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Grade 12 results announced

General News Grade 12 results announced

Education Minister John Phiri
Education Minister John Phiri

The Ministry of Education says the country has recorded 1.8% improvement in this year’s grade 12 results as compared to last year.

Speaking at a media briefing to announce the grade results General Education Minister Dr John Phiri said a total of 71,702 candidates out the 125,602 who sat for the Grade 12 School Certificates while 49,302 obtained GCE representing an improvement of 1.8% as compared to 2014.

Dr Phiri said of the total candidates who sat for the exams 4,652 failed representing 3.5% of the pupils who did not obtain any certificate and that of the total number of candidates 56,578 were girls and 69,108 were boys.

He also said there has been an increase in the candidates by 5% something he attributed to the infrastructure development embarked on by the PF government.

He said 45 schools from the 454 schools that presented candidates for exams recorded a 100 percent school certificate pass rate.

Eastern Province produced the highest with a pass rate of 71% while Copperbelt produced the list at a pass rate of 44.5%. Southern 69.9%, Muchinga 63. 6% and Lusaka 62 % were in the top half.
“The Ministry demands that more, if not all schools joins this league of excellence. In order to continue improving learner performance in all schools, the Ministry, is implementing ” catch up programme” aimed at providing remedial lessons to learners that find difficulties in learning,” he said.

The Minister implored on District Officers and teachers to desist from getting involved in partisan politics adding pupils who attend different schools do not belong to one party.

On exam malpractice the Minister said 33 cases were recorded of which 3 cases were by institutions while 30 by individuals and that the results have since been withheld pending a resolution from the council board.

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  1. Dear sir, this improvement is not significant. This improvement cannot be explained by anything other than it being by chance. Hence your ministry still has a lot to put in place to see to it that the results improve. It is also disappointing that the ministry in charge of education is showing low level of analytical skills in interpreting the results. The one 1.8% improvement should be looked at in the context 5% increase in number of candidates. Anyways, you have just disqualified the failed students from participating in the Zambian politics.

    • Well try have CIMA, ACCA MBA, MSc, Bsc – Appplied Acounts, AAII, BA and prospoective PhD student.

      After that come and talk to me- and I am only 27


    • That is why the CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT is so ST..U.P.I.D – so the majority are only allowed to vote for the minority BUT HAVE NO SAY – because they can NEVER make it to parliament, yet we PRETEND to be a democracy!!!

    • Mushota, we know what “BOTTOM POWER” can do, hence we are not surprised by your list of presumed qualifications – “Dola Sillier” let the cat out of the bag , not so long ago!!

  2. When Sata waa leader it was muchinga province which took the lead. Even having 100% PASS rate for grade 7.But this year things have favoured Lungu ‘ province. What a coincidence!

    This sounds like chipantepante for sure.


  3. What is or what was the leakage rating respectively. I also want the minister to explain the why there is a reduction in the number of schools and pupils doing sujects like pure sciences, Addma, P/accounts, English literature, Wood work, Tech drawing, Economics & metal works.

  4. Ba LT its looks like one person is in charge of writing and publishing your articles. Please proof read your articles. Typographical errors are not acceptable. Your site is global. The second paragraph doesn’t make grammatical sense. Please correct.

  5. Terrible. The number that failed is very big. What is expected is that 4 or less pupils at each school can fail due to pupils absenting themselves from attending school most of the times, or due to the failure of teachers to ensure every pupil understands what is being taught. Many times the way the material is presented to students is boring as a result student stop focusing on learning. In very few cases teachers fail to help students who are not doing well because they fail to identify what problems students face at home. Teachers need to inspire the student and explain the need for education in a simple way with good examples that would touch esp. Kids who come from homes whose parents are not educated or don’t care about kids. Government need to treat well and pay our teachers well…

  6. Kodi mudziba?
    2016 Grade 7 pupils have had no Text Books from Grade 5. That is no Teacher’s or Pupil’s book under new syllabus.
    It is chipantepante for teachers. Grades 7 and 6 are badly affected. Teachers use anything they come across.
    With all these problems the minister and listeners are busy demonizing teachers for bad results.
    What does Njoni Phiri really think?
    Country men visit any school near you and ask for a G7 or G6 new syllabus book to prove what am saying or ask any teacher about it.
    This year and next year Grade 7s will not pass .
    And the government is quiet pretending all is well in schools.
    Failing to manage the country and making others fail is not good.
    Country men let us wake up this sleeping government.

  7. Congrats PF govt. The best part of it is that things are happening. Only those who dont want to see are not seeing. DR Phiri pliz find a place for HH he can make a good lecturer at Trades school

  8. The Ministerial statement is deficient in many ways. The minister is presenting to us the national GCE results and would have done better to inform us all the results recorded province by province . He has omitted the results for 5 provinces namely: Luapula, western, North Western, Northern and Central.
    Equally , he should have told us which District recorded the worst results. As parents we needed this information.
    Next time Bwana Minister please improve on your reporting Skills , you are a Doctor for goodness sake.

  9. Comment: lets not look at the past lets concetrate on improving the education sector so that the pass rate inproves in the near futur to come.

  10. I would have been happy if pass rates for all provinces were indicated. Please post pass rates for the remaining provinces. Congrats Eastern Province. Keep it up. As for other provinces who may not have done well, please do not be discouraged, but put in your best, good pass rates will surely be recorded soon.

  11. Because you even considering those who have 7,8 where they going to take such results ,because to college they dt allow such .please you may look abt it sir?consider distinction merit and gredit not passes to college its difficult

  12. Comment: ECZ should do something about results for senanga secondary school in western province.Are you saying all the pupils used leakages.please separate the innocent from the guilty ones.

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