PF orders Miles Sampa to restrict his Party Mobilisation to Matero constituency

Miles Sampa
Miles Sampa
Miles Sampa

The ruling Patriotic Front has directed Matero MP Miles Sampa to only restrict his mobilization of the party to his constituency.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya said only members with the blessings of the party hierarchy are allowed to go round the country to mobilise and Mr Sampa was not one of them.

Mr Bwalya said the party had seen it feet to provide guidance so as to ensure that there is sanity in the way mobilizations are done and has called on party structures to shun any member claiming to be on a national program alone.

He said the party has only allowed a few individuals to go around the country.

“No party official is allowed to undertake national mobilisation activities without the full blessing of the part hierarchy. For avoidance of doubt, the only people allowed to do that are President Lungu, Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili, Mumbi Phiri, Devis Chama, Stephen Kampyongo Jean Kapata and Me. Miles Sampa is not one of them, therefore , in absence of permission from the concerned authorities Mr. Sampa should confine his mobilization activities to his constituency,” Mr. Bwalya said.

Mr. Bwalya also instructed party members to stop issuing statements on the alleged ambitions of Mr. Sampa with regard to forming his own political party.

He said the PF was a democratic party and that no one will be crucified for harbouring political ambitions including that of becoming President of the country provided they do not bring the name of the party into disrepute.

He also said the issue of who will the PF Presidential candidate is non-negotiable as President Lungu remains the sole candidate as he still remains with a 5 year second term to complete.

The directive to restrict Mr. Sampa comes in the wake of on going rumors that a splinter group from the ruling party is about to form its own political party which will be called the Democratic Front.


  1. Trib0lism is from a very well known region of Zambia. They know themselves and they are power hungry. A good opposition party provides checks and balances rather than exihibiting proper desperation of power.

    We want Zambian President and known a regional leader.

    Zambia is a country for Zambians and not for one tribe.

    Why do most T0ngas call the other 71 tribes as their house maids and servants???? WAtch out and USE your brain properly when voting in August 2016 presidential elections.

    • @ SMELO, I thought this is about PF, why bring in other people and party, no wonder Zambia is a failed state if we have people like you who are full of nothing but hate, If only hating someone so bad could put food on the relatives who have abandoned in Zambia and are living on less that $1.00 per day.
      Just concentrate your energys on doing dart jobs that the locals can not do.

    • This may be the FINAL DEMISE OF SAMPA!! If he doesn’t make a DECISIVE MOVE NOW, he will be lost in political oblivion for “lack of a MANLY SPINE!!”

      He initially blunders by saying he is going to Consult relatives – we take this to be, helping in making a decision about continuing in politics – because if it is about staying with one party or moving to another – he should have been saying: to consult people of like minds – because politics isn’t just about your relatives!!!

      He is now being “kraalled” (or corralled) by PF – poor chap, this was after they had agreed that he could campaign for them at the grass roots! He should understand, that even if he conformed, these chaps will still undermine him by utilising PF thugs!

      Miles! The ball is in your court!! If you need some…

    • ….if you need some help – get yourself a copy of “The defence of Duffer’s Drift!”
      Otherwise , you may indeed have to run many Miles!!

    • Before the current turn of events pertaining Sampa, there was some hope of PF winning and retaining power, however, with his pending departure, the slim chance of winning has gone with him. I really feel sorry for ECL, has he got advisers with brains? Sampa + Scott, these two are the core of PF and they may get away with 50% of ECL’s support base!

      With the turn of events, Lungu may even lose to Sampa, in Northern, Muchinga and Luapula, while CB and Lusaka will be shared among the 3 major parties (Sampa’s party included). Ba Chagwa may end up with only Eastern Province if he is not careful-he risks coming out number two in all the other 9 provinces and third in the overall final results. Iwee uluse, who is advising ba Lungu kanshi, that kabova Kaiser? Ba Kateka, Sampa should have…

    • #Cont.
      been for keeps from the on-set, now its too late, the bridges have been burnt!! ECL should blame himself on this one, he has put pride and vengeance first when it came to Sampa, GS and Dr Kaseba. Just one question to PF, if Mama Kaseba went and stood in Mpika on Sampa’s party, do the PF expec to win that seat? The answer is big no….and those the hazards PF will face, they will end up sharing seats in their perceived strong holds! Am no PF, but I can shiver even feel the shivering in my shoes on their behalf, I can foresee a political tremor which will face off PF and condemn them to the pit latrine!!

      I wouldn’t be surprised if PF came out third in this year’s elections knocked out from the re-run….watch this space!!

    • Now PF is having another A team. What a shame a new comer is now giving directives in a party. Zambia we need to move away from individualistic in the approach to our democracy and PF should behave properly as an example of good governance structures and norms. Bwalya now he is the PF itself.

    • Now I know for a fact that its Predident Lungi who sends his ministers to say the things they say, including tribal talk. Listen to this and then see what Frank Bwalya says:
      “Those who think PF is personal- to- holder must leave PF and form their own parties and we shall meet them on August 11 2016. I am fed up with people who think PF belongs to them as founder member and that they alone have an exclusive right to the succession of the late Mr Sata. If you think you can challenge us get out and leave PF to the progressive ideals upon which the late visionary leader founded it,” President Edgar Lungu said at Choma’s Independence stadium Wednesday evening.

      Oh, dont forget this part:
      “…the only people allowed to do that are President Lungu, Information Minister Chishimba…

    • contd..
      Oh, dont forget this part:
      “…the only people allowed to do that are President Lungu, Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili, Mumbi Phiri, Devis Chama, Stephen Kampyongo Jean Kapata and Me…” said Bwalya

      Add 1 + 1 and you will see the people who have the BLESSING of the President…!!! Wow!

