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France to assist Zambia establish a National Airline

Headlines France to assist Zambia establish a National Airline

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (left) with French President Francois Hollande
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (left) with French President Francois Hollande

PRESIDENT Lungu’s three-day official visit to France has immediately yielded six deals that will see Zambia receive significant investment in the energy, aviation and other sectors.

Following bilateral talks between the President and his counterpart Francois Hollande at Elysee Palace here yesterday, France has promised to, through Airbus, help Zambia establish a national airline.

Zambia, through the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), has also issued a licence for France 24, the European country’s largest broadcasting house, to immediately begin operations in Zambia.

Briefing the media after the bilateral talks between the two leaders, special assistant to the President for press and public relations Amos Chanda said President Lungu thanked Mr Hollande for the fruitful engagement.

Mr Chanda was speaking at Le Meurice Hotel.

“The President is very thankful to his host, His Excellency President Francois Hollande, for promising to help Zambia set up a national airline through Airbus.

“Mr Hollande said Airbus, one of the largest global aviation companies, will help train Zambian pilots, provide technical support and supply aircraft for the new airline,” he said.

Mr Chanda said Mr Hollande promised Mr Lungu that as soon as the Zambian government is ready, his administration will send technical teams to the southern African nation to begin the process.

He said Mr Hollande has also told President Lungu that his government will mobilise investment in the energy, mining and other sectors.

“The French President has promised the head of State that France is interested to invest in both the traditional hydro and alternative energy with emphasis on solar energy,” Mr Chanda said.

During the talks, a number of agreements were signed covering different sectors.

The agreements are between Zambia and the France Development Agency (AFD), ZNBC and France 24, declaration of intent between the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) and Business France and between the University of Zambia School of Mines and Ecole Supereiere des Mines de Nantes and Telecom Bretagne.
Another deal is between Paris 1 Panthon Sorbonne University and Zambia’s Tourism Training Institute Trust.

Earlier in the day, President Lungu toured the French National Museum of Natural History where Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba signed a memorandum of understanding with the French Ministry of Ecology for co-operation in the conservation of nature and mitigation of climate change.

President Lungu, who witnessed the signing ceremony inside the museum, called for more efforts aimed at preserving nature because climate change is increasingly threatening the human race with extinction.

France’s Minister of Ecology Aigole Royel signed on behalf of her country in the presence of the museum’s president, Bruno David.

Mr Chanda said President Hollande also echoed Pope Francis’ appeal to President Lungu during his visit to the Vatican City last week to help resolve the escalating political instability in Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

He said Mr Lungu reported that he is already interceding as he had sent envoys to mediate in the two countries’ conflicts.

Mr Lungu said he was concerned that if the two countries did not resolve their internal political wrangles, it could trigger an influx of refugees into Zambia, which could cause economic and social problems for the country.

He said the two leaders discussed a wide range of issues and pledged to work towards the strengthening of bilateral relations for the benefit of the citizens of the two nations.

President Lungu arrived at the Elysee Palace at 15:00 hours and was received by Mr Hollande.

The French Republican Guard mounted a guard of honour for the President before the two leaders went into the presidential complex for the private talks.

President Lungu attended a welcoming ceremony at the L’Hotel National des Invalides where the French military mounted a guard of honour for him.

He came out at 16:00 hours and headed for Le Meurice Hotel.

President Lungu is today expected to address a business forum to be attended by over 70 prominent French investors.

