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The constitution is about the rule of law- UN Country Representative

General News The constitution is about the rule of law- UN Country Representative

UN Country representative Janet Rogan
UN Country representative Janet Rogan

UN country Representative Janet Rogan says the constitution is about improving the rule of law and that the country has a big job to ensure that the new constitution works for everyone.

Speaking shortly after President Lungu assented to the constitution bill Ms. Rogan said the constitution was for everyone starting with the President to the youngest person born today and that assenting to the bill was just a start.

“For me the constitution is about improving the rule of law in the country. We now have a big job to do, we need to get out there and say how do we make this real for every man and women, every girl and boy from the President down to the youngest person born today. This constitution is a great new start,” she said.

She explained that the constitution was about rights which coincides with the AU’s declaration of 2016 as a year of human rights adding that the signed document brings alot of hope.

“The constitution is about rights and this year is declared by the a African Union as the year of human rights. This constitution brings a lot of hope. When we take it forward, making a constitution is just one process now there is a new process to begin. If you look at the system of governance, look at the laws, look at the way things are done and make sure that they are in line with what this constitution aspires to.

There is a new court in the constitution, a new court appeal to help with the judicial system, there are changes to the electoral system which is very important since we are in an election year, there other things like changing the Zambia Police Force to Zambia Police Service,” she noted.


    • @ 1plus1

      Are you sure? I was always under impression that UN Representatives are subject to Vienna convention.
      Learn before imitating uneducated Kambwili, the flickering light of PF intelligentsia.

  1. Janet Rogan is right. Its true that when you judge a government you use structural and normative views. You look at what is the structure in place i.e institutions, committees, and agencies. Important also is the normative view – the behavior of the actors ( politicians). We have a constitutions but is Lungu and his thugs going to respect the citizens ‘s right to assembly by not leashing his police thugs on opposition. This is what Rogan is saying by changing the police from a Force to a Service. Rogan I hear you and keep on keeping on.

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