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UPND exhibites “obscene appetite” to get into power-Lubinda

General News UPND exhibites “obscene appetite” to get into power-Lubinda

Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda (right) checking on Agric Chemicals on display during the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) E- Voucher launch at Mpima dairy in Kabwe on Saturday
Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda (right) checking on Agric
Chemicals on display during the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP)
E- Voucher launch at Mpima dairy in Kabwe on Saturday

THE United Party for National Development (UPND) has exhibited “obscene appetite” to get into power by twisting statement from President Edgar Lungu and his Government officials in their futile attempt to make Zambians rise against the Patriotic Front (PF) Government, Given Lubinda has said.

Mr Lubinda said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and some of his members of Parliament such as Request Muntanga had perfected the art of twisting innocent statements from Government with the aim of gaining cheap political mileage.

Mr Lubinda who is Agriculture Minister chastised Mr Muntanga for insinuating that there had been inconsistencies from President Lungu, the Vice-President Ingonge Wina and the Ministry of Agriculture on the food security of the country.

He told the Daily Nation that President Lungu through his special assistant for press and public relations Amos Chanda explained with lucidity the three options Government was considering to avert famine in the country but that the UPND leadership had decided to deliberately misinterpret the statement to mislead Zambians.

Mr Lubinda said President Lungu had made it clear that Government was considering growing irrigated maize as the first option and that the second option was for the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to mop up all the maize held by the private sector.

He said the importation of maize from South America was only the last option because Zambia still had 1 282 797 metric tonnes of maize which would be able to see the country into the 2015/2016 harvest period.

Mr Lubinda said Vice-President Inonge Wina has consistently been talking about the same things President Lungu had been talking about on the possibility to import maize if the country was going to experience crop failure as a result of the dry spells, floods or the crop being attacked by worms.

“Mr Muntanga has joined his president Mr Hichilema in mastering the art of reading what they want to hear and not what is factually written. They seem to be perfecting the art of twisting what others say and this is extremely dangerous for people aspiring to take over the governance of the country.

The PF Government under President Lungu has been most consistent and at no time did Ministers, the Vice-President and President Lungu contradict each other. President Lungu through his special assistant for press and public relations Amos Chanda has with lucidity explained the three options Government is considering to avert starvation in the country after a thorough assessment of the farming season,” Mr Lubinda said.

Mr Lubinda said while Mr Muntanga and his leader, Mr Hichilema were praying for starvation in the country to gain cheap political mileage, President Lungu was praying that Zambians should be food secure so that people like those in the UPND leadership could have enough food and water to feed their livestock and families.

Mr Lubinda said he would only accept to resign as Minister of Agriculture if Mr Muntanga was going to pledge that the UPND was not going to contest the August general elections if the PF Government was going to ensure that Zambia was food secure.


    • Hon. Lubinda you are the one with obscene appetite for power. These are the reasons, even when Sata called you useless you still remained there and even in the face of your failure in the MoA you are still hanging in there.

    • Let Zambians give UPND their chance to rule. They have waited for far too long, beginning the days of Harry Mwanga Nkumbula. They have been dribbled left, right and centre. For how long may that be allowed to continue when the once flourishing Zambia’s economy is now grounding to a halt?

    • At times politicians behaviour is as of one that has suffered cerebral malaria for their incoherence! Lubinda should be able to articulate issues better than he is doing he falls far too short to expectations!

    • Bob is back in UPND, Sampa is in Orange, GBM kale afumamo mu bwato…
      WHAT IS LUBINDA waiting for??? UPND could have even use Lubinda as Foreign Affairs minister, whiteman’s son… because in UPND there so many Kachemas good at Agriculture , but not good in foreign lands.

    • Meimatungu,
      To quote you exactly: “Let Zambians give UPND their chance to rule. They have waited for far too long, beginning the days of Harry Mwanga Nkumbula.”
      What exactly are you saying? That UPND has been in existence since the days of Harry Mwanga Nkumbula ? My own interpretation of what you are saying is that: “Let Zambians give Tongas their chance to rule. They have waited for far too long, beginning the days of Harry Mwanga Nkumbula.” And I thought you were above this kind of thinking!

    • One would hardly believe this guy was one of the most respected parliamentarians on the continent – but I guess we we all wrong – he has finally shown his true colors – RATHER HIS BELLY HAS SHOWN US ITS TRUE COLORS – nothing more to say!!!

  1. Your joining of visionlessl people has made you very dull bo Lubinda, or may be its a case of striving to sound intelligent when in substance you have empty head. This is the most confused and directionless Govt ever in the whole world compounded by arrogance and incompetency. You want to deny your confusions and inconsistencies which everyone even baby class pupils have seen. Your arrogance and hate will not help you on 8/11.

  2. These guys with borrowed names can be a problem. No wonder Sata had to see your back side. This half ‘munthu’ needs to go in the dust bin.

