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We need MMD to attain 50+1-President Lungu


President Edgar Chagwa Lungu greets supporters at Baluba Road Side Market on Ndola - Kitwe Due High Waythe First Family stopped over to Meet Traders and Exchanges Views 16-01-2016, PICTURE BY EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATEHOUSE
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu greets supporters at Baluba Road Side Market on Ndola – Kitwe Due High Waythe First Family stopped over to Meet Traders and Exchanges Views 16-01-2016, PICTURE BY EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATEHOUSE

President Edgar Lungu says the ruling PF needs to work closely with the opposition MMD in order to attain the 50+1 threshold in the August 11 general elections.

President Lungu was speaking Sunday afternoon when he addressed PF members in Nyimba in Eastern Province.

He urged the PF members to work closely with the MMD if the party is to amass 50+1.

President Lungu said without support of MMD members, it will be difficult for the ruling party to attain 50 percent plus 1 threshold.

He disclosed that he will be meeting some MMD members to see how best the two parties can work together when parliament is dissolved.

“In May we dissolve Parliament and we will have to sit with MMD members to find ways of working together in this election if we are to win,” President Lungu said.

He added, “Where we are going there is 50+1. We can only attain this if we unite. Without the support of the MMD, it will be difficult for the PF to attain the threshold. So those MMD members that helped us in January 2015 should continue.”

Meanwhile, President Lungu has challenged PF members with presidential ambitions to emulate former Commerce Deputy Minister Miles Sampa and form their own political parties.

He described Mr Sampa as a tribalist who failed to work under other people from other regions.

“Some people are tribalists, they believe that a party can only be led by people from a certain region just because they were related to Mr Sata. Mr Sata didn’t form the PF for Bembas only, he formed the PF for Zambians,” President Lungu said.

President Lungu added, “I was in Choma recently and I challenged those that do not want to work with other people to form their own parties. This is not succession, if it were succession, the Son would have inherited the party but he is still working with us.”


  1. It is very true. please campaign well. You need all provinces to win this one. go round the country and allow the opposition to also campaign.

    • Total failure this man is. Edgar you should be planning to win based on your record. It is good that you admit yours has been an abysmal performance and you can only win by forging alliances, unleashing violence and blacking out opposition from public media. #Lungumustgo.

    • Shame on Lungu . I thought PF was confident to win alone based on their record. This info coming from the president shows that PF ‘ s record under his leadership is total crap.

      Unfortunately for Lungu people in Eastern province now know what svul PF is.

      UPND will only form alliances after the first round of voting. Any way no need for that because people automatically will give their votes to UPND.

      Viva UPND AND HH TEAM.

    • Good move sir! swallow your pride, consult other comrades from MMD to boost your percentage, after that definitely PF is retaining 5yr reign…….



    • So MMD has been STOLEN FROM UNDER THE NOSE OF MUMBA??? he announced the other day that no alliances have been made – without his blessings Chagwa & RB are fixing MMD – smearing MMD with all that is BAD ABOUT Pama Fi!! NEVERS, what do you have to say?? Or will you just play along like a dripping wet kapoli??

    • Lungu is being honest to his base. He has made a move to reach out to MMD because he understand what it takes to form a government using 50% +1, in a country where voter turn out is very low.

      This is about inclusions and it happens in countries like Germany, Israel, Italy and many more all the time. Deals are done to bring in other parties to form a government.

      This is where HH must realise that his ambitions to move into State a House ends from this point.

      UPND were for 50% + 1. But behind the scenes they are complaining or against it

      For the sake of the country to be governed Nevers Mumba is wise enough to take this deal.

      Again RB is the king-maker.

      UPND you can now start searching for your next leader after August 2016.

    • Is what am reading correct? Mr Lungu calling Miles tribalist? Ohho! So bembas too are tribal. Lol. Mr president check your words ka,. Anyway UPND should as well work with MMD.

    • WANZELU #

      Dude wake up. Stop believing your lies. UPND to form alliances if elections go into the second round.

      What and with whom?

      1. Cosmo Mumba
      2. Mulyokela
      3. NAREP
      4. Greg Miyanda
      5. UNIP

      Take your pick from the above. Because Edith Nawikwi is already quoting to work with PF.

