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Parties must accept responsibility of the actions of their cadres- Rev Chilujinka


Police man the entrance to keep rival cadres from the ruling Patriotic Front and the opposition UPND from clashing at the magistrate's court complex where opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was attending a court case in Lusaka
FILE: Police man the entrance to keep rival cadres from the ruling Patriotic
Front and the opposition UPND from clashing at the magistrate’s court
complex where opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was attending
a court case in Lusaka

A Clergyman has called on political party leaders to accept responsibility of the actions of their party cadres.

Rev Aaron Chilujinka said party leaders are responsible for the actions of their members hence should accept when a wrong is committed regardless of whether they are in opposition or ruling party.

With specific reference to the UPND Rev Chilujinka said the opposition should not always portray themselves as victims when they are also perpetrating violence.

“UPND must accept and not portray themselves as victims. The verb violence is across the board, you and I read Newspapers everyday and this is why it is crucially important even for Journalists to weigh what they quote. They as UPND need to accept responsibility when they have committed an offence in terms of violence, be it verbal or physical violence or indeed mental violence,” he said.

He further said the Church is not there to condemn any individual or political party but to give guidance and that political players should stop misinforming the public by twisting what their opponents say.

“This is where we are having problems, the PF trying to twist what the opposition has said and the opposition twisting what the PF has said and this is bordering on misinformation of the public.

“We cannot toil the line for example if the PF twists the words of Hakainde Hichilema or if UPND twists the words of Edgar Lungu, we need to say that this is a distortion of what was exactly said. These political parties must accept that they have been at the centre of the root cause and usually it has come from the distortion of what the other has said and this not acceptable and that is not leadership,” Rev Chilujinka said.


  1. Rev Chilunjika, you need to be more objective and call a spade a spade. you clearly know that PF is deplorable and need to be called out. I want to think that if UPND and other parties were not be attacked, things would be different. Are you afraid of calling Mr Lungu what he is? Until the church takes its rightful place, you will continue to feast with the enemy, if you know what I mean

  2. If a clergyman is fearful of telling the truth then he is not fit to be one. Bible men of God never feared those in leadership who were surprising the poor.

  3. Anyone who advise or mention upnd in condemning violence then they have to be insulted by Upnd minions. This is exactly what the rev is talking about. Upnd cadres are breaking also involved in violent behaviours just like Pf but the the tribal leadership has never issued any disciplinary massage to its perpetrators of the vice instead they want to heep it at Pf. Why condone violence? Pf leadership has always been telling members against violent conduct and this is how they are taken seriously.
    This is the same as having children always provoking neighbours and end up been beaten and you as a parent don’t get to the root cause of who was in the wrong.

  4. @sponge: Listen to yourself! PF cadres beat up journalists in Eastern province, literally closed airport operations in Ndola, stoned and damaged UPND office in Kitwe etc. Despite the Republican President’s effort to stop violence, on the ground PF cadres are not taking this instruction seriously. The Rev, if he is really a man of The Living God almighty must come out clean and strongly condemn the source of violence and not hiding behind a finger. The President’s directive to stop violence is across the entire country regardless of political affiliation, including UPND.

    • @kazunga you must be the one failing to listern to yourself like the adage says “a toilet doesn’t stink to the person who messed it”. Can you tell me any violent practice that your tribal party has condmned it’s cadres before. You see you can’t think of any. This is the issue here. The article is about Upnd not condemning its violent cadres not Pf! No wonder this party’s popularity exists among non voters.

  5. That’s why I always say this whole Christian nation thing is a fraud. We have so many men of gold. Can this rev compare the violence from PF and the police with the opposition? Even peaceful small parties like FDD and NAREP and MMD have been attacked by PF thugs, even journalists. You wonder which god these people pray to.

  6. Pastor how much are you being paid to lay the blame on the opposition when you know fully well that the violence is coming from the ruling party. To think you people want to build a church? huh a real mockery to the Lord God.

  7. Ati Reverand, does the title fit this imbecile ? Most of these so called men of God, Pastors, Priests or whatever title they may have are not true men of God but hypocrites. That’ s why they frequent state house and other government offices in order to be bribed or corrupted by the government. The likes of ka Father Frank Bwalya. Let him come to Chinsali one day, I am going to teach him a lesson. They cheat people that they are men of God but what they do in reality is quite the opposite from serving God. Honestly, don’ t the Zambian people know up to now who the perpetrators of violence in this country are ? What happened at Sinda and Ndola’ s Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport including the abduction of a Mr. Hamasaka in Lusaka some few days ago ? Iwe ka Rev. uli mwana wa mbwa and stop…

  8. I personaly do not have respect for most Pastors in Zambia of our day-Surely what is this ‘reverand’ taking about? Everyone knows the party responsibe for violence in our beloved country-Shame of such dubious Pastors-Repent or God will surey judge you

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