He later leaves for Lusaka in the afternoon.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) being welcomed by French President Francois Hollande at Elysee Palace in Paris, France on Monday,February 8,2016. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2016.
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) being welcomed by French President Francois Hollande at Elysee Palace in Paris, France on Monday,February 8,2016. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2016.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (left) with French President Francois Hollande at Elysee Palace in Paris, France on Monday,February 8,2016. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2016.
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (left) with French President Francois Hollande at Elysee Palace in Paris, France on Monday,February 8,2016. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2016.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) with French President Francois Hollande at Elysee Palace in Paris, France on Monday,February 8,2016. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2016.
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) with French President Francois Hollande at Elysee Palace in Paris, France on Monday,February 8,2016. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2016.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (second from right) watches as French Minister of Ecology Segolene Royale (right) and Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba signs an at agreement at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, France on Monday,February 8,2016.. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2016.
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (second from right) watches as French Minister of Ecology Segolene Royale (right) and Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba signs an at agreement at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, France on Monday,February 8,2016.. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2016.


    • With a Lozi height, everything is possible. I hope this won’t make Cameron jealous, his property is now signing agreements with Britain’s rival.

    • So many countries have pledged to assist with Airline before. Who takes the money?
      What happened with airplanes Mukanga announced that they were ordered and was to be presented at the 50th Anniversary? The millennium airline.

    • This issue of the national airline was shelved just a few months ago due to economic challenges. Things have not improved so I wonder why we are even talking about this. We simply don’t have that kind of money for such a luxury. People are poor and struggling on zigolo and bread for supper and yet we want to start a loss making venture that will take away from the national purse due to subsidies. That is so unfair to the many poor people who need medicines and will never get on a plane. Stop this project!

    • After we became independent from the British Empire, France was our first European ally and became such a good friend to the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise … The French government donated the first fleet of all ministrial cars.

      Every new Minister was driven in a Citroën donated to the first GRZ by the government of France. President Charles de Gaulle who the Paris International Airport is named after became such good friend with KK.

      The French established the Alliance Française’s what was used to train Zambian teachers through scholarships to France. When KK handed over power to FTJ, one of the first calls he received was from then French President François Mitterrand to congratulate him on peacefully handing over power.

      The French have always been reliable partners to…

    • Continued …

      The French have always been reliable partners to the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise from time immemorial. They helped us with the establishment of assembly lines for 504 Peugeot (Made in Zambia) which too was an official ministrial car for the last UNIP ministers in 1991.

      So when President Holland says and I quote “… Airbus, one of the largest global aviation companies, will help train Zambian pilots, provide technical support and supply aircraft for the new airline,” he means what he says.

      With the French, their word is their bond and over the years they have consistently delivered on their promise. Whether it was something to do with helping set up an energy marketing board, Total (Z) Ltd was at the forefront, Lafarge has been a consistent player, Tatra…

    • We welcome the new Zambia Airways under the auspices of the French government. We have a crew of some of the best-well trained pilots Africa has ever seen under the Zambia Air Force and a conversion from military aircrafts to the Airbus would be a piece of cake for our gallant boys.

      And it makes sense … Africa’s favorite destination for French tourists in 2015 was Zambia and we don’t even speak Française except for a few of us who took la langue à l’école secondaire. Voila … vraiment il fait bon vivre

    • @Nostradamus
      who gave our sober lungu that jacket???,, Is Paris that Cold for him to borrow a jacket whch doesn’t fit him

    • ECL, keep building bridges and working for mother Zambia for the common good. Leave political wrecks fatasizing with hatred and utopia. In droves they share fall to your right hand side with share and more bitterness. Faka speed and sebenzela Zambia.

    • Did the President say that there will be no re-launching of a national airline not long ago? Which is which now? Are we going to have a national airline or not?

    • You guys have a lot of faith in France!! Cant you see all their (France) former colonies are ditching them to English. Rwanda has already changed from French to English. Next is Gabon, Rwanda, DRC, Sierra Leone, Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, etc. The French have been promoting dictators and civil wars in these countries in order to steal natural resources in these countries.

      Not long ago, the French President was auctioning wine bottles to resuscitate the failing French Economy. In Investment, I would rather go with the Chinese, British, Israelis and Americans. This whole National Airline story is a dead-end.

