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Mwiimbu has no intention of being UPND Vice-President or running mate-Kakoma

Headlines Mwiimbu has no intention of being UPND Vice-President or running mate-Kakoma

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema (left) interacting with his lawyer Jack Mwiimbu
FILE: UPND president Hakainde Hichilema (left) interacting with
Jack Mwiimbu

United Party for National Development (UPND) spokesperson Charles Kakoma has said that Monze Central member of Parliament (MP) Jack Mwiimbu has no intention of being vice-president and he has never had those intentions.

Speaking in response to reports that some members of UPND want Mr Mwiimbu to be appointed vice-president so that he can be adopted as a running mate to party president Hakainde Hichilema in the August 11 tripartite elections, Mr Kakoma accused the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) of using this as a scheme to destabilise UPND

Mr Kakoma disowned the purported UPND members and described them as PF members who just want to cause confusion in his party by creating a picture that UPND is a tribal party.

“Those are schemes being created by PF to cause confusion in the UPND. It is part of their schemes to continue labelling UPND as a tribal party. Jack, has no intention of being vice-president and he has never had those intentions.

“We are definitely going to have a running mate but it is not Jack Mwiimbu. There are no newcomers in UPND. Everybody enjoys the same privileges,” Mr Kakoma said.

According to Daily Mail, the alleged members of UPND prefer Mr Mwiimbu to vice-president for politics Canisius Banda and his administration counterpart Geoffrey Mwamba. Mr Aubrey Mwiinga said in Kitwe yesterday that Mr Mwiimbu is a loyal and dedicated member of the UPND and he should be considered for adoption as Mr Hichilema’s running mate.

He said tribe should not be a hindrance for Mr Mwiimbu to be appointed UPND vice-president and subsequently adopted as running mate to Mr Hichilema.He said Mr Mwamba and Dr Banda are newcomers who have not done much for the UPND compared to Mr Mwiimbu.

“Mr Mwiimbu is the right man to be adopted as our party’s running mate to our president [Mr Hichilema]. He is one of the loyal and reliable party leaders we have in UPND,” Mr Mwiinga said.

Another UPND member Clement Nalishebo said Mr Mwiimbu has made great contributions to the party and should be recognised by appointing him vice-president.

He said Mr Mwiimbu has not only made great contributions towards the growth of the UPND but has also been active in championing the interests of the opposition political party and the people of Zambia in Parliament.

He also said Mr Mwiimbu has been actively providing checks and balances to Government.

And Mr Moonga Mweemba said Mr Hichilema should heed their call to appoint Mr Mwiimbu as vice-president because he has been with the party in “good and bad times” rather than picking between Mr Mwamba and Dr Banda.

However, PF chairperson for the information committee Mr Frank Bwalya said the ruling party has no time to waste to sponsor people to cause confusion in the UPND

Mr Bwalya said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the PF is not interested to see who is going to be appointed as Mr Hichilema’s running mate.

“We have no interest to know what is happening in the UPND because this is a party which has been known by Zambians for losing elections. We don’t have anything to learn from UPND and if UPND had won an election maybe, we could have gotten interest to learn from their members,” he said.

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    • Guys, we have a loyal, respectable, down-to-earth, qualified and intelligent Vice-President by the name of Dr Canisius Banda. He must be the running mate. End of story. Stop the confusion. PF will still lose regardless of whom they appoint as running mate. Game over.

      Take my advise, please. I think HH must announce the running mate sooner than later to block our enemies from speculation.

    • we have a loyal, respectable, down-to-earth, qualified and intelligent Vice-President by the name of Dr Canisius Banda.
      We also have a wife battering, pompous, dull grade 6 dropout Vice-President by the name of Godfrey Bwalya Mwamba!

    • @Nostradamus, you are right. Titles like Dr. or Father or Prof. are not dropped just like that.
      We need to start addressing him as “FATHER EMERITUS FRANK BWALYA”.


    • What importance and consequence are opinions of three or even 100 people about anything, especially as those names are of ordinary folk on the street? Why didn’t Daily Mail come and interview my dog for its opinion on who should be the leader of PF?

  1. Made up names Ba Daily Mail. Those people don’t even exist….desperation in PF just days after someone said he is not to blame ( not responsible) for the current affairs of Zambia

    • Hi. Just to comment, my thinking is that it should not matter from where because, believe me even now, Lungu’s Village has people living the same tough life as everyone else.

