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PF is bigger than Miles Sampa-Jean Kapata


Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata (middle) joins a cultural dancer as former deputy minister in the MMD Government Grace Njapau (right) looks on during the Insaka International Arts Exhibition at the Livingstone Art Gallery.
THE Patriotic Front (PF) will not entertain any member scheming to cause divisions in the ruling party in an attempt to take it back to the days of intra-party fights and differences following the death of president Michael Sata, Jean Kapata has warned.

She said PF was bigger than any single individual and that those who felt were more important and popular should consider exiting from the party so that they could test their popularity outside the ruling party.

Ms Kapata who is PF elections chairperson said Zambians had fallen in love with President Edgar Lungu and were eager to give him a new mandate to continue governing the country with humility and humbleness.

Commenting on a statement by PF Matero member of Parliament Miles Sampa who said he was playing Donchi kubeba part II in the ruling party. Ms Kapata wondered why the Matero law-maker was planning to ambush the ruling party with a resignation when he could easily leave the party without causing consternation.

Ms Kapata said Mr Sampa should realize that the PF was bigger than any single individual and should therefore tame his ambitions because one would only become President if ordained by God.

She said many Zambians had ambitions of becoming presidents but if not ordained by God, their efforts would be in vain.

Ms Kapata stated that those who were planning to cause confusion in the PF because of their presidential ambitions should exit from the ruling party because President Lungu was the sole presidential candidate for the ruling party.

“What we should know as PF members is that no one is bigger than our party. The PF is bigger than Mr Sampa and we shall not entertain anyone to take us back to the days of intra-party fights following the death of president Michael Sata. Those who want to cause confusion, the door is open and they are free to leave. Zambians have fallen in love with President Lungu and they are going to give him a landslide victory. So those who are fantasizing of becoming presidents of Zambia are wasting their time because only God can ordain someone to become president. Mr Sampa should tell us about his Donchi kubeba part II mantra, instead of scheming to ambush the party with a resignation,” Ms Kapata said.

Ms Kapata said the support the PF was getting was overwhelming and that the ruling party was headed for landslide victory because Zambians were impressed with the massive development the ruling party was delivering.
She predicted that the opposition would certainly sink into oblivion after the August general elections adding that her assessment was that the PF had become the people’s party and many were defecting from other political parties to join the PF.

Recently, Mr Sampa told his supporters that the ultimatum given to him to resign from the party was short and needed a month to undertake a tour of the country to consult his relatives and supporters on whether to stay or leave the ruling party.

Mr Sampa also told his supporters at Central Park last week that for now, there was a Donchi kubeba part II in the PF and that as a member of the central committee, he was only answerable to President Lungu and the PF secretary general Davis Chama.

Efforts to get Mr Sampa failed as his mobile phone was switched off by press time.


    • Elections are won before the ballot is cast and counted. We new the winner in 2011 and 2015 and also for 2016. If you are waiting for August to know the winner you will be shocked . Sampa expected Ecl to appoint him veep of cabinet after causing all that mahem what a dreamer.

    • Mature comment @Henry. Let us wait for august. In the mean time, if we can campaign for our candidates of choice, let us do just that.

    • Mutekanye sana ba PF you will cry in August, do you know what “landslide” means iwe Kapata? Ask Kenneth Kaunda and his team what happened in 1991 eh! until then they were cheating him that “your people are behind you, your exellency…”

    • Jean,please speak for yourself. If you are in love with Edgar that id your private issue. Do not assume we Zambian are in love with Edgar. Edgar Lungu is truly the worst president we have had. By the way, Jean please tell us when those 300 000 jobs you promised are coming?

