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MMD to issue comprehensive statement on President Lungu’s calls for an alliance

Headlines MMD to issue comprehensive statement on President Lungu's calls for an alliance

President Lungu talks to MMD president Nevers Mumba and wife Florence Mumba as Cozmo Mumba looks on during assenting to the Constitutional Amendment Bill ceremony at Heroes Stadium on Tuesday, January 5,2016 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA
President Lungu talks to MMD president Nevers Mumba and wife Florence Mumba as Cozmo Mumba looks on during assenting to the Constitutional Amendment Bill ceremony at Heroes Stadium on Tuesday, January 5,2016 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

MMD Spokesperson Raphael Nakacinda says his will issue a comprehensive statement on the pronouncements by President Edgar Lungu on the PF’s desire to form an alliance with the former ruling party.

Speaking in an interview Mr Nakacinda said the party has laid down procedures and that if an alliance is to be formed it has to come about due to an agreement among party members and that issue will be up for discussion during the National Executive Committee meeting which the party will be holding soon.

He said the MMD is a democratic party which practices intra party politics and that the issue of an alliance is something that needed to be discussed before any statements could be issued.

He also indicated that if the party is to go into any alliance then it will be because of mutual understanding between the two parties and not out selfish interest of individuals.

Mr Nakacinda also disclosed that his party is working on a template that will ensure the participation of all members when choosing a running mate.

He said as the mother of democracy in the country, the party’s leadership does not want to impose a running mate on the membership.

He also said the position of running mate was too important to be left to individuals to chose because it would have a bad bearing on the party and would be a recipe for intra party confusion.

President Lungu on Tuesday disclosed that he had formally contacted MMD Leader Nevers Mumba on the possibility of the two political parties forming an Alliance in this year’s elections.

Speaking when he addressed PF members in Chipata Eastern Province, President Lungu said it will be difficult for both MMD and PF to attain the 50 percent plus one threshold if they do not work together.

The President said he was looking at the day when former president Rupiah Banda and Dr Nevers Mumba would work together.

Mr Lungu who paid a glowing tribute to Mr Banda said the former head of state should continue to be praised because without him he was not going to be in State House.

“First of all let me pay tribute to president Rupiah Banda for joining hands with PF during the January 20th 2015 presidential elections by helping us to win the elections. I know without president Banda would not been the President of this country. I will be happy to see president Banda and Dr Nevers Mumba to make peace,” he said.

He said the best thing for any political party was to put the house in order for the common good purpose.

He said had been exchanged the notes through short an SMS with Dr Mumba to work together because themselves MMD cannot manage to win the general elections.

“This morning (yesterday) I was talking to Dr Mumba through SMS to say let’s work together,” he said.

President Lungu said he was not the one who caused confusion in the MMD stating that in any political party including PF there was confusion until God prevailed the situation.

He asked the party members in the ruling party to embrace new members in order for PF to manage the 50 plus one threshold of the votes.

He said he was aware that with few numbers the he cannot attain the 50 + 1 but he was looking forward for more votes from people in Eastern province.

He said currently Zambia does not deserve a re-run saying there was need for people to vote en masse for PF to avoid the same on August 11th .

President Lungu said Energy Minister Dora Siliya left MMD and joined PF in which she re-contested and won the Petauke Central parliamentary by-election convincingly.

He said there was also nothing wrong for him to appoint someone from opposition as a cabinet minister.

He said United Party for National Development (UPND) appointed Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba as vice party president stating that the moment he appointed Richwell Siamunene as defence minister, the opposition political party started talking unnecessarily.

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  1. Ba Mumba you are not going anywhere. All your party members have deserted you. Just respond to the call and accept a position in EL government….MMD died a long time ago.

    • @ katondo boys

      If HH “…is finished…..buried….”, why are so much obsessed with him? Afraid of his memory or afraid of his resurrection?
      Either way, thank you for keeping his name alive and relevant.
      Good job (LOL)

    • And again Pastor Mumba has become a vice president under a new constitution. He will be the running mate to Edgar. Meaning if PF wins Mumba becomes Vice president, which will give him a big chance of ascending to presidency.
      According to him sometime in the late 90s or early 2000s he said God will one day make him president.

