Construction of 9 health Posts in Sinazongwe District Completed

Health Minister Joseph Kasonde
Former Health Minister Joseph Kasonde
Health Minister Joseph Kasonde
Health Minister Joseph Kasonde

The Construction of nine health Posts in Sinazongwe District of Southern Province have been completed.

And Government says the health facilities which have been constructed in the remotest parts of Sinazongwe will help to minimize the challenges the area has been facing for a long time in accessing health services.

Defence Minister Richwell Siamunene was speaking in Malima area of Chief Sinazongwe yesterday during the celebrations held in appreciating Government for the Construction of Lutuwa Health Post which he said will cater for a large population of Sinazongwe rural.

Hundreds of people gave Mr Siamunene a thunderous welcome as he arrived to join the people of Lutuwa celebrating the successful completion of the clinic which the residents said has come at the right time when the population is increasing.

And Molos Muntanga who served as Malima ward councilor for 18 years under the previous Governments says the massive development programmes being undertaken in Sinazongwe is a testimony of the need to work and support Government of the day if people’s lives are to change.

And Minister of Health, Joseph Kasonde has reiterated government’s commitment towards the needs of the health sector, according to the Vision 2030.

Dr Kasonde however says this calls for support from stakeholders, through partnerships.

The Minister further says stakeholders must partner with government in its quest to provide quality health services, which will lead to a healthy and productive population.

Dr Kasonde was speaking in Kalulushi on the Copperbelt, when he commissioned Kite health post in Chate area.

This health post is part of the 6-hundred and 50 health facilities government is constructing countrywide.


    • Can you see what Tongas are posting here. Even when the gvt has done a good thing they will still find an excuse to deny facts. Is this notwhat Kabwili meant when he said that they can choose HH and forsake Jesus. Infact Tongas had forsaken Jesus when the President called for Prayers. They opted to listen to HH than joining the people in prayers. …Thank you Kambwili. Everything you said about them is 100% true.

    • Ba Chisenga, what I meant is that: health post or no health post, we are still NOT VOTING PF! And I wish to further clarify that, our Presidential Choice for 2016 is no other than our Dearly beloved HH! Viva UPND – for a better Zambia!

    • @lamfras: Which PF Leader are comparing to Jesus – is Sata or Lungu? You are such a mother f.uc.ker and moron with no brains!! Idi.ot!

  1. @Marry go round if someone says u tongas are tribal then u say no they are insulting us we tongas have a mentality of only our own can do that or this

  2. What do mean misuse ? What can u call someone who calls good to be bad.this confirms ck statement how health facilities to be bad?

  3. I am not surprised tongas are difficult to reason with…the best you can do leave them.
    @marygoround we will also vote but pls at the end of the day don’t cry foul.

  4. Viva upnd , voting time just around the corner we r behind you do not be troubled by some people who say bad things to you . our dear president my sata mhsrip , never toraleted such people , he was going to fire them ,we really miss him mhsrip

  5. Tonga it is an abriviation for complaining means kutongoka,so these guys only thing they can do is just complaining no matter what good things can be offered to them,they will die without i know sinazongwe,that place was far behind in terms of development ,in some communities children cold even fear to see the car,but now with the little that has been symphoned in there district,can not be seen probably they are still blind because of eating too much fish and kapenta that feeds on fical matters from the lig captain and his crue.

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