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HH Sues Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and PF Officials for Defamation

Headlines HH Sues Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and PF Officials for...

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema leaves the City Library Polling Centre in Lusaka
File:UPND president Hakainde Hichilema

OPPOSITION United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has dragged two public media houses and Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary? General Davies Chama to court for alleged defamation of character.

Mr Hichilema has sued the Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Mail.

He has further sued PF vice chairperson for media and publicity Sunday Chanda and his counterpart, PF Lusaka Province youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba.

He wants the Lusaka High Court to order all the defendants to pay K1 million each in damages for alleged defamation of character and further restrain them from publishing similar defamatory words against him.

Mr Hichilema has through his lawyers filed two separate legal suits, but Mr Chama is cited in both.

In the Times of Zambia legal suit, Mr Hichilema alleges that on December 28, 2015, the newspaper published a story under the headline “PF slams tribal remarks” and another article accusing him of having castigated a chieftness headlined “Refute tribal remarks HH told “, which article was published in the Sunday Times of Zambia on December 27, 2015.

Mr Hichilema said the articles, which were quoting Mr Chama, Mr Chanda and Mr Kamba, went viral to a vast audience of the Zambian people including the international community, church, family and his friends.

For the Zambia Daily Mail, Mr Hichilema said the newspaper published an article on December 27, 2015 under the headline ‘Its shameful to welcome Bembas-HH and another one on December 28, 2015 alleging that he was not a good leader because he has continued to issue tribal remarks.

Mr Hichilema said that the words complained of were in their ordinary and natural meaning understood to mean that he was not fit to be a president of UPND and let alone, Republican president.

That he is a tribalist who will never preside over critical affairs of the country and that he is bitter because Mr Chama visited the Southern Province.

Mr Hichilema said the words were also understood to mean that he had failed to condemn the tribal political cradle on which his political career was birthed following the death of UPND founding leader Anderson Mazoka.

He has asked the court to grant him an injunction restraining the defendants, their agents, servants or employees from commenting, publishing, and uttering similar words against him.


  1. Now we are talking. We just want to know the whole truth too HH, we want to know who the real tribalist is. Don’t lekelela them, fyanta them in the corner.

    • Ati each should pay K1m……kikikiki. This lawsuit is going nowhere………..before this case is concluded he will flee to South Africa where his permanent home is after losing elections a fourt time in August……..pwa ha ha ha ha!

    • PF Bandits are reaping what they sow!
      Well done HH, these PF myopic BANDITS need to put back into their shells.

      4 months left to democratically vote OUT the bandits of Pathetic Fantasists (PF) who pathologically lied about a people driven constitution, only to end up with an amendment bill, very useless indeed.

      Keep up the pressure HH, teach BANDIT Davies Chama the number 1 TRIBALIST a lesson.
      4 months left!
      The Skeleton Key

    • Timing in politics is so important. HH is better of concentrating on campaigns. PF know very well that the UPND public relations machinery is very poor.HH is not got at responding to attack.

      Any way I guess he needs to make some headlines. He has continuesly found himself on the wrong foot.

      This case will take more than one year. In the mean time they will continue jabbing him all to the election day.

      HH think and make your calculations tactfully. HH will withdraw this case at some point. He us just using this to divert the publicity which PF is gaining from the signing of amendments to the constitution.

      UPND don’t get creamed up. You gain nothing from this at present. But just noise.

    • …correction

      Timing in politics is so important. HH is better off concentrating on campaigns.

      PF know very well that the UPND public relations machinery is very poor.HH is not good at responding to attack.

      Any way I guess he needs to make some headlines. He has continuesly found himself on the wrong foot.

      This case will take more than one year. In the mean time they will continue jabbing him all way to the election day.

      HH think and make your calculations tactfully. HH will withdraw this case at some point. He is just using this to divert the publicity which PF is gaining from the signing of amendments to the constitution.

      UPND don’t get creamed up. You gain nothing from this at present. But just noise.

    • It is not about winning the case jockers. It is about putting the issues before courts so that meanwhile the aggressors don’t continue with their malice.

    • Thanks for doing this, H.H. This will save as a lesson to would be wafflers. Reminds me of Sata when he fired Anthony Mukwita from Times of Zambia after he published rubbish about GBM – not the moron we now have at State House. He doesn’t know that the legal fees will adversely affect the operations at the two Govt. media houses. Now crack their balls H.H!

