AWARD-WINNING musician Jay Rox is set to release another single titled Cake, off his highly successful sophomore album Outside the Rox, on Valentine’s Day next month.
The song, which will be the final single from the album, will be released with a music video. Last week, Jay Rox teased fans with pictures from the Cake video shoot which he shared on social media.
He teamed up with N.X.T Solutionz for the upcoming video. Previously, Rox worked with them on the Not for Sello music video, which received positive reviews for being unique and exceptional in quality.
Jay Rox said he wanted Cake to be the last single from his album because it is a special song to him.
“I was going to release Cake last year but I changed my mind and I decided it was going to be the last single. I knew it was going to be a big song so I wanted to give it the proper attention,” he told the Weekend Mail in an interview.
As a solo musician, Jay Rox has had a stellar ride, receiving two awards, a BEFTA for Best International African Act and a Born n Bred Music Video Award for Best Collaboration.

Before his solo success, he was part of successful hip-hop group Zone Fam.
The transition from doing group projects to doing solo jobs was not an easy one for him.
“In Zone Fam, I had three other people I could lean on. I didn’t have to carry all the weight. With Outside the Rox, it all fell on me, I had to do everything but I realised that this was my vision. So I had to see it through,” he says
“In the beginning, most of the interviews I did, I would be asked a lot of Zone Fam questions. But eventually that stopped and I started getting questions about my album and my work.”
Although he stepped out on his on, Jay Rox still remained true to his Zone Fam roots.
“For my album, I looked at how we did things as Zone Fam. I wanted to keep up with the quality and the standards the group had set.”
In spite of all the success Jay Rox has experienced throughout his career, he has no intentions of slowing down. His next album is set for release next year, and he plans to release a few singles this year.



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