    • The first closure of Unza was as a result of the French selling arms to the then apartheid S.A when students protested against this decision at the French Embassy in Lusaka. Although the Zambian government may have protested against this decision behind closed doors it is the students who come out in the open to protest against it but in return got their university closed. “Uluse Lwalile Nkwale”

    • Senior Engineer.. Thanks for the info on the first closure of UNZA, I was a young boy then (late 66s) when my cousin was expelled from UNZA for the protest – I mistakenly thought it was the UDI issue in Zimbabwe when commenting on the history or riots at UNZA on another forum.

    • Etiquette, please Edgar! In Europe and other civilized countries, it is considered rude to greet someone with gloves on.

    • Look at some “educated” blogoers on this intoxicated with excitement. …it’s likened to a slave being told by his master that he will work in the kitchen instead of the cotton field.
      Wake up for the sake of your children

    • What was the all point of getting independent? After 50 yrs on we’re still going back to our former masters, we could have even gone to Ethiopia they have a decent airline. But then again, here I am, in UK after 50 yrs of independence instead of being home, a bit hypocritical on my part. Let’s just agree we’re a mess.

    • This story is as old as PF:
      Zambia to launch new national carrier
      17 Oct 2011 12:00 AM
      Zambia plans to launch a new national carrier, Fly Zambia, later this year. The launch had been delayed due to technical delays in licensing and funding, said the Times of Zambia.
      “We are just finalising documentation on joint ventures, funding and the licensing of the airline,” President of Fly Zambia, Joel Chilufya, told the paper.

      He continued to say that the new national airline would now be launched at a later date this year with an initial investment of US$21m (R173m), and not in September as originally planned. The airline is to be formed by a group of Zambian and South African professionals in the aviation industry in conjunction with the Zambian Government.

      Anna-Belle Mulder


    • @ B.R.Mumba Sr

      Please note that running an airline is not easy.All African state-owned airlines,(including South African Airways),are loss-makers.Airbus is owned by several EU members and is not a charitable organization; Zambians will not get aircraft for free.Remember that our foreign debt is getting bigger.

    • Airbus does not belong to France alone but a consortium of EU countries. The smallest Airbus costs about 74 million USD. Supply you here means to BUY!!! why all this wishful thinking

    • If I could get a pound everytime zambia signs an agreement for some this or the other grandiose project, I would be a very wealth person indeed.


  1. This is good news for mother Zambia. Zambia Airways will be reborn. I hope it will be really fruitfull.
    Do not let the Pilot Kid to take control of the plane yet. We need someone mature and experienced pilot for now.

  2. Ok now Lungu is running away with this thing,,,,,50% +1 i believe we are now home and dry

    2016 vote(PF) Edgar

    i thank you


    • @ Peter puteni ichimwela tubalange boostleeeeeeeeee

      No doubt my brother 50%+1 is money in the bank for Edgar Lungu

      2015 vote (PF) Edgar

      i thank you

    • Cool it Peter. No sane person can destroy a good arrangement – only Chiluba did that in 1991 (when every thing UNIP was considered bad) and Sata in 2011 (when all the efforts LPM’s MMD made to rebuild Zambia) was trashed or taken over as own without acknowledgement e.g- the ‘bad’ Mwanawasa chinese are now the good Sata Chinese. Rest assured this a very good initiative and it will be kept but better managed if it goes through but will be watched closely so that not only the French will eat the BUTTERED side of the bread. The bad deals will certainly be scrapped!

  4. Though I will never vote for the PF for their thuggery, confusion and a litany of other reasons such as Kabwili and Davis Chama, I give him credit on this one.

    Enjoy your few remaining months in office sir.

  5. ” Hallo Mr Denis Liwewe can you hear me..this is Isaac Mulinda and you are live on radio….”

