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Stop calling others satanists-Hichilema


United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has advised Christians to desist from calling others satanists.

Speaking when he featured on Hot fm 87.7 “My Top Ten” live radio programme, the UPND leader wondered why some people were in a habit of calling others satanists when Zambia is a Christian nation.

He explained that when someone excels in there endeavours people accuse them of being satanists.

The UPND leader counselled Christians to refrain from accusing others of being satanists.

Mr Hichilema said Zambia will only develop once citizens work hard adding that deeming others as satanists is wrong.

Meanwhile, the UPND leader says there is need to encourage growing of maize in areas that previously never used to receive rains.

Mr Hichilema said the rain system has changed hence the need to promote the growing of maize in areas that are now receiving adequate rainfall to improve food security.

He noted that God has endowed Zambia with agriculture resources which must be utilised.

The UPND leader emphasised that more food should be grown so that every Zambian can afford to have a decent meal.

Mr Hichilema revealed that the agriculture sector is the number one employer adding that the sector has the potential to contribute to the booming of the national economy.

And when asked about three things he can’t do without, Mr Hichilema cited family, friends and freedom as some of the things that he can’t do without.

He lamented that some people abuse there wives and take them for granted instead of appreciating them.

Mr Hichilema advised men to take time and reflect on how they would do without wives in their lives.

The opposition leader emphasised that without the support of family one is nothing.

Commenting on freedom, Mr Hichilema said every human is entailed to enjoy the liberty to worship and association.

As he explained the importance of universal human rights, Mr Hichilema sang his favourite SDA hymnal song In Tonga “Bless Me Also”

During the live broadcast of the radio programm, Mr Hichilema was accorded an opportunity to select ten of his best music tracks.

In between the playing of the songs the Presenter of the programme asked Mr Hichilema a question pertaining to his personnel life and the meaning he attaches to the selected songs.

In some instances Mr Hichilema was heard singing along as the songs were being played live on air.


    • A lot of you failures and haters have been labelling this great son of Zambia all sorts of names. Its all petty jealous & all due to hate!

      This guy has a tracj record for God’s sake. He has hard so very hard at his life. How many Zambians have ever been Managing Partners of a Global Audit Firm at 31 years? How many? Lelo Tulemyeba…HH should be celebrated and respected! He represents the aspirations of the youth, and the anspirations of every Zambian. Against all odd, he is a man from the village and works so hard to become Managing PARTNER of what is now PricewaterhouseCoopers and at 31 years! Many do not even reach manager even when they work for 40 years. Jealous Awe bane!

      In other societies, these are the people to be awarding and electing to all manage of leadership…

    • Too much superstitions and hate speech going on, apparently politicians have realized that disguising the hate speech under Christianity and using Christian Nation will play on the emotions and fears of those who fail to be rational. Such schemes are still candidates for the Hague and ICC and Christians are not exempt from the Hague/ICC in regards to hate speech and inciting and instigating the public.

    • judge not your friend so as not to be judged.
      Those who point an accusing finger at someone have three of their own fingers pointing back at themselves.

    • What else should you be called when you have publicly declared your loyalty to the devil?

      You are lucky the peace loving people have not lynched you

  1. Entrepreneurs in Zambia are viewed upon with disdain. This culture of labelling anyone excelling as “satanists” has not helped our country to move forward. Go to any compounds, someone who work hard and own a small, booming grocery shop is labelled as satanist, all because their hard work has paid off. These are people who’re not embezzling government funds. But we worship charlatans like Kapoko who steal from tax payers’ money. Let’s change, let’s support our own, the Kavindele, the Sikutwas, the Mahtanis etc.

    • This is just not true. People say it because of the way UPNDers curse God and glory in Wealth and science. No one hates entrepreneurial efforts! After all most of poor are marketers or street vendors!

    • Patriot Abroad
      It’s not only those in UPND who’re labelled as “satanists”. May be you’ve lived abroad for a long time going by your moniker, lol. Next time you visit Zambia, take time to visit compounds, mingle with the locals in those communities. Find out why a once successful shop at the corner of the street was burnt or looted by jealousy members of the community. The successful ones are always stigmatised

    • @Patriot Abroad
      I am not UPND and not PF either.

      But I have a question for you:
      What does Satan do what God does not do?
      Satan kills
      And so does God
      Satan rewards
      And so does God
      Has it ever occurred to you that the two may very well be one and the same?
      The only difference I see is, God has written a book about himself. in it he has knocked Satan like his life depended on it. Satan is yet to write one. But is as equally know.

      Just a thought

  2. “Meanwhile, the UPND leader says there is need to encourage growing of maize in areas that previously never used to receive rains” this does not mean anything and I believe it is LT’s mistake. Good points HH! There is too much suspicion whenever a black Zambian succeeds in what they are doing! We even forget that God can only bless fruits of our labor and diligence!It is like it is a sin to see a fellow black Zambian succeed financially,they cast unfounded aspersions of witchcraft,satanism,theft etc. In countries like Nigeria they are used to seeing their own billionaires they hardly focus on attacking one rich individual. But maize growing in areas of good rainfall can only help the country if there are good roads to transport inputs to farmers and produce to the markets that is one…

    • Oh yeah! Maize growing can be encouraged in such areas but not at the expense of down grading already known well performing crops of these areas! Agriculture policy of blanket maize growing across the country may as well be the downside that has led to too much dependence on nsima that without it the country becomes engulfed in famine! Legumes (beans) can be a meal by themselves and in regions where three crops are possible per season investment in beans is still at subsistence level! Cassava, millet, sorghum and others are being handled with kid gloves! Let afro-diversification take root and strengthened support to crops as where necessarily advantageous receive maximum attention and investment!

