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Musokotwane refuses to work with PF

Headlines Musokotwane refuses to work with PF

MMD Liuwa Member of Parliament Situmbeko Musokotwane
MMD Liuwa Member of Parliament Situmbeko Musokotwane

Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) Liuwa Member of Parliament Situmbeko Musokotwane has rubbished reports that he is in support of an MMD alliance with the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) ahead of this year’s elections.

Dr. Musokotwane says he cannot support an alliance with party that has failed to address the concerns of the Zambian people.

He says the PF government has failed to respect human rights and the rule of law, among other things.

Dr. Musokotwane adds that it would be ridiculous for him to convince the Zambian people to vote for the PF when the party contributed to the downfall of the MMD.

The former Finance has reminded MMD members of Parliament supporting the idea of an alliance with the PF to remember how the ruling party attempted to unregister the former ruling party and accused them of dishonest when their seats were petitioned after the 2011 elections.

Meanwhile, Political Scientist Alex Ng’oma has cautioned the ruling Patriotic Front that it runs the risk of performing poorly in the August elections should it go into an alliance with the MMD with its current wrangles.

He says the MMD is suffering from ‘factionalism’ which is affecting the party’s reorganization ahead of the general election.

Dr. Ng’oma has told QFM News that the PF ought to know that forming an alliance with a party that is entangled in differences is risky, as it might affect the performance of the ruling party during elections.

He states that it is also important for the MMD to resolve their wrangles as this is weakening the former ruling party even more.

Dr. Ng’oma says the emerging confusion in the MMD where some MMD Members of Parliament are demanding for a convention should be addressed cautiously.


    • If MMD will produce an MP in any other province apart from Eastern province I will be shocked.

      The best these MMD factions not in Lungu ‘s camp can do is join UPND or risk being confined to political oblivion after 2016 election like what happened to UNIP.

      UPND will be mad to enter into another pact with MMD or indeed any other lesser party before the first round. Even after the second round, I think there be no need because parties not in the second round will not be afforded a platform to campaign unless they willingly join one of the two parties without forming an alliance.

      CB 55% of the population now thinks UPND is a better devil to work with than PF or any other party.

      Lungu has gone to Rome to ask the Pope to instruct the Jesuit brothers to support PF but he is not…

    • I have always profecised that anything that PF is doing will scater.In the quest to promote their tribal agenda the tribalists want to use either Nevers Mumba or felex mutati as running mate know so well that even that wont be enough they want to make Musokotwane as a running mate for Mumba or Mutati in order to shop lift Lozi votes like Sata did by cheeting that he will give them back Barotseland.This time this gimmick will fail.God jehova will scater them instead people will form an alliance with HH.HH is the man God has chosen because of his pure heart to serve Zambians.

    • These recycled politicians are just selfish…..u will notice that all those MMD MPS in UPND strongs- Western, NW, Central and NW are unwilling to go into PF alliance while those in PF strongs Luapula, Northern and Muchinga are gunning for the idea. The bottom line is they are all self-fish spoiled brats scared of loosing on their seats, their only source of bread and butter! ! Njala pa Zed has led to same old useless MPs year after year. I think the new constitution should have put a cap of maximum 10 years for both MPS and Councolours!

    • Viva Dr. Musokotwane. You are the men want in MMD. PF wanted to rule. Let them rule. What the hell is this deal with MMD they are now scrounging for?

    • @wanzelu … what’s up with you when it comes to UNIP? Who tells you my parte is in oblivion? Do you understand the term active passivity? UNIP is so active that not a day passes without you thinking about it.

      That’s the more reason you keep mentioning it! In our passivity we run this country … in the background we have been putting in place items turned into implementable policies that starting from FJT to LPM to RB to MCS and now ECL are now in place in this great nation of ours.

      The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise know the wide reach and veracity of our influence as UNIPist in the background still running this country. From toll roads, to Lusaka Stock Exchange, to registration process at PACRA, to new airports to ZCCM-HI, ZDA, new roads, reintroduction of the National…

    • Continued ….

