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Promiscuous man divorced

Headlines Promiscuous man divorced


A 25-YEAR-OLD woman of Lusaka’s Chelston has narrated in the Lusaka Boma court how her husband replaced her with their maid after she left the matrimonial home because of a dispute.
This is a case in which Mercy Mugala, 25, of Chelstone sued Jacob Mwanza, 31, of Chalala for divorce due to violence and extra-marital affairs. The couple got married in 2010 after Mwanza had paid bride price and have two children together.
Mugala told Senior Court magistrates Dennis Mpundu and Miyanda Banda problems in their marriage started right after Mwanza married her.
“Before we got married, Mwanza was a good man, he changed after he got a job at a bank. He stopped sleeping home on weekends but only returned in the morning. Whenever I confronted Mwanza about it, he would beat me,”she said.
Mugala told the court that Mwanza had been going out with a lady by the name of Emma Musunda with whom he had sexual intercourse on their matrimonial bed.
“I discovered her hair and dirty tissue Mwanza used to clean himself with after sexual intercourse under the bed.I confronted him about the things I had found and he said he had been having sex with Emma,” she said.
Mugala told the court that Mwanza has two Facebook accounts, the first one he has her as his wife while on the other account, he has Emma Musunda as his girlfriend.
“Mwanza is very promiscuous, I caught him cheating right in his vehicle with a girl called Christabel two weeks after I had given birth.I had thought he was going to change but it seems he will not and I think the only way out so that I may leave my life peacefully with my children,we have been on separation since October 15,2015,”she said.
Meanwhile, Mwanza denied being violent or having extra-marital affairs but consented to the divorce.
Passing judgment, the court granted the couple divorce with no compensation.The court awarded custody of the children to Mugala and ordered Mwanza to pay K600 monthly as maintenance effective January month end.
The couple was also ordered to share property equally.



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