    • This is the best news I ever got this new year period. PF cadres were jittery about the whole issue alluding to it as the gospel truth. What they forgot was that HH is genius and knows the best time to hummer the nail hard on its head. Kikikiki now face it, this will help you to stick to speaking the truth not just what you feel you can vomit.

    • @Change
      Cases never root , they are just shelved. If Chama and his fellow minions do not pay for defamation they should know that they will have just postponed their fate.

      This case will be a test to see if the judiciary under Lungu and PF is not compromised. The international community are watching with keen interest to see how Lungu is implementing rule of law in Zambia. Already PF ‘s record regarding the rule of law is umber. This case will finally paint it black and throw it in the dust bin.

      The consequences of this trial case will be far reaching than most PF minons anticipate. Most Zambians and foreigners will loose faith in Lungu and his PF totally if its not handled fairly.

      Viva HH, roast these minions ang let them know who is boss.

    • Well, South African back people, parties ad other influential black business men are suing white people over racist comments on social media. I hear a Standard Bank Economist was suspended, an Estate Agent has charges against her, and other Radio/TV celebs also facing similar charges.

      The same should happen in Zambia over tribalism. We cant let other people demean other tribal groupings without any consequences. Stop dividing the nation over tribalism and racism. If President Lungu was as “good” as he makes himself sound to be, he would have fired Davis Chama, Mumbi Phiri and probably disciplined Kambwili a long time ago. He must blame these people and himself for losing next elections.

    • I like the way HH has handled this case. He didn’t rush but waited to gather more information and possible witnesses. I wonder who the witnesses for the defendants will be because the people they claimed to have been called by HH refuted the stories and neither were they interviewed by the journalists from the said media. Kaya!

    • Fellow Zambians I have always preached of one Zambia one nation.PF and its high ranking cadres have been using the issue of Tribe to gain political mileage when they know infact that HH has never uttered any tribal remark since he become UPND president in 2006.HH demonstrated that he is not tribal by firing Mwananjiti and Madyenkuku including Munkombwe from the UPND ranks.Let us see if Lungu will do the same to Chama.We need peace and unit now than ever,for us to develop economically.Our fight should be for a good economy that’s all.

  2. This is it!!
    This how to launch the a new constitution…. Suing the government and its running party. Lets wait and see if Justice Mambilima will impose the law against those who were singing for new constitution. Ba PF mwaipwila umulilo pa makasa… Mwapapa kalama.

    • Thank you Mr President. They dared you to sue them now they have to pay. Their pretend humble boy kabotolo Lungu will bail them out after visiting 89 Kabulonga road

      Good move in retaliation to desperate PF defamatory tactics.

      Viva HH

  3. That is the way to go HH. Let them, Mumbi included come to the courts with evidence. Get the money and use it to feed more street kids.

    • Its amazing how easy it is for HH and UPND to sue Times and ZDM, but impossible for others to sue ZWD a UPND mouth piece for as we all know. I wonder how HH and ZWD justify freedom of the press, when they can sue but hide their mouth piece from being sued for all those blatant tribal insults, calling all Bembas thieves etc. Is this the leadership Zambia needs

  4. Nice one HH?. Some mediocre politicians think character assassination is the only way to gain political mileage. Please teach them a lesson that political campaigns should be issue based and not hinged on CHEAP propaganda !!

  5. Nice one HH. Some mediocre politicians think character assassination is the only way to gain political mileage. Please teach them a lesson that political campaigns should be issue based and not hinged on CHEAP propaganda !!

    • How much would it cost to launch a private prosecution of Chama and Mumbwe Phiri for hate speech? Are there any legal merits in such a case? I find it unacceptable that these despicable charlatans continue mouthing hatred against Tongas. This is not free speech but genocide mongering. There must be consequences.