      It does not matter where one comes from, especially the intellectuals, who I assume to be well versed in this area, tribal thinking is really……………….not helpful.

      We are one people.

    • Useless Mr. kudos, and your team. Leave HH and UPND alone. Your hired guns won’t shoot down the winning team, no matter your wicked schemes. zambians are by God’s grace more advanced than the pf schemes and can’t believe the rubbish.

  2. Sometimes I wish I never learnt how to read. I would depend of people to tell ati wamvera….ati ba this one and that one……. There is so much manipulation of what the truth. wouldn’t it have been prudent for the daily mail to report what those UPND members said after they got a response from UPND spokesperson.

    • lets ask lungu to include the “three republican vise presidents” in the constitution for the sake of unity and stability in upnd. or lets have vise president in each province though it will make the bemba speakers come out with four republican vise presidents.

  3. I have said it and will say it again,jack mwiimbu deserves to be upnd president,this has got nothing to do with tribe I mean the man is intelligent just check his contributions in parliament or better still his record as a lawyer.

    • Casper it is not for you or me to say who should be president of a party. It is like saying Miles Sampa or Guy Scott should have been president.

    • @casper, you are very correct. Mr. Mwiimbu has worked tirelessly for this nation as an MP in apposition for so many years. He is also a founder member of the party. It is not right really not to consider him for running mate of the UPND presidency. I for one feel something is not ok. Just because someone has money, should enjoy the position of Vice? It is not about tribe here. Facts are fact.

    • Casper, 90% of the MPs in UPND are intelligent and principled. And you have followed there debates in Parliament, its been exceptional. Unfortunately numbers are not on there ide. Those who are not inteligent and principled in UPND are MPs like Siamunene who have since followed silver.

  4. ba upnd jst watch yo step and see lungu remaining at plot one all because of yo tribalistic nature of your party…. wat is surprising is that we have not head from the man Mr Mwiimbu himself…who knows the man is interested and has infact contributed alot to the growth of the party………..watch this man jealously or else he will be bought by PF no doubt……..ANYHOW ITS ECL STIL AT PLOT ONE TILL 2021…VIVA PF…VIVA TEAM LUNGU

  5. Uko. Just check the names of those in support of JM. They all bear the same names from a particular region even though they stay on the Copperbelt. Is it any wonder that the gentleman from Eastern Province Water and sewerage bearing the same surnames had to insult the president just coz they want their god to be president. These people are no different from Hitler’s Nazi. Cant you see that even their symbol is no different from that of the NAZI.

  6. this is all we need. HH this is your last chance to stand. you have already broken your party constitution by standing again. is this a personal to holder party or a party that is capable of representing majority interest of the zambian people. i shuder to think of the caliber of politicians we have at the moment. none of them are worthy and the zambian people deserve better but edgar is the lesser of the two evils. HH on the other hand is another robert mugabe in the making. power hungry man will not let go of power should we make the mistake of making him president. party full of lozis and Tongas. anyways!!!

  7. But why is kakoma answering on behalf of mwimbu. Does he know what Jack’s plans are. What if he says he is interested.

  8. Useless propaganda by scared little men. I hope you all head the 13hrs Radio Phoenix news. No amount of propaganda will rescue PF.

  9. Ask HH to choose his running mate now before he uses GBM money for campaigns. GBM should know his position now so that he can budget for the campaign. some people may end up using GBM’s money for campaigns and sack him later.

  10. The issue of currencies cannot be justifiably used to gain votes because Zambia is not the only country affected by the globally strong performing US dolar. The whole africa is in pain of the powerful US dolar.

    The issue of droughts also cannot win a person who does not deserve to rule Zambia because as far as people know, the rain season is not controlled by PF.

    Zambians love peace and cannot afford to vote for selfish/tribal individuals who just want to be in state house without a better plan. GGGEEENNNOCCCIIIDDDEEEE is what we do not want ….

    Zambians cannot vote for people who call other tribes as devil. Rwanda and Burundi had a bad experience when they voted for a force, tribal leader and that is what every well meaning ZambianS are thinking about before voting.
    These job…

    • That’s why the tribal Bemba PF has to go. Nobody must die so that Bembas rule Zambia with their proxies forever.

