SOUTHERN Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu listens to Southern province Permanent Secretary Sibanze Simuchoba. This was during the official opening of Southern Women Economic Empowerment Expo workshop at Woodlands lodge in Livingstone
Southern province Permanent Secretary Sibanze Simuchoba. (L)

THE American Government says it is impressed with the successful implementation of US funded development projects in Zambia.

U.S. Embassy Chief of section political and economic affairs, Andrea Tomaszewicz says his government is happy with its projects done in the country particularly in rural areas saying that are now being opened up to economic development.

Ms.Tomaszewicz says the American assistance to the Zambian government in the area of women empowerment and sanitation programmes have been successful.

She says this partnership with the Zambian people is aimed at alleviating poverty that are now being opened up to economic development
ZANIS reports that the US envoy was speaking in Choma yesterday when she called on Southern Province Permanent Secretary Sibanze Simuchoba.

She is in the province to assess the various economic development programmes in water and electricity management as well as possible U.S. investment opportunities.

And Mr Simuchoba urged the southern Water and Sewerage Company, ZESCO and other stakeholders to utilize the interaction with the Embassy to help find solutions to the water and electricity challenge the country is facing.

Mr. Simuchoba said it is for this reason that the province welcomes the visit of the American Embassy officials as the interaction will be of mutual benefit especially that the US support is supplementing government development programmes.

He said the visit to the province will also help identify areas that need attention especially in the energy and water sector.

Mr. Simuchoba is optimistic that this visit will help attract more support to the province.

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  1. We are always in the market for US invests Ma’am. Thank you for making all the noted developments possible.


    • Are you kidding me! We just got reports that the government has mispplied,missapropriated funds more now than ever before and you claim the US government is pleased? This is why sometimes I believe the WEST is out to keep us poor.Its in their best interest,besides they reap more than they put in to Africa.


  2. @Maharaji,they are talking about their own money which they donate through projects to Zambia rather than what we misuse from our own coffers!



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