  6. As we enter into election year we will need to start judging prophecies in accordance with the Bible.
    1.If a person claims to have received a word from the Lord to give to you, the first important point is to “recognize those who labor among you, and are over you in the Lord and admonish you” (1 Thess. 5:12). Is the person respected in the church and in the body of Christ, or is he or she a rebel on the loose and a self-appointed prophet who left a church in a negative manner because the “pastor wasn’t spiritual enough”? At times pastors detect arrogance and pride and a wrong spirit, and this is why this lone ranger prophet or prophetess was removed from the assembly of the saints! So the first point is not to accept a word just because a person claims, “The Lord told me thus and so…

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      2. The second point is to examine if the word agrees 100 percent with the inspired Scriptures. Never, and I do mean never, will a word from the Holy Spirit contradict the Bible. The Lord will never tell a person to suddenly leave his or her companion for another “more spiritual” individual, because marriage is a covenant. (Some have done this in the name of “the Lord told me to.”) The Lord would never permit a person, in the name of Christian liberty, to participate in substances that cause drunkenness and addiction to an individual, for “drunkards” cannot “inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Cor. 6:10). God is not the author of confusion, nor is He the author of most church splits where individuals are hurt, offended, and quit…

    • , and quit serving God because of the confusion and distrust created when people divided their loyalty. God is the author of “peace . . . in all the churches” (1 Cor. 14:33).

      3. The third point is that a prophetic word must agree with your spirit and will only confirm what you already know. Because vessels are human and subject to fallibility, prophetic words are to be judged by other mature and older people within the church, as it is written: “Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others judge” (1 Cor. 14:29). The Greek word for “judge” here is diakrino, which can mean to “separate thoroughly” and implies the ability to dissect what was spoken and see if it is a correct statement. The root word krino is a legal term meaning to make a decision on the basis of the information…

    • on the basis of the information presented, similar to the informed decision a jury makes after hearing the pertinent information.
      4.When you tell a person giving you a prophetic word that you are going to judge the message by sharing it with other mature believers, you will be able to tell if that speaker has the right spirit.A humble sincere person will agree, but the “prophets” who speak out of their own spirits will become angry that you would even question their spiritual integrity and authority! Charisma magazine

    • Good questions to ask when judging prophecy
      1.Does the prophecy bring you closer to God and others, or alienate you?
      2.Does the prophecy, even if it convicts you, build you up? Or, does it manipulate and condemn you?
      3.Does the prophecy leave you feeling empowered by God or feeling defeated?
      4.Does the prophecy line up with scripture?
      5.Does the prophecy sit well with you? Does you spirit testify with what is brought?
      6.Does the prophecy have grace and mercy behind it?
      7.Is the person delivering the prophecy under authority and accountable, or are they a lawless character?
      8.When the prophecy is given, are you drawn to the person bringing the prophecy or drawn to God?
      9.Who is the word for?
      10.What is the timing of the prophecy?
      11.Who are the people who need to be involved to…

    • Who are the people who need to be involved to help bring the prophecy into being? Christian Prophecy dot Org dot UK

  7. ..HH is falling right into their trap….the case will deliberately drag on…choosing awkward days for court session just to disrupt his campaigns…another huddle is that the chiefs may also be required to testify….
    …what happened to Chombas case..??

    • This is a case that does not need HH to appear in person, his lawyers will handle. Secondly an injunction will be given to protect HH from any such innuendos, in short, the timing is perfect because the only tool PF have is to accuse HH about tribalism and satanism. Shame they won’t unless the desire to go on contempt which one day when out of power will hit them hard. Good test for the rule of law.

  8. It’s a good way to get distracted from campaigning so that you later say you lost because you spent time sorting out court matters

  9. HH is a time waster like his friend gbm, he knows that this case will drag on till after Aug 11. More over what happened with Bishop Chomba issue?

    • Fake Bishop Chomba has not repeated his Satanic claims so where have you been to say he is wasting time be taking these promoters of tribal hatred to court? You challenged him to sue and he has done just that but you are still complaining. What do you want kanshi? You want him to defend himself in cyberspace where people like you will argue endlessly about everything he does.

  10. @ Scrutinizerer & Mangwamu you both have a point, the deliberate dragging of the courts and distractions will tailor around HH’s campaign schedule and sessions may be decided at short notice while he could be in the outlying areas! However one would expect the lawyers to also do a good job as not to have campaign program derailed. This case is interesting and it would be nice if many more like it were to follow suit as it would make politicians research before making utterances! The onus is on the ones sued to provide proof! Too many untruths by our politicians and unprofessional conduct by TZ and ZDM has made a mockery of politics in Zambia.

  11. in tanzania, you commit a crime in the morning and in the afternoon the case is tabled but in zambia one case will be there for years because of corruption. we hope this case will not enter into mr hichilema”s campaign period as court cases are one of the 25 evil plans by the pf against upnd.

    • Justice delayed is justice denied!

