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Russian government offers military training to Zambia

General News Russian government offers military training to Zambia

President Edgar Lungu meeting with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Presidential Envoy for the Middle East and Countries of Africa Mr Mikhail Bogdanov at the African Union Summit Sideline Meeting on Sunday 31-0-2016 Addis Ababa Ethiopia- Picture by EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATEHOUSE.
President Edgar Lungu meeting with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Presidential Envoy for the Middle East and Countries of Africa Mr Mikhail Bogdanov at the African Union Summit Sideline Meeting on Sunday 31-0-2016 Addis Ababa Ethiopia- Picture by EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATEHOUSE.

THE Russian government has offered military training to Zambia and expansion of bilateral relations in other fields, President Vladimir Putin’s envoy has told President Lungu.

And President Lungu has met his Sudanese counterpart Omar Al Bashir on the margins of the 26th African Union (AU) Summit.

Speaking during a bilateral meeting with President Lungu’s delegation yesterday, Russia’s Special Presidential Envoy for the Middle East and the countries of Africa Mikhail Bogdanov said Zambia has since independence been one of Russia’s important partners.

Mr Bogdanov is impressed with Zambia’s positive development process.

He said Russia wants to deepen bilateral relations in fields of military training, trade and many other economic spheres.

Mr Bogdanov said his country will support Zambia’s fight for economic independence, just like it supported her liberation struggle.

“We are ready to develop other spheres of co-operation, including military co-operation and training of personnel,” said Mr Bogdanov, who is also deputy Foreign Minister.

In response, President Lungu said Zambia appreciates Russia’s support in many fields, and now, the offer for military co-operation.

The President said Zambia needs investment in other fields such as energy and agriculture.
He said Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba undertook a successful visit to Russia last year.

President Lungu said what remains is for the technocrats in the two countries to work together to actualise things.


    • I love Russia and Putin. Putin is one leader who is fighting the New world order govt. Russia is a good country. If we are smart, there is a lot we can buy from Russia and export to Russia. we need to be good to all countries but smart. Currently Russia is in need of agriculture products, South Africa is exporting and so we can too. We have one of the best mangoes in the world and we can export these mangoes which just end up rotting under trees. Also we can promote tourism in Russia, as you may know some of you, Russians have stopped going to Egypt, and Turkey for holidays, Zambia can take advantage of this and promote ourselves in Russia.
      God Bless Russia and Zambia

    • Start of Trouble, Putin wants to compete with the USA, therefore will use Zambia and dump you later. knowing dullness of PF, they buy the Idea.

      It’s a strategy to solidify supply of military equipment.


    • So are racist attacks in the US. Yet the US has military bases in Africa and you have never shouted against this

  1. I was wondering why any sane black-person would willingly want to live in such a country as impoverished as Russia or Ukraine, the masses of them already don’t have enough or most of the times nothing to eat in their own countries and a hungry European is worse than a predatory animal if you come to it’s enclave.?

  2. 1,200 Nigerian soldiers, police, and Department of State Services (DSS) are being trained by Russian special forces. The Vanguard says that Abuja has turned to Moscow following an “alleged snub or nonchalant attitude of the United States and the United Kingdom toward Nigeria in her fight against Boko Haram terrorists.”

  3. Better to make the Russians our friends than USA or UK. Russians have less ulterior motives compared to the west.

  4. Russians are racist so are Americans Australians and Europeans. Why are you picking which racists to condemn?

    • Russia 2018: Racism ‘guaranteed’ at World Cup as incidents double
      Report identifies 10 cases of abuse of black people – some of them players – compared to five in the previous two seasons

  5. All these whites are racists, whether American, British, German, those from down under, Russian, the whole lot of them, without exception.

    • My friend Zambian soldiers are very actively among the leading participants in African Union peace keeping operations. You only see them walking around in peaceful Zambia, so you do not see how they function when they are sent where the action is. Then there is 2ZR in Kaoma. I have always had respect for our men and women in uniform from the time of Ian Smith in the then Rhodesia to the present peace keeping operations. Its the cops who are an embarrassment.

  6. Russia is a deeply racist country that holds minorities in open contempt — not quite the equivalent of Jim Crow, but still distressing. Racism Runs Deep in Russia

    Xenophobic prejudice is widespread in Russia, Verkhovsky says. “More than 50% support the idea that ethnic Russians should have privileges over other ethnic groups,” he says. “More than 50% believe that ethnic minorities should be limited or even expelled from their region.” The extreme right in Russia is responsible for 350 murders since 2004

    • Forget the racism issue, we just need to step up and be bold enough. Lets look at such as business opportunities…let’s just do business with them….purely business. Some Chinese and are here and at times abuse our Zambian workers. Needless to say most of our own Indian employers are far worse than that. It’s all about diversity. You may be right and I agree with you on the statistics but such statistics may not be reasons enough to be back out from doing business with a superpower like Russia. Only excuses for us to remain in our Comfort Zone.

  7. Foreign students, several thousands of whom reportedly stopped attending classes following the latest attacks, have long complained of racism. They allege that the police are, at best, indifferent to it and, at worst, take part in beatings. “If you are black in Russia, hardly a day goes by without having to confront racism,” wrote Kester Klomegah, a Moscow-based Ghanaian writer, in an article last November. Russia’s racist skinheads terrorise foreigners

  8. Zambians,let us grow out of this mindset of expecting kindness of anybody on this earth. Could some one tell me any race that has been all embracing to black people? Instead of looking at Russians as racists,let us look at what we can economically gain from good political relationships with them! The problem is we Zambians fail to see the difference between economic/commercial or political relationships and social relationships! Whoever comes to Zambia to do business is here for business but we (Zambians) take a big issue to complain that “such and such people are not mixing with us” because we expect a Chinese or whoever came to make money to start going out with us to social events as if that is what they came for. Let us be focused and be business like! Russians are looking for…

  9. ..continued.. Russians are looking for global influence the way the USSR used to be. So let us be clever,use them to solve our problems! That is what KK did,he said we are non-aligned and got things he needed from both socialist and capitalist countries and the end winners were Zambians! He followed a socialist ideology but cleverly called it humanism and allowed some western companies to continue operating under the guise of a mixed economy. So we cant refuse cooperation with Russia on grounds of racism because the “beacon” of democracy and equality the USA (and its allies in Western Europe) are equally racist and worse still to their own citizens! We are christian nation and yet we have cooperation with Arab moslem nations. We just need a strategic approach to international affairs!

  10. The military aid from Russia is most welcome for the security and defence of Zambia. I remember last year govt. proposal to build barracks in Muchinga, North Western and Southern provinces. This aid has come at the right time because 3 fully equipped battalions will constitute a bridged this will also create employment among our youth.PF take it up don’t listen to arm chair critics.

  11. Why would anyone be seeking partnership with Russia? Can anyone show me a country whose citizens prospered by association with Russia? Cuba? Venezuela? Syria? Russia gives out guns so that people, countries, etc and societies can be destroyed. Is zambia interested in that?

  12. Mr. President you should have also negotiated for police retraining we have a power police service at present lets retrain them all over a period of four years to instill what has gone missing over the years

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