    • “In May we dissolve Parliament and we will have to sit with MMD members to find ways of working together in this election if we are to win,”

      It is good to have you admit that you are losing this one. Recall there is no more PF but MMD reloaded is what is in power right now. One wonders which MMD is being referred to now.

  2. Hahaha…I thought the police said Lungu is not campaign but explaining development? But talking about 50+1 is that development or campaign? What’s the definition of Campaign in Zambia?

    • There is a very fine between POLITICS and DEVELOPMENT at national level. Is it not also true that between doing right and doing wrong, there is a shadow? I will meet you there!

    • This is ridiculous even for PF supporters to encourage. There needs to be a fair playing field. Why should we allow only the ruling party to campaign? This is just wrong. Let HH and his followers take road trips and do what they want. I’m tired of defending our humble president. This needs to change.

    • Ba IG Kanganja

      What do you now say since your boss is campaigning?!

      Sir, you will be arraigned for abuse of office and misfeasance by public official. And that Lungu will abandon you. And these Mumba, Nawakwi, Sampa or HH at that time will be President. Uzavina pelete at the hands of those your junior police officers.

  3. Tribal talk even after banning it! So Sampa has become tribal???? Where are the developmental talks other than triballing each other just to gain an extra but undeserved vote.

    • kikikiki anyone who opposes pf is tribal. they have run out of words now, kindly someone send them a vocalbary book please.

    • Tribal is the new in-word in PF. Before that it was Bitter. Lungu is wrong though. Sata really wanted PF to be the Bemba tribal party, the inheritor of Kapwepwe’s UPP tribal mantle. Even now, Lungu is just a puppet, a facade to hoodwink the rest of Zambia that PF is non-tribal. We have not forgotten how Sata stuffed his Cabinet, govt, the civil service, the diplomatic service, parastatals etc with Bembas. That’s PF!

  4. 2 weeks ago you said you will win by 72% ,what has happend now Mr. Kateka , is it because you’ve traveled by road and heard what people on the ground are saying?

  5. ECL-In January 2011,you failed to get the 50+1-What makes you think you will when conditions have deteriorated to unprecedented levels? Just prepare to exit the Presidency coz u are not offering any glim of hope to many Zambians. Your Presidency does not inspire anyone independent except misguided cadres and those minnions of yours whose only pre occupation is insults. You can work with everyone you want but mind you Zambians rejected the corrupt MMD who are now your bed fellows. Even the violence and tribal talk you are promoting will not help you. Just to remind you, you main achievement since you entered State House has been corruption. The elections this year will be evil and corruption vs hope for the future. Just like your RB killed MMD, you have also killed PF. Allow the oppostion…

    • @ Jub Dax
      In January 2015 and NOT 2011, ECL was not known by the Zambians because his job was just that of a faithful Minister. Your HH has had this ambition of becoming President from time immemorial but ECL can on scene, made his case and beat your man pants down. Now and today, people all around know who ECL is and what he is made of and thats the reason he will wallop you and your small god and this time with a huge margin to the tune of 67%.
      Forget about the dollar issue, its a global phenomena and we are explaining it very well to the people, forget the loadshedding because no man can create rainfall, including HH the magician, forget the copper price drop, its global, have you seen how much the oil prices have fallen?
      You even lucky that in the midst all these global turmoil,…

  6. When is this man going to start doing his job as President? Campaigning and partying do not qualify as work.

    Can he please tell the Nation what he is doing about the worthless Kwacha? About the 500, 000 JOBS he promised by 2016? About the K45 a bag of mealie meal?

    Or is he too busy with getting elected to do the job he is being paid by the Taxpayers to do?

  7. But this one man amazes me. Moneni ichilitaba mukanwa. Eating a cob of maize in the streets does not mean one is humble. But why are you and your minions blocking Sampa wherever he goes if the decision he has made is the right decision.

    But I have only liked one thing from you the 50% +1. There was too much dominance from a certain click of people who thought they were the only ones who can rule Zambia.

    • This Lungu panga violence tribal wako ni wako wamuvumo is not fit to be even a Parastatal CEO.

      Would you hire Lungu to manage your company?! I wouldn’t. He is a plain failure.

  8. Is he trying to entice Nevers or he’s talking about RB’s MMD. UPND, FDD & the rest take heed. This is no time for big headedness.

