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FODEP calls for the appointment of constitutional court judges

General News FODEP calls for the appointment of constitutional court judges

FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi
FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi
FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi has called on Republican President Edgar Lungu to operationalize articles 103,104 and 105 of the amended constitution and establish the constitutional court.

Speaking in an interview Mr Chipenzi said there is need to appoint judges of the constitutional court as the court will play an important role in the August,11 elections.

He said the President needs to appoint the judges so that they can be scrutinized by the public and avoid being accused of appointing his relatives who would protect him if the constitutional court could be needed in case there is a dispute after the polls.

“The President should concentrate on making and promoting a smooth electoral process ahead of August, 11, general elections and one of those is the operationalization of articles 103, 104 and 105 which talks about the establishment of a constitutional court.

“The constitutional court is the only institution which can respond to any electoral Disputes at Presidential level hence the President should stop concentrating on the appointments of Permanent Secretaries and start appointing constitutional court judges. We are 6 months away from the elections and government seem not to be moving forward in terms of establishing the constitutional court,” he said.

He added ” the President should now concentrate on identifying and scrutinizing the judges who will be appointed because they will be key players in the forth coming elections. Our appeal to the President is let’s us have movements towards the constitution of the constitutional court. “


  1. BaChimpezi tell opposition to be democratic by respecting their constitution. Why are you so much comfortable with some undemocratic oppositions. 15 years no convention. We dont want wamuyaya in Zambia. When did UNIP, Mulongoti,miyanda and HH hold convention?

  2. These F00ls they condemn the president for giving them the constitution and they again shouting from their backsides to have it implemented. They boycotted the signing ceremony and chose to eat mabisi when a very important national document was being launched. What do they want???

  3. Ba Chimpezi the constitutional courts are already established as to the appointment of Judges please speak with the Judicial Services Commission, LAZ and the Parliamentary Select Committee to move quickly and whilst you are at it ask the President to submit a name for the Public Protector(Defender)…

  4. Ba Chimpanzee, please tell us the structures of you katem ba called FODEP. If only some you chaps realised how Zambians hold you in low esteem, you couldn’t even have been making noise all over.
    Who doesn’t know which party you belong to iwe ka UPND carder? Please let President Lungu focus on national matters of importance like development instead of trying to distract him?

  5. Constitutional Court judges may be appointed by the President. However, the suggestion that their appointment is urgent seems erroneous. The existing arrangement can meet the urgent needs in the case of a court case involving constitutional rights and duties. Above all, it is the responsibility of the executive to devise appropriate implementation measures for the new Constitution.

  6. The fact that Chipenzi is Tonga does not mean he should demonized as UPND cadre.Chipenzi has been FODEP chair before PF come in power.Even that time Chipenzi was vocal.So there is nothing wrong for chipenzi to remind the Head of state to implement the constitution he signed in front all Zambia at heroes Stadium.

  7. Why cant Chipenzi and FODEP keep quite because he rejected the Constitution. Wait for the Constituent Assembly which will either say YES or NO. Lets have principles by allowing others who supported the partial amendment to speak. As if you are paid a commission for every word you speak to attack the President of the Republic.

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