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Government to sign contracts for addition 200 megawatts emergency power-Siliya

Economy Government to sign contracts for addition 200 megawatts emergency power-Siliya

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya

GOVERNMENT is next week scheduled to sign contracts for additional 200 megawatts (MW) emergency power supply from four inland thermal power plants to help cushion the power deficit in Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces.

Minister of Energy and Water Development Dora Siliya said at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that Government is also next week expected to award contracts for the procurement of 300 MW from solar power plants.

“The government, through Zesco, contracted 148MW emergency power from Aggreko. This power, which is from a gas power plant in Mozambique, started flowing on Wednesday, September 9 last year and is being delivered daily from 06:00 hours to 22:00 hours.

“The cost for this power is US$13.1 million per month. However, from January this year, this emergency power supply by Aggreko has dropped to 40MW as the company had earlier committed 108MW to other customers,” Ms Siliya said.

She said it is in this view that Government is this year putting in place additional interventions aimed at cushioning the shortage of power in the country expected to cost US$1.2 billion.

Ms Siliya said to reduce the national deficit further, 200MW will be imported from Karpowership of Turkey, which will be docked at the Port of Nacala in Mozambique.

She said Government is also spending US$20 million on the procurement and distribution of energy-saving bulbs.
Ms Siliya also directed Zesco Limited to immediately revert to the old electricity tariffs in line with President Lungu’s directive.

She also directed Zesco and the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) to immediately find ways of effecting reasonable tariffs for domestic users by February 1 this year.

Ms Siliya said ERB with the support of the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) will soon embark on an industry-wide cost of service study, which is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of this year.


  1. Any new power plant will only deliver that power in 4 to 5 years’ time. It cannot be advertised as an emergency solution. PF lost the plot when they dumped all their 90 days promises soon after 2011 elections. Scrambling to compensate now is too late. Moreover without proper rains so far, expect power problems to be worse in 2016.

    And what is the correct position on the tariffs? Have the new tariffs been reversed or its for residential only? Is Dollar Sleer suggesting that ERB should immediately come up with a new tariff to replace the old one? These are the effects of appointing relatives and cadres to run govt institutions like ERB.

    • @Simumba,while we acknowledge that the power problem started a long time ago with lack of investment by previous governments,we cannot judge from this article that PF is working as they lack specific time frames when they hope all these Megawatts will come on the grid and how many hours of load shedding it will reduce!? Any way can talk but if not bound by time frames they can always talk themselves out with excuses!! Let them come with specifics and implement,then we shall say they are working on power. For example what EL and Team have done with the constitution is commendable despite the lost time in the past due to Wynter’s schemes!

  2. Dora
    Please make changes at ERB. The level incompetency at this institution is chocking.
    This are people who only move when govt makes a move. They think of nothing but increasing tariffs not effective ways of using what is available in the country.

    Dora also explain why you are not signing the statutory instrument on fuel marking which was suspended in October last yer due to the absence of the same. Information not rumor is slowly tickling that there are skims to re tender the process because you have people in mind where your pocket will benefit that you want to win the tender.
    My advise for you Dora is that you will burnt your image as there is no other entity in the world that will beat Authentix and the executioner on the ground. These are leaders in this business and you…

  3. And where is the money coming from since this is not cost reflective tariffs and the figure is almost double as the one Lazy Lungu mentioned in his press conference last year….the once corrupt Dora is back to signing and negotiating million dollar contracts…how laughable.

  4. and why quote everything in dollars? no wonder our kwacha keeps on loosing value. in short let us dollalize our economy.
    second, our people keeps on loosing jobs but we have got pretty indians at kagem mine working as security guards. how they get working permits no one knows. this is why we say this gov. is so pollas
    someone should come to kagem and investigate why foreigners are doing jobs which can be done by the locals.

  5. Everything shrouded in ambiguity!! When is the 300MW from solar power plants expected to come on board? When is the 200MW to be imported from the Turkish ship expected to start flowing into the national grid? How did you arrive at the $20million for energy saving bulbs? Are you offering tax concessions to those who will import and sell these hence the $20m is counted as lost revenue or are you going to import and distribute these bulbs to Zambians free of charge? When the thermal power plant in Sinazongwe expected to add power to the grid and how MWs. When is the power plant in Itezhi -tezhi expected to come on board? All these hidden facts and ambiguities with out time frames lead to suspicion! Is it LT’s reporting or Governments opaque way of doing things??

  6. There is something wrong with the PF’s spin doctors in the way there are spinning the truth. When the new ZESCO tariffs were introduced domestic consumers were assured that they will not be affected. Yesterday, the Minister of Energy was telling the nation that it is only the tariff for domestic consumers that will revert to the old one on 1st February. So you lied to us when you said domestic consumers will not be affected. What Frankstein (sp) monster have we created? Is this a genuine reversal or an election gimmick? There is no mention of ITT. It was supposed to be producing power last month.

  7. PF have very short term policies. By now 80 % of consumers should have been using solar panels for day time electricity which does not require batteries. This could have helped the economy as consumers would have spare monies to spend else where on the economy, PF should have partnered with a manufacturer of solar panels to have a plant in zambia. But this was not done because they needed their cash cow ZESCO to continue robbing pipo of hard earned money, if consumers had solar panels no one will pay for day time electricity. Now they are spending colossal funds on importing electricity. another reason why Zambians were not encouraged to go solar is because as the situation is now it is easier for them to steal money while claiming to import electricity.

    • @Patrick,that sounds credible because even contracts with these power suppliers are not open to public scrutiny to see if the price we are paying reflects the realities connected to importing power from ships. Indeed there is still no long term policy and activities at national level solution to encourage solar power usage at house hold level which could ultimately reduce dependence on national grid as you have highlighted and encourage rural electrification.

  8. This is the consolidated 200 megawatts (MW) Jameson Sperm Chamber situated or rather embedded deep between the “bokossi” of “Siliti Zambia Open” in the middle of Independence Road.

  9. @Senior Engineer RTD, are we in the same country? If so, do we read the same statements? As far as I know what they said about domestic tariffs is that domestic customers who consume less than 300 units will not be affected by the increase in prices, but those domestic customers who consume more will pay more for consumption above 300. Why do you guys always try to distort clear facts? We are not all sleeping you know. And the worst thing is that you are killing your uPMD because the majority of us now believe the party is feeding us on lies in order for one tribal candidate to enter state house. Therefore uPMD is just as bad as ir not worse than otehr liers before them. In other words, as I always say, the tragedy of uPMD is that because of their big lies morning, afternoon and night,…

    • @ Hakainde Terrible. This is even worse a lie because the impression given was that you should not worry unless you use a lot of electricity i.e. > 300 units. But what is 300 units? A 1500 W (1.5kW) stove used for 6 hours per day is 1.5×6= 9 kWh or 9 units and for a month it is 31 x 9 = 279 units. What about other electrical appliances, geyser, lighting, TV etc. Not even a person in Kalingalinga can use less than 300 units. There are still people who use 100W (0.1kW) incandescent bulbs. For a house with 10 incandescent bulbs used between 18.00 houses and 6.00 hours i.e. 12 hours this 0.1 x 10 x12= 12kWh or 12 units per day or 12×31= 372 kWh or 372 units per month.

  10. Therefore uPMD is just as bad as ir not worse than otehr liers before them. In other words, as I always say, the tragedy of uPMD is that because of their big lies morning, afternoon and night, people do not see them as a viable alternative government, rather just as power hungry ethnic politicians.

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