    • @ katondo boys aka Emmanuel Mwamba, welcome back.

      Is there not enough work at the embassy in SA to keep you busy?

      Aleisa HH

    • Chagwa azagwa futi manje manje and this time for a longer period becsuse what he is doing depriving people of their freedom.

      Right now his BP is high upon seeing HH team being recieved to a thunderous welcome all the way to Stone

      HH s next stop is Western province followed by Northwestern then CB Luapula Northern and Eastern..

      Police are being warned that people are angry out there They should not in any way interfere with people s rights yo assemble and welcome their beacon of political hope. People have now started to react and beating up the police in retaliation to police attacks.

      Police dont say I did not warn you.


    • I have predicted the formation of MMD -PF and now it seems to be here with us. After this election aftee PF is defeated nothing of MMD and PF will be left.

      On the death of MMD and PF we shall see the rise of DF and rainbow parties.

      One interesting thing is that Sampa spearheaded the BICOGA church attacks while was instrumental in the misapplication of POA as justice minister in PF. But today they are victims of the same monster they helped create and feed. How nice!

      Chama is dead quiet and it seems what ZWD said about Lungu sidelinning him is absolutely true. What is his next move? I can see him joinning DF very soon.



    • These media online social news providers are not competent and efficient in terms of reporting on important matters. All they are concerned of is their own propaganda to suit what they want. There are important issues happening in Zambia and all we see are baseless articles. Take for instance the riot that broke in Choma yesterday as police wanted to block people from welcoming him. The Kambwili interview where Bemba got angry with him on his tribalism remarks in Kasama. Lungu being booed anywhere anytime he heads to! That is news that people want to hear. Now Its not news I have just told you.

    • RB has just made this country more poorer than it was. If RB never supported the PF we would have not been in this mess. Now see where we are!

    • What 30 pieces of silver can do to a “man of God”!! Sometimes I feel sorry for Dr Mumba, I really do.

    • Mumba do the right thing. You were almost dribled not too long ago by RB and Chagwa or maybe be you have STML (short term memory lose). If you want to thrive with principles you have to make alliance with the right party that’s gonna win and that which is respectful to ALL ZAMBIANS. If the party that is holding the “floor”right now is shaking to the extent of begging for alliance, think twice or it will be sinking sad.

    • I wonder what Mumbi Phiri meant by this, “when I go to my place in Muchinga, I normally tell them that they should not wait for our colleagues that may be Mary Phiri has gone to vote in Msanzala and we are just seated, we are going to cry. You have heard what is happening – us Bembas and those from Chipata are accused of being tribalists, when we are moved from power, do you think we are going to stay? Open your eyes, we have eyes, we see but we don’t see clearly, we have ears we hear, but we don’t hear clearly, we are asking that we should listen properly),” said Mumbi – Source from The Post

      Is this the reason we are seeing MMD and PF joining hands?

    • This year’s elections will be very interesting indeed. DF and Rainbow hope to cut away a chunk of supporters from PF mainly in the CB, Northern and Luapula. Reality on the ground is totally unsupportive of joining either of them, but streaming ahead to be part of UPND the only party with sound policies and honest leaders.

      UPND has 97% votes from Western, Southern , Northwestern, and Central provinces and 70% votes from Lusaka province guaranteed. So it only needs to get an average of at least 35% from PF and MMD stronghold to win decisively.

      Without rigging UPND has a chance of winning by more than 65% of the votes on the conservative side of things.

      So people don’t just imagine a better Zambia, make it a reality by voting UPND this August and make yourself, your family proud…

    • @mbala man
      The last thing on RB’s thieving mind is caring about Zambia. All his thoughts are about how to continue staying outside of prison walls. Promoting Lungu or some other thug for president is one strategy he is using to achieve that. I don’t know where you were at the time RB was president when he conspired with his kids to strip Zambia of its wealth. Had he been allowed to continue Zambia by now would have been reduced to a shell, skeleton, completely stripped of its money. But I am positive that soon after August when the thugs show us their backs exiting power things will get better.