  1. More fantasy kilometres just now, soon there will be a sad realisation that the kilometre is actually not as wide and long as it purports…just calm down

  2. Please ba PF, leave God out of your nuisance!!! There is no way God could possibly have ordained Lungu. Not my God. May be its the other god that also ordained the corrupt leaders on the continent. Zambians haven’t fallen in love with Lungu’s humility and humbleness but rather have gotten used to poverty that Lungu’s has brought into the country. Sign of failure is when individuals start blaming God for everything that they are unable to achieve or solve. The old cliché : Its Gods wish. It has never been God’s wish to let his people wallow in poverty. God gives his people to chose whatever they want, but they must live with their consequents of their choice. God did not therefore ordain Lungu.

    • When these politicians mention god they don’t mean the Almighty God the creator, they mean Satan who is their god and who gives them political power which they wield to misgovern our rich nation. John 14 vs 30

  3. This self overrating of oneself by Sampa will backfire, unless it is a strategy by ECL & Sampa to excite the masses when he is declared running mate otherwise Sampa will cry foul soon. It is imperative for one to be very discret when planning to take over the leadership of a party led by a current head of state. Since Sampa is being so obvious, he is going to defect to the UPND, hence his current ‘don’t kubeba’ stance is to distabilise the PF. He wants to create infighting and he is also testing waters if the people of Matero will vote for the UPND if he was the parliamentary candidate.
    Ms Kapata, it is obvoius that Sampa is not part of the PF collective agreement to have ECL as candidate. He has always believed he was more suitable than the president, but alas that is not how it…

    • The question in all these MP challenges is, do the people in Matero vote for Miles as PF ‘candidate’ or do they vote him him as a gov’t on his own? Surely the answer is clear. If Miles leave he can’t take Matero with him.

  4. Sampa has always believed he was more suitable than the president, but alas that is not how it works. We will soon see Sampa sober and out of it after he realises that he has no vote of his own, but his fortunes are tied to the PF.

  5. ati ‘….’were eager to give him a new mandate to continue governing the country with humility and humbleness….”

    Are the zambians going to eat humility and humbleness. ???
    This is the calibre of leaders in PF, in developed countries they would not even get a job as cleaners.

  6. Sampa must leave now; he is still immature and very ambitious, but he can’t make it to plot 1. We don’t want to see the confusion that he had created in PF in 2015, together with Dr. Scott. Mr Lungu will win by landslid this time; he has managed to hold the part together, continued with infrastructural development and he is a listening president. God bless Zambia.

  7. Ba Sampa, The Lungu you were fighting in january 2015 is totally different from the Lungu of today. While you are no longer deputy minister, Lungu is now republican and party president. Anyway good luck

  8. Sampa is proof that we are a free Zambia. In a Dictator controlled Zambia, he would have been issuing these statements from outside Zambia while seeking Asylum from overcrowded Western countries.

    Go in peace and go well dear Miles. And remember your friends with kindness as they will you surely, and for all Blessings from our Christ a Redeemer, you could sacrifice your failed ambitions onto him to carry.

    • God can, because all things are possible for Him. Name calling to undermine your Betters is proof of your lack of self respect never mind respect for others.

      Better to be a Harlot than a Toiletbrush mind and Mouth.
      Jean Kapata is a mighty fine Politician. A strong Woman. A Mench(so) as Jewish people would call her. Tough as nails.

  9. Jean needs to sit down. Miles is ambitious but who is to say thats a bad thing? PF is a good party and need strong leaders like Sampa to take the lead. It is like watching a circus with Chimbwilli at the helm. Miles Sampa is Micheal Sata’s legacy not Edgar. Zambians need to wake up! This man was chosen fair and square at that conference lets not forget. 2016 Miles Sampa for President!!!

  10. Comment:iwe kapata we zambians alread know wh to give a vote,u rigged 2015 presidential elections in favour of ireen mambilima now for this year the UPND will show u.Where is your promis of more money in our pockets? the economy has failed you and now u are crying for diversification when it is alread too late.U will feel the heat in next few months to come.Leave sampa alone becoz his spirit tells him to consult first frm his relatives before he compaigns for UPND.

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