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‘My food is cooked with mortuary water’

Headlines ‘My food is cooked with mortuary water’


A ZAMBIA Army officer in Ndola has told the Chifubu Local Court that his health has deteriorated because his wife cooks food using water from the mortuary besides secretly administering love potions.
Derrick Ng’ombe of house No. 0080 Pamodzi Township told Local Court senior presiding magistrates Kaala Nyambe and Agnes Mulengahe that he has since been losing weight since 2006 and decided to seek spiritual intervention.
This is a matter in which Ng’ombe has sued Euphresia Mubiana of the same address for divorce, saying he cannot continue living with a wife who is heavily dependent on love potions to sustain a marriage.
Ng’ombe and Mubiana are soldiers of Ndola’s Kalewa Barracks.
Ng’ombe told the court that there was a time a pastor was praying for him and it was revealed that their house needed prayers to rid it of demons.
Ng’ombe said when the pastor went to their house, he asked Mubiana to bring the charms which were in the house, which she did.
“The pastor told me that Mubiana also had a cooking stick which she uses to prepare my food using water from the mortuary. I was told by the pastor that as the cooking stick gets thinner, I also get slimmer,” Ng’ombe said.
The charms, cooking stick as well as the mortuary water were brought before court as exhibits.
Ng’ombe also told the court that he could not concentrate at work as he loses his memory due to the charms that Mubiana has been using on him.
Mubiana did not deny having kept the charms in the couple’s bedroom but instead told the court that she got the charms from her mother and that the charms were meant for the good health of her and the children.
She told the court that she was surprised when Ng’ombe told her that she was using charms on him. He then sprinkled the house with anointing water and stopped eating food cooked by his wife.
Mubiana said it was wrong for Ng’ombe to blame her for his failing health.
The court granted the couple divorce with no compensation on either party as there was no room for reconciliation.
The court also noted that any man would be put off to learn his wife was using charms.
The court ordered that the couple shares any properties that they acquired equally.



  1. Hehehehehe, when the cooking stick becomes thinner his body also becomes thinner, these women sometimes we just want to blame them. Sometimes it’s the activities that us men sometimes do that compels them to start using charms on us. Otherwise too bad for the couple because God hates divorce.

  2. Wenye!!!
    This Man possibly has a real physical illness, that’s causing his weight , & needs urgent Medical investigations.
    Has he been for a proper physical exam by medics, + an H.I.V test??
    Why do people still believe in such rubbish??
    He then proceeds to an uneducated, un- scientific sangoma, who cons him out of his cash, & blames the poor wife for something She’s NOT done. SHAME!!!

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