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Failure to increase electricity tariffs will plunge Zambia into total darkness-Lungu

Economy Failure to increase electricity tariffs will plunge Zambia into total darkness-Lungu

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu addressing Petauke residents today
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu addressing Petauke residents today

President Edgar Lungu has warned that failure to increase electricity tariffs will plunge the country in total darkness.

Speaking when he addressed Sinda residents yesterday, Mr. Lungu said it’s not true that increasing the cost of electricity will have an effect on the majority Zambians, but that this will instead make electricity tariffs cost reflective.

President Lungu adds that government is also intensifying efforts to construct dams across the country to cushion the dry spell the country is experiencing.

President Lungu says the dry spell being experienced in the country is a wake-up call for government to invest more in solar energy.

He notes the need for government to expand power generation by exploring other sources in view of the erratic rainfall the country is currently experiencing.

And President Lungu says the government is gearing up its contingency measures to deal with the worst possible El Niño situation in the country.

President Lungu says in order to stave off the impact of the El Niño phenomenon, there is need to prioritize measures of ensuring there is stable supply of food, water and energy, among others.


  1. Like I have always said, Lungu will speak one thing but implement the opposite. Wonder why Frank Bwalya gave him the name “Mr Walk the Talk”. The name should actually be “Mr Walk THE OPPOSITE”

    • Back and forth—-back and forth. I wonder if Lungu has a problem with his memory

      The consistent inconsistencies in PF are appalling and not good for attracting investors.

    • Lungu is a genetic flipflopper. Anyway the 300% increase does not affect manufacturers alone. Those costs will be pushed back to customers and impact on standards of living. Expects costs of everything made with electricity to go up from next month. Manufacturers are just waiting for what competitors will. You all will feel the pain soon.

    • I wonder why we don’t spend the resources we have on underground water drilling as opposed to dams which will require rain and if there’s no rain, we get back to square zero. ECL knows what he should have done on ZESCO tariffs, but he is scared of losing this year’s election. How can a leader be that scared? If I were him, I would have gone around the country selling these hard facts other than politicking all the time. Shame on mother Zambia with this level of leadership!

    • @The Chosen One..I propose we call Edgar Lungu..”Mr. All Talk”. I mean no one takes this guy seriously. even his cadres disregard his instruction not to be violent with contempt

    • Dear Lungu do you realize you are the man in control. You are the one to make the decision to increase the price or tariff for electricity. It is sad that you cannot stand by your decision typical of PF leaders full of reverse decision mechanism/s. Which critical decisions have you stood by, even under pressure other than making alcohol cheap.

    • What’s the problem? Just get another EUROBOND to pay for all the power we are importing.

      Oh, I forgot, Zambias credit rating is now complete rubbish and all the money has been spent on roads or been stolen through corrupt contracts.

      Zambia is already in darkness! DARKNESS OF LEADERSHIP!

    • some places the tarrifs never came down, people are still paying the tarrif rate that was hiked, thus showing that the presidents call to go back to the old tariffs was ignored

    • Just because the tariffs have gone up by 300% does not mean Zesco will have power instantly (if so, it will be due to disconnections for those who can no longer afford electricity). The tariffs could have been increased incrementally over 3 to 5 years to match development of new power stations. Instead Lungu chose to be a Poverty Flourisher.

  2. THE CHOSEN ONE AND KWAMUNTONYO (watever ur name is) edgar is thinking on how to go about increasing the zesco tariffs.zambia has the cheapest electricity tariff plan in africa and the middle east so the president is looking for the beter way of doing it. MULETEKANYA MWEBANTU. relax edgar is in control

    • Ba obby,
      Yes he is controlling but the way is controlling is questionable. a month ago he told ERB to increase tariffs. Then later this month he told ERB to reduce tariffs. then today he says increase tariffs. So this is the reason this man has no vision he simply is not sure what he is doing. Basically is not incontrol

    • Ubupuba bamoneni. He’s never been in control, he’s confused. The job he grabbed by force he’s to big for his small brain.

  3. The problem is failure to comprehensively address the matters in a holistic way and then issue one comprehensive policy statement once and for all! We know that for investment to flow in we need cost reflective tariffs that can assure a return for investors. But we also have to be sure that the investors are not ripping off the masses and affect the sectors we want to develop e.g. agriculture,tourism and manufacturing.Cost reflective tariffs are known,investors have made proposals,and we have had proposals from industrial sector players on tariffs that can still keep them in business. So, reconciling positions of all interests and then issuing a comprehensive policy statement could do us more good! Not this back and forth way of doing things.

