Wednesday, April 17, 2024

President Edgar Lungu commends NEPAD for youth empowerment framework


President Edgar Lungu with Mr Harry Kalaba foreign affairs minister at NEPAD Summit
President Edgar Lungu with Mr Harry Kalaba foreign affairs minister at NEPAD Summit

President Edgar Lungu has commended NEPAD agency for coming up with a concept note on the African continental framework on youth empowerment.

Delivering a NEPAD international statement in Addis Ababa today during a closed door meeting on the occasion of the 26th ordinary session of the assembly of the African Union (AU), President Lungu said Zambia has no doubt that the implementation of the concept note on the African continental framework on youth empowerment, will greatly contribute to the full utilisation of the capacities of the youth for Africa’s desired transformation.

President Lungu said now that the African Union member states have embarked on the first ten-year implementation plan of agenda 2063, which he said is transformative in nature, the need for comprehensive solutions that are innovative and designed for the transformational sectors of the continent cannot be over emphasised.

He said it was from this backdrop that his delegation from Zambia was urging the NEPAD coordination agency to scale up the putting in place of comprehensive solutions that are designed and made operational in order to contribute to the transformation of the African Continent.

President Lungu added that his delegation is cognisant of the fact that coordination during the implementation plan of the agenda 2063 will be key in realising the dream for “Africa we want”.

He said going forward, the coordination role of NEPAD was very cardinal in achieving the objectives of the agenda 2063 and its first ten-year implementation plan adding that this places a mammoth task for NEPAD than never before to coordinate a cluster of solutions around Africa’s transformational sectors that will result in spurring job creation for the continent’s citizens and in particular for the youth.

The delegation of President Lungu includes Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba, Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula, Gender Minister Nkandu Luo and Zambia’s permanent representative to the AU Susan Sikaneta.

Speaking earlier during an open meeting of NEPAD, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe condemned the continuous risky journeys of the young people from Africa crossing dangerous waters to seek good life in Europe.

President Mugabe said it was wrong for the young people to continue trekking to Europe when they need to contribute to the economic development of their respective countries.

President Mugabe, who is also AU Chairperson, called on African leaders to help find a lasting solution to the increasing number of youths risking their lives by trekking to Europe through dangerous waters in search of a good life.

The 52 member countries of the AU have converged in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the 26th AU summit being held under the theme, “2016 Year of Human Rights with particular focus on the rights of the women.


  1. Puleez Ediga, no spontaneous dancing like what you did in a church recently with mumbi phiri to the surprise of everyone else.

  2. Mugabe should never be allowed to open his mouth to talk young people leaving Africa for Europe in search of a better life. Mugabe has coldbloodedly destroyed what was once a very strong economy. He alone is responsible for scattering over four million Zimbabweans into economic exile abroad.

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