  3. continued….that is one area where PF has scored some points and that is one of their main selling points in some rural areas. So to win over such voters you need to sell them a superior plan because most of them do not depend on mealie-meal from shops and ZESCO’s electricity and the main things they buy from shops are very basic so they are carried away by roads,health posts,clinics,schools that they are seeing in the vicinity.Things which were mere stories to them in the past!

  4. You Cannot Be Called A Satanist There Must Be Indicators That Are Making Pipo Point At U.
    What Makes Pipo Call This Person Like That Is Not The Wealthy On Him But
    *past Record
    *the Way Sata Was Treated Until Death$
    *When Others Say Lets Pray One Takes The Opposite Route$
    The Bible Say U Shall Not Judge But U Shall Know Them By There Fruits,the Way They Do Things
    So Dont Complain But Just Repent If U Are One Of Them Change Yo Character Show Love,remove Hate,believe In God And Wait For God To Give U What U Need.
    #Wishing Others Death Is Satanic

    • He “sold the mines” and became wealthy.
      Oh, I get it, he hypnotized the whole country while he did it.
      You all woke up to find he had turned Zambia into his ranch?
      What a bunch of retards! Yo make me want to puke!
      let me tell you I am one pissed off muBemba and if I had any Satanic powers, I would have offered you all as sacrifice. Useless pieces of creation! Bashinwe baonawile fye amatebela!

  5. When everything is handed to you on a platter, they’ll still call you names. When you don’t do anything to excel, they still gonna call you names. Smh

  6. @JKalusa: Simple jealous and hatred for people who have made it in life will not take you anywhere. While you are encouraging HH to repent, show remorse and repentence first. Jesus loved all people including his enemies.

  7. Done a warning against Tribalism, now tackle Religion! Well Tribal was easy because we all know its wrong. But Religion is another matter. We see UPNDers curse God. Some even say they would abolish God for Science. HH are you tripping. Your supporters like Jay Jay write the most horrific things against God himself. Just go to yesterday’s posting and see what was,posted. If you hate God and Glory in wealth people can only call a spade a spade. Or would Atheist be better than Satanic maybe?

  8. Didn’t listen to the program but saw the top 10 list played as published in the other media. Quite a remarkable list. Not even one Gospel tune in the top 10 favorite songs. People noticed. I can see that the article has now been re-publish on LT without the actual top 10 list but with an infusion that he sang a ‘hymnal’ (whatever that means). What a publicity stunt!

    • Some text from one of the songs from HH’s lis…..is there a place for the hopeless sinner,Who has hurt all mankind just to save his own beliefs?….One Love! What about the one heart? One Heart!What about – ? Let’s get together and feel all right
      As it was in the beginning (One Love!);So shall it be in the end (One Heart!),All right!Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right;Let’s get together and feel all right.
      One more thingsLet’s get together to fight this Holy Armagiddyon (One Love!),So when the Man comes there will be no, no doom (One Song!).Have pity on those whose chances grows t’inner;There ain’t no hiding place from the Father of Creation.

    • I’m sorry sir/madam which Lord is being referred to in this song you quote? Can this play in a respectable God fearing Church? Please reproduce all the lyrics of the song not just a selection. In my post I referred to ‘Gospel’ song, not a song that simply says ‘Lord’ and which is not based on the Holy Scriptures! One of the lines is this your song says ‘So when the Man comes there will be no doom…’ This is not what the Gospel preaches. We are not waiting for Man to redeem us but Christ!

    • Do Politicians dance to Gospel music during public dinner dances, campaign events etc, let us not be hypocrites. Most of the politicians are compromised but are quick to cover it up with Christian events, Christian lip service and everyone applauds it. All politicians need to reflect Christ in every area of their lives whether ruling or opposition.If you’re going to vote for somebody because you think they have a great faith in God, you’d better be sure that God has faith in them. Lewis Black

    • hahaha, why are you tripping yourselves over a play list? Why should you be compromised if you seem not to stand on Gods side? Read your Bibles people please.

  9. You don’t have to look further than the party in government to see who is satanic. From Sata mocking Mwanawasa and a drinking president who got into power with the help of savages wielding pangas. I mean the PF is the very personification of evil.

  10. Stop calling others Satanists? Well, then you come with us to pray. When the nation prays, do not rubbish them. When people see you discourage prayer for whatever reason, what will they call you? Non-prayer? Non-believer? Atheist? None, you see in the limited vocabulary of the majority of Zambians, “satanist” comes easily, you have to understand those fundamental dynamics of our society.

  11. HH did not sell the mines. He was not in government or a part of that decision. He was part of management of a reputable private financial/audit company that was hired to work on the modus operandi of the same. It is not him who carved up the mines.
    By the way, he started his own investment measures from a small scale humble, but forward looking initiative. Buying a small plot, a cow here and a cow there as soon as he graduated. His abilities and qualification were recognised and soon after he became a board member of highly reputable international institutions (Price water house, Anglo-American, among others) He worked hard practically – and still went on to get a post-graduate business management qualification.

  12. Why is he saying others? This is how Upnd and HH misses opportunities. Ecl bans tribal talk they throw a tantrum against them instead of telling their members to stop the vice. Chomba called him a shetanist with evidence from internet he choose to throw it in others instead of referring it on himself. Who has ever called Gbm a shetanist. Who has ever called milupi or Edith a shetanist. None. It is you baba hh who is called such stop referrring to other people. Moreover none of your supporters exhalts Christianity.

  13. HH should not be telling people to stop calling him a Satanist he himself should tell us that he’s not a SATANIST just like Mazoka told us and after wards he DIED, even if Zambia is a Christian Nation we still have Satanists in Zambia so sir MR HH tell us are you a Satanist? Than taking people to court for nothing! When a Satanist stands on the public and says he’s not a Satanist when he is then they kill them

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