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Government refutes Nawakwi’s $30 million tender claim

General News Government refutes Nawakwi's $30 million tender claim

GOVERNMENT has refuted claims by Forum for Development and Democracy (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi that it pocketed over US$30 million through a dubious tender awarded for the delivery of fire tenders.

Minister of Local Government and Housing Stephen Kampyongo said in an interview yesterday that Ms Nawakwi’s claims are baseless and cannot be substantiated.

“Her claims are baseless. What does she want now? When I was at the Ministry of Home Affairs, she accused us of dubiously purchasing helicopters, now she has turned to fire tenders,” he said.

Mr Kampyongo said as a former minister, Ms Nawakwi should know how such procurements are done and should not make such allegations that Government wrongly awarded a contract of that magnitude out of desperation.
He said procedure is always followed whenever such kind of procurement is done in government ministries and Ms Nawakwi should be abreast of what goes on because she was once a minister.

And Ministry of Local Government and Housing permanent secretary Misheck Lungu advised people to stop speculating but to instead seek for correct information before they mislead people.

Mr Lungu said in a separate interview that in 2015, the ministry ran a tender ranging from K38.4 million to US$49.6 million and a company called Grand View International was awarded the contract at US$42 million.

He said this was after the ministry followed laid down procedure and law as guided by the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA).

“The law in public procurement is clear and this was what the ministry followed in awarding one contract out of the 16 companies that had expressed interest in the tender,” he said.

Mr Lungu said the tender was done according to Statutory Instrument (SI) No 63 of 2011 and that it was the best evaluated bidder and not the lowest priced bidder who was awarded the contract.

He said procurement methodologies and the evaluation process was followed, hence there is no need for negative speculation on the matter.

Mr Lungu said out of the 16 companies, three companies had to appeal to ZPPA, which is allowed by law.

He, however, said even after the appeal by the three companies, ZPPA gave a go-ahead to the ministry to maintain the awarding of the contract to Grand View International.

He said procurement of fire tenders is critical to a country which is developing because investors would want to have their investments secured.

The FDD president is reported in some sections of the media alleging that Government wrongly awarded a contract of about and over US$30 million for the delivery of fire tenders.


    • This is not the sort of comment expected of a person that analyses issues. Lusakatimes, please don’t publish such negative comments that have nothing to do with the issue but are demeaning to all women. You need to grow up sir!!!!


    • Exactly my thoughts. The response is far from convincing. Unfortunately some gullible Zambians ( may be beneficiaries) are calling Ms Nawakwi names for exposing the thieves. What a people!

    • You should be asking for the details of the tender awarded. You don’t just take government statement on the issue because they have to defend and protect their jobs. You can’t be insulting Nawakwi when she is trying to protect your money. People please wake up and start questioning government over issues. It is the only way to insure the right things are done.

  1. The ministry should give details of the criteria used to choose the highest bidder instead of the lowest,they were supposed to evaluate the lowest three bids first and if criteria was not met negotiate with them,this is a pure case of mismanagement.

    • And if they picked the lowest bidder the same !mbeciles would’ve being complaining of purchasing substandards from China.

  2. Edith keeps these thieves in check. We would never know they are spending $42m had she not blown the whistle. Instead of insulting her help your compatriots by finding out who this grand view are. They might have met zppa criteria but used inside info. Who are the directors, what is their capacity. I appreciate zambian companies getting these jobs but it should be above board.

  3. You do not go for the lowest bid but for the best in purchasing taking into account not only the cost but also the quality of the product. As they say, cheap is expensive.

  4. But Zambians, instead of defending Nawakwi’s allegation, busy insulting her. This is what I keep saying, you’ve chosen to be blind & fell in love with the current regime that keeps stealing from us, you & I. At least back Nawakwi so that she can make this government accountable. They must produce all the necessary proof that everything was done according to procedure.

  5. Be reminded that this is a government that doesn’t take responsibility & accountability. A lot is happening every day behind closed doors, chunks of loans are still being secured for the near future before elections. Wait for it. Dear Zambians smh

  6. Kapyongo, I will never forget and forgive you behavior in shawangandu and the last convention including your running tribal comments after 2015 presidential by election. Sorry I still see in you a violent and native cadre clad in a suit. In short, expect no respect from me.

  7. Nawakwi has a case worth taking into account. The Bid Document had precise technical specifications to which even the lowest evaluated bidder might have complied. Why award the Tender to the highest evaluated bidder?. The cases of corruption are not new in Zambia. Look at what happened at the Ministry of Health – Global Fund, until donors withheld their grants. This is tax payers’ money and accountability is paramount. Why can’t the details of what transpired be given to the public. This is why we need the Freedom of information Bill to be passed to compel such entities to disclose to the owners of the money – public, on whatever transactions they wish to know.

  8. It is a known fact everywhere that a tender offer is granted based on (a) price (as Nawakwi said) and (b) quality of service provided.

    Problem with Nawakwi is that she could have been minister but don’t be mistaken that she knew all the procurement procedures in details. The same is true with people who congregate at churches or mosques – it does not mean that when you enter the church then you are well informed Christian or Muslim — NO! NO! NO!

    Nawakwi as usual was just operating half blindly as minister.

  9. Zambians! Zambians! I really don’t know what kind of animals we are, instead of condemning the thieves, we choose to condemn the whistle blower. Yes Nawakwi may have her own weaknesses, but even in the supposedly Carlington issue, she was not found guilty, yet Chiluba was in all the allegations she and the Post made.

    Women where are you and why should you not rise and support your fellow woman? Are you not more in numbers to put to shame these insensitive and docile male bloggers?

  10. Edith we haven’t forgotten the CARLINGTON MAIZE SCANDLE you Kafupi and others where engaged in or should I say involved in….the maize never arrived but over 6million dollars lost…or should we speak about ALI BEN……we know you pocketed tonnes of cash never mind from Bakili….so if you live in glass house don’t throw stones….Focus on the campaign as you have done until now when you have joined the mudslinging

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