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Miles Sampa is a political mosquito without any following-Kambwili

Headlines Miles Sampa is a political mosquito without any following-Kambwili

Kambwili addressing Mporokoso residents
Kambwili addressing Mporokoso residents

MILES Sampa is a hired gun and a political nonentity whose only mission is to split votes and undermine Patriotic Front’s ability to win an outright victory in the forthcoming Presidential and general elections, says Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili.

Mr. Kambwili said Mr. Sampa was an opportunist who was being sponsored enemies of PF to destabilise the party but would not manage to sway people from the ruling party.

“Miles Sampa is a political mosquito that never had any influence,” he said

He said it was wrong for Mr. Sampa to continue misleading people that he was a founder member of the PF because he only joined the party in 2006 after seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, adding that if he was a political heavyweight, PF founder Michael Sata would have given him a full ministerial position.

“He is claiming that he was a founder member of PF but we were only five when we formed the party with Mr. Sata. The first members of the party were students from the Copperbelt University and I was the first Copperbelt provincial chairman.

“At that time, Mr. Sampa was just an employee at Finance Bank and only joined in 2006. How can he claim he is a founder member? What has he done for the PF?”

He said Mr. Sampa had come to the end of his political career just like the other PF prodigal son Mr. Kabimba because he had no following.

“When Kabimba left PF, he thought he was going to finish PF. Where is he today? He has now ganged up with the Post newspaper and funded Mr. Sampa to form a party to deplete the PF but Mr. Sampa has just come to the end of his political career just like Mr. Kabimba.

“Mr. Sata only gave Mr. Sampa the position of deputy minister because he knew that he is an under-five. He is a political nonentity; a political mosquito without any following; a political lightweight without a following and that is why he failed to launch his party in his constituency and opted to go to the Copperbelt,” he said.

Kambwili addressing Mporokoso residents
Kambwili addressing Mporokoso residents

Kambwili addressing Mporokoso residents
Kambwili addressing Mporokoso residents

Kambwili addressing Mporokoso residents
Kambwili addressing Mporokoso residents

Kambwili addressing Mporokoso residents
Kambwili addressing Mporokoso residents


  1. Ever tried to ignore those buzzing critters? Impossible. Darn things know exactly how to swoop in and keep you flapping your arms about looking as graceless as an overweight hippo as you swat and swat. Then splat. You think you got it. Not too long after you are shivering and shaking, then boiling then ranting about politics and how annoying those little buzzed are and then…I got lost. Sorry Dishonorable. Tell us more about catching malaria by ignoring buzzes…

    • This explains why we are where we are in Zambia – in the doldrums of backwardness and mediocrity

      The quality of leaders is just appalling – Kambwili and Lungu

      Meanwhile Aleisa HH

    • A political mosquito??? Interesting analogy…. Except that mosquitoes cause death!!! In this case, the political mosquito could just mean political death for Kambwili……

    • Is Kashima Chimbwili’s wife a nurse?
      Can she administer an enema on her husband?
      I will forever be indebted to her.

    • @Chils
      Good point but we just have to with what we have now. ..Lungu is not the best but he is way better than Hakainde Hichilema….

      2016 vote (PF ) Edgar

      I thank you

    • Truth be told, Lungu is very politically savvy. Did you see how he handled the treacherous Guy Scot to ultimately get the PF presidency. Mr Sata knew exactly what he was doing when he left him in charge. If he can dribble a political heavy weight like Guy Scot, what about these Orange losers! He may be a drunkard who even though staggering, will finish a fight standing!

    • Why are some politicians like this? Is this not Sampa who actually in a formal voting at PF adhoc convention in Kabwe? Kambwili even lost to him and the man would have been PF president had it not been for pangas and legal gynastics at the time played on him. In any case the defense against a mosquito makes a mosquito net manufacturing company rich because its battles are real. It kills more people per year than a lion and snakes do.


    • @The Real Olivia Pope

      Using weapons to get votes is not political savvy. He is a dangerous lunatic not to be trusted. Have you forgotten already that his thugs waved pangas and scared away other contestants?! He is simply a hooligan without any morals.

    • Being Bemba must be a disease! How come these people cannot comment against other people or each other in a civil, respectful manner? Instead we get incredible insults, dissing and extreme arrogance. Bembas stand for chaos and lawlessness. It is not funny anymore.