  2. YES Your excellency we shall give you the vote in Eastern province, but surely what is your mobile phone number? How do you exchange SMS with MUMBA, is it lack of TALK TIME? JUST summon him to state house infact pass through that crooked brother of his COSMUS MUMBA, to bribe him

    • Sure, the whole Presido Texting as if NO AIRTIME?? Sure why not invite Mumba to State house – ifya mu bu finsolo – coming to light now!! Mumba simply made to look the puppy dog GOING ALONG WITH CHAGWA’S command!!!

    • Lungu is a thoroughly “takataka” President. He is roping in Mumba who got less votes than Nawakwi, even less than spoiled votes, a year ago. Corruption by RB and MMD brought Sata and PF into power in 2011. When did MMD launder themselves into being a credible party? PF have all the evidence of grand corruption by MMD but retaining power is everything for Lungu. We have the two most corrupt parties in the history of Zambia coming together. This is a Jemason drinking and dancing cancer calling itself President.

  3. Munjeleleko ba Zambia Munjeleleko

    Twalya again,,,,,,

    HH overpromising
    HH Pathetic liar

    2016 VOTE (PF) EDGAR


    • @ katondo boys

      Do you see what your obsession with HH has done.
      Now you have reached stage where instead of
      PF overpromising
      PF Pathetic liar
      you are typing HH?!?
      Thank you for keeping HH name alive and relevant!!!

    • @katondo boys aka Manweli Mwamba, after supporting Lungu he never even gave you a cabinet position. Not even adopted for Kasanda.

      What happened?

  4. Now the Party that PF kicked out of Government in 2011 because of MASSIVE CORRUPTION is joining the PF party in Government that has been even MORE CORRUPT since they were elected!

    With a worthless Kwacha and a COLLAPSED ECONOMY can Zambia survive a DOUBLE DOSE of plunder, looting and stealing? PF has already borrowed TEN BILLION DOLLARS that has disappeared and will have to be repaid by the poor Zambian taxpayers.

    With copper prices down and miners jobless, where is this money going to come from?

    Maybe Lungu will start selling Zambians as slaves again, or just sell the whole country to the IMF.

    After only 50 years our Independence has been stolen from us by these criminals!

    • The same mmd crooks which were kicked out by Pf are also in Upnd. Gbm William Banda nalumango lupando name them. They have hijacked Upnd before it even forms govt what more. Unless you are saying HH will appoint tongas in his cabinet who are its majority and founder members.

  5. There’s a pungent smell of fear in the thug party, and panic. Ati Sampa isn’t a factor but they are spending sleepless nights over his dumping them. Shame. Appealing to rejects and criminals for help won’t work. MMD is dead. If Lungu is wise he should throw in the towel already and quit to avoid a humiliating defeat by HH. Bemba adage says ‘ukwali nsoke takwafwile bantu’.

  6. It will be a shameful for Mumba to accept this nonsense approach as it will ruin his political fortune in the future elections,Lungu is loosing this election dear Mumba,plz for the sake of peace,reconciliation ,economic healing, refuse to be used by President Lungu and his pf otherwise u’re finished politically

  7. All the ideals Sata (PF) stood for have been turned upside-down. PF-MMD?? What do they have in common? Who will serious listen to MMD now, because they have sold their soul to PF. What does MMD believe in and stand for in politics? It will be pointless to call themselves opposition party anymore.

  8. After the brutality Nevers and MMD have received from PF and its police, Nevers can still go to bed with PF? Then I don’t feel sympathy for him anymore, in fact the police should have gone to tear-gas him at his house!