      The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise know the wide reach and veracity of our influence as UNIPists in the background still running this country. We are not just armchair critics, we offer solutions that have been taken on and implemented into policies.

      From toll roads, to Lusaka Stock Exchange, to registration processes at PACRA, to new airports to ZCCM-HI, ZDA, new roads, reintroduction of the National Planning Agency, to Fuel Levy to VAT, to dual citizenship just to mention a few, our influence on policy into deliverables that the smart people of our Zambian Enterprise.

      Now with dual citizenship in place, soon after the election we shall descend with our groups of real Zambian investors and turn the most beautiful country God gave men on the continent of…

    • Continued …

      Now with dual citizenship in place, soon after the election we shall descend with our groups of real Zambian investors and turn the most beautiful country God gave men on the continent of Africa into a paradise it was initially meant to be with our UNIP vision.

      Forget who runs State House, we the people, neo-cons from the UNIP era have always been in control of this country and we shall forever be … after this election, start paying attention to the UNIP political landscape.

      We tried your version of democracy for almost 25 years and you all took our country backwards 40 years into history save for the things we advanced. Imagine if we had just sat down like the rest of you just hoping and praying to win State House!

      Our Zambia the beautiful would have been…

    • @B R Mumba Sr

      My barometer for gauging whether a party in confined to oblivion or not is the number of MPs the party has in parliament.

      How many elected MP does UNIP have in parliament? Last time I checked there was completely zero.

      So UNIP is gone into oblivion bwana. KK made a mistake to make the party a family affair. He should have allowed other players to lead the party and then eventually let his sons take over from the bottom Kenyattas did. Anyway one could argue that Kenya is for the Kenyatta family and rightly named so.

    • Continued …

      Our Zambia the beautiful would have been turned into an oblivious self-destructing state. We kept the country going while in self-imposed exile and now we are coming back in full force UNIP style and save our great nation … not from colonialists like we did the first time around but from people like @wanzelu this time around.

      This we will do and we won’t even need to be in State House for another 20 years if needs be … we got time to rebuild our nation, we got time to rebuild our parte, we got time to turn the entire enterprise into the best tourist destination Africa has ever seen.

      Our time is now … but in the meantime, I endorse ECL for the continued Presidency as CEO of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise! UNIP mulilo waikatako wapya!

    • @wanzelu …

      A parte in oblivion has no registration, a parte in oblivion has no influence, a parte in oblivion has no structures. You don’t need MPs to prove existence mon frère … you have MPs with zero influence.

      As UNIP neo-cons we have influenced policy than all MPs and political parties combined. UNIP does not KK to be resuscitated, I love KK … I love his wisdom, everything he told you about FJT has come to pass and the guy is still alive to see his word come true.

      But those are the great patriarchs we shall rebuild our parte on, they are our Abraham Lincolns, our Thomas Jeffersons, our James Madisons and our UNIP infra-structure is totally in place at Zambia National Holdings, our engine is in mint condition … it just needs a few upgrades and we are back in business.

    • Continued …

      Ideas like the Eurobond and we first talked about the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise getting a bond rating to start issue sovereign bond the same armchair critics called it mission impossible.

      When we floated the idea of making the Zambian Kwacha trading on the foreign exchange platforms we were called names considered lunatics but we have been running this country without hands on the switch.

      That’s UNIP power and that’s why @wanzelu my foot cannot fathom the active yet passive power of UNIP among the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise. In our silence, we have righted a lot what was considered wrong and the rest is history.

      Our time is now … UNIP mulilo waikatako wapya!! The neo-cons are ready for the new cha cha cha to liberate the nation from…

  1. VESSEL PF: “requestdockingcoordinates”

    DOCKING STATION:”look for nearest station and guide the ship.”

    VESSEL PF:” condition preventing docking is in effect”

    DOCKING STATION: “hold-position”

    VESSEL PF:”recalldockinginstructions”

    DOCKING STATION:”all clear approach”

    VESSEL PF:”after fulfilled initial real docking condition,vessel stopped near the docking seat,depth control was used to approach while stern vertical thrusts went all out”


    DOCKING STATION:” good job Captain EL and welcome to State house”

    2016 vote PF(Edgar)

    I thank you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • @Katondo boys….