    • Kambwili has diabetes, he rants when his insulin levels are low. This man eats a whole chicken every day for lunch, how can his head be clear?

    • Come on Kambwili, don’t lie? You can not compare qualities of Miles to yourself? You are so Emotional on anything. don’t understand your leadership qualities if any.

      As PF you are so desperate, sleepless as you know that Miles will pull out more supports from your Party. PF have no manners you brought back MMD therefore you will Lose because Zambians hate MMD.

      Being that both MMD and PF are a batch of Thieves. we will make sure you go. Start packing bwana. time will come soon.

  2. Miles Sampa belongs to the political dustin history of Zambia and no one will ever even know he existed on the political scene. Let him ask Wynter Kabimba and HH what happens when someone overrates himself.
    11 August 2016 is on six months away, the boy will know who the real men are.

    • ufo,
      i think choice of words by our ministers is appalling to say the list.
      ministers are suppose to be role models to look up to.
      by the way, i thought a mosquito is very dangerous.
      in fact there is an advert on telly that “mosquitoes kill, kill mosquitoes”.

    • “Any formal attack on ignorance is bound to fail because the masses are always ready to defend their most precious possession – their ignorance.”
      ? Hendrik Willem van Loon

  3. Sampa is not only what he has been described, but a frustrated young fellow with no following, just check where they launched their alliance they used Chipimo’s secretarial premises. The President of Zambia Mr Edgar Lungu did well to ignore this boy….even his speech on issues , it is incoherent not inspiring….

  4. In this rare occasion, I concur with Kambwili,This prodigal son has done a grave political miscalculation. Just evaluate his latest henchmen in the name of alliance. What has he reduced himself to? Reconsider your stand son, east or west, home is best.

  5. This is probably the first time I see some sort of sense in Kambwili’s remarks. Sampa is truely over rating himself. He should just stick to chasing skirts in Lusaka. I find him very childish.

    • Not that I find him politically mature, but the thing with Zambian politics is that if you make enough noise, long enough…. people may just begin to take you seriously. If I’m not mistaken, that’s what happened with Michael Sata. He made enough noise, long enough…. and people began to take him seriously. Was he a shrewd politician? Not in my book. Was he presidential material??? Again, not in my book. But he spoke, made noise…. until people began to listen to him. I don’t think Miles Sampa thinks he will win this year. I think he is just announcing his presence….

  6. Mosquitoes are very dangerous, they cause deadly diseases like Malaria, dengue fever and most recently Zika virus. So, in the words of Kambwili, this mosquito Sampa has deadly poison to wipe out the entire PF

  7. Mr minister, his Excellency ECL will need 50+1% in august and +1 can be or could have been Sampa. august may seem to be near but anything can happen before then and what if your pact with MMD fail to materialize, were will you get your votes? wont you need these MOSQUITOES? when pf won in 2011 it was because of the input of many people and dont offend those many people you may need them soon. How do you call a voter a mosquito baba minister? Be sober sir!

  8. When people say PF is a malicious and evil party this is one evidence from kambwili. Did you hear the murderous venom in his ranting? Is there any need to call any one abandoning the satanic party all those ugly names? He gave valid reasons for dumping PF.

  9. Zambians we just got issues, when someone stops supporting your ideals ati wafeki.
    Let him exercise his freedom to do what he pleases to do, its his life.
    Just encourage him so he can be whatever he wants to be by wishing him well.
    Imwee akanono fye ati iyo #PHD syndrome

    And please we should learn to handle negative outcomes, umuntu aku kana ati “atase aftalo tauwli musuma ata”.

    #zambian politcians all under 5 mentality.

  10. Ugly crocodile. ..Kambwili. the level of hatred for Kambwili is hated beyond where Kabimba was hated. Besides he is an ugly croc.

  11. My understanding is that you are on a country wide tour to explain about the constitution and development projects of PF.nnow you start talking about your so called mosquito.Sampa has really unnerved you.he is causing you headaches.and those of you who think Sampa is a political lightweight are in for a rude shock,just sit and relax and watch the developments.Ba PF you have a lot of work to do,don’t lose focus,things are not looking good for you at all.