      For the sake of the future of the Nation can our courts expidite these cases so that the truth of the matter is public before the election?

      Let’s see some integrity and professionalism from the Judiciary.

  12. This is fake why wait all that long.
    so he went to plead with the chief now that he has fixed the way he can come out and sue nonse learn to ignore certain things this can further damage u.
    NB~a lot of media wrote that others reported in the night why choose those two?
    Cud it be that u are reacting to the signing of the constitution which is 90% on your negative? Furrius hh
    Are u very upset now that know u are going to lose? shame

    • @ jackass

      Do you know how legal process works? Actually, the filing has been done very fast.
      As to the rest of your contribution, nothing new. Uneducated jerk pretending to be knowledgeable and in the process exposing his 5tupidity.

    • You think commencing a legal case is like buying tomatoes. Calibre of debate here is astonishing. Even if you don’t like someone at least use reasonable arguments against them.

    • JKalusa that’s cheap reasoning the PF(Chama)claim that HH phoned chieftness Choongo.Let him provide proof we have ZICTA and Mobile companies that can provide this data if the chieftness lies in court.PF have been caught pants down for propagating tribalism.you are now exposed you lies and mechants of evil.we shall now see the true tribalists and Satanists.

  13. Your friends are celebrating the New Constitution and you are busy suing your them. Just tell us your running mate that is all and prove to us that you are not who you say you are. HH you are a tin of worms.


  15. This should send a message to Sunday Chanda and ka chilufya Tayali that when tou get married to lightenin, you shoukd not fear when it shines. Ba Sunday kapoto kabonoka, no more inside information in PF and I guess he will learn to rely more in his wife who has kept him continously. Katahali will have his head spin and may be anle to shut his mouth for once

    • Ha ha ha I like this one, in Nyanja, we say, “wakwata kwa mphenzi saopa kung’anima,” I remember hearing this on BBC, by then Malawian President, Joyce Banda. Really next ones should be Sunday who should brace himself. He thought he was a starring.

    • Ever heard of stare decisis or precedence?

      We have a plethora of cases on defamation, thanks to the rocky relations with the media.

      I wrote a beautiful essay on defamation in Lawskool and donate following cases to HH legal team:

      Sata v Chanda Chimba and Others (2010/HP/1282);
      Reynolds v Times Newspapers Limited and Others [2001] 2 AC ;
      American Cynamid v Ethicon Ltd [1975[ AC;
      Sata v Post Newspaper Ltd and Another (1995) ZMHC;
      Sondashi v Daily Nation

      Let our jurisprudence evolve!!!

  16. Good it has finally come! Chama does not deserve to be sued. This is for honourable people who make honourable mistake. He deserves to be killed, simple!

  17. I don’t support tribalism at any forum or in any manner whatsoever. The level of intermarriage that has forged many happy marriages is exponential. I.e. Mumbi Phiri ( I believe this is Northen and Eastern if am not mistaken). The line is very thin for those that wish to support it because your sister, brother, niece, nephew may be married into a different tribe. I am therefore disgusted by some bloggers who can’t at least wait to hear the actual truth but would rather bash him for whatever actions even when it’s clear he too deserves his day in court. Today it maybe HH, tomorrow it be you getting discriminated against.

  18. Lets learn to tame our rashing tongues. Assuming justice will prevail, I wonder whether the defendants will be able to substantiate their allegations. Nonetheless, no one can prevent change whose time has come, not even character assassination politics.

  19. Comment:HH has internet caders only. By the the truth hates, so what chama said had some truth in it m sure now

  20. I thought UPND has some best advisers, but on this one they mislead the President. Its politics guys and a public figure. PF got what they wanted from HH and they got him were they wanted him to be. EL unleash dogs on him and is dancing to their tunes(dogs). Which is best politics. Its like u are a father but fighting with your neighbor kid instead of his father and what will people think of u?…….

  21. @j.kalulsa. Ukalusa ububi swine with 79% leepfrog.. Its actualy u who is even more furrias that yo own percievd midia houses & yo bunch of poor fool baboons has been draged to court for their tribalism. Let me haste by instiling this into yo empt headed tin that HH is not scared of the 50%+1 clause for yo own imfo,but insteady we as UPND team are very happy & every day is like a chrismas day pertaining the signing of this animal driven constitution. Even you know that lungs signed for his exit. So my bro be careful for yo self consolation remarks, because you il just be the victim of BP & chipumputu come august this very year! Viva the son of the soil HH, what a good move President HH & il be owez behind you as a security team all the way! Shipwe shipwe..

