Boy narrates brothers’ plans to kill father



A 16-YEAR-OLD boy of Kapiri Mposhi has testified that his father was killed by unknown people a month after his two brothers planned his death for allegedly causing misfortune in their lives through suspected witchcraft.
Christopher Masowe of Likumbi Village in Chief Mukonchi testified before the Kabwe High Court that his two older brothers informed him of their plans to kill their father when he visited them during a school holiday.
In this case, Funwell  Masowe, 34, Emmanuel Masowe, 31, and Kenneth Hamubuyi, 41, appeared before judge-in-charge Dominic Sichinga when the matter came up for commencement of trial.
It is alleged that on December 22, 2014 in Kapiri Mposhi, the trio murdered Abraham Masowe.
The boy said Funwell complained of poor crop harvests despite investing in farming, while Emmanuel said his children were dying mysteriously.
He said the two said they suspected that their father had a hand in their misfortunes.
“When they told me of their plans, I did not want to get involved. About a month later, my father was killed by unknown people at our house, and I informed my mother of what my brothers had planned,” he said.
And widow, Celestina Mulenga, said on the day in question, her husband was shot by unknown people outside the house.
Ms Mulenga said she was sleeping with her husband when they heard a knock on the door at about midnight.
“My husband woke up and went to check who it was. And after some minutes, I heard a gunshot and he screamed that someone had killed him,” Ms Mulenga said.
She told the court that her husband managed to get back into the house but had a wound on the stomach and blood was flowing down on his legs.
Ms Mulenga said two days after her husband’s death, her younger son informed her about his older brothers’ plan to kill their father..
She then informed police and her two sons were later arrested.
Trial continues



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