  9. Ba PF, did you honestly think you’d get away with making RB weep in 2011? Just watch as the rupianization of PF takes shape. PF MPs will be replaced by MMD members in parliament, and I ain’t complaining becoz Zambia was actually better under MMD, so it’s good riddance to the tribal clique. Ba Nevers is just a pawn in a game that is out of his depth! Viva RB the kingmaker


  11. De ja vu..once again Mumba auctions his party in exchange for vce presidency. This time its the once mighty MMD, which remains a shell of its former self. Meanwhile staunch MMD members (Mutatis, pandes etc) still plan a hostile takeover to salvage whats left of this once mighty force before man of god totaly annihilates it by selling it to PF.

    Panic also grips the ruling party with the establishment of a break away fraction lead by young and ambitious Miles Sampa who threatens to bite off a huge chunk from their traditional strongholds.

    It is seemingly plain sailing for the largest opposition party but they still face an uphill battle trying to counter the negative PF propaganda which is taking its focus away from consolidating its base.

    Grab your popcorn people we are in for…

  12. There are no principles to talk about in Zambian politics. Good move ECL. Work with Nevers because he is reasonable and focused. Further you have one thingin common. Both of you survived political extinction at the hands of powerful political ‘foes’

  13. Interesting let’s see how mature Nevers Mumba is, politically that is in case I am misquoted. Now the thugs are admitting they can’t win on their own. Cadres on site’s like LT are still in denial. A question for all you thugs, sorry cadres is this Sata’s.vision, to marry MMD.

    • ECL is not saying he cant win the election, he can win and will win but what he doesn’t want is waste tax payers money by having a second round in case he does not get the 50% +1 vote passed in the new constitution. The truth is that no one can be able to get that threshold in the first round if there are no pacts. The other point is that MMD became divided when RB supported PF while some of the MMD MPs supported either UPND, PF or MMD. so ECL wants to avoid that division by bringing Nevers and RB together to support him for the presidency so that he can win in the first round!!!


    • Iwe Mwanalunga, you are truly not a politician, just like most HH supporters. MMD despite losing elections to PF in 2011 had votes except they had less than PF. To date there are people who are still members of MMD and who still believe that MMD can still make a political come back. These are the voters that His Excellency the president wants to tap in.
      If let’s assume HH still continues being stubborn, think and believe that his UPND can attain the 50% +1 votes in the coming elections on its own, then he is disillusioned as even Madam Edith Nawakwi will soon be power brokering. The Zambian elections will never be the same again, even the insults some parties trade and hip on other parties will backfire.

  15. Nevers Mumba and MMD better join UPND in the alliance. Nevers Mumba with all the brutality and humiliation he has gone through under PF since 2011, the man has even some energy talking about alliance with PF. This shows that Nevers is not principled.

    • Old your fire. The man has not said he will join PF. UPND cadres when MMD and Muba go into an alliance with PF he is finished but with UPND he is fine. MMD members were a factor in last year’s election and they will be in this years. Talk to MMD nicely

  16. Mwifikosha ba MMD… Take this issue iteligently and quickly so that tutampeko campaign. Nga mwaikala tekutampa ama dandaulo ati Nevers is selling the party iy o. Mwaumfwa. Join the winning team.

    • Pungwa, ask ECL he will tell you that this HH is unstoppable. He has to try his best to show a man’s face otherwise Esther will desert him

    • Keni, I cannot understand why you UPND guys never learn. HH and UPND has never changed and is still a regional party. Even HH gets 100% in SP, HH will never win in 2016. HH is unstoppable towards self destruction after failure. ECL is smarter politically than HH. You were thinking on the same lines even in the last election. You underrated ECL and he defated you. He will do it again because you guys are still trying to win via SP. It will not work. Try rebranding UPND.

  17. I sense a “YES”. However, it is good to note that Nervers Mumba does not have control of MMD. It is a tricky position because this would mean working together in a run-off election. In the first round, it will be beneficial for the PF and MMD to run independently. UPND can also make use of Nawakwi in a similar manner.

    • Vordemort, UPND don’t believe in partnerships, they will win on their own, they say! It is simply power brockering and the games start now and if you don’t realise then you are a political novice.