    • I dont understand why people are talking of “bad timing” when the opposition are not even allowed to campaign anyway. Trust me, the whole Zambia already know who HH is. That doesnt mean that he shouldnt campaign at all. The best part of this law suit is the fact that PF wont defame HH on tribal lines anymore until the court case is “over”, which might take the whole year. This means that up until election day, PF agents wont use the tribal talk for fear of contempt of court. HH beat them here.

  22. Ba HH timing yena tabakwata no wonder ba advisor ni Ba GBV(GBM).why wasting time?Kikik i don’t know if UPND has credible pipo indeed.how do u appoint GBM as vice president a person without any tertiary education jst to win bemba votes.Kikiki kwena ba HH baliba desperate and no wonder he thinks bembas blocks him to win elections.He should be above such politics and appoint pipo on merit.Bembas will vote for him if he appoints pipo with caliber.I don’t know what GMB can answer in parliament.such politics of panic makes him lose elections.Anyway viva pabwato.2016 tulekolopa

    • The man has more than enough money to feed 7 of your poverty cursed generations. He is strategy in person. I don’t understand some of you people.

    • @Moscow,
      I don t know if you are in Moscow, take a chance to talk to Putin, maybe you will grow up.
      Whether HH chooses GBM as his running mate or not, you will always blame him. You are only waiting for that opportunity before you can open that stinking mouth even louder. Why should it be of concern to you if UPND (HH) chose GBM, that should not be your problem but UPND`s. Focus on your PF. Full stop.

  23. He has sued and we have not heard deliberations in court. Suppose someone has the recording? And he had to wait for sometime so that how long mobile providers keep their recording to expire elapses not knowing that times might be varied when there is need. This will be very interesting to seeing how good or bad our media is.


  25. Do not worry,. PF has the recorded conversation between HH and the chiefs. That is why Mumbi Phiri quickly advised HH to go to court. This will be presented as evidence in court and it will be disastrous for UPND

    • Why should you and PF worry about HH’s disaster over the lawsuit. I thought this benefits you as PF politically. Your worries shows that you have no evidence and you are now sh.itting in your pants. Well done HH.

  26. Very good move. I personally have never heard HH say or do tribal things some people keep on accusing him of. The truth must be revealed so that we know who the evil ones are.

  27. HH had only the devil option and he has finally gone for it. What is interesting is that if PF loses the general elections, then these PF officials are finished. There will be bloodshed during the court hearings as both cadres will crush to their death. Well, I guess that is the meaning of the devil option, either way, there are consequences.

  28. HH decampaigns himself atleast once in every 14 days due to miscalculations, mislead poor advicers, no personal stance,poor interpretation etc.
    This will damage u very much,it will pend until a time it will be used against u. It will blown in such a way u will not say a thing.
    Only a full can fail to organise evidence against u.
    11/08/16 VOTE FOR LUNGU

  29. It is clear that Chama used the public media to scandalize an innocent man. And also clear that he has no aorta of evidence at all for his allegations. No wonder the worries for PF supporters on this blog. You were challenged to play your recording but failed because nothing exists. Muzhakaula kuma court and where do you get that fine/charges money to compensate. This will shame PF as we go towards the elections.

    • Agreed, can you imagine PF having a recording of HH tribal talk and keeping it to themselves? Hell no! That would have gone viral even before he stopped talking…they would not have the patience to do that.

      As for HH, he has the right to sue at any time and no one should direct him when and whether to do so. Let justice now take its course.

  30. Why doesn’t HH also sue those that claim that he stole from the Zambian people? WHY?? This lawsuit is petty and a waste of time.

    • That doesn’t alienate him from any particular voting block. It’s called mudslinging. people will always be scriptefd. During elections.

      This one offends if no injure specific ethnicities. They form a strong predicate to determine his leadership ability to govern from a united front.

