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Sinkamba advises President Lungu to revise the nomination fees

Headlines Sinkamba advises President Lungu to revise the nomination fees

Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba
Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba

Opposition Green Party (GP ) Peter Sinkamba has appealed to Republican President to revise the nomination fees of Presidential candidates.

Reacting to the Electoral Commission of Zambia ( ECZ ) ‘s announcement of the nomination fees for Presidential, Parliamentary , Town Mayor , District Chairperson and Councillor alike, Mr. Sinkamba says the nomination fees need to be revised as they are outrageous.

We are extremely disappointed with the Electoral Commission of Zambia for abnormally increasing the nomination fees for presidential, parliamentary and ward elections, he has said on his Facebook blog.

He explained that the increase is against government’s pro-poor policies to capitalist policies which will make leadership positions to be a preserve for the rich.

“Whilst I can afford to pay for my presidential nomination fees, I find this measure extremely ridiculous because it bars rural populations from participating in governance systems.

“It is a very sad development for the country, especially for rural constituencies and wards where 80 percent of the people live in abject poverty. It will be literary impossible for most rural candidates to afford these fees, “ he said.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia ( ECZ ) Wednesday February 4, 2016, increased the nomination fees for the August 11, 2016 general elections.

ECZ Chairperson Justice Esau Chulu this week revealed that his Commission has increased the nomination fees for Presidential Candidates at K 75, 000 while that for parliamentary candidates is now at K 10, 000.

The Mayoral Candidates and that of Council Chairperson will be required to pay a nomination fee of K 10, 000 and K 5000, respectively.

Justice Chulu added that for Councillors in City Councils and Municipals , the candidates would pay a nomination fee of K 2000 while their colleagues in rural councils will pay K 1, 500.

All aspiring candidates will be required to make a 50 percent non-refundable down payment for them to be included on the nomination calendar, said the ECZ Chairperson.


    • It’s only yesterday that this mambala could not afford to pay for the 2015 presidential by-election nomination fees until ABC had to step in with K20,000……. Now that he’s swimming in money,he connives with ECZ to make it impossible for the general populous….see you at the polls!!

    • Miles Sapa will win these elections.

      They are trying to put all these barriers time after time, but like a spear thrown by Shaka Zulu- it will hit its target in August 2016.

      White House will be Miles sampa’s play ground.

      he has the X factor- he is the truth and the one the majority here in Scotland and the poor people people living in ENgland want to lead Zambia.

      Zambia will be revolutionized, that’s right it will be but only- yes only if you do the RIGHT thing and vote for an exception talented Zambian president with energy to burn. A man with the longevity of Mandela, the appeal of Obama and the finesse of Abraham Lincoln.

      Please vote Miles ampa
      Orange alliance


    • Another koswe trying to catch some headlines – unbelievably, this guy also vies to be President YET HARDLY UNDERSTANDS THE SEPARATION OF POWERS – Ifyamba na fitoba bongobongo ba Sinkamba!! NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE HANDLED BY THE PRESIDENT IN FUTURE ZAMBIA – You hereby DISQUALIFY YOURSELF!!

    • That’s Zambia for you…institutions are so weak and politicians so ill educated that they refer everything to the village headman the President instead of upholding and thriving for good governance and empowering institutions like ECZ. Even the price of bread and cooking oil is refered to the President This is another reason why we need minimum college diploma with 6 GCSE O’levels.

    • The high fee is meant to weed-out the comedians and separate the sheep from the goats. If truly you have a brain, the high fee should not be a problem.

  1. The Pathetic Flip-floppers will reverse the fees if you pressurise them enough. After all, they are shamelessly inconsistent and they are about to amend a Constitution that has not even lasted one month.

  2. That’s the more reason our country has lagged behind in so many things because people like Sinkamba and the so called opposition think running for public offices is trivial. Any serious minded person must and should support the revised fees because we don’t expect people to just on crowd the ballot papers instead of them working with other serious and grounded parties.
    Why even bring in the name of the President in all this, ECZ, custodian of elections in Zambia should not tolerate such calls otherwise they may taken as not being serious too.