  18. Lets say PF and MMD form an alliance, and Nevers is the running mate. This wud mean that MMD is back in power provided their alliance wins the general elections in august. A political coup is taking place in PF and soon the likes of maxwell mwale and other RB clique will be appointed ministers. I thot u guys did not like MMD now its MMD reincarnation all over again. Pliz vote WISELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Prospects of dancing at this year’s Annual Balls fast dwindling due to diminishing people power. You chased away own PF staunch members who would have boosted your chances without having to look for an alliance. Now you’ve launched, “grab an MMD” to survive as advised by RB. The same RB/MMD, PF worked tirelessly to remove. Zambians deserve better than this. Its time for a total overhaul of entire Political and Economy landscape, we need a game changer this time.

  20. The smile on Cozmo Mumba’s face stinks! And why do these Mumbas have such funny names, was their face stoned on something when he was naming them?

  21. But was it not this same Nevers who polled 3,500 votes in the last bye election? I wonder what benefit he will bring to the table because from all we know, RB took the bulk of the party with him to Chagwa!

  22. HH refused an alliance with PF, look what happened to them. Mumba even if you are not the running mate think of the bigger picture i.e. Defence Minister or Minister of Finance plus some of your members as nominated MPS / Diplomats / PS. Again I say think.

  23. Both Mrs Mumba and Chagwa need to wear braces, “bing’amba byateni mane neba meeno a Siyanga siinda mashela mukulu ku milalelo ki mwana! You kiss that Mrs Mumba would be the day you lose your whole tongue!

    • Your comment is made ‘irrelevant’ by the fact that her husband still has his tongue in his mouth, or can’t you see it when he is talking?

  24. Lets see the January 2015 results again:
    Edgar LUNGU PF – 807,925 (PF plus MMD)
    Hakainde HICHILEMA UPND – 780,168
    Total Votes Rejected – 17,313 (I suppose mostly UPND)
    Edith NAWAKWI FDD – 15,321
    Nevers MUMBA MMD – 14,609
    Tilyenji KAUNDA UNIP – 9,737
    Eric CHANDA 4R – 8,054
    Elias CHIPIMO NAREP – 6,002
    Godfrey MIYANDA HERITAGE – 5,757
    Daniel PULE CDP – 3,293
    Ludwig SONDASHI FDA – 2,073
    Peter SINKAMBA GREENS – 1,410

    Its okay, PF can take MMD. Both MMD and FDD should stop talking large. Even rejected votes beat them both! These elections are for HH and team.

    • Lets revise these results by including Miles’ DF and Rainbow:
      Hakainde HICHILEMA UPND – 780,168 + 10,000 (from previously rejected) + 500,000 (new voters) = 1,290,168
      Edgar LUNGU PF – 807,925 [(PF plus MMD) + 100,000 (new voters)] – (DF[350,000] + Rainbow[200,000]) = 357,925
      Miles Sampa’s DF – 350,000
      Rainbow – 200,000
      Total Votes Rejected – 7,313
      Edith NAWAKWI FDD – 5,321
      Nevers MUMBA MMD – 4,609

  25. HH and UPND are going to be treated to the Mapatizya formular. They created it and it will this year be used against them. HH and UPND will be buried for good, like or not. It does not matter HH and UPND getting 100% votes in Southern province. This time, PF is applying a strategy that will shock HH, UPND and teach them a lesson for being regional oriented.

  26. UPND, why should you waste your time questioning the credibility of the PF and MMD alliance? 50%+1 clause involves politics of convience, not conviction. They will take their alliance a notch higher and rush for the smaller parties as you, UPND, stick with your ego to run it singlehandedly. Politics of winner-take-all do not apply here. The earlier you woe your like-minded partners and hit the ground running, the better. Everything else is null and void, an exercise in futility.

