa good cheer as opposed to last year’s sad episode when there was a power cut.

  10. As for bloggers who wrongly think any posted comment appearing to oppose the party in power is by UPND members are wrong. The Zambian population is NOT divided into UPND and PF supporters only. There are other parties and even many Zambians who are not members or supporters of any political party but vote for candidates they like across the political spectrum. Such nonpartisans do exist and sometimes can be spoilers but not all of them.
    UPND as a party wanted a new constitution and was never against the idea. It was PF of the Kabimbas and Satas who strangely opposed it after winning the elections on the ticket of promising to give Zambians a new constitution. If I were UPND bigwig I would call for a press conference to congratulate PF for half the loaf and assure Zambians of a complete…

  11. UPND has been a consistently good party with regard to policies and leadership style. The new constitution clause of running mate should not derail this good party. Greed should not be allowed in. Show leadership by allowing a strategic national image by appointing a running mate who will strengthen the party. The dirty word is “tribal balancing”.
    Again on the new constitution UPND should be very careful with what they say. PF is ready to turn tables by saying UPND is opposed to a new constitution. Most Zambian voters do not understand these things and PF which once opposed a new constitution would like to be the hero today. That is what this whole thing is all about. The very repeat of the 2011 campaign strategy is back-this time it is “we have delivered”. Frank Bwalya is ready to…

  12. I meant father Frank Bwalya is ready to sacrifice more chickens occult style. No Christian principles there. It is all guns blazing to get into power and a possible ministerial position for the man.

  13. So uPMD cadres do not think that such a monumental change in the constitution is not worth celebrating?
    No wonder the whole lot from bottom to top are not capable of anything human, like even a smile or a dance for that matter……..they are in perpetual sadness and mourning. Wake up guys, no matter how hard up you may be, there is time for sadness and time for celebrating. Like if you slept hungry yesterday to pay your son’s school fees, when he passes his exams you have to celebrate, don’t you ba uPMD?

  14. Because uPMD cadres are not capable of a smile, you can pick them out from the crowd by their long, permanently wrinkled, sad faces. The police know that, that is why when they commit political violence they are easily identified, you just pick a few such looking faces in an area of crime and interrogate them and chances are that you will catch one or two culprits……….kikikikikikiki

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