  12. What ever happened to thanking colleagues and wishing them the best of luck in their prospective challenges …when are these empty tins going to grow up and set an example to our children.
    Why do you publish these people LT?

  13. Kambwili please use your brains, just try even now just one mosquitoe in your net then give us the answer in your next speech .Lern to choose words to use.

  14. I dont agree with the language used by the minister but on splitting the PF’s votes I give him 100% spot on. This man will do more damage to PF than any other party. Just watch the space after dissolving of parliament.

    • Yes Sampa will split PF votes. That is why if Lungu was as sharp as pipo say he is, he wud have seen that and worked with Sampa. Chiluba was right – politics is a game of numbers! I can assure you that Copperbelt will be split with UPND! And then Sampa reduces your numbers further! Mukose ba PF!
      Meanwhile Parliament is yet to be dissolved! How many MP’s will abandon ubwato? Kaya.

  15. Sampa, why did you dine and wine with PF to the last sip if you have genuinely valid reasons to quit? Why hadn’t you raised the alarm earlier? This is reminiscent of your power struggle with Lungu in December 2014. Now that you have acquired presidential candidature in a cheap briefcase alliance, lets see how far you can go. PF and UPND are the parties to watch. Your alliance cannot even earn itself conditional power bargaining standards. You had a bright future now have opted to seek the presidency the hard way. Get going.

  16. Hon Kambwili, that’s what Democracy means splitting the votes, weakening the opponent in order to win. We are praying for you all. Remember we only have one Zambia to protect and cherish. Let the best carry the day

  17. Ifyo fyenu fye. Meanwhile cheam Egad aka ECL will ignore ya rants. Ifintufye ni Lungu mwe! If you don’t like it …. Well go hang. PF will edge all of ya political egos. Losers!

    Team Edgar.
    The Edgars.

  18. Miles Sampa wont manage to split PF’s votes as he is not know across Zambia.if Wynter Kabimba and his friend Fred M’membe have failed to destroy PF since 2015,what of this small boy Sampa?RECALL KABIMBA WAS TOO BIG IN SATA’S PF AND HAS FAILED.WITH THE COMING UP OF PF/MMD ALLIANCE,I CANNOT SEE ANYBODY DEFEATING MIGHTY PF IN 2016!!

  19. …as tiny as the mosquito may look, it has managed to confuse and conquer humans…humans who have been to the moon and back….recently the mosquito says…. im not done with you(humans)yet…now zika virus appears…..and the fight is on…same can be expected with a political mosquito…all Kabwili neds is to take care of its breeding grounds…let him tell us what Sampa failed the PF when he was still on board/boat…than just trashing him off…

  20. “Following the herd is a sure way to mediocrity” so says a famous quote bwana Kambwili so lets teach our Zambian kids to be daring and different.

    Its perfectly ok for Miles Sampa to have no following bcuz pioneers ,innovators and trendsetters always walk alone to create a path where there was none then comes great success+ following.

  21. Ba Kambwili is a coward. I remember how he cried when he was locked up in Luanshya police cells by the MMD. He had to be rushed to hospital with high blood pressure. Now he is jumping up and down in a rugby shirt deluding himself that he is fit and tough – every dog has its day!

  22. instead of listerning to kambwili beyond words u start attacking him….remember hes stil information minister and chief govt spokes person wether u hate him or not….hes spoken sense and for sure even u and me knw that Miles political calculation is a very wrong move esp by making this so called orange alliance…….surely people this tribal alliance can not withstand with PF not even with UPND……..this is political miscalculation….i was listerning to the man to me it sounds he doesnt even knw if he has left pf or is stil a PF member……..ANYHOW ITS ECL @ PLOT 1 TILL 2021

    • The quality of our government spokesman is very low indeed compared to any country I know in this world. I wonder what it is that makes some of our compatriots supportive of such vulgar talk. Is it ignorance or sickness of some sort???

  23. Zika virus caused by mosquito is here and the effects are bad. Small head leading to a very minute brain…take a closer look at the Hon. Spokes person looks like he fits the description~he is the first known victim of ‘Zika Sampa’.

  24. Zika virus caused by mosquito is here and the effects are bad. Small head leading to a very minute brain…take a closer look at the Hon. Spokes person looks like he fits the description~he is the first known Zambian victim of ‘Zika Sampa’.

