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Holding of elections alongside referendum will distract voters – SACCORD

General News Holding of elections alongside referendum will distract voters – SACCORD

File:SACCORD Executive director Boniface Chembe captured in the audience during the presidential debate
File:SACCORD Executive director Boniface Chembe captured in the audience during the presidential debate

The Southern African Center for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) fears that the holding the referendum on the Bill of Rights together with the tripartite elections will distract voters’ from realizing the importance of the referendum.

SACCORD Executive Director Boniface Cheembe says he therefore feels that holding a constitution referendum alongside the 2016 general election is a bad idea.

He says an undertaking of such magnitude as the referendum should not be held together with an equally important undertaking as the elections.

Mr. Cheembe has told Qfm News by telephone that holding the referendum alongside the general election will simply dilute the whole process of adopting the Bill of Rights as part of the Country’s constitution.

Mr. Cheembe says this is because people will be more focused on the elections.


  1. These guys and their small god, awe sure. There is nothing they will ever appreciate. Personally am tired of these guys and that’s why I can’t wait for August so that I retire their demi-god to the dustbin of history . Even if you make Referendum a stand alone, they will still come up with other excuses. Cheembe just from the name, you shall know them

  2. From delivering a people driven constitution within 90 days from the first day in office, its now along side 2016 general elections. No matter how much these so called NGO’s talk, PF has no ears, and the fact that Chagwa recently assented to the constitution amendment bill against what was initially agreed by majority Zambians through the draft, expecting even a referendum alongside election is asking too much from these artificial deaf criminals I mean PF government

  3. Quote
    “distract voters’ from realizing the importance of the referendum..” And Cheebe said, “will dilute the process….”

    Is this serious? Quit fighting the gov’t every inch of the way to a completed Constituion. And please note Zambians are sophisticated enough to multi-task. They can handle both adequately. We have been on the amendment issues for many years. It’s very sad to note this clear disregard for our Gov’t and people by sauve, phoney individuals fronting themselves as intellectuals.

  4. What happened to african peer review mechanism & the state of democracy assessment? Never heard of them after 2011. FODEP please enlighten me.

  5. For once I agree with SACCORD’s Boniface Cheembe. He is very right and I have entertained such a concern in my own mind. Now that I have someone with similar mind, I ask Cheembe to tell his partners in Grand Coalition to do something useful for a change, and start campaigning for a referendum to take place after the General election, preferably when the economy picks up.
    Makes a lot of sense, so Cheembe lets go for it!!

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