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Health Professions Council unearths Grade 12 Certificate Scam


HEALTH Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ) public relations officer Terry Musonda (middle) with HPCZ senior accreditation officer Ennie Sampa during a media briefing
HEALTH Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ) public relations
officer Terry Musonda (middle) with HPCZ senior accreditation officer
Ennie Sampa during a media briefing

Health Professions Council of Zambia ( HPCZ) Public Relations Officer Terry Musonda says his organisation is determined to ensure that health training institutions in the country admit only qualified students for training.

Mr Musonda says this was why the HPCZ in conjunction with the examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) has commenced the verification of grade Twelve general certificate of education.

The verification is intended to ensure that qualified applicants in pursuit of careers in the health professions have the right grade twelve certificates.

Mr Musonda noted that after the verification, it was revealed that there is a lot of cheating some applicants who get enrolled with fake Grade Twelve results.

He also warned parents to learn to verify with the Health Profession Council of Zambia before going ahead allowing their children to enrol in schools which are fake and end up wasting their money.

Mr Musonda said health profession is one which is sensitive and as such should only admit those students who have the right qualification to train as health personnel.


  1. Scum or Scam? Or BOTH?

    Anyway don’t worry students, PF will take you as candidates even with fake certificates.

    This is the party that likes FAKES!

    • It is the grade 12 certificate scam catching up with LT.

      Lots of people on this site over time have argued that english is not our mother language, so they can’t be bothered to use correct syntax/spellings etc etc
      Mwa ona nkani ya grade 12 certificate – no one is laughing any longer!!

    • @ smigo am not running a news site and I do not have an editor see the difference? oh by the way LT made the correction. I have every right to an option just like you have to yours and what er it is you were saying mu chitundu

  2. The posture of that woman, Ennie Sampa, is like her mind is far off the Agenda!! Look at her face and the way she is seated!! Hhmmm – may be breaking the wind – kaya.

  3. One of those with fake certificates is myself, that is why I joined Northern Rhodesia Police when I was told that I did not meet the entry qualifications to be a priest at Chilonge Mission , so I had to to marry and divorce at will before I kicked the bucket in October 2014..

    Do you still wonder why could not say sensible things in public and why I was only able to express myself in Bemba?.Why do you think I did not want this constitution? I did not have any certificate and not even a birth certificate

  4. Steven Masumba a fake and fraudster politician in PF is still enjoying the sweat of other decerving students. Does he qualify to be drawing salaries in view of being convicted of a serious criminal act? Mwale Boma, a former mp for Malambo consituency was striped of his mp on lesser charges and lost his seat what more with Masumba whose criminality was very gravy? PF will cry in 2016

    • Abena Siame: (Lets polish up our English before someone asks about our Gr 12 certificate)

      Deserving – has no “c” but an “s”

      Constituency has another “t”

      Gravy is our so-called soup; Grave means very serious; Also denotes where one gets buried!!

  5. It was politically motivate why did fail to bring to the one who gave him and why didn’t they remove him from the line reason man problem with Zambians you are full of jealous

  6. You are a dull *****. You should have listened to one of Sata’s old radio programs where he was interviewed. The man was great. Anyhow, you more than an ***** if you can talk about the dead who cannot defend themselves. Surely, if such are the morals in your party, I would better join the party of dogs! *****!

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