Youth Unemployment stands at 10.5 % – Shamenda

Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda briefing Journalists in his office
Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda

Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda briefing Journalists in his office
Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda
Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda has said that youth unemployment remains relatively high, at 10.5% of the 14.98 million population.

Mr Shamenda said that the 2014 labour force survey report indicated that 5.8 million people are employed in Zambia and that 16.1% are in the formal sector while 83.9% are in the informal sector.

Mr Shamenda said that despite the total working age population estimated at 8.12 million while the labour force estimation stands at 6.3 million.

The minister however said that measures have been put in place to formalise the informal sector.

Mr Shamenda said that government is promoting formal Job creation through the strategies such as the revised national youth policy and plan of action, the industrialization and job creation strategy and national development plans.

He said this during the launch and dissemination of the 2014 labour force survey report in Lusaka.

And International Labour Organization-ILO- Country Director Alexio Mushindo said the labour force survey report is key to addressing the rising challenges and formulating strategies that will strengthen the labour market .

Meanwhile, Central Statistical Office Director John Kalumbi said the survey report will strengthen the labour market and help identify the vulnerable groups requiring support


    • If you check the stats, you will see that 90% of the employed are in agriculture. So, if there is a garden at the house where you’re being kept, you are classified as employed in agriculture. Yaba!

    • For this 10% is from his family, who have been given jobs based on nepotism. He is failing to find the remaining 10% of his family members because they are drunk most of the times.

    • 84% unemployed sounds more likely. This is what PF calls informal. Whether you are looking after a kantemba or a vegetable patch, that’s employment according to PF.

  1. The 5.8 million employed include street vendors. These are not even numbers to be proud of

    Ifintu na fi Lungula

    One just has to take walk along Cairo road to see the vast number of people loitering around with nothing to do

  2. Bogus statistics.PF leaders are pathetic liars.Youth unemployment in Zambia stands at 90%.You cant categorise wheelbarrow pushers in the streets as serious ba PF.You insult our intelligence everyday and we will see who will have the last laugh in August.

  3. Where are the 500,000 we were told are being created. Oh, it was said by one Jameson Kadansa after a few tots of his favorite chawama jameson.

  4. Employment is the big challenge in Zambia more especially to us youths.For u to get a job u should have an experience of atleast 10 yrs! What if u are a grade 12 school leaver where will u find that experience. Bachikwanda tell us.

  5. The PF should have opened all the closed factories and that would have created alot of employment around the country.

    • More like a lot of corruption and nepotism!

      PF cannot even manage to pay government employees on time!

      What makes you think that they can manage businesses sustainably and profitably?

      Oh, I forgot, they will just use the EUROBOND and make Zambians even poorer than they already are.

  6. The tendency of leaders cheating themselves and the people is what has caused this unemployment and underemployment crisis. To solve a problem, one needs to seriously look at factors at play, not this childish attitude exhibited by the Minister. People cannot eat lies!

    • What did you expect from a government that campaigned on lies, was elected on lies, and has governed with LIES?

      Did you expect this leopard to suddenly change its spots when it got into Government?

      I am just surprised that this Shamenda is not claiming that PF created 85% of these imaginary jobs!

  7. Shamenda, are you illitrate? That heading and numbers are meant for illitrate kaponyas who are your main audience.
    So you are saying out of the youth population, some 85 % of them are employed??? That is the caliber of PF leaders, if they are not outright theives, they are illitrate or both.

  8. on earth did Shamenda come up with these figures when we do not have any logical system to capture the informal sector and the unemployed….??…these are supposed to be serious statistics not to be based on sampling, estimates or probabilities…we need actual figures for appropriate planning….

    • Somebody must check if this Shamenda has got a Grade 12 certificate!

      It seems like he doesn’t know how to count past ten.

      Use you toes if you have run out of fingers baShamenda!

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