    • Baba just use your real name instead of using that name to look as though you’re from the south. Ati “regional leader”

    • It’s no wonder the amended constitution requires a minimum qualification of a Grade 12 certificate for one to run for public office… Would LT editors qualify???

  2. @Moonga and @SMELO: Most of us know that Mr Miles Sampa in this news item is from Muchinga Province. Are you now telling us that Miles Sampa is a Tonga from Southern Province or as usual you are trying to provoke UPND cadres with your never ending tribalistic attitude?

  3. @SMELO has posted the same comment on “Fuel shortage bits…” Read for yourselves. Note that its under a different name.
    These are the people that support blindly. Even when you deprive no direct benefit. Its mere association that you look for despite paying through your nose to put food on your table.
    – The currency has lost 45% of its value – Reaction, one tribe is tribal yet your preferred leader refuses to accept responsibility and blames it on external factors;
    – The price of fuel remains the highest in the region and just last year, it went up three (3) while the global market is been hit hard and the price has been reducing- Reaction, ifuntu ni lungu;
    – The Government has no foreign reserves – Reaction, HH sold the mines;
    – The cost of basic commodities has gone up by 100%…


  5. Miles said is going around the country to consult his relatives on what his reaction should be to his perceived persecution. Does he need permission to carry out a seemingly personal mission?

  6. Why is Sampa still in PF?For crying out loud they don’t want him.Time to leave and work with other progressive people.

  7. Frank Bwalya nice to give guidance. Sampa should be man enough not to want to eat his cake and at the same time keep it. He is such a coward look at GBM he decided to go where he thoti was green grass but careful even where sewer is leaking grass is green.
    stay close to Edgar and stop the rot,your move is late. Timing is important everywhere and stop being fooled by commissions from Euro bonds.

  8. Frank Bwalya from the begining u formed your own political party and where is it nw? secondly u should show us your constituency.Becareful with yur statements because u just joined PF and u dont even know the founder members of PF.The PF will divide very soon because the members has no cnfidence in the President who has no vision.

  9. Sampa knows that there is no any other party he can join even though he is in hot soup in PF so he just have to humble himself…….
    Voting for a Tonga is like urinating in the cup and drink it.

    • Ba chairman. Such writing sire about other tribes is not on. Take a few minutes and just reflect on your posting.

  10. The behavior of Miles reveals only one thing. His uncle late Sata had promised him that he was the anointed to take over in case Sata retired normally. It would not have been Lungu nor Kabimba. These two were to be used as pawns to unite the party then later on discarded. Lungu took over because he was the only one who was not the worst-est among the worst. Lungu is not presidential material not even ministerial but just a very luck person who won sympathy and won the presidency.
    There is no way Miles should exhibit this kind behavior when he knows that he was a not in management (Cabinet ) but Supervisory (Deputy minister). How could it be possible to have a supervisor take over the MD position leaving senior management staff. Maybe only in PF.

  11. Miles make your stand now. Leave and take as many members as you can and let s see how the boat will sail. they will not capsize but be marooned with their Frank Bwalya and company.

  12. This boy is really in a serious quandary. He doesnt know what to do next whether to remain a simple PF member or forge his own political party and remain confined to the opposition terraces for eternity. The thought of joining Tribal Kachemas is also lingering in his mind,not to mention ” The Drought ravaged ” Rainball Party also as an alternative.I blame the cartel,especially Scott and Mmembe for confusing Sampa and cowing him into believing that he was a political factor,shame on the boy.I pity him because even Matero his constituency had disowned him completely. Its ECL nafuti nafuti nafuti!!!

  13. Sampa the ball is in your court what are you waiting for? Do not form your own party join UPND or FDD and humble yourself sir.

  14. @Tisa…. SAMPA has failed to humble himself in pf, how than is he going to humble myself in upnd or fdd, the man is greedy and he thinks pf is a family party. Let the boy go we will see how far he will go
    Sampa all the best. Leave pf without throwing stones .

  15. I kinda like Sampa. However, Im not sure if he is too nice or a coward. Both sides are bad. Whatever he needs to do, he better do it quick. Rather resign than get fired, Sampa. I think its a bit late to form your own party. Try joining one of the already established ones.

    • Joining tha already established ones is the way to go for this man. We had brilliant men who went solo ,the Miyandas, Magandes, Nawakwis, Mphombos,sondashiz,mulongotiz,kabimbaz to mention a few of this Zambia .Where are they?????????????

  16. There is something very wrong with Zambian politicians, they think they can only serve Zambia if they become president. Miles is not even representing the people of Matero, his constituents say they have not heard Miles speak in Parliament for almost 2 years and yet he is getting paid. He was even summoned by the Speaker why he was not attending sittings and his answer was that he was still morning his uncle Sata, yet the widow and Sata’s children have moved on. Miles is a cheat. Miles is in a confused state, these are the people who want to get everything on a silver platter. You rode on Sata’s back to win your parliamentary seats, we will see what will happen this year.

  17. Iam a Zambian watching from the terraces at a political distance. My thoughts on the young man Miles is that if he still wants to be a force to recon with in future as far as his political career is concerned, let him not leave PF. It is even better if he is expelled than resigning.

    If he is expelled, he will win the sympathy of the people and they will follow him but if he resigns, they will look at him as someone who is greedy and very proud and likely to go alone and that will be the end of his political career.

    One thing I pit Zambian politicians is that they lack timing. They think more with their emotions than with their brains. That is the reason why there is alot of mediocrity in Zambian politics.

    50 years of independence with no inspiring politicians. What a political…


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