  4. Does this man know what he is doing??????

    First PF cancelled the contract for Kafue Gorge. Then four years later there is a big publicity of Lungu commissioning the project!

    Then we are told Kariba will collapse. Next we hear there is no water in the dam because in 2011 a whole years supply was wasted and new turbines installed!

    Then the price of electricity is jumped up 200% and then Lungu cancelled the increase.

    Now he is saying it will go back up. This sounds like Chilkwanda and his SI flip flops!


    Confusion and cluelessness like this is exactly what scares investors away. We really do have clueless clowns in charge!

  5. This man is always drunk! He allowed zesco/erb to increase the tariffs by 300% then reversed them without consultation. His right hand does not know what the left hand is dong! Cry my beloved country! What a confused man!

    • He excitedly and ignorantly assented to the constitutional bill and now he regrets and may amend it with 40 days of making it law. What levels of incompetency is this?

    • 300% tariff increase is real. It did not change for industrial and commercial customers. Wait until you have to pay for that increase through higher prices of goods and services.

  6. This man EL is saying nothing! Need to put in place measures? Who else but you will put in place these same measures? Every time its “Govt has put in place measure this measures that”. What are same measures? Whoever takes this man seriously man get their brain scanned.

  7. This man EL is saying nothing! Need to put in place measures? Who else but you will put in place these same measures? Every time its “Govt has put in place measure this measures that”. What are same measures? Whoever takes this man seriously must get their brain scanned.

    • Zambia was plunged into darkness when Sata was elected in 2011.

      Since then we have seen just what a huge mistake we made and are now suffering the consequences.

      Don’t blame Sata, we were told the man was not Presidential material by very experienced people that had had the job before.

      And then we allowed a panga election to follow it up with Lungu! A crooked lawyer!

      Zambians have only themselves to blame for this mess. Remember that while you suffer in poverty and CORRUPTION!

  8. Ba Lungu-do you understand what you are saying sure-Even a man on the street knows that increase in key determinants of an economy like Fuel and Electricity leads to an increase in cost of goods. By the way, why did you reduce the increase-were you on Jameson????

  9. According to a report compiled by AfDB in 2012, “Most of the approximately 3,000 small low cost earth dams in Zambia are situated in the drought prone semi-arid areas of the Eastern, Lusaka, Central and Southern provinces, where water needs to be stored for sustainable livestock, agriculture and domestic use…..Attention at the highest political level has been paid to the development of small dams in Zambia by the Zambia’s new president, Michael Sata, who, in November 2011, proclaimed that: “the new government will invest in the construction of more water dams ……”
    We are now putting the blame on the El Nino of 2015 and yet records show that drought is not a new phenomenon in these areas. What happened to this project?

    • The money was stolen. That’s what happened. That’s how PF cadres and minions now drive Range Rovers and own expensive properties.

  10. “President Lungu adds that government is also intensifying efforts to construct dams across the country to cushion the dry spell the country is experiencing.”

    Uhhh… Boss, how long does it take to construct a single dam (let alone dams across the country) that it may “cushion” the current dry spell as you say?

  11. Oh shoot! A Lungu is in a dilemma – touch it, it screams – leave it, it screams! He needs counseling and serious counseling for that matter. Elders, kindly assist.

  12. Is this guy serious? he is the one that reduces the tarrifs when he attended Church service in Chawama. Does he have an idea to manage a country no wonder he failed to do anything tangible at Ministry of Home Affairs.

  13. Are we being fair to blame lungu for problems you have been going through since birth. Ubucushi nga bwakokola you will blame are person helping you. Go on lungu icalo ciletesha

  14. As the elections are approaching there will be a lot of prophecies. The call is for mature believers to judge all these prophecies.
    Details 01/01/2016 A word to Zambia in 2016,
    I hear a sound of happiness for PF as Edgar CHAGWA Lungu returns as president of Zambia.
    After winning 2016 PF will go through a shaking and a new political party from Vetran politicians will be birthed in protest. THIS WILL HAPPEN EVEN AS THEY GO INTO ELECTIONS. Many Vetran and long standing politicians will be left behind. God will bring about a jubilee leadership of young people to take this nation into the next 50 years. Humility will be the mark on their lives. The wise will retire and be used to Fathers but some will over value themselves and will be humiliated by time.
    The tables will change in many…