  31. @@I personally know of a Tonga Friend on the Copper belt where the Father was chasing me if i Spoke to him in Bemba. And this wasn’t an isolated case. It is infact the status Quo in most areas of Southern Province. I am 99.999% sure that HH uttered those words. Davies Chama didn’t cook up that story. And by the way is this not the man who referred to Late President Chiluba as a Monkey in a Maize Field? Evidence is there. Is this not the same man who was given a Tribal Conduit to ascend to the UPND Presidency at the expense of Sakwiba Sikota and Patrick Chisanga? Evidence is there. Is this not the same man who was saying that Bembas have monopolised political power and there should be a stop to it?Again Evidence is there. What is the alliance between the UPND and some Tribes in North…


    • I have friends who told me no one should be president in Zambia without the blessing of a certain tribe. I argued endlessly with these my tribesmen.

      But the they showed the same ignorance about Muslims. They ended up declaring Zambia a theocracy.

      See how ridiculous your argument is?

  32. Why are you blocking my comment. Is it not a fact that HH was given a tribal Conduit to ascend to the UPND presidency at the expense of Sakwiba Sikota and Patrick Chisanga ? Is it not equally true that he referred to the late Fredrick Chiluba as a monkey in the Maize Field? Is it not also true that he has been saying that one Tribe in Zambia has monopolised Political Power in Zambia? What has been his message to some Tribes in the North western Province? Yes let him go to court so that his Tribalism can be laid bare.

  33. Game Over the issue of privatization etc and his part therein is only parroted by PF cadres and is not as damaging to him as the accusations of tribalism. you have to know which battles to fight in order to win the war.
    Strange you think being called a tribalist is petty. Its shocking if that is what you believe. incredible people we have writing here.

  34. Why are PF cadres so worried. Its going to court so that you prove before a court that the man is a tribalist. I thought you would celebrating.

  35. This will not disturb his campaigns HH does not need to be in court but only his lawyers if he is need it may only be once that’s so

  36. Ha ha ha! Interesting indeed…the same Sunday Chanda has now been relieved of his duties as PF Vice Chair of Media and Publicity??? Produce the ka recording to save your job kailii!

    • You’re the reason I stopped believing in religious bullcrap. What was the day of prayer for? Same old bullshi+!

    • You are sh.itting in your pants due to this law suit, no wonder the hallucinations. Nobody is interested in your tribalism in this economically crumbling nation under visionless leaders.

  37. Just sue them chief, kukamba kamba kwachilamo. Some of us are PF but very embarrassed by the way we are conducting politics. Our cadres are unruly, we have not had a leader emerge and say stop the rot.

  38. The first one to send me a message to support HH in 2006 was a Tonga friend. The second one to encourage me to support HH was a Tonga street vendor. The third one to ask me to support HH was a Tonga. Over 90% of the people who have supported HH unconditionally in discussions we have held are Tonga. My question is, if HH is being rejected for being Tonga, how come the Tonga Anderson Mazoka was so widely accepted? Secondly, I had an opportunity toask HH a question during a radio programme some time back. I asked if at all there would be elections in UPND to vote for a leader to represent the party in general elections. His answer was to accuse me of being one of those people being sent by being sent and paid by the ruling party to discredit him. I found that to be very arrogant and evasive,…

  39. @Men in black only pipo like u think u can campaign using insults. Get it from me these insult makes pipo leave this tribal party and call it names.
    If u call pipo names we shall call u names but not insults i hope u demon u got my point may same insults be directed at yo father or mother since they are ones who taught u.
    Solve the equation below
    MARKS 50+1

  40. Thank you to all those supporting HH’s legal battle. I was also eagerly waiting for it because we need to know the TRUTH. If indeed the newspapers were being used to spread hate then we shall know and this will be a good way to teach newspapers and individuals a lesson. I am not a UPND nor HH’s supporter but I hate injustice and falsehoods because it robs the national equality and progress! Whatever,the outcome, as long as justice is done and seen to have been done,I will be happy!! Let us have politics devoid of tribalism as that has the potential to destroy our peace!

  41. Mwe bantu #38
    Isn’t calling hh a thief not defamation? The truth is hh has many skeletons who would rather not go to court. He is afraid of that what happened to chiluba is a thief case will happen to him. Isn’t strange that people can go about claiming one of zambia’s richest businessmen is a thief and he does nothing to stop it?

    • @game
      Stop being deluded. HH has challenged even Sata to take him to court if he believed and has evidence of stealing during privatisation . The moment HH said that no PF minion wanted to challenge him in court over that.

      If any one tries to accuse HH again you will see what will happen.

  42. Ka mumbi phiri and you pf minions dared HH to sue now that he has sue you start crying again,whether you like it or not 11/08/2016 you are out.signs are everywhere eg failure to fill heros stadium despite massive adverts and sensitization.

