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Jack Mwiimbu speaks for himself on the running mate debate

General News Jack Mwiimbu speaks for himself on the running mate debate

Jack Mwiimbu Chairman - Legal
Jack Mwiimbu Chairman – Legal

I am appalled by the persistent unprofessional reporting by the Zambia Daily Mail pertaining to calls by so-called UPND cadres who are agitating that I be appointed Vice President and running mate to President Hakainde Hichilema in the presidential elections to be held on the 11th day of August, 2016.

The Zambia Daily Mail has deliberately ignored to get a statement from me pertaining to the mischievous and malicious stories they have been running. Let it be known that a running mate to President Hakainde Hichilema shall be chosen as per procedures of the party and that I am not one of those interested in the position of running mate.

My goal and interest is to ensure that the UPND and Hakainde Hichilema forms government in August 2016. We are aware that the so-called UPND cadres are in fact PF cadres sponsored by one disgraced known PF conman who was once a member of the UPND.

The intention of the PF is to malign me and bring the nauseating stench of tribalism to the fore, with a view to disadvantage UPND in the next elections.

The PF leadership is aware that they are losing the elections in August 2016 and they believe that the last straw they can cling to is tribalism.

I urge all right thinking Zambians to ignore the calls being made to make me Vice President and running mate with the contempt it deserves. The positions of Vice President are adequately occupied by upright men who are serving our party diligently.

Jack Jacob Mwiimbu
Chairman – Legal

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    • The fear is probably coming from some opposition party members who fear what would happen to UPND if you have GBM, and Banda as vice presidents and have a situation where HH chooses not to stand, fails to stand or steps down as president. Question is; Would UPND still have southerners as majority members or that would be the end of the party? —- Just thinking.

    • There you have it ladies and gentlemen, Jack Mwimbu though unaware has highlighted why UPND has been losing and will lose the 2016 elections: tribalism has a nauseating stench!

    • @ Ntaulu if whenever such stories are published the affected resort to lawyers to engage the paper/journalist who carried the story, all this rumor mongering would be put in check! No editor would want to find themselves in court defending something that lacks facts! Come to think of it if the publishers were in the end made to settle through payments some of the publishing houses would end up closing!

  1. Ya ukukubako dull nabo ba Jack Mwimbu nwe.I like the answer his vice president Banda gave.Please show maturity and not fear in responding to certain queries.

  2. Zambia Daily Mail just exists in name now. This kind of reporting is outdated and the sooner we grow up the better for all of us. UPND is a party like any other and the people are the ones to choose who we want to govern us. So all these manouvres are neither helpful nor necessary to UPND, yourselves and your children or the rest of the country. We are poor because of people like those at Zambia Daily Mail. I don’t support UPND but should I force others also? Just close Zambia Daily Mail and save taxpayers some money!!!!

  3. I congratulate you Mr Mwiimbu on showing maturity and insight. Those insinuating that you want to be running mate are enemies of UPND who want to sidetrack the party. They are just as mischievous as those who were advising UPND to choose a new leader in 2016 the likes of the now compromised Zambia Reports

    • Nanga ni party ya anyoko? Did Pf have a convetion? Oh you mean the one Lungu got by show of pangas. And you that a convention? When UPND are ready for a convention, you will told. In the meantime mind your business. Wanza weyi.

    • You want them to use panga’s to vote like at the PF convention? Let the UPND members decide those things. If you are a member then go on ask for a convention. I am not a member so its not my business. Others selected their leader using pangas, I am concerned because that was dangerous and threat to peoples lives and its better to have no convention then using pangas to select a leader.

    • I am FDD, my asking for a convention is just, it is my country after all. The best for it is what am asking for. So leave your disdain for PF in your uncouth mind.

  4. My question above about a convention is because the ruling party shall always field the incumbent, it only makes sense.

    • Just shut up iwe, call for a convention in your club and leave them alone. Why are you bothering yourself, do you have some intentions?

  5. Well said Hon. Mwimbu. The locusts just like army worms only seek to steal, kill and destroy using tribalism as their venom.

  6. Divide and rule is not a right thing… Look at Korea, now north and south but the same people coz someone in the past used the system of divide and rule…. Media houses have become places of deceit, the clergy persons to serve their interests in the name of prephesing who will get the day, come general elections day.. One has even dropped the title duly accorded to him by virtue of his ordination as man of God… UBU KRISTIANI MU ZAMBIAAAA!!!! 18 october twasebana!!!

  7. Nobody will dare waste their energy throwing stones to a tree with no fruits, UNDP, your unity is their worry. Stay determined.

  8. Comment:for your own info…… i no longer buy Daily Mail becoz of their stupidy…… Lets boycott so we see who will be the ultimate looser…… is it the journalists who will go without a salary or the foolish pf mp who is funded.

  9. Another bit of evidence that tells you that people with the most money have the positions in UPND. Jack knows that he cannot offend GBM. Who gets into politics in order to be a Minister of Justice? Surely Mwiimbu has played his politics already because now HH thinks he is capable of being Veep. What a strategy!

  10. There speaks a man of principles and integrity. Whoever is publishing those unfounded stories is a shameless and evil person. Mwana wamfwiti and terrible and desperate failure. Jack Mwiimbu cannot be compared with the good for nothing kacepa and tribalistic persons. Purveyors of tribal hatred should learn that their days are numbered.No amount of lies or cheap propaganda from znbc, times of Zambia and Zambia daily mail will sway the minds of right thinking citizens.One Zambia One nation!

  11. Poping Ur Nose Into Pipo’s Clubs Wen U Hav No Bussine With It Since U Nzelu U A Fdd Just Go Get Chicks From Nawakwi To Make U Bize My Friend

  12. It is extremely sad to note the rapid and irreconcilable ethical depreciation of our public media. When professionals compromise their ethics to this degree, the entire nation gets corrupted. Paul warns in Philippians 4: 8, ‘Whatever is true, whatever is a good report…..think of these things.’ Journalists everywhere in the world fight hard to protect their profession because they, like judges, are the last resort in keeping a potentially and highly corrupt, divided country together. When the media peddle lies, we experience propaganda the sort Hitler used to exterminate millions of Jews. In Rwanda, the media lost its compass and genocide started. Why should Zambia Daily Mail deliberately communicate a rumour? Do these editors think they will live by their profession in years to come?

  13. Whereas I have always held Jack in high regard I am surprised he has not smelt the coffee, infact it is party members that have looked to him to steer and keep HH in check. If however, he feels we are saying this because we are disgruntled, then it is an opinion we can learn to live with. Save, when he tries to play politics he pales from what we truly see of a leader. Lastly, what is ‘able’ about our newest recruit GBM? we shudder to think we can ever allow him anyway near the Office of VP, let alone the echelons of power. His record at Ministry of Defence where he served as Minister and even his hand in FRA speaks volumes of what we as UPND have continued to condemn. Let as not be carried away and render our beliefs useless in a bid to win at all costs…If this is what you Hon…

  14. is it a bad thing to be a running mate )never mind the if the Daily Mail lied)? Ba Mwiimbu you have the looks for a VEEP even president.. you look dignified, handsome and mature like red wine…

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