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PF has created over 435,000 new jobs-Kambwili

Economy PF has created over 435,000 new jobs-Kambwili

Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili
Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili
THE Patriotic Front government has created over 435,000 new jobs for local people since ascending to power, and it is committed to fulfilling its ambitious target of creating more jobs, Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Chishimba Kambwili has said.

Mr Kambwili, speaking during a meeting with government heads of department in Chinsali on Friday, said it is now incumbent upon other stakeholders in the private sector to be proactive in implementing the youth policy to ensure sustainable results for all Zambians.

“Government has put in place measures to create more jobs to alleviate unemployment and poverty. We have come up with strategies of how we are going to achieve this plan,” he said.

Mr Kambwili said it is important for all stakeholders to help in creating more jobs for the youth because unemployment is a national matter that affects everyone.

“The implementation of the youth strategy would culminate into an increase of options and opportunities for youth empowerment and employment, while creating an enabling platform for youth innovation and entrepreneurship,” he explained.

Mr Kambwili said this is aimed at achieving a direct positive impact on poverty reduction and ensure sustainable development and social inclusion.

He said the revised youth policy emphasises the need for responsive youth programming to address various emerging issues in youth development.

“The policy also puts emphasis on effective exit strategies that prepares youths to be self-reliant. Government is determined to see that livelihoods in Zambia are improved through the creation of jobs and other means of empowerment,” Mr Kambwili said.

He said Government, through the industrialisation and job creation strategy, aims to create more jobs in the agriculture, construction, manufacturing and tourism sectors.

Government is targeting these sectors as a way of actualising its diversification policy and slowly move away from over-dependence on the mining sector for employment creation and overall national economic development.

“The country’s population comprises mainly youths and Government recognises the unemployment affecting them. Every year, approximately 300,000 youths look for employment,” Mr Kambwili said.

He said Government plans to impart skills to youths so that they can positively contribute to national development through industrialisation.



    • Forget about a Grade 12 certificate. To be a PF Minster the only qualification you need is to be a LIAR.

      This clown is really TOO MUCH TO BEAR.

      Kwambili, I and I am sure most Zambians, are by now very tired of being insulted by you telling them rubbish that is plainly NOT TRUE! Do you really think we are so dull and stuupid that we can believe your blatant LIES???????

      Get out iddiot! Enough of your nonsense!

    • The same guy told us he would close down Zambian Watchdog. He also told us the new name for stadium in Matero would by Gabon Disaster Stadium. kambwili is full of foul smelling hot air

    • For share you have created jobs for your relatives as the majority cannot see or feel the impact of those jobss. By the way how much have these jobs contributed to Pay as you earn?

    • He reminds me of someone who once said no jobs would be lost in the mines, wait a minute, isn’t this the same guy?

    • Clearly a Grade 12 certificate requirement is not enough.
      What Zambia really needs is to invest heavily in medical research and urgently find a vaccine for idiocy.

      If that is a leader saying that, I keep asking what hope is there for the rest of us?

  2. Where have those jobs the minister s yapping about created ? This is the problem we have in Zambia where every government official, yaps, barks like a mad dog and so on and so forth in order to keep his job. Only f00ls will be cheated this time around because these are the same characters who have made the lives of many poor Zambians miserable. The ape is worried that is why he has resorted to telling lies because he fears for his job. During the Mwanawasa/ Rupiah Banda (MMD) rule, a 25Kg bag of mealie was going at K35/ K38. Now bearly, 5 years since PF took the reigns of the country, the same 25Kg bag of mealie meal is fetching K100. What if these nincompoops are given another 5 years mandate to rule the country, by how much shall we be buying the same bag of mealie meal, won’ t it…

    • Ba Chinsali Turn Off…
      The first question should be “Would there be mealie meal if these f00ls where given another 5 years?”

  3. Seems government has not reached an equilibrium state. The number of jobs created seems less than the jobs lost. Meaning even the reservoir has lost some people unless my mathematics, sorry, i mean my algebra is that bad otherwise things don’t add up here

    • Obviously Kwambilis Copperstone qualification is not even worth the paper it is written on!

      Mr Minister, here is a basic lesson in grade 2 arithmetic.

      YOU SAY Zambia gets 300,000 new job seekers a year. PF has been in power four years. That equals 1,200,000 jobs needed.

      YOU SAY PF has created 435,000 jobs.

      Therefore PF has FAILED 765,000 Zambians!

      YOU SAID IT!

