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UPND is already preparing itself for defeat-PF

General News UPND is already preparing itself for defeat-PF

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema confers with Alliance for Better Zambia leader Father Frank Bwalya
The ruling PF has denied allegations that it is using the intelligence service in Zambia and an Israeli elections consultant to rig the August 11 elections.

PF Chairman for Media Fr Frank Bwalya said the allegations are coming from desperate UPND members who are psyching their members for defeat.

Fr Bwalya said the PF cannot sink so low to start abusing state institutions such as the Zambia Intelligence Service for purposes of winning the elections.

He said the UPND is always in a defeatist mode because it has never beaten any political party in the history of Zambia.

‘This is a party that is used to losing elections because they have never won anything, they kept losing to the MMD and they will lose again to the PF so they have started preparing their members for defeat,’ he said.

Fr Bwalya said the hiring of an Israeli consultancy is purely an internal party issue and has nothing to do with state institutions.



    According to a letter marked “Extremely Confidential” dated October 9, 2015, 2015 and signed by President Lungu’s special assistant for press and public relations Amos Chanda, the Head of State wants the intelligence wing to get involved in the work that Timor Consulting will be doing during elections in order to guarantee “information management”.

    • Very unintelligent way of commumicating with the OP concerning the sensitivity of the topic under discussion and I doubt the govnt can be foolish to leave a traceable trail in form of a letter…….if proof of a recording was given then I would have believed it, therefore I can conclusively say the letter is fake….mukose….fourth straight defeat is just six months away. Viva ECL.

    • The Post and HH have rattled you little rats in PF. We’re keeping an eye out on all activities at State House. We have an intelligence that keeps supplying us with “Extremely Confidential” documents.

    • This is interesting. Frank Bwalya has finally admitted the story the Post published a couple of months ago that PF has engaged some Israeli spies to rig the elections.One thing you have to give to the Post is that they always publish the truth


    Mr Samuel Nkhoma,
    Director General,
    Zambia Security Intelligence Service,

    Dear Director General


    I wish to inform you that His Excellency Mr Edgar C Lungu has authorised me to engage the above named firm to provide consulting services for the 2016 general elections campaign. To guarantee the highest level of information management and integrity of the project, it is desirable that this contract is signed under your auspices.

    I have examined the technical proposal and I am satisfied that it provides a comprehensive outline of the desired interventions necessary to run an effective and efficient campaign. The proposal particularly provides an elaborate integrated campaign plan encompassing…

  3. …..strategic consulting, communication support, creative services, strategic research and social media and digital campaigns. The technical proposal is hereby enclosed. His Excellency has also directed that a team of local consultants, including Mr Jeff Sitali, be sub-contracted to the project. I have since held consultations with Timor Consulting and we have agreed on the integration process that will take place after the contract has been signed.

    With regard to the contract attached herewith, kindly note that the contract period is now 1st November, 2015 to 30th September, 2016.

    Yours sincerely,

    Amos Chanda, Special Assistant to the President.
    State House

    • Is Amos Chanda not a Civil Servant? why is he signing off on PF and not Davies Chama the Party SG?

  4. Your duty is to Govern ba PF. You behave like an opposition party. Anyway it seems you enjoy being there we are placing there in the next 7 months. Truth is you are sensing serious defeat fever hence, your panic to even fire the goon Sunday Chanda.

  5. Says the monkey whose party is abusing four other state institutions: ZRA, ZNBC, Daily Mail and Sunday times. What a hypocrite.

  6. We will vote you out, It has trully shown that you have failed, everything is going kokai, start preparing your katundu and area. For farming.

  7. “Fr Bwalya said the PF cannot sink so low to start abusing state institutions such as the Zambia Intelligence Service for purposes of winning the elections.”

    PF has ALREADY done so.

    MORE hot air coming out of this FARTER Bwalyas backside!

  8. Comment:can u convince zambia if u ve not typed your cheap politics show me pictures of when u truely received that communication

  9. Why should the President even through his special assistant instruct the intelligence chief through a letter when the intelligence chief actually physically meets the President every morning to brief him on state affairs? Don’t be daft ba uPMD, the Urinal Post is just that, a bottle of stale urine, no one believes in the Urinal Post and its urine writer/ editor except desperate losers like upMD.

  10. Terrible you have been caught with your pants down, that’s why you so confident of winning by 70 percent with such a bad economy. You know it’s going to be tough for the people to forget all the problems you have put them through by voting for you. Things are not getting better and both you and I know it’s heading to a desperate point where people will have to vote for someone else if they want to change the direction we moving to, otherwise, it’s going to be more job losses, high inflation, massive borrowing and the agony of being in constant darkness everyday.

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