      The ground has shifted….I can feel it….the way I felt it in 1991 and 2011…the chimwela is definitely pulpable. I bet you my two six (or is it two bob)…..UPND are now in firm drive for Aug 2016 routing of PF. No wavering…..

  2. If MMD wrangles continues which i believe will….. UPND will be the most beneficiary as 75% of MMD parliamentarians will back HH and 50% of NEC members will support UPND while 25% parliamentarians and 50% NEC members will support PF

  3. Personally, I feel this issue of MMD/PF alliance was just blown out of proportion by the PF in their desperation to remain in power. What Lungu initially meant was simply that the PF would need to adopt all MMD MPs in Eastern Province for PF to have a chance of getting 100% seats in the province. Any wonder that he made the pronouncements in Eastern Province! And that’s exactly whats coming out now. Only MMD MPs from Eastern Province are for the MMD/PF alliance together with their selfish and useless President NM while the rest are just waiting for the dissolution of Parliament before saying exactly where they belong.

  4. Personally I feel that this MMD/PF alliance issue was just blown out of proportion by people in PF who are desperate to remain in power. What EL initially really meant was that the PF would need to adopt all MMD MPs in Eastern Province in order for the PF to grab all the seats in Eastern Province. Any wonder he made the pronouncements in Eastern Province. And that’s exactly what’s coming out now. Only MMD MPs from Eastern Province together with their disgraced leader NM are willing to work with PF. The rest will go with the opposition once Parliament is dissolved.

    • God Jehova is scattering all the ture tribalists and messengers of death.Zambia shall be free.God has given HH the power.People will form an alliance with HH.No need for political parties to go to HH.HH is the man.

    • Lungu has had a chance to show his mettle. He has failed and failed classically. Why must he be given another chance?

  5. Well, the learned Hon MP is being dishonest academically and he knows it. If he decided to discard the philosophy lesson he learnt during his quest for a PhD and decided to take on the low level political stance ,then it is a shame really.

    If I might ask him an epistemic question, and key emphasis is on the word epistemic, which PF did the things he is advancing as reasons for refusing to work with PF. Is it Sata/Kabimba’s PF or is it Lungu/Chama’s PF? Which PF is courting MMD for an alliance? Is it Sata/Kabimba PF or Lungu/Chama PF. Is everything we see in Politics Global and Permanent or Local and Ephemeral?

    I think the Dr needs to put reasons on the table worthy his title? There is nothing wrong to say I want to Join UPND. That is fine. The reasons he has advanced here are…

    • The reasons he has advanced here are epistemologically flawed. Even the uneducated cadres can clearly see that the Hon MP is preparing the ground for his migration to UPND and that is fine. And by all means I think he should just resign and go to UPND, no by elections excuse at this point in time. As an educated and engaged MMD Chairman for finance, he should have been more vocal on the tons of decisions that PF made. Instead it was low level people like Bowman who were vocal , while he just kept quiet. I don’t this he is a political asset and MMD would lose much. No doubt he is an asset as an advisor. He can mix it in the street fight games of politics. The only person who was an all rounder was George Kunda. He was awesome. He took on and tormented PF in parliament from the word go…

    • Dr. Musokotwane is just a straight jacket technocratic bureaucrat and clueless about the street game of politics. I wish him well in UPND. He has not added any value to MMD and he wont take any out when he leaves

    • Blah blah blah, blah blah blah, you don’t even know or understand an epistemic question! How did he win Liua which you did not if he does not understand street politics? Incredible fool!

    • If the Sata/Kabimba/Guy Scott PF is dead, and as you proclaim there is now a wako ni wako Lungu/RB/Dora Siliya/Kaingu/Chama PF devoid of its founding fathers like Emmanuel Chenda, Sampa, Kaseba, former Acting Republican President Scott, why should genuine PF members support this hybrid of Jameson and kanitundila?