  4. Comment: when PF ascended to power created more than 30 districts and on top of that created ministry of traditional and chief’s affairs translated to more than 10,000 permanent jobs which were created and for the first time in 2 decades Zambia employed more than 15,000 teachers and medical officers and country wide more than 1000 community development assistant were employed all these are permanent jobs( justification) the PF government embarked country wide infrastructure development in road construction under link 8000 project pave Zambia and L 400 projects these projects have employed more than 105 000 contracted jobs while construction of district hospital and part of 250

    health facilities it has employed more than 20000 jobs. tourism is another aspects agriculture all these…

    • All the jobs you have cited above are consumption type of jobs. No wonder your PF is failing to meet its financial obligations like paying students’ meal allowances. Chances are that you will not comprehend with this fact.

    • Judy, still a long way off from 465000!!!!. It also horryfying that anyone can increase his payroll by 10000 people just dealing with traditional affairs!!! Please share your source of data so we can check independently!!

  5. Were are this people you have recruited working. Working piece work is not the emoployement we want in Zambia. Stop telling lies..

  6. Judy in addition to many jobs pf has created. Zambia being aconducive investment destination has attracted foreight investiment. Look at Dongote opening cement plant in copperbelt employing 400 drivers. 400 codriver, 1500 plant worke. Indeed hate envy petty, jealous has blinded hh, worshipers to an extent of

    • OK ev,

      Dangote has employed 400+400+1500 = 2300.

      Where are the remaining (435,000- 2300=432,700) jobs?

      In Kwambilis imagination?

      Or is he just telling LIES! AGAIN!

      Maybe he just cannot count that much and needs a grade 12 certificate!

    • Dangote is not a PF project. You poorly informed chaps. Claiming victory that is not yours. Dangote plant construction started under the MMD Govnt way before your visionless party took over power. Give credit to MMD you failures. The only success you have done for which you deserve “credit” is to leave us with $8billion debt within your poor 5 years reign. Tell us which industries was initiated in your time as PF, zero. Every investor is waiting for you to exit in August 2016.

  7. Hahahaha; isn’t that about all that are in the formal employment in Zambia – last time it was reported that the formal employment figure was about 500K? Does he mean the number sustained, i.e. minus those who lost jobs?

  8. Comment:
    When I gave an input to Hon Kambwili’s official government position did not imply to be called names because if you continue your debates using your legs am more than ready to use the most appropriate luaguage that befit you so let us respect each other or I can also be humiliating you so be mindful people especially ?PND bloogers

  9. Kwena this hippo is the most uninformed animal in the pf mercenaries who have plundered Zambia’s wealth and therefore leaving citizens in abject poverty. The hippo is today one of the richest Africans because he has stolen with his friends and now he is hoodwinking us. Pf has managed to retrench over 10,000 employees in the mercenary’s one year tenor and the hippo is yapping the smelly yawn is such a way. By the way hippo says grade 12 minimum requirement clause will be amended, the mercenary on the other side says he supports it? What a government of dull turn-coats

  10. Let’s hear so e reports from our Private a Sector then……..silence. If that sector has created the same number of jobs, we’re talking almost a million in five years of turbulent storms.

  11. P.F has indeed created jobs “40” Jobs, in the foreign service of which 35 are occupied by the Bemba sub group, & the other 5 shared by the other Zambian tribes.
    For the “Copperstone Graduate” this is development, & one should be obliged to vote for these Pathetic Failures known as P.F.
    I rest my case.

    • In fact, if Zambians are wise enough to get rid of this “Chule”- Big K, & his cancerous P.F, party in August, they will surely do themselves the best favour EVER, as P.F are only as useful as a Venerea1 disease is to the human body, – TOTAL DOOM!!

  12. what do you think can come from a neckless human being whose grey matter is inadequate… nothing. he is just an empty tin.

  13. PF is really full of crap, their spokesperson is busy hallucinating. How does he claim that they have created that many jobs when we have not seen any job advertisement really. These chaps have been recruiting secretly and most of the people have no clue about the jobs. The chap is simply confessing of the nepotism going on in the PF led govt. These claims are too much, I remember the vice president making similar claims. Can the labor office and central statistics offices clarify these claims, surely these entities must know about these numbers.

  14. Comment:
    ?PND is full of tribalist and their bitter man hh has no agenda for Zambians hoping to come and privatize schools the way he under valuation Zambian assets when he was tasked to do so by MMD government no vote for hh viva Edgar and vote PF

  15. Comment:
    ?PND is full of tribalist and their bitter man hh has no agenda for Zambians hoping to come and privatize schools the way he under valuation Zambian assets when he was tasked to do so by MMD government no vote for hh viva Edgar and vote PF

    • Who told you he wants to privatise schools???.
      All these PF pipo are liears, like thier leaders like Kambwili above. If they are not thinking of stealing they are borrowing if not that they are making policy u turns, if not that they are lying to the public.

  16. I ve now believed that kabwili is mad were did pf created 435 000 jobs it z clear that pf has failed any way we can nt suprise that lungu has no vision even his followers like kambwili, mumbi,chama and frank bwalya all have no vision

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