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Government to get a loan from China for Digital Migration phase II and III-Kambwili

Economy Government to get a loan from China for Digital Migration phase II...

Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili
Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili

Government says it will soon contract a loan from the Import Bank of China to complete the second and third phases of the Digital Migration project.

Information and Broadcasting Minister, Chishimba Kambwili says the money will be used to buy decoders and transmission equipment to be installed in the remaining parts of the country.

Mr. Kambwili told ZNBC News in a telephone interview that government through Star Times intends to buy over one million decoders which will be given to the public on credit.

He attributed the delay to purchase decoders to technical specifications by the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority -ZICTA-.

Mr. Kambwili said in view of this technical challenge government will soon amend the law to allow the procurement of the modern decoders.


    • The Government wants to make money selling Decoders? What a joke, what i know of digital TV is that all the new TV’s being made now have digital tuners. If you own a desktop PC, you can get yourself a TV tuner card. If you have a Multi Choice Decoder, i am sure you can get freeview channels on that same Decoder. You dont need a Decoder. Knowing PF, they probably went for the cheapest, out dated equipment. PF have banned the selling of Decoders, they want to cash in. This project was left by MMD, PF have managed to waste 4 years and money so that they can enrich themselves.

    • Why is the government involved in things like this anyway? Let the private sector do these things. Concentrate on providing education to all. Namipapata.

    • This is just so so so wrong when UK migrated to digital they govt was not involved in this decoder distribution business they left it to the private sector; govt simply needs to invite manufacturers to do this even a modern TVs come with inbuilt tuners…this is simply giving monopoly to one company and wasting taxpayers money who are going to pay for this rubbish….please where are the technocrats to advise these dull wasteful empty tins.
      Some one please advise these tins!!

  1. Bati PF have failed, everything is to borrow. Thats all they know. Wealth creation for the country is an illusion to them. To them wealth creation for the country means personal wealth creation by corruption and stealing.

  2. These shameless empty tins have no shame at all..here is another loan from a development bank meaning that we will have no choice but use Chinese contractor and equipment…what a bunch of reckless f**ls we have for leaders every problem to them is only sorted by loans.

  3. PF again, doing a ndonchi kubeba……some of these kaloba money is being earmarked for campaigns-u never know with this chipatepate party!! People have even lost count of how many loans PF have contracted from the Chinese…..this is being reckless!! Please Zambians help yourself from future economic calamities by voting out these kaloba addict bandits!!

  4. Kambwili will be the 1st to pocket that money. The problem with these chaps is they have big mouths for nothing. They will sing and try to make good on their words when in fact they intend to steal This is why the nation needs able minded educated people with proper management skills and education to be in these jobs. When you have a thief like Kambwili the economy plunders and will continue to fall because all they think is about themselves and their pockets. DON’T VOTE PF in 2016!

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