    • tribalist! you are not even tonga. Tiziba anthu mummene ama citira vinthu kuti anzao aoneke kuipa mumenso a ena.

  43. And Hichilema likened the Chiluba term of office as president to having a monkey in charge of a maize field.

    “How can you make monkey a captain of a maize field? You know that a monkey eats maize, so what do you expect.”

    • Thats a simile in english to characterise the behaviour of the MMD leadership. The same applies to PF today. No tribe mentioned .

      Thats being a genius.

  44. Comment:Mumbi Phiri was also supzd to be sued these people are foolish!! They comfortable because they are in Government

  45. lets be praying for our leaders.those that sow justice will reap justice and coruption coruption.may peace prevail

  46. This is ill advised and is consistent behaviour of a man lost. HH is far removed from reality, that he harms himself time and again in an effort of attaining his far fetched ambition to be President of Zambia.

    He clearly has far too much money at his disposal. The big question for citizens to consider is WHY? HH is in the public eye. He also is a bruiser who regularly defames his Political enemies via a certain unsavoury publication and website. We the citizens have seen this. What character doth he defend? Pray tell us.

    • What is required is a separate Court System for Politicians in Zambia. The regularity with which they sue must be clogging up the justice system for citizens, especially near, during the Election Season.

    • 1M per person sued (quite a few), is there a shortage in the Election Coffers? This could be an attempt to shore up the deficit. Bad plan, might backfire with costs.

  47. Not a very wise move by HH. By bringing a law suit he will let his tribal tag issues to linger on the minds of Zambians in an Election year. The best he could do was to deny categorically those allegations and burry the issue. Talk about development, the economy, Jobs, currency etc. Tribal issues are not his strongest area to dwell on too much. Going to court won’t help, but will only hurt his chances of winning the Presidential elections because the tribal remarks will stay in the lime light.

  48. Joe is that your problem,leave it to us upnd to worry not you pf just prepare for your exit in about seven months.

  49. you see now you poor sunday chanda, after being sued you have beeen dumped, you are going to dance, you should always think before you vomit

  50. I thought that there are no more surprises from uPMD politicians, but boy was I wrong!! I cannot believe that HH has fallen for the bait hook and sinker with open eyes. My God!, who are HHs strategists? This thing goes far than meets the eye.
    Now poor underfive will tell us what he has neglected or refused to deny or clarify all these eleven years since that ill fated uPMD convention to elect the successor to Mazoka mwana mubotu, where Mr Chejani was quoted as saying that uPMD can only be led by a certain tribal grouping, no sorry not that, to be precise, not a tribal group but a particular tribe. I can imagine the cross examination of HH!! Whaaaa! the excitement just began, more popcorns please!!!

  51. #52.1 wanzelu
    Hh must sue those that call him a thief so they prove their claims or be proven wrong. It shows that he is not so innocent after all. kambwili said it on radio phoenix that hh is a thief and dishonest man.

  52. What must worry any sober – minded UPND supporter is why the Times of Zambia and the Zambia Daily Mail didn’t apologize after HH gave them 24 hours ultimatum to apologize to him for the alleged tribal remarks he made. Even more ominously, Mumbi Phiri, the PF Deputy Secretary General, even dared HH to take the matter to court. Let’s see how this matter unfolds in court.

    • Simple, they were deluded in thinking HH will not take them on because they think they are super human. It is a test case, which ever way it goes it is good for Zambia. It will give us a chance to see what caliber of politicians we have. The LIARS and NON LIARS and along with this the PLUNDERERS because lying goes with thieving. I wish the case can be fast tracked.

  53. Welcome into my parlour, said the spider to the fly. Someone here – between HH and those sued – has fallen for the bait.

  54. Chiluba best President Zambia ever had – HH (due to privatization deal)
    = Levy Mwanawas worst president Zambia ever had – HH 2006
    = Rupiah Banda worst president Zambia ever had – HH 2008
    = Michael Sata worst President Zambia ever had – HH 2012
    = Edgar Lungu worst President Zambia ever had – HH 2016

    Does HH really mean well for this country????????? This man should go back to the corporate world.

  55. this case is going no where naimwee PF has faced such threats from HH and nothing has happened…the guys times and daily have their own defence and even recording…be carefull with yo comments

Comments are closed.

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