      The King Cobra PF is dead, its time for genuine PF members to leave the pabwato and jump to Orange Alliance or other meaningful opposition parties like FDD and UPND.

    • @MMD Chief Bootlicker

      I would have thought you are a seriously minded person. Lungu is not even half Sata’s stature, and a despicable failure. He does not deserve the presidency.

    • @ Bootlicker, I though you had integrity. We’re you born yesterday and missed out when Edgar stated that he would continue with Sata’s legacy? Was it not Edgar as home affairs minister that deported people that supported the opposition? Isn’t the same party that has brought the economy to its knees and are adamant on misusing public funds by unnecessary trips abroad with their cadres? Viva Musokotwane and Mutati. Stand as independents if you have to but please Sirs don’t buy into politics of the belly.

  6. Only a insane person can support a visionless,clueless,brainless,useless and a drunkard agwa. Viva Zambia forward HH

    • Some still can’t see sense in :
      MMD Liuwa Member of Parliament Situmbeko Musokotwane
      Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) Liuwa Member of Parliament Situmbeko Musokotwane has rubbished reports that he is in support of an MMD alliance with the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) ahead of this year’s elections.
      Dr. Musokotwane says he cannot support an alliance with party that has failed to address the concerns of the Zambian people.
      He says the PF government has failed to respect human rights and the rule of law, among other things.
      Dr. Musokotwane adds that it would be ridiculous for him to convince the Zambian people to vote for the PF when the party contributed to the downfall of the MMD.
      The former Finance has reminded MMD members of Parliament supporting the idea of an alliance…

  7. Where is change if half of PF cabinet is in UPND? GBM defence, simusa, mines, masebo tourism, Bob commerce. To me PF is better becoz pipo who ruined the economy are in UPND.

  8. What those who are fighting should know is that most MMD members know who they will vote for. Dr musokotwane I thought you know better what MMD did to UNIP and KK and the difference between your economic growth ans PF’s economic development

  9. I expected such statement from Musokotwane. The others I expect to issue similar statements are Lungwangwa, Kabinga Pande, Shikapwasha, and Mutati from MMD. All this is hardly surprising as these people also campaigned vigorously for HH in the 2015 Presidential by-elections. From the PF, the following are likely to do the same: Simuusa, Chenda, Sampa, Kaseba, and possibly Scott. Again no surprise here as these guys also tried very hard to ensure that Lungu’s ascendancy to the PF Presidency was completely derailed. From the MMD, I expect Levy Ngoma to switch to UPND, Victoria Kalima, Vincent Mwale, Allan Mbewe, and others from the East to move to the PF. So what has changed?

    • @16,Maikalange,that is correct analysis. Even Mutati fighting for the MMD Presidency is to use it for power bargaining. This is merely Jan 2015 replayed with the addition of some PF members as you have explained crossing to UPND. But what matters in a situation like this is the number of voters those who are crossing they will influence to vote for UPND in this case. With the exception of the likely “PFs” that may join UPND the MMD ones campaigned for HH for two months so their additional efforts may not bring so much more extra returns!Some like Mutati may even loose their parliamentary seats. It is important for UPND to evaluate how many votes these new members may bring because some of them are very unpopular in their areas!

  10. Iwe Musokotwane, join go and join your fellow Tongas.You know you have space in PF and looking at UpAND DOWWN party for space and solace.Which human rights has our party violeted which your MMD did not do.You were in RB party period which the party MMD was very brutal.You are just a bitter man, for Lungu has ignored you because of you snobbish attitiude.Go and letter your students not us PF 100%.You think the party you are courting will win,you will be supprised we will wallop you pants down.

  11. @MMD Chief Bootlicker and @ assage, that is perfect analysis. I may add that Dr Musokotwane is not even a politician, he was just brought in and rode on the back of MMD to become MP.
    If the good doctor was a true politician, true grass roots politician, he or others like Mutati would have been elected MMD president at the post RB convention, and not never seen Mumba. Imbecile intellectual I would call him, not fit to be a politician. I hope the others have heard me too. So just like my colleagues have said already just go to UPND where you naturally belong, better still go back to IMF for UPND has no long term prospects, if the next six months can be called long term.