    • Kenl, you have no self respect for trying to dehumanise a fellow humanbeing. Honourable Given Lubinda is a people’s representative and a cabinet minister in charge of agriculture and he has more competence to comment on food security and the president’s statement on food security than you will ever have.
      What is wrong with you UPND supporters? You really believe you gain support through insulting and dehumanising other people who don’t support your thinking? That surely is what scares me totally from ever voting for your party!

    • #Mundetelele, you can continue rotting in PF, your tribal Bemba party. You are the same people who would not vote for Mazoka and only claimed that he was a good man after he died. PF are insulting opponents and spewing hate speech everyday and you have no comment against that. You evil swine.

  3. vote for clement tembo ba kabwata and allow this man to rest, governing in the PF has taken a toll on him. He cant even believe the things he says himself.

  4. Lubinda is correct ba UPND you dont analyse statements before you start yapping, theman as told us what is on the ground as agriculture minister and you want to put words in his mouth. How I wish that one day UPND could govern (but not now) so that they expirience how serious governance is, unlike the yapping ane the useless press briefings almost on a daily basis.

    • But not now Kikiki that sounds like my thoughts. These cants should lose so that they learn another lesson for five times that insults and arrogance can’t take them to state house. Sata was voted overwhelmingly after he toned down and stopped insulting levy and RB

    • what makes you people think that all the nonsense comments and insults come from UPND? they are not the only opposision you know.

    • @kubweka

      While UPND may not be ‘the only opposition,’ it’s the only opposition that matters. The rest don’t.

  5. The contradiction is on whether we have enough maize stocks or not. If we don’t, irrigation is too late and there will be no option but to import. Lungu said the stock would only last until June. Lubinda said we had enough and do not need to import. Here is the statement alluded to Lungu;

    LUSAKA (Reuters) – Zambia plans to import maize from South America as drought is expected to cut the 2015/2016 maize crop by a third, local media reported on Wednesday.

    “The government is looking for possibilities of importing maize from South America as the entire region does not have enough maize stocks,” President Edgar Lungu is quoted as saying in the Zambia Daily Mail.

    Zambia’s maize stocks would only last until June, Lungu told the newspaper”

    • Now, the issue at hand is simple: Which one has made wrong statement, the President and Vice President or the Minister?
      Or, Daily PF has gone “bad”?

    • @Harold Muna
      @Hung them high,
      Well spoken, guys. The two contradictory statements are on record and VERY clear. In the real World, the two statements are mutually exclusive. Period.

    • The advisory company that Pa.ma.Fi has hired is really full of c.r.a.p just like the daily c.r.a.p that spews from PF!!

  6. This is the same Lubinda who sponsored a story that Sata, on his deathbed, had written his Lubinda’s on a piece of paper with the message that Lubinda was to be the successor. In short, he proved himself to be the power hungry.

  7. Mwebo insala mwafyalwa nayo elyo mubepeshe lungu uwa last year. Thankyou lubinda the fisrt president from western province. After lungu you are the next republican president in 2021

  8. This is unlike you Given ‘name’ Lubinda. You were once a highly respected person because of your reasonableness. Are you so angry with Sata for kicking you out that you lost your reasoning?
    Its ZNBC that reported your contradictory statements. So do not bring in aba kayele in your confusion.

  9. Lubinda, expect dirty campaign politics as the elections draw nearer across the political divide interchangably. The only solution is to arm yourself with a (verbal) counter, as in the case at hand. Its now the time to put the best foot forward by hook or crook, devoid of physical attacks.

  10. muna you’re right. after the president told the nation that we are going to import maize few weeks later lubinda said we have enough maize and no need to import. as if this is not enough confusion the vp also said we are going to import maize.
    this is big confusion to the nation. i dont know what you discuss in your meetings and i doubt if you rely get tangible results from such meetings.
    look the president left the nation to go and have meeting with fao leaving problems at home. instead of you the food minister to go to such meetings.

  11. My Question to Lubinda is; if the government has so much maize in stock, how come the price of mealie meal is so high?

  12. Comment: PF, are confused vultures, trying by all means to confuse everyone.lubinda, the two in one creature was once a respected person, bt lost all his dignity soon after joining the pf, satanic party.

  13. Politics of poverty where you follow where there are good prospects of stealing from innocent Zambians. Too many blind-followers and job-seekers. Not forgetting unprincipled electorate. Shame on you!!! One moment you are in this party, another moment in another one!!! Kikikiki! You rejoice, ululate and dance every time trying to clear the way to get employed or may be just for a drink/packet of shake-shake.

  14. Muzungu belela, it is you who is power hungry.The UPND don’t even have to say anything.On your own you continue to roil in your own vomit

  15. Some of you commenting on Bo Lubinda, talk from without so to say. Bo Lubinda is a hard worker, look at the programmes taken in Kabwata. A U.N report of 150 consitituencies in Zambia perfomance wise on CDF. Kabwata was the best. I don’t see the so called Clement Tembo and the so called competitors winning in Kabwata. Let us go to the polls. Lubinda is the winner others are just escorting him. Viva PF ,Viva Lubinda, Viva ECL . Even so many insults its Lubindaaaaaaaaa!

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