Wednesday, April 17, 2024

China’s CCTV Reports on Zambia’s Economy



  1. When are we going to call a spade a spade? The real reason for diminishing prospects for Zambia is NOT due to the slump in Copper prices. Blaming Copper, a wasting asset, as a cause of diminishing economic prospects is like starting a fire with grass and blaming the glass for burning out quickly before you could cook a meal.
    Anyone who has made a fire to cook knows very well you start with grass (or paper or paraffin) and then add small pieces of wood, and then add bigger logs of wood. Then and only then can you put on a pot of food and prepare a meal to feed family. Copper is like grass. It is only a starter of the fire. We are supposed to add bigger logs of wood, i.e. add value by manufacturing finished products from Copper raw material. Actually by now we should have been talking…

  2. Cont’d…. talking about preserving our copper still underground for future use, and instead IMPORTING Copper from Congo DR as raw material for our industries (cottage industries included), and make sim cards, cables, switches, IC circuits, curios, you name it.. and export. Image new businesses and jobs that would be created.
    How about value addition in Agro Business? in fisheries? In forestry? etc.. Lack of secondary industries is what has led to diminishing prospects. Let’s call a spade a spade.

  3. Yes imwe a CACTUS if u are ignorant about the subject please a beg u SHUT YOUR MULOMO, u are even gving a cheap and useless fake story of grass and mulilo SHA do you think that we all understand your village life of making fire???I and my kids live in SCOTLAND we don’t know how to make fire so don’t confuse us ,go and make fire in your house not on this blog

    • @Ayoko,
      How old are you? My analogy of copper to grass is intended for normal functioning Zambian adults with an average IQ. Clearly you are none of these. You are in a richer economy in Scotland because they have secondary industries that add value and create jobs and you still don’t get it?

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