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Cactus Agony announces new single featuring Katongo “Kiss of Life”

Headlines Cactus Agony announces new single featuring Katongo “Kiss of Life”


Cactus Agony and Katongo Temba are set to releases their new single “Kiss of Life” on 13th February.

The Shom C produced song will serve as the first single from Cactus Agonys upcoming album “Chasing the Wind”.The song will be available for free download on 13th and 14th February before going on sale.

To celebrate the release of Kiss of Life on Feb, 13th, Cactus Agony and Katongo Temba are working in conjunction with Lusaka Flowers to give their fans some savings when they order flowers and gift items for your Valentines in Lusaka, Zambia this February 14th. Go to Lusakaflowers.com for more details.

Follow Katongo and Cactus Agony on twitter : @KatongoMusic ,@CactusAgony


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  1. Nice one! And a discount for fans too. Now this is clever marketing.bi wish all Zambian artists were serious about their art like this!

  2. Ok to be honest, these guys don’t look Zambian and worse they sing Reggae! Forget about this type of trash being pushed into the Real Zambia. This cross over stuff needs to stay Diaspora to give home grown talent growing space.

    Zambians stay true to Kalindula etc. And dump this rubbish! No wonder my cousin recently sent me a picture wearing those Reggae hats with dreads sewn in. I was just like,…… Jere, what the heck!!

  3. I can’t wait this is so exciting. I love Katongo and their last song together “Something bout the way” was awesome. @Patriot Abroad with Zambians like you its no wonder Zambia has not and cannot move forward, you people don’t think or look forward you want to stay the same.

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