    • By true politician, you mean slick fast – talking conmen like Nervous Mumba or Sata? And look how far both went. Sata died miserably despite havi g state resources at his disposal. He could not even organise his own succession. As for Mumba he got less votes than Nawakwi. Zambians are not that stoopid. They want results , instead of being conned. China is run by technocrats and that’s why it has developed faster than any other country. In Africa where takataka charlatans like Sata are adored, there’s no progress. You vote for thieves and dictators into power.

  12. Mr Kudos

    I thought your are a dead man , how come a skull is able to write? Could this be a ghost for PF or what? Watutinya boyi

  13. Another man of gold. And I have been consistent in saying Mumba is immature politically but cadres would argue. Now its becoming very clear.

  14. But Dr.Musokotwane you may also have to ask yourself if the UPND did not contribute to failure when they were opposition including getting away some of your members and parliamentary seats after you lost? If you were sincere you would have said “In Zambian politics there are no permanent enemies “so you prefer to work with UPND. Otherwise PF under Lungu has not been a source of MMD’s downfall! Your calls for a convention to replace Nevers is only coming because he prefers to work with PF than HH. For people like Mutati who are like to loose their seats regardless of the party they stand on what to clutch to the MMD Presidency as a way to gain a post in case UPND wins or even just to stay relevant after elections. Many will be crossing to other parties but what will matter for winning…

    • @24Shimaine,stop your tribalism. Western has all along voted for MMD and UPND,PF got only 2 seats there and fared very badly there in the by-election of Jan 2015 but still won. So which Bembas have been abusing Lozi votes?? Even Lungu is not a Bemba thoough he speaks the language very well??The two main political parties are not led by Bembas or those originating from Bemba speaking regions so your comments are just meant to be tribal to attack the ethnic group you may not like but which unfortunately you cannot get rid off!!

    • Lungu is a stooge of Bemba interests. That’s why he cannot fire Chikwanda, Zambia’s worst Finance Minister ever, twice over. It’s funny how Bembas attempt to isolate themselves when there’s criticism of their tribalism but they ate with both hands under Chiluba and Sata. We are not fooled.

  15. Fragmented MMD should just allow it’s members to integrate with their supporters on the ground to seek their wish. Thereafter they can realign themselves accordingly. Taking a blanket decision may cost the party dearly. Nonetheless, its apparent that the (original) is taking it’s breath.

  16. Leave him be. There have been alliances everywhere. In USA, UK, Germany, etc. So what’s wrong with PF forming an alliance with the MORIBUND MMD?

  17. No news here please.Situmbeko Musokotwane,Brian Chituwo,Kabinga Pande,Elijah Muchima or simply put almost all MMD MPs from bantustan regions were in HH’s team before 20/01/2015 and lost together to Edgar Lungu.so even this year all MMD MPs who worked with UPND will do that and all those who worked with Mighty PF shall do the same.EXPECT MMD MPS IN AREAS WHERE PF IS STRONG TO SUPPORT PF!!SO REALLY NO NEWS HERE.

  18. It’s PF headache, not MMD’s. It’s PF to sort out their mess. It’s PF that desperately needs an alliance with another party, not MMD. Let PF step in the ring and square-off with UPND single-handedly, stealing of votes. Let them do.

  19. It’s clear that over the last few months the likes of Larry Mweetwa (aka the Tongas) have migrated to this website from almost defunct Zambian watchdog en mass. However, your online presence and continued disparaging of an all encompassing government are efforts made in futility as we have seen over time. Further, we as Zambians at home not here in diaspora have not forgotten how HH ascended to the helm of UPND, a man that was never near the leadership took over from Sakwiba, Patrick Chisanga, shi nono and many others all because he was Tonga. That my spirited Tonga friends will never escape you. You are and remain a regional party or bantustans as mumembe rightly put it a few years ago.

