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North-Western and Western Province will be developed – Inonge Wina

Economy North-Western and Western Province will be developed – Inonge Wina

Inonge Wina
Inonge Wina

GOVERNMENT is determined to deliver the much-needed development to North-Western and Western provinces, Acting President Inonge Wina has said.

Mrs Wina said it is sad that for a long time the people of North-Western and Western provinces have been cheated by the opposition that there is no development that the Patriotic Front (PF) government can implement in the two provinces.

Mrs Wina said contrary to such claims, the PF government is determined to develop the two provinces.

“For a long time, this province as well as Western Province have been cheated by the opposition that there is no development that PF will bring to your areas. This is a fallacy,” Mrs Wina said when she addressed residents of Kyafukuma in Solwezi on Friday.

She said the infrastructure in the country was terribly run down and Government is working hard to improve it country-wide.

“To repair houses, to repair classrooms, to build new roads, to sink new boreholes will take time. It is not a one-day affair,” Mrs Wina said.

The acting President also called on the people of North-Western Province to maintain peace and unity as the country heads to the polls in August this year to avoid scaring away investors such as the mining companies who are operating in the province because of the peace prevailing in the country.

She also urged traditional leaders to help bring politicians together to avoid political differences and preserve the peace the country is enjoying.

Mrs Wina advised people of Northern, Luapula and Northern-Western provinces to take advantage of the abundant rains by venturing in agriculture to diversify the economy.

Meanwhile, Mrs Wina has called on Kansanshi Mining Company to consider building a modern school in Solwezi.

Speaking during the official opening of a Grade 10 classroom at Kyafukuma Secondary School on Friday, Mrs Wina commended Kansanshi Mining Company for supplementing Government efforts in improving education standards in the district.

She, however, challenged the mining company to build a modern school that people of Solwezi would be proud of.

“We thank our co-operating partners such as Kansanshi Mine but we would like them to partner with Government to build a school that will be a model in this area,” Mrs Wina observed.

Mrs Wina said the opening of the Grade 10 class at Kyafukuma Secondary School will enable children to access the knowledge needed to make them better citizens and contribute positively to the economic development of Zambia.


  1. Mma Wina, it’s over. We’ve moved on. No more empty promises. We the provinces bordering Angola will listen to no more lies.

    • Kikikiki…….ba opposition kuwayawayafye. They went into hidding on LT after EL beat HH only to resurface a few months before elections. We will make sure you go into oblivion come August 11th……..never to return again on LT…….six months to go.

    • Ma Wina, please do not remind us of Sata’s 90 days lies from 2011. So where is the BA64 restoration, the Mongu Disaster Stadium, and the universities? PF will get zero votes in WP because the people there have not seen any development. For the record, the Mongu-Kalabo Road was fully funded and contracted for by MMD and it was too late for Sata to stop it when he won. PF have done zilch for WP and Inonge Wina wins that.

  2. @Westners

    U just don’t want development u’r used 2 pit latrine and u allow old uneducated indunas decide yo future Lozi youths u’r so backwards and lazy alwz waiting 4 for relief wake up not umungulu

    • @ kachema 1) please stop using such a beautiful name such as kachema you are misleading people to think you have wisdom. Kachemo is a shepard check the bible on what it says about “kachemas” being leaders and sInce you unfamiliar with the bible I will freely give you psalm 23 (no charge) . 2) educate us on which province or tribe you come from where there are no pit latrines, in the rural areas of where ever you come from have you failed to build pit latrines and that forces your wonderful people to just go to the bush and use mango leaves.? 3) Its Sunday afternoon go and braiI some meat courtesy ba kachema, if you are broke send me your number and I can hook you up with some nice cuts once again for free (no charge)

  3. so what if you border with Angola. if you are so an angola fan move to Angola. Sela tubombeko. The wise woman from the west has spoken, ECL s running mate, acting president, mama Inonge Wina

    • @Punani Jackson

      Learn to read between lines. Western and Northwestern Province will develop after they have moved on, not before. Yes, they will – that is future. It’s hoped they will. And certainly they will. But not under the present system of things. That is impossible. No province can ever develop from hand-overs. Yes, the wise woman from the West has spoken. Just read in between the lines…. These two provinces are among the few that do not vote along tribal lines. It has been a bonanza for lying politicians to go there simply to harvest votes and do nothing for the two regions thereafter.

    • Ba punani you are indeed a punani. 5 years later and you are still talking about seleni, who has been blocking you., mwakangiwa ba punani, mwakangiwa. As if you are still in opposition kupusa bati. You still be chanting seleni on your exit. Denial is the most predictable of emotions when faced with trauma. Don’t worry reality has a way of kicking in.

  4. When will N/western province be developed naimwe! Look at the Chingola/Solwezi road…….you guys will be lucky to get any single vote from there!

  5. In Zambia, each president who comes steals from government coffers to develop his own province. Forget about Western and Northwestern Provinces getting their share of development. It’s those who steal whose provinces develop.

  6. mama wina we have respect for you being our mother. but what you have started is wrong. we are no longer children but but grown up pipo.
    if hh loses thru ringing then we will have no option but to join our brothers and sisters from western province to sesed from zambia chapwa.
    we are training in the bush for yo information should you try to do anything to the elections. so we are not even interested in your promises all we are waiting for is elections.

  7. It’s her bank balance that is developing getting two salaries from being both a veep and minister of national planning doing absolutely nothing. ..don’t mind this old lady!!

  8. You know be grateful North-Western and Western provinces. PF have brought so much developments to the region.

    • Patriot Abroad what should they be grateful to the PF for? It is not PF money that is being used but from government coffers.

  9. She has seen for herself that there is no development in n/w p. Pf always talks about the country enjoying massive infrastructure development. People of NWP are not seen any. Wasting all the fuel just to go and inspect a footbridge Don’t expect any votes from there madam.

  10. She has seen for herself that there is no development in n/w p. Pf always talks about the country enjoying massive infrastructure development. People of NWP are not seen any. Wasting fuel just to go and inspect a footbridge Don’t expect any votes from there madam.

  11. How much did the MMD do for NW when Levy and RB presided over the Copper boom and Levy was boasting of having created employment by bringing the mines when actually investment started much earlier under FTJ! NW has been voting for MMD and UPND!How much can PF do in 4 years when it has 10 provinces to transform? Under PF all districts in NW are being connected to the national grid and the Chingola-Solwezi road is being repaired including other roads planned in the province! All developments happening in all provinces are being done in NW as well. Do not exaggerate and blame everything on PF! It is not PF that has put NW backwards in its 4 years-in fact PF is making a difference. The Mongu-Kalabo road had stalled due to funding problems under MMD it the PF that revitalised it together with…

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