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Grand Coalition to re-organise and usher in new leadership

General News Grand Coalition to re-organise and usher in new leadership

Grand Coalition
Grand Coalition

The Grand Coalition on the Campaign for the People Driven Constitution is expected to usher in a new leadership as part of a reorganization strategy which will see its focus shift to pushing for the enactment of the expanded Bill of Rights which will be subjected to a referendum.

Sources within the Grand Coalition have disclosed to Qfm News that the idea is for the Grand Coalition to try and re strategize as it moves forward given the fact that it now has a new focus.

They note that this new focus however, needs new ideas and fresh blood in order for the Coalition to be successful in its quest.

The sources have disclosed that the Grand Coalition believes it has been successful thus far in its campaign for a people driven republican constitution even though it did not get what it wanted.

They say the Grand Coalition therefore wants to finish the last lap of its campaign which is the adoption of the expanded Bill of Rights.

The sources state that this is the more reason the Coalition has resolved to freshen up and come up with new strategies by ushering new leaders through an election.

They note that the Coalition’s view on the feasibility of holding a national referendum alongside this year’s general will also be made known once its new strategy is availed after its leadership elections.

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  1. Just come out in the open and declare your political interest,hiding behind the grand coalition name will not help,which people do you represent anyway?

    • they represent me and other well meaning Zambians, you may not be able to see the efforts because they don’t represent Congolese interest

    • So they still have a lot of money left over from donors.
      Constitution is done with. What’s bill of rights for again?

  2. fipuba fye ifi naimwe mingulu ishi kaili nomba donor funding has stopped coming so they need to rebrand themselves for more funding and the chief funder HH has stopped giving them tu ma tips,we knew that it will come to this and that is how the NGOCC died,father Chiti has realised that he is not a factor in the zambian politics

  3. Father Chiti and your group, please don’t misled the Zambian people. They have already decided what they want and you are saying that you want to finish the last lap, if I may ask you, did you finish the first one? To me the answer is NO! Let’s be practical in what we are doing because opposing to everything won’t take your coalition anywhere. You advocated for the 50% plus 1 presidential running mate, dual citizenship the President has done that but still you are not contented, what kind of a coalition is this? Please give us a break because shows to say that you are just a bunch of time wasters.

  4. Again some comments goes to show the immaturity of some of our citizenry. Ba some of us old enough know the contributions of NGOs to the development of our democracy. Left alone even the crumbs PF has given you were never going to be there.
    Congrats GC. I pray you come back more energized, vigorous & aggressive. We can’t afford to leave our governance to pompwes.

  5. Itizi Turu I see there are still people with sense here. We can disagree on a lot of things but insulting the Grand Coalition for the work they did on the constitution and continue to do like you said is a sign of immaturity. But every village has some village you know what. We can’t all be enlightened after all.

  6. Yaba after failing to convince Zambians to rise against PF, G.C has crumbled and now needs to re-organize. The chaps have failed and some are dying of hunger and frustration pa last kufilekafye. That’s how HH will disband UPND after August elections. The shepherd will be beaten and the sheep will scatter like grand coalition! kikikikikiikikikikiki

  7. You are wasting your time and donor resources. Whatever you may decide to do in the future, yours is a failed project.

  8. Reorganising, new Leadership? Finally you heed public opinion. You are so awful an organisation and you really ought to be DISBANDING. Zambia does not need disruptive bodies.

  9. We are not getting any benefit from your coalition and the money you are chewing from our donors can b channeled to other pressing issues zambians need. Your focus has been wrong through and through and it will always be. Please make yourselves useful by re-aligning your energies to other issues like tribalism and forget about the constitution coz you will lose again.

  10. This so-called Grand Coalition has been nothing but a Grand Disaster. This is what happens when you get money from donors who have no idea what is happening on the ground. Kuwayawaya fye. Epo mpelele.

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