    • Crankshaft stop lies most Zambians want change and change is coming this year.Lungu will fall even with the help of ecz and courts of law.The people have spoken nothing will stop as from removing Lungu from state house if he resist of moving after loosing.we shall stand and remove him by any means.

  20. Its Naïve to think EL and PF is really interested in the MMD leadership; they are only extending a hand to Voters who previously voted for MMD. If PF was serious about this they would have made this whole discussion quiet.

  21. Mutati is a very interesting and strange character I would never trust. When President Sata was very sick and it appeared the PF needed someone who would work with Lungu to replace Sata, I and a friend of mine were given the responsibility of recruiting Mutati to the PF. I and my colleague went to his offices in the light industrial area of Lusaka and proposed this idea of him working with Edgar Lungu as a junior partner. He gave us the impression he was very much for the idea. We went back and enthusiastically informed everyone that we had struck a deal wth Mutati. Shockingly, when the election campaign started, he declared for and campaigned for HH. I can never for the life of me trust MutatI after this experience..

  22. PF kuyabebele.No one will vote for you in large number like 2011 even in your so called stronghold.People are suffering with your increased cost of living and are failing to take their children to school.Wait until campaign start and you will see what is awaiting you.You have failed in everything as all indicators are down. Your only message is so called infrastructure which has gobbled $8 billion loans and has caused all our current troubles as a country.Very few people will appreciate your little roads you have done here and there with hunger in the stomach. I can safely say your days in power ba PF are now just 180 and then you will be history.Ask the rural farmers if they are happy with you and whether they will be happy to vote you back.

  23. We know Dr. Musokotwane, as educated as he is, he is a tribalist under his skin. He is on record when he was campaigning for the MMD presidency that bembas have monopolized Zambia’s politics for too long and it was time that another tribe ruled Zambia (In his case Tonga or Lozi). He sees in Hakainde that alternative to the bembas. He does not like Nevers and the possibility that he may be the running mate to Lungu and eventually a presidential candidate in future fuels his hatred for this PF/MMD alliance. Musokotwane is a tribalist and it is disappointing he thinks through tribe. Very sad indeed when you see educated people sink so low. Tiza nthawira kuti? Where are we gonna run too?

    • Comedians all of us are tribalsist but the Bembas are the worst tribalsist ever.Other tribes have woken up from slumber and are ready to kick out.You think by hiding behind Lungu you will be saved the answer is no.God will enter vain by putting HH with a pure heart for oppressed.

  24. My take is that there is are more of personal interests in this deal. My take is that Mwansa Mbulakulima is the only MMD MP in Luapula and the man must be rating his chances. He could be spearheading this deal to secure his nomination for the pact as he may be facing an uphill in the pf strong hold. You may as how he won earlier and my answer I tht t tht time, it was the party n power

  25. I agree with Dr Musokotwane. I asked myself what MMD had in common with PF to go into an alliance. To support PF means MMD supports the mismanagement of the economy by PF. It also means endorsing PF’s violation of our liberties. It’s not long when Nevers was teargassed by PF police. So will Nevers now praise the PF police during the campaigns and say PF is performing well? The whole idea is about political survival and not service to Zambians.


    Romans 13: 1-3
    EVERYONE must submit himself to the GOVERNING AUTHORITIES, for there is no authority except that which God has established. THE AUTHORITIES THAT EXIST HAVE BEEN ESTABLISHED BY GOD. 2 CONSEQUENTLY, HE WHO REBELS AGAINST THE AUTHORITY IS REBELLING AGAINST WHAT GOD HAS INSTITUTED, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. NIV


    • EVERYONE i.e. [all Zambians including UPND cadres + there president]
    • GOVERNING AUTHORITIES [The PF government of HE Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, The Police Service even as they enforce the POA]


  27. MMD is at crossroads not because Mumba is weak but because the MPS want to continue surviving on govt jobs and allowances.
    All MPs in UPND stronghold have a natural choice of joining UPND. Those PF strongholds will naturally go to PF.
    WHAT SHOULD MMD Mumba do. Work with the youth and new people and aim to come third in the elections. In this way both UPND or PF will look forward to work with you in the rerun without MPs.

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