  25. Tell HH to come and apologies to the copperbelt people not to membe .
    The mine you sold the ghost of those people who are dying they follow you HH. We will never forgive you.

  26. #muzo
    keep hanging to your delusions. if yourself sees ghosts, it is not everyone who sees them. you could be mental.

    • HH has lead Zambia into all these miseries. He failed to forcast the future economic situation of the world propery that he under valued the national assets during the privatisation policy of Chiluba. This was all bkoz of his selfishness, instead of doing things for the nation, he did to save his own interest, yet he wants to be trusted and accuse Lungu for the current economic instability. HH cannot be trusted, trust me, he has led Zambia into one misery, now he will lead u into chewing one another. The truth is that our country depends on taxpayer’s money, we do not export any commodity save for electricity to three or two countries where we raise a bit of frex. Everything that Kaunda fought for was sold, we are not producers but consumers. This all bkoz of HH and yet u are busy saying…

  27. There is a problem in this analysis by Mr Kambwili, which suggests a lack of understanding of his own party’s history. PF came out of Mr Sata’s frustration with MMD leadership. He was called a tribalist and a person unfit to be President, which was supported by KK at the time. Mr Sata was over fifty when he formed PF with Guy Scott. Mr Sampa is much younger and has formed his party at a time when people are reflecting on where our country goes, after seeing many things suggesting a lack of credibility in the PF leadership in terms of democratic governance and calibre of leadership. There are issues of the constitution and a lack of direction. We want new blood and stronger, better educated and focused politicians, not tainted by political chicanery.

  28. ‘Miles, put more heat on PF. If he was a none entity why are you calling him all sorts of names? Whether you like it or not, PF is going and Kambwili will have to account for his corruption

  29. Eyiwe Kabwili? But how can somebody without any following split votes kanshi Kabwili. So you are indirectly acknowledging one Miles is giving you sleepless nights. Koseni bane. iliko bad Iya mu 2016.

  30. Eyiwe Kabwili? But how can somebody without any following split votes kanshi Kabwili. So you are indirectly acknowledging one Miles is giving you sleepless nights. Koseni bane. iliko bad Iya mu 2016..

  31. Nkhani ya ma politics in africa niyovuta.it will take a coulple of millions of years to stop insulting each other. Well, nimapolitics ya mu africa, ndiye mwamene yalili esp mu zambia. Yosadabwa!!!

  32. Kambwili’s choice of language is annoying! If leaders can speak about others being nonentities and political mosquitoes what will others say? Hence the unruliness of cadres who gave no respect for the rest of the public. The sight of cadres hanging out through minibuses truly breaks the hearts of law abiding citizens. Driving at speeds, on the wrong side of the road, ignoring other road users. Shouting at women, “I we china mayo sesha motor car”, is totally unnecessary. One person can stop this and it is EL.

  33. Mukose ba UPND, aleisa aleisa, akapitilila pa plot 01 nafuti. EL for better Zambia, we don’t want politics of interest like HH and Sampa. HH withdrew himself from the pact with Sata bkoz he knew he can’t wait save his interests in state house, Sampa too bkoz he was to save the interests of his friends bena m’embe and kabimba, he is desperate of becoming a recognised figure in politics. Tefyo iya ma muntu. PF till 2021.

  34. Mr Kambwili since you have never read you picked the wrong example. Have you ever heard of Simon Kapwepwe? He explained how Africa was saved from the genocide of the Europeans by the mosquito. The Europeans failed to invade africa like they invaded America to kill the red indians because here the mosquito killed them. YES the mosquito will defend our race

  35. Mr kambwili why always talking about miles sampa leave him he has his own vision.It`s like you fear him a lot and is much better than you.He can even be a president for this country than yourself.You talk to much we all know you, last time you said a lot about Dora siliya when she joined PF now it`s sampa who is in your mouth.If you don`t know you a bullfrog.A large frog which makes a very loud noise.You never be a president of this country i think you are in a wrong career.You are suppose to be a football commentator or dump spotter to give signals to operators of dump trucks in an open pit mine area.I don`t know how your wife manages you.you are in a wrong career or just go at at inter city to be a chola man.

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