  9. With the 50%+1 clause, every vote counts. No party can win singlehandedly, no matter it’s financial might. Its better to unite with the smaller parties and write down a memorandum of understanding to be honoured after the election. The “winner-take-all” theory never applies here. UPND should emulate PF and woe smaller parties for the same, otherwise it will be given a run for it’s money. Do not underestimate any party, not even Kabimba’s Rainbow party to tilt the balance. Ignore me at your own peril.

    • No need for alliances before first round. Besides Zambian political frame work does not allow for alliances. Alliances would only be possible if the president was voted by MPs selected in the general election like its done in South Africa.

  10. Opposition Parties, wake up. Edgar and his wife are busy campaigning and he is stopping you! What nonsense is this! Be brave and stand for what is right even if it means being detained. Power in Africa is not handed on a silver plate.

  11. It would appear tribalism is LUNGU’S MENU. It is a shame when a head of state is the one in the forefront of champion tribal divisions in the country. Those sympathizers of Miles will now believe that the tribal talks against UPND by PF leaders is nothing but a scare tactic to lure the gullible, especially those with tribal tendencies.

  12. ..ok now I get it, that rumour of appointing someone from MMD as running mate is now factual…you only pronounce such during the second round after failing to attain the threshold in first round….he is just short of saying…..’we are losing these elections if we are not backed by MMD….’

  13. I said it and I say it again with an addition:

    Lungu and violence anchored on tribalism are one!!

    Lungu is now grouping Bantu botatwe (HH tribe) and Bemba ( DF Miles Sampa) as tribalists. And yet this is the man of the famed “wako ni wako, wamuvumo” tribal campaign in Eastern Province and national “pali mbuya” campaign.

    Lungu is the personification of violence and tribalism.

    The glaring incompetence, grand corruption and financial and public affairs mismanagement are just an icing on the cake of this failed man.

  14. Miles is riding on Sata’s popularity and few reporting adverts of the Post Newspaper. He can’t win the August 2016 elections.

    • Miles Sampa, where? He cant win even if you gave him 50 years from today! PF is here to stay for the next 20 years, you can bet, cry, scorn or do whatever, on this one, its a plain fact!

  15. Yet Mumba is saying that he has not joined forces with PF..why is this UTTERLY DULL LAZY BUM Edgar not commenting on the state of the economy instead of campaigning!!

  16. MMD Is a capitalist political party and pro rich And The True PF Is a socialist political party and Pro Poor.Will Light And Darkness Be Equal because of elections.

    I am in the evenings of my life and I have never heard much about Tribalism than I am hearing now.Please don’t contaminate our young people with this talk.

  17. Corrupt PF now partners with corrupt MMD?


    We need to get rid of this rubbish! After squandering all the money left by MMD and then BORROWING ANOTHER TEN BILLION DOLLARS to steal, can Zambia survive this amount of thievery?

    Lungu and Co have not only stolen the little “money in our pockets”, they have stolen our CHILDRENS FUTURE TOO! And these greedy thieves STILL WANT MORE!

  18. They are saying Lungu and PF are in panic mode, it’s true. They say he is clueless, evidence of this is piling up very fast. He is the first to condemn and ban tribal talk but at the same he is championing it aggressively. His cadre in a government uniform said Lungu is explaining development not campaigning but this article is telling us he is doing it already and he can’t even hide the desperation. This election is going to be the most interesting of all of them. Apart from watching HH he now has another thorn in his flesh, Miles. Development talk is the last thing on his drink sodden brain.

  19. Mr president stop insulting Bembas. Without Bembas you shouldnt have been there. RB and HH have gone without Bembas and they have crushed. Do not selk constituencies to MMD we shall vote for independents and you will be shocked

    • The president has not insulted the Bembas. He said some people think that PF should be led by a bemba and there is alot of truth in what he has said.

      The perception that PF must be led by Sata’s tribes mate is very eminent for all to see.

      The president has rightly said Sata did not form PF for bembas but for the people of Zambia. I think no one in their right mind can disagree with what Sata’s intention was when forming PF. It was for all Zambians and that is why he managed to become President of Zambia.

    • PF was created by Sata for Bembas. That was clear. Over 90% of PF parliamentary candidates in 2011 were northerners. Those non-Bemba voters who voted for PF were metre PFools, hoodwinked into supporting a tribal party. Lungu is wrong on this count.