    • The tables will change in many political parties for where there was abounding peace there will be confusion and tears will send many into retirement from politics.
      Economically the hardship will continue many will flee into foreign countries for greener pasture but there will be a visitation so great that will lift the faces of the nation. The country shall experience a visitation of the favor of God…. There will be great shifting and shaking in politics this year. The church will go through mourning with the death of her leaders numbering between 2 and 3 in 2016. Pray for Kaunda and Gray Zulu. I see a big tree falling but by prayer. Through grace the church in Zambia will experience supernatural growth into thousands and infrastructure development. The favor of God on the president…

    • The favor of God on the president will give many churches plots for the settlement of the house of God. Because of her whose heart is steadfast on her God and His people God will favor her husband with favor and peace. God will leave the crown on her head for the next five years. MMD like UPND will go through a shaking of leadership. There is a plan of confusion hitting the two parties. For MMD it will start in the first 3 months. UPND will shake after electuions yes they will spread wider and far but for power the people they will embrace will bring even more tearing and fights. This will cause many to call for HH to continue until 2021.
      The desolate and un stepped land will become a source of joy for this country. Many places that have not been looked at as precious will become a…

    • Many places that have not been looked at as precious will become a corner stone for economical development. By innovation there will be deliverance for my people. My peple will be famous and great. Barren ones will feed their young out of this land.
      Pst BJ Ngosa Posted on his facebook page today.
      As elections approach there will be a lot of Prophecies. Judging Prophecy
      1.Does the prophecy bring you closer to God and others, or alienate you?
      2.Does the prophecy, even if it convicts you, build you up? Or, does it manipulate and condemn you?
      3.Does the prophecy leave you feeling empowered by God or feeling defeated?
      4.Does the prophecy line up with scripture?
      5.Does the prophecy sit well with you? Does you spirit testify with what is brought?
      6.Does the prophecy have grace and mercy…

    • 6.Does the prophecy have grace and mercy behind it?
      7.Is the person delivering the prophecy under authority and accountable, or are they a lawless character?
      8.When the prophecy is given, are you drawn to the person bringing the prophecy or drawn to God?
      9.Who is the word for?
      10.What is the timing of the prophecy?
      11.Who are the people who need to be involved to help bring the prophecy into being?”Christian Prophecy”

  15. You just don’t know what to believe with LT articles! Anyway elsewhere, El Niño caused furious flooding. It’s not all droughts. There will be an opening of the sky’s. Rain Rain will fall.

    The fact is electricity is now available far widely than before. Rates must be subsidised for poorer folks otherwise it will be like a tax on them.

  16. Now I Believe that this guy actually knows nothing. Clueless! He was a mistake, which should be repeated.

    • Jay Jay, please don’t call Lungu a leader.

      That is a compliment he does not deserve.

      A leader LEADS !He is just a stu.pid drunk that got into State House by accident and the use of panga politics.

      Simply put, an ass.hole that is reclessly destroying the Nation has no right to that description.

  17. @Hold politicians accountable, you are more than a dreamer. Read what true prophets say about the the party of fools. Or you are trying to comfort yourself?
    The pfools on the way out full stop and end of circus show.
    How can the clowns continue inflicting untold sufferings against the majority poor Zambians?
    clueless inconsistent incopetent clowns on tje way out.
    May God bless Zambia’s new incoming leaders.

  18. anyone one in the power industry will tell you we need a raise in electricity tarrifs otherwise we will be sitting with load shedding forever

    i told you guys he would realize he made a mistake by canceling the raise tarrifs

  19. The man doesn’t understand that the state of the economy today is so BSD that the over 250% increase in Zesco tariffs will just further hurt the economy. Companies will be forced to cut jobs and prices of commodities will go up further fueling inflation.. This man ni chumbu munshololwa..he is deaf to proper reasoning. He has ignored our learned BOZ governer on key issues..populist thoughts cloud his judgement..he is a failure period… And should be voted.

  20. The Guy told Zambians before the polls that he did have a Plan for the Country…But they went ahead and elected him in the name of Contuining The Sata Legacy….See how screwed we are now??? Zambians should learn to use Wisdom during Polls…We have ourselves to blame…Not Lungu!!!

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