  11. Sounds like propaganda by the public media as usual. They failed in the loud tribalism campaign now they are trying the covert approach. Ridiculous. One was Jack Mwiimbu ever front runner for anything?

  12. I don’t understand why the running mate issue should bring so much brouhaha. Being a running mate does not make one automatically the heir in waiting, unless the incumbent demises during his tenure. Let all politicians take it easy and relax.

  13. There is no need for a Tonga person to be appointed as running mate to HH. That will spell doom for the party, UPND. In short it will be ammunition for PF and its leadership to discredit UPND as a Tonga or regional Party. As I have hinted out from time to time the best bet for Running should be Mama Edith Nawakwi. Which ever way other bloggers may look at it. The woman is humble, hard working and intelligent and has got experience in govt. affairs having served in different portifolios under MMD. She will under value and bring with her numbers to make up for 50+1%. I doubt the value addition from other members who are lining up for running mate in UPND. Let other members contest parliamentary seats. I am sure come 11th August 2016 many women will vote for a fellow woman to replace Inonge…

    • We mu werewere, if Nawakwi wants to be running mate, let her join UPND – it is all about being a party member!!

    • She is a husbamd grabber. Forget about women votes. She has the brains but ilyashi lya kufula kaputula will spoil the broth. How many MPs does she have anyway ?!

  14. Nonsense. We are aware that this is just part of a pf’s 25+ evil things against hh and UPND, but thank God Zambian watchdog already revealed these evils far in advance so we can’t be deceived.

    • Most likely kailo ni Bantu Botatwe. We shall remember how Levy hated Bembas even calledvthem buttocks. Loadshedding or nt we shall vote for ECL

  15. But what is there to debate guys? Both Dr Canissius Banda and GBM are there as window dressing to cleanse the tribal tag and to woo votes from the appropriate regions. Additionally, to be frank, none of the two are material for running mate and possible president of Zambia, too dull and too many lies in their blood.
    Unless uPMD has dropped the “economic manager” basis of their campaign and adopted kaponya economics, I do not see how GBM can be running mate to HH. In this situation Jack Mwiimbu qualifies over and over to be running mate over those other goons. However, that is just my opinion, how they handle the issue of tribe is not my headache. Save to say that I have advised uPMD countless times to clear the tribal tag which has its roots in 2005 and has refused to go away. Instead…

  16. Yaba, imagine how painful, one minute you thought you had the presidency in your hands, next minute it is out of your grasp, all because you have neutralised the “economic manager” with all sorts of kaponyas in a vain attempt to win votes.

  17. Ba Kakoma, don’t point fingers at others for the problems that you have created for yourselves in uPMD.
    That tribal thing is real in your party, and that Jack Mwiimbu is the correct running mate for HH is also real. Just clean up the tribal tag in your party now not later, it could help you in 2021!

  18. It is very easy to destabilize parties in Zambia for members want to comment willy nilly without respect to party structures! The faint hearted will be victims of stepped up propaganda then they will be quick to respond not understanding that they are doing disservice to their parties! The FDD is one party that takes its time to respond to accusations on it and in most cases the responses are well structured! The opposition especially must be careful as they do not have destabilization aiding tools that the party in government has at its disposal! I think the UPND SG and spokes person Kakoma must give advice and guidance to his party structures as the country heats up in campaigns and moves nearer August 2016.

  19. I would vote for Jack Mwiimbu if he stands for president on the UPND ticket not this dictator Hungry Hyena.

  20. so ba UPND, You have migrated from you ZWD to this forum! but guys are so desperate to have your god HH win the 2016 elections…. unfortunately only those in Zed will vote…. the rest of you in the diaspora sorry. the so called Chakolwa will continue to rule ans later on give power to who ever wil be picked as a running mate. HH will die as the the strongest opposition leader in Zambia as his title and never the presido of Zambia. Zambia is bigger than HH… you can now start insulting me.. i rest my case.

  21. HH is in a mess. If he picks Mwimbu or Nkmbo, the tribal flag will be raised and other provincez will recall how Southern voted last time (wako ni wako)If he picks Maureen, we shall confirm that kapala alasheta besides the Bantu Botatwe tag will be very visible. If he picks GBM, his fellow cow herders will condemn him for ‘selling UPND to Bembas’ coz GBM has the capacity of decampainging him coz he has nothing to lose afterall he hasnt registered for 2016 Grade 12 exams.

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