    • you will cry again muntu wandi let them merge pantu tafyakawame check gbm is now quiet over the grade twelve certificate

    • it is a good move he has made it is upto nawakwi and hh to gang up otherwise if they feel they cannot merge coz gbm dr banda am telling you they are burried let him be bold enough to make a good decision otherwise pf ilewina come rain come sunshine

  27. Dr. Mumba ‘Akanani kantu kali pa bwali’. Take the offer for your party to have a recognition in the August, 2016 elections. No matter what if you fail to accept that offer neither MMD nor PF will form government. Think beyond your party lines. Do not be like one leader of the opposition political party who wants every time to be president even if he knows he cannot make it!

  28. social media is very good at this we are waiting ba Lt allow me to post my voters card on this to see how many are going to vote this august coz talking without voters cards seems as though one has won already,alimwi talamba kuti bakaba baka bwalala bangwenjele

  29. Those who are condemning Lungu for courting MMD to win elections should stop and understand that as president he has a duty to keep his party in power! Even HH was courting MMD for Jan 2015 by-election it is just that things did not work well. How come you fail to mention the fact that Mutati, Lungwangwa,Musokotwane,Muchima,Katele who supported and campaigned for HH in Jan 2015 were also MMD(the same MMD that Lungu is courting). Lungu is just being transparent on this! HH could also be doing the same thing albeit quietly. In fact HH started courting MMD immediately after the alliance with PF broke down.After August 11 as the winner may emerge with a big majority, and that is what Lungu is targeting not pride based on past records that did not deliver victory!

  30. No comment, the President of PF has stated that he has approached his counterpart in MMD to an alliance. Let’s see how it pans out, it’s a waste of time and space to be speculating like uPMD cadres.
    But then you can understand uPMD frustrations, they did announce their desire for an opposition alliance and effectively got a snub in return. Tell HH to approach other party leaders using sms like Edgar has done……kikikikiki.
    When uPMD called for an opposition alliance, didn’t I advise uPMD cadres that it would be a non-starter because no one would like to work with them (except Mr Milupi) because of the tribal tag which they have not clarified since 2005 almost 11 years now. I also advised them that PF and MMD are a more natural fit as an alliance because PF is an off shoot of MMD,…

  31. kikikikikikiki haleisa haleisa…..
    mwapya ba PF HH will be the new president…
    if you are a well loving zambian and you wish the best for his country vote for His excellency HH not this old group of criminals regrouping in the name of alliance…make the mistake of voting for them and see the country completely fall…
    ine teti nangu nimpena tekuti iyo…
    viva Hakainde Hichilema….. chawamapo ukuchila imbwalala

    • That is what you were saying even last time. Your part and your hh have no respect for elderly people. This is culturally stupid and that is why some people come wider you people to be uncultured beyond repair. The only remedy is to stop your insulting and disrespectful hh from coming to plot 1 and even in 2016 hh will be defeated. You only win at insulting .

    • I and my household as mother of 3 young adults are giving ECL and PF our vote. I’m not taking chances with this politically untested HH. So call me mad but I’m convinced he is not suitable because of the pomposity, regional allignment and suspicious wealth acumulation. I repeat, we are voting for ECL = 4 votes!

  32. I also advised uPMD that PF and MMD are a more natural fit as an alliance because PF is an off shoot of MMD, and they probably still drink tea together. The PF alliance with RB in January 2015 should be seen in that light, even the apparent feud in MMD was a family affair between brothers and beyond the control of uPMD. Those who have eyes should have observed the warm brotherliness between Mr Sata and RB even after the former defeated the latter for President of Zambia, and even though the mmembers of the Urinal Post tried hard to alienate the two, shamefully unsuccessful. That friendship naturally continued from Mr Sata to Edgar Lungu.