  3. ECZ must maintain these nomination fee as we dont want time wasters like Sinkamba to stand in 2016.K75 000 is nothing for somebody who want to be our pres

  4. K75 000 is nothing for somebody who want to become our president.please ECZ never listen to greed leaders like HH who despite claiming to be rich also complained over thos little k75 000!!!WE NEED FEW PEOPLE TO STAND THIS E.G 4 OR 5 UNLIKE HAVING MORE THAN 11 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES!!

  5. Anyone wanting to contest at any position should not do so from a position of destitution, rather such a person who must surely be a person of some means.

  6. Elections though a necessary evil are not cheap, the tax payer pays for this. For the so called politicians. To call for the revision of the already law fees contributed by those aspiring to lead the people is lack of knowledge and perhaps utter selfishness. If these politicians are interested in leading the people then, they should be willing to contribute towards these elections not just to go and doze in parliament at the expense of the tax payers. How much do MPs get as midterm allowance?- Hundreds of thousands of KWACHA.

  7. Bwana Snkamba, Your follwers make a lot of money by selling the Dagga that your party promotes. So ask them to contribute to your party. If you do not have that support then wind up and and don’t waste people’s time.

  8. ECZ, You should be commended for your effort to make sure that the people aspiring for public office are serious not these day dreamers who, instead of eating vegetables choose to smoke them. In fact the fees are far bellow what I would have expected. My proposal would have been K 250,000 for MPs and K 1,000 000 for presidency.

  9. Sinkamba you dont just have money to contest at presidential level we tired of jokers like you. presidential candidate crying foul over $6,500 shame on you.

  10. The seats have been diversely spread and one can find their match. If you can’t afford the presidency, go for the MP or further down. Leadership may not be a preserve for the affluent but at the same time not a money making exercise for paupers. Political joyriders who can force a runoff can well be countered headon.

  11. Ati why ask lungu? Lungu is the one who reduces, remember zesco tariffs. Deliberately increased so that Lungu can reduce.

    Cheap politics ba makaka

  12. It one way of rigging by ECZ.they want to reduce votes that will find there way in the Zambezi.Chulu we are watching you this year.They think it will help Lungu but alas it will just help opposition to unite and put heads together to remove PF and ECL.everything Lungu is doing will backfire.HH is the chosen one by God.

  13. Honestly how can such a person contest as a president when he cant differenciate the functions of President Lungu and Justice Chulu? Then we shall hear him getting 1,000 votes! Is it not bafoonery?

  14. …do these guys like the Sinkambas, the Mulongotis and the likes have teenager children…??..because if one of them happened to be my father..i would at one time sit him down and look in his face and tell him that he is embarrassing himself and us children…he is better off forming an NGO or a charity organisation….or if he is into politics, let them join other established parties…like Sinkamba would just fine if he was say a secretary general of say FDD…Tiger fish competing with a shark for a meal….its better off taking a ride on the back of the shark and eat what the shark kills….

  15. The political arena is too crowded, and crowded mainly by noise makers, not true politicians. Please maintain the high fee in order to weed out the clowns.


  17. Sinkamba,hh,chanda ifyamba mulepepa mulepena, cool down. Hh u say u have money why complain.
    *PUT COST SHARING % BETWEEN ECZ & PARTICIPATING PARTIES eg if cost of running presidential election is k2 000 000 and cost sharing is 50% then divide k1 000 000 which is 50% by number of candidates taking part,same with mps,councillors etc.
    Otherwise the amount is too low its not school that pipo shud complain if they dont take part.
    Only serious parties shud take part & feature best candidates.
    Please increase the fee

  18. I thought stake holders were called by ECZ to a meeting where the nomination fees were announced why didn’t participants reject the fees outright?

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