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I have not been suspended-Charity Katanga

General News I have not been suspended-Charity Katanga

Southern Province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga (left) captured being helped by her staff (right) to pack her belongings at her former office in Livingstone yesterday in readiness for ferrying of her luggage to the new provincial capital in Choma
Charity Katanga (left)

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has dispelled reports that she has been suspended after she was allegedly implicated in a drugs syndicate with some unnamed foreign nationals.

Some media reports indicated that Mrs. Katanga has been suspended and summoned by the Drug Enforcement Commission for questioning on Monday for allegedly engaging in drug trafficking.

Mrs Katanga said people peddling such rumours are enemies within and outside the police service who wish to get rid of her.

She said she has not been suspended and she is diligently executing her duties.

“I know this is the work of the devil through some people within the police service and some outside. I know them and I am not shaken. I am still working and I am in the office now as I speak to you,” she said.

She added, “The devil is a liar and I take back all these rumours to the sender.”

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  1. If it is a lie than good on you . But your actions against the opposition has been the opposite of the the Bible verses you have quoted. If you are a Christian, how did did unleash lawlessness upon the people of God for simply belonging to the opposition? If you are a Christian and a a lawyer, why did you not make the police force respect human rights of fellow Zambians?

  2. “Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has dispelled reports that she has been suspended after she was allegedly implicated in a drugs syndicate with some unnamed foreign nationals.”

  3. What do u expect from edgars colleagues,amai mwasebanya police service.nowonder u have no heart for fellow human beings.drug has really done harm on u,shame.

  4. This chap called the devil is working overtime in Zambia maybe we should hire him to run affairs.

    Surely how can a professional be making such utterances in public….the country has surely gone to the dogs!!

    • She wondered why her name had been picked among all the other police commissioners. “Elo why? Ma commissioners niba ngati? Nibambili, why Katanga? You can see what that is. So they are doing that so that they are able to get whatever they want; because ubufi nga bwakosa bulaba ubwacine (when a lie gets too strong, it becomes the truth). But we don’t believe in that, we will stand firm in the name of the lord. May anyone who is doing that be exposed. I take it back to him in the name of the Lord. I don’t have powers but Jesus will speak for me,” said Katanga

      Really laughable utterances and they are supposed to protect and serve us!!

  5. The nation is currently full of lies, misinformation, character assasination etc. Yesterday it was a stu.pid amateur story about Hon Kambwili and the running mate nonsense. Today it is Commissioner Charity Katanga, the other day it was intelligence Chief Samuel Nkhoma through the Urinal Post and it’s editors. Please Dr Manda, why did you have to die so early? Some people need their urethrfixed. Bachilamo ukusunda Sunda. From the way uPMD are celebrating these nonsensical and desperate lies, one is forgiven for concluding that the stories are peddled by the underfive party. This party has reached dangerous levels of desperation, but can’t they see that the more desperate they become the more alienated they become from the people the voters?

  6. Ba Katanga I once lamented that your self glory will soon diminish. That bunga bunga on your head will soon be gone and your powers will be no more, indeed its fast approaching.

  7. You will soon be relocated to mpongwe, I am told the former miners are being given 5 hectares of land each in a bid to turn them into farmers.

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