  33. Mr Kanganja said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday that he met United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema and senior party members of the opposition party to discuss their concerns over the application of the Act.
    He said the UPND should comply with the provision of the law and observe peace and order.
    “I have taken note of concerns raised by the UPND leadership and I thanked them for promoting dialogue and I encouraged them to feel free to engage the police command each time they have concerns,” he said.
    Mr Kanganja said the UPND will not be stopped from exercising its freedoms as long as the opposition party complies with the provisions of the law.
    And police have advised political parties to abide by the law and desist from premature…

  34. premature election campaigns outside the dates announced by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) ahead of the August 11 tripartite elections.you have agreed with the police and then we start seeing ba mpulamafunde stretch your hand give to those who are in need if you are that rich not ukuya mukulisha am street kinds when pipo in your home land are starving

  35. And one thing which underfive cadres and their leaders need to learn is that the January 2015 alliance between RB’s MMD and Edgar’s PF did not result in RB becoming the Vice President of PF. Their interests are not so narrow as in uPMD where GBM had to be made vice president in order to win his support. Remember that the planned alliance between PF and uPMD failed because uPMD wanted their leader to be the president of the alliance. Anything else was not possible because of the unwritten rule in uPMD about who can be leader of uPMD (and any alliance with them).

  36. The problem with some opposition political leaders is that they are too pompous and they think they can do it alone which is not the case this time! Come 11th August, 2016 will send their party into distinction.

  37. @ kwa george, MMD is MMD, there is nothing like RB’s MMD or Mumba’s MMD, those are non-existent differentiations seen from the half blind eyes of blind uPMD. Take it from me, PF is an off shoot of MMD, and there is more likelihood for the two to forge an alliance between them. All those MMD members who seemed to support uPMD in January 2015 are much wiser now and will no longer be available to uPMD. In short the political ground has shifted, especially after edagr has proved himself to be a man of steel after inheriting so many problems and agreeing to face them squarely. Some underfives would probably be crying to their mums. Want a hard tested and proven leader? You got it, Edgar is there!

  38. HH you have lost again and you will lose again. There is no job on training in plot one. if teachers can stop employing untrained teachers how do we?

  39. I would not meet Mr Sata to dialogue with him national issues or peace in the nation because I know that he can call for my arrest before we finish the meeting as I can tell him the truth that might injure his feelings,”.

    “The best I can do if I want to dialogue with him is to write to him and not meeting him in person, never, I have been writing to him and responses have been given, I shall continue doing that meeting him will lead to my arrest,” said Mr Hakainde.this is what has made him to fail in the current political scenario coz he never wanted to get blessings from the elders nowonder why he is a failed politician

  40. I would have thought MMD no longer have a single well, let alone a spring, out of which to draw water from. Am I wrong? Which geographical areas do they, at least, still have a resemblance of a footing? Which are their strongholds?

    • @Mei Matungu
      We already have the 50% vote as things stand at the moment.So we only need the dreaded +1 so as to avoid a runoff…This years elections will be very interesting. One Zambia One Nation…May the best candidate with the best running mate win

      2016 Vote (PF) Edgar

      I thank you

  41. The 50 percent plus 1 is here and it is the high time Zambian political parties came to grips with this reality. It does not make sense therefore for parties such as MMD, FDD, Heritage, Narep, APC, Mulongotis party ( I am afraid I do not know its title), Rainbow, the newly formed DF, Sondashi’s, Magande’s etc should go it alone. They will never make it. And it will also not do for everyone of these leaders wanting all to be running mates. For PF, I hope whichever parties they go along with, leaders from those parties will not hold at ransom with this “ I am running mate or nothing”. The news therefore that PF is talking with MMD to go together is good news indeed. And we all hope Nevers will not demand to be running mate or nothing. We hear that’s how the RB candidature in the last…

  42. @ it’s not a laughing matter

    Well…one hand washes the other my dear friend…if it’s all done in good faith and Dr Mumba is willing to work with PF and help Zambia..i think it won’t be a bad idea if he is the running mate for Edgar…I guess people thought the 50 plus 1 was a joke….but now we all know that Zambian politics will never be the same again…
    PF+MMD+FDD= 50 plus 1 no doubt……or PF+Rupiah MMD and Nevers MMD= 50 plus 1 no doubt.

    Real drama will unfold once the running mates have been chosen

    2016 vote(PF) Edgar

    I thank you

  43. Comment:my fellow zambians do not boast about 2morrow. Let us not sell our country to cruel people instead let’s pray 4 our leaders whom the Lord has given us. God protect our great nation! Amen

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