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Musokotwane challenges govt over economy

Economy Musokotwane challenges govt over economy

MMD Liuwa Member of Parliament Situmbeko Musokotwane
MMD Liuwa Member of Parliament Situmbeko Musokotwane

Former Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane has challenged the PF Government to give a clear economic recovery plan considering that their past plans have not worked.

The Liuwa MMD Member of Parliament says Zambia’s economy is not showing any signs of recovering under the PF Government.

Mr. Musokotwane says the PF Government should at this point inform the nation the initiatives they are introducing since all their earlier ones have not worked in anyway.

Mr. Musokotwane states that the copper prices on the international market are low and the government is not looking into other ventures and wonders if they are only waiting for the prices of the commodity to stabilize.

He says the hope of the economic recovery will be misplaced without the assurance from government on its programs of bringing the economy back on its track.

The former Finance Minister adds that the inconsistency in policy pronouncements by the PF Government is also worrying more especially in the agriculture sector which he says is mismanaged.

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  1. Why is he demanding for that from a government he said he can’t work with? Why can’t he wait for campaign period and hammer them on that? Is he pretending to ignore them deep down his heart he would want to take over from Chikwanda under PF?

    Time will tell ….. These politicians cannot be trusted!

    • A political argument is a political argument. You sound lost in the jungle. The issue is and has always been, who can do a better job? PF are yet to prove their point that the are the better managers of the economy. It was the noise they made before they got into power.

    • MMD was in power for 20 years, tell us what other ventures it looked into without waiting for copper prices to stabilize? We’re in this mess because of the horrible privatisation that the MMD undertook in order to enrich themselves together with the likes of Nawakwi, Milupi, HH, Chipimo e.t.c.

  2. What measures did you leave in place as mmd. No development roads had pitfalls. at least PF has opened up rural areas this is part of recovery plan

    • Agreed @ MM roads, bringing health facilities closer to communities, schools, improved safety for citizens and, ensuring national food security are continuous programs and services that every government should follow up on providing for citizens irrespective of party in government! That why citizens are taxed but the path to ensuring human development and dignity is what makes a difference for when individuals get empowered with “more money in their pockets” then they’d be able to afford improved services, stimulate investments and, create jobs.

  3. PF used to insult MMD for doing a sloppy job with the economy. Are they now ready to insult themselves for succeeding to do an even sloppier job. Zambia’s economy is now in tatters under their watch.

  4. Mr Musokotwane, you are wasting your words.

    It is very clear to anyone that Sata had no plan except to get into State House, even if he had to tell the biggest lies he could. This is the “vision” that Lungu has grabbed and implemented.

    PF DOES NOT HAVE ANY PLAN besides this. Why do you think Sata never gave a PRESS CONFERENCE and Lungu has avoided doing so as well? Even giving interviews to BBC and CNN where he may be asked about his “plan” would expose these liars has been avoided.

    These crooks cannot and will not account to the people of Zambia as they will be found severely wanting. Tribal talk and lies are their only hope for getting elected

    • Refer to lungus press conference and parliamentary speech of 2015 and you will educate yourself on the economic recovery plan. Do we read different news or are we just selectively ignorant about what we read?

    • @ Techilema

      If content of Lungu’s press conference has educated yourself on the economy recovery plan, I pity yopur 1mbecility

  5. The remarks from educated Zambians have forced us with low education level to correct things. MMD did well with economic growth which did not benefit common zambian directly. PF is doing well with economic development which is benefiting common man directly. DR. sit with lungu and talk sir.

    • Assage
      If the economy is benefitting you don’t insult those who are suffering.We used to buy mealie meal at K35 now it is almost K100.Dollar was K4.5 to 1 now it is 11 to one.PF is a failed project and personally my only regret is that the illiterate dictator took the easy route.He should have lived longer to shame him and his 90 day promises.

    • @spaka like lilo.

      You remind me of their famous jingle: “More money in your pockets in 90 days.” Today, 900 plus days down the road, and the inflation at 21%, Zambians have far much less money in their pockets!

  6. Honorable Musokotwane is joking. Being a former finance Minister, what positives did he leave in terms of infrasture development that he can even start to point fingers at his friends in government. PF is upgrading the infrastures of our great nation which I can say is very successful in the last 4 years so far. We are yet to see what’s next. I pray PF doesn’t lose focus by listening a lot to the opposition who want to disturb the good plans we have seen so far. Those that claim to have a lot of money in the opposition, why can’t they open even one industry to show that indeed I for 1 I can see and trust that they mean what they say about industrisation and diversification. Be practical people, don’t just talk. Your making the youth of our country lazy. Even Catharine Phiri is more…

  7. cont. In the first term PF is fixing economic development and come second term Zambians will see economic growth. UPND knows this plan very well and this is what they want to block becoz when this is done They will look no use. Zambians, lets hold on there is light at the end of term 2

  8. Hope those saying PF has no plan have seen New hospitals, schools, upgrading of HEP stations, building of houses and offices. In term two we shall see opening of state farms, mines, pricessing and manufacturing industries eg what lungu is doing in France. Well meaning zambians join PF in this economical strugle.

    • Stupid *****
      This is 2016 no sane government runs business today.Just prepare for your departure or rig heavily.This year we are voting with our stomachs.You are obviously chewing with them that is why you are defending them.And sadly the only point you and your fellow *****s have is infrastructural developments the very reason we are suffering.

  9. These dullards in Zambian politics, honestly! You just want to scream! What PF policies have failed? What Economic Recovery Policies is he referring to? It’s very poor opposition stance.

    We are left none the wiser as to what HE considers adequate policies. What do you say PF should have put in place to meet up with the volatile Markets in the last year? Always with the criticism without clarity on what is being criticised. Boring, ignorant aspiring politicians need to be more analytical.

  10. “Zambian Economist is undertaking a review of the manifestos of the three major political parties as they become available. The current reviews are focused on PF and MMD. The UPND has not published its manifesto. We hope to review their proposals when those are ready”. The question is: On what basis does UPND criticise if it has no manifesto? A manifesto is a party’s written statement on what it will do if it wins an election. So who are bacipantepante?

  11. @ peter
    For start, he left 3.5 Billion dollars in reserve, foreign debt bellow one billion…!!!
    Now, what effing senile Chikwanda and his two clueless bosses have done?
    Which one qualifies as “studpidity”?

    • @Hung them High. It is true that he left the money and only bought some bicycles for his campaign but was acquitted in court. You remind me of the story in the Bible of the man who was left with one talent but did not use it because he feared his master.

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