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HH Says UPND to engage Zambia Police over POA

General News HH Says UPND to engage Zambia Police over POA

Hakainde Hichilema with party officials before a tear gas canister was blown inside the Lusaka Central Police Station
Hakainde Hichilema

Opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says his party will this week be seeing the Zambia Police Command to engage them on the Public Order Act.

Mr Hichilema directed party lawyer Jack Mwiimbu to prepare all the rejected notifications to hold meetings as the party engages the police on the controversial Act saying we need to go with those documents to show the police that we are law abiding citizens.

He said there is need for the police to stop curtailing their movements and meetings because this is an election year and the party needs to mobilise itself and ensure that the party leadership meets it general membership countrywide.

“We will this week be engaging the Zambia Police top command with a view to iron out the sticking points of misunderstandings regarding the application of the Public Order Act. As far as we are concerned, we don’t see any issue with us going ahead with our party mobilisation meetings anywhere in the country,” he said.

He added “We believe it is purely a case of abuse of office by those in leadership who want to curtail our freedom of movement and the association of law abiding citizens. We hope to sit with the police command this week and thereafter plan to immediately hit the ground running.”

He further said the party will also engage other stakeholders such as the ECZ over concerns the party has received from members across the country.

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  1. This man, claims to be intelligent!!!! While he’s not. Even if its an election year, as long as the campaign period is not announced, you can’t start hitting the ground.

    • Kikikikikiki………….Up N Down party. Last time they were ‘Up’ threatening the police that they’ll go ahead with their party mobilisation even if they are denied a permit, today they are ‘Down’ trying to engage the police over the POA. Under five politics,stick to what you say kaili you claim that your party is consistent with what it says………kikikiki

    • @Chairman, your ignorance is a danger to yourself. How can you be satisfied with a law made by colonialists in i953? It is our responsibility to demand our rights…this not about HH, it is about Zambians.

    • HH, you can relax!

      Lungu and his PF is doing such a good job of shooting themselves in the foot with their incompetence and confusion you will win even if you don’t campaign at all!

      These PF are truly so useless that when they try and campaign they cannot even get that right!

      They have failed with jobs, they have failed on the economy, they have failed with ZESCO, they have failed with the Kwacha, they have failed with mealie meal prices and even with all the lies they have told they have failed to suppress the truth.

      After their five years IN GOVERNMENT and borrowing TEN BILLION DOLLARS of kaloba what have they got to show for it?

    • Koma Zoona ulibe Nzelu iwe even putting ma exclamation marks ninshi naku ma diaspora kwamene muzipeza just how do u relate with that mindset I guess not easy ha!

    • What they have to show for it is a collapsed Kwacha, load shedding, miners jobless, K90 a bag of mealie meal and inflation looking like Zimbabwe!

      Just leave these iddiots to carry on with their fooolishness and idiocy. The only thing they ARE going to do is decampaign themselves even more before August!

      Concentrate on a good plan to repair all the damage they have done to mother Zambia and restore the sanity and unity we had before these thieves and liars destroyed it for their selfish greed.

    • Bravo My president!

      Now is the time begin to engage the police on the interpretation of POA as amended by MMD.
      Take them to court to see if they have a case as to hiw they have misapplied ,breached and abused the POA.

      The POA only requires parties to inform the police of a gathering and not applying for a permit as the PF police have misinterpreted it. IF the police can not provide any protection then they can leave the issue of protection the parties involved to sort out their security arrangements. I dont understand why no one has engaged the police and taken them to court over POA breaches.

      Now is also the time for UPND to request completed voter registers for auditing because TIMOR rigging tricks is more to do with denying voters in opposition stronghold from voting in the…

    Take kALULU(Hare) stories away from here and leave it to animalism! While the leading world is striving to do things in equal terms you deliberately decide to go animalism, why? You are not only unfit to be Zambian but a human being aswell! HH and UPND are right to take a step they have decided on. In order to know a fool, its better to meet him at his home and try and see how he manages himself.

  3. Frank failed priest Bwalya recently told media that his party is mobilizing its members in readiness for PF campaigns (which started a long time ago), he was saying this while attacking Miles Sampa. Read the article titled “PF orders Miles Sampa to restrict his Party Mobilisation to Matero…”

  4. @ Sebenza, look we are tired of this cat and mouse game. Let politics be an avenue you and me would want to involve ourselves without thinking its for the shallow minded like you want to portray it in your contribution. By the way, are you watching CHAN? Look at how a young country like Rwanda has developed while we lag behind because of corruption that has infected our society while we keep exchanging insults over a simple issue as letting people enjoy their rights of association. Sebenza every time you watch a game, you are reminded of how we have been left behind by cheap talk and no action.

    • @Rogue I couldn’t agree with you more on the issue of corruption, it has done our country bad……….some people we entrusted to sell govnt institutions & property sold them for less their value all because they had interest in them…….some properties have ended up under their names whilst retaining major share holding in companies they sold for a song…..they have become very rich as a result of corruption.

  5. Lungu must forthwith level the playing field by removing restrictions he is imposing on opposition parties that they too freely traverse the corners of the country in quest to mobilize! PF is like a boxer in a ring fighting an opponent whose hands are handcuffed behind them!

  6. Upnd has a record of campaigning for a long period but failing to win an election. So difference would it make if you were allowed to start campaigning now. Look here this is why there is low productivity in the country because people are failing to engage in productive activities because of campaigns. You are disturbing farmers with your politics ba mumbwe. Just because you are politicians then you want everyone to be listening to your lies everyday. Give us a break .

  7. In a democratic country as Zambia is ther should be no néed for opposition parties to get police permits eaçh time these parties need to hold their political ralliesor mobilisation of their party members. The reason why current government is giving orders to police to restrict other parties is because the ruling party fears to be exposed of its failures and corruption practical actions that has milked the state revenues. E. C. Lungu is scared man. He cannot stand the thought of losing the presidency so soon as a result he is out with all force at his disposure to STOP any body that is challengign his rule.

  8. To expect PF and Zambia Police to create level playing field is like expecting a jury made up of 5 out of five sex workers to adjudicate over a case in which a sex worker is accused to taking money from a client without rendering services. The verdict is too obvious. Folks, PF and ZP are one and the same organization. What will create a level playing field is a cataclysmic reaction akin to that of 1990 June which led to the total onslaught, annihilation, dismemberment and permanent dislodging of UNIP hitherto viewed as formidable and indomitable…if you understand what I mean, that is!

  9. Upnd kuwayawayafye.Ati hitting the ground running for twenty (20)years.?Awe nwandi,kuwayawayafye ba mr kalusa!ECL nafuti nafuti kolopa.com 2016!!!

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