  20. Opposition Parties, wake up. Edgar and his wife are busy campaigning and he is stopping you! What nonsense is this! Be brave and stand for what is right even if it means being detained. Power in Africa is not handed on a silver plate.!!

    • Some people are tribalists, they believe that a party can only be led by people from a certain region just because they were related to Mr Sata. Mr Sata didn’t form the PF for Bembas only, he formed the PF for Zambians,”
      President Lungu said.

      So now Sampa is a tribalist because he has left PF. So if you don’t belong to PF you are a tribalist. What kind of logic is this?

  21. Some people are tribalists, they believe that a party can only be led by people from a certain region just because they were related to Mr Sata. Mr Sata didn’t form the PF for Bembas only, he formed the PF for Zambians,”
    President Lungu said.

    So now Sampa is a tribalist because he has left PF. So if you don’t belong to PF you are a tribalist. What kind of logic is this?

    • @ Mutuloba
      But he never reviewed the detail of that 70%. Who said that in a democratic dispensation you can work with those that believe in you? Pathetic UPND dander heads.
      UPND can as well go inti alliance with Muliokekela, ADD, Miyanda, thats okay with us.

  22. If the 2015 presidential election is anything to go by, a runoff would have been eminent between Lungu (48%) and HH (46%), if the new clause applied then. Where would the remaining votes come from if we ignore these smaller parties? You must take into account good relations (beforehand) with them to marshal their troops in your favour in the event the first round win fails to materialise. Lungu is aware that MMD tilted the balance in his favour last year. UPND should learn from him and woe it’s fellow opposition parties. This time around it requires to move an extra mile from the ordinary ‘simple majority’ win. Every vote counts.

    • @ MAN KENYA

      Dont forget that in January 2015, UPND and Kalusa Heka had a bigger portion of MMD, independents and the like supporting him but failed lamentably, this time, he will be taught the political lesson. Tatulumbila Umwenso ifye iyo, we know where we stand, ECL has already won these elections.

  23. 50 Plus 1 is only attainable if the Voter Turnout national wide is above 40% and like Mrs Mumbi Phiri has observed ICHI TINTA NGOMBE in the strong hold The Sharpe Rate is 20% favourable for lungu with Northern and Southern exhibiting similar distribution of 8% to 9 % respectively

    Assuming that South Votes 95% and Turnout is below 39% elsewhere Then there will be no 50 PLUS 1 and a rerun will be possible with HH in the Minority

    HH can not skew the votes to WIN elections given his exposure but if Southern votes 95% and the Turnout is below 39% in major then the counts will not equal the 50% plus 1%

    LUNGU is clearly…

  24. Miles’ departure is good news to HH. Lungu will only win in Eastern Province, thats all. HH, please call all these other opposition parties and work out something for the good of Zambia. PF will lose these elections. In fact, most PF ministers, deputies and supporters will leave PF in the cold as soon as parliament is dissolved.

    Do not for one moment underestimate Miles; he will get a big chunk from PF in Muchinga, CB, Northern and Luapula. UPND will still maintain its strong holds in Western, North-Western, Southern and Central Provinces. Lusaka will be shared among UPND, DF and PF. HH has an upper had in these elections if you critically look at the voting patterns in the past elections. In fact, Im beginning to think that Sampa’s strategy in forming another party is to finish off…

    • contd.. to finish of the PF. I think this is what he meant when he said that he can destroy PF in 7 months. Everyone knows that Miles Sampa cant win these August 11 elections because its way too late for him to convey his message across the nation. Anyway, thats my opinion. I might be wrong.

  25. Not so smart – cheap tribal talks . Why should you drag Bembas in your petty politics ? We are supporting you but now you have started directing the ship in the wrong direction with wrong people in command . I see no tribalism in Sampa quest to attain some political millage. If anything ,we expected Sampa to be given a full ministerial position given his knowledge and general achievements . Sampa like any other Zambian is at liberty to exercise his rights and participate in politics ,that does not by any means entail that is being tribal . Your moral standing is 100 percent questionable ,your decision to bring on board corrupt Dora and make corrupt RB your mentor might come to haunt you. Sampa just like HH is smarter than you ,no question about it . You are turning this country into…

  26. The political landscape in Zambia will never be the same after the 50% +1 vote. Zambia is greater than all these politicians and their political parties. We need politicians who are going to work together for the good of the country and not a family or tribe. You politicians, we are not interested in your cheap political gimmicks we need cooperation and development in our great nation Zambia, KWASILA.

  27. @Kaputo Davies,thank you for raising this issue,the opposition must wake up and start serious mobilizations.LOok at Musenge and his team ,Malanji,they were in Lufwanyama busy mobilizing voters,the same for Lusaka Central.Esther has been everywhere,and even this non entity called Bwalya,and there was Davies Chama who also went to Southern Province and North Western .this government is so scared,they don’t want to level the playing field,but in doing so they have also decampained themselves,most people talked are just saying PF died with MCS.THey are ready to give votes to HH.ThEy want to try him and if he fails,they will vote in another party.

  28. Well done Mr President, you are been prudent. For once I see you not power hungry, shame for many defectors from MMD to UNPD, you will regret big time. Wise guys who claim educated be wise join MMD to secure a future in politics regarding positions nothing to be ashamed of. The door the president has opened take advantage.

  29. EL is realistic, simple and pragmatic. So now we know, Never mumba is running mate to EL. Good Move EL. You are political genus. Now it HH vs PF-EL/MMD-Mumba combo.

  30. Lungu knows what is on the ground..much as politics is about numbers I think morality should not completely be thrown to the wind. In 2011 zambians voted out the MMD which this man is now wholly embracing and bringing back all because wanting to retain power.
    What does not he really take zambians for? Am a staunch supporter of the PF but am not confortable with my party forging alliances with rejects likes the MMD..please ba kateka poseniko amano…

  31. @Lekeni, in politics there are no permanent friends or enenies. Everything is abput context. So be ready to welcome Nevers as EL running mate or even Sampa as EL running mate if need be.

    Never say Never is politics esp Zambian politics.

  32. Zambians kaya ….with 50 +1 % no single party can win.
    Ba under 5 you are making too much noise let upnd go it alone you will see what
    you will get….Foolishness.
    50 +1% is bad news.

  33. Okey,last week, it was EL will win by 70%.Now he admits he cant make it to 50% alone.The only thing that has happened in the last 1 week is the formation of DF by Miles.This now just confirms that Miles Sampa is a factor and he is going to finish the PF as promised.

  34. Taking PF back to MMD. What a shame! I can hardly believe my ears. Wasn’t the vote for PF a vote to reject MMD? Now PF wants to commit adultery with MMD in broad day light. This is disgusting.

  35. Baba, Miles Sampa forming a Party and challenging you is bad news. I don’t see you winning whatever the strategy. He is new blood and people are tired of old politics and the violence. I don’t understand why leaving a party to form your own earns one the tribalist tag. ECL has lost the plot here and seems clearly rattled by MS. The scenario I see is no one getting the 50+1 and then HH and MS banding together and winning the contest under HH. The mistake for the PF was that Kabwe panga revolution which made a mockery of democracy. It lost ECL and Mrs Wina their credibilities. ECL will be a one term (part-term) President at this point.

  36. In a democracy, contrasting views should be allowed to be heard. I have a problem with a sight which censors views and blocks opinions that do not support their own. I therefore will stop contributing to your debates as you seem a small minded short sighted bunch of sycophants. ECL will lose, mark my word. Publish this comment or not, I don’t care.

  37. The MMD under Nevers Mumba has seen alot of dark clouds, having come out 4th in the presidential by -election and scoring less than the number of voters for a single ward in lusaka, I mean if the election was between nevers and rejected ballot papers, nevers would still come out 4th in that election, how then can he actually convince members of his party that he will deliver the party back to its former glory and later convince the nation? I believe in the mmd and what it stands for but Nevers Mumba can’t and won’t take the party anywhere, if pf wants a profitable pact with mmd, then it should only be after they go for a convention so that we test Mumbas strength currently he has nothing to offer

  38. It is sad to read a tribal remark coming from HE President Lungu. This confirms that in PF Bembas want a bemba to lead the party. For this reason it is also clear that there is deep seated tribal war in PF. Mr President, you are really not doing this country a service on this matter of tribalism.

  39. Total Voter Distribution







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