    “Hallo Isaac yes I can hear you…there are wild scenes here…the Zambians and the South Africans are cheering…South Africa backing Zambia to the heels..i have never seen anything like this. …Zambia has beaten Egypt 3 goals to 1 in one of the bitterest Counter attacks in living memory…..Zambia scored 3 goals in the second half after conceding an early goal after 11 minutes….now if you try to feed that info into the computer that Zambia came from behind and won 3-1 against Egypt..even the computer could have rejected and now it’s over to you Isaac”
    1996 Africa Cup

    2015 PF (Zambia ) vs HH (Egypt)

    2016 vote PF ( Edgar )
    I thank you

  6. This is our President in whom we are well pleased. May God bless you Sir. You are the Republican President of Zambia. Others are just dreamer presidents for small regional parties and will never rule our country. One president till 2026. No vacancy. Come august we the pipo of Zambia will vote for you in large numbers. Ifintu nimwebo ba Lungu fullstop.

  7. If Airbus will train Zambian pilots, provide technical support and supply fleet of planes, what will Airbus receive in return? Is Airbus a charitable organization?

    • It was possible if Airbus was owned by French Government. Unfortunately, Spanish, UK, German, Italian, Irish and Belgian Government may not approve. And what about Shareholders? Never-mind that its against EU fair-competition rules.
      Another pie in the sky.

    • @Hung them high you are absolutely right! Most sensible comment here! Even ka Hollande making communist promises he cant keep!

  8. Nice one jealousy down. Me and my family we gona vote for you Edgar. You have shown maturity in leading Zambia with so many economic challenges. You have proved that you are a true leader.We will support you Edgar. We dont want any change coz its just gona take Zambia backward again especially with under 5 who has no political experience

  9. Thats Edgar Chagwa Lungu our President. In August we are coming home to vote for you to remain in State house. State House is yours Sir. No sharing with anyone. We know Kachema does not sleep dreaming of state house daily but he will never enter there. He belongs to Gwembe

  10. Niba Lungu chabe zoona. Utasha ni mwana wa satanist. What a mature leader we have in Lungu. Busy meeting important pipo abroad to help solve the problems Zambia is facing. Will vote for you unless for abana bafreemason

  11. Niba Lungu chabe zoona. Utasha ni mwana wa satanist. What a mature leader we have in Lungu. Busy meeting important pipo abroad to help solve the problems Zambia is facing. Will vote for you unless for abana ba satanist

  12. Zambians this is the time to work and develope our country. The future is looking good. Those talking about change lets ignore them and remain focused. Look at PF projects country wide and imagine the new zambia when they are done. Opposition stop insulting those constructing roads and hospitals you are using. Thanku lungu

  13. If only you had been doing this from day one! Job well done. Now get rid of the hooligans from your party and you’ll win my vote back!

  14. Somehow a good job done! However we have to be careful with this issue of the airline!! Unless government is entering into an agreement with Air France or another big Airline like Turkish Airlines or Emirates we could just be getting deeper into irredeemable debt! Yes we can run an airline but may be we need to fully define our positioning of that airline with respect to the region and the world. Running the airline is not really owning aircraft but have a competitive business model that delivers returns on investment. What is the point of having big sized Airbuses on if they are quarter full all the time when a smaller aircraft picking everybody in the subregion to a hub in Lusaka to feed into bigger international carriers? Other deals look good though we need to add telecoms as well to…

    • ..continued..Other deals look good though we need to add telecoms as well to offer diversity of choice in infrastructure and service provision. We also need investment in hotels so that the hotel owners can help us to market Zambia in Europe and the world. We hope France 24 will help to promote Zambia to bring in more tourists. Let us hope for the best!!

  15. Am I missing something here. Didn’t a friendly nation give our police an aircraft which led a PS to use K2.4 million to buy 20 hectares of land for an air base from the Millers when the state owns land. Just wondering how much we will spend on all sorts of issues when France helps with bigger planes. Establishing a national airline is not the issue, the issue is running it sustainably.That is one industry that is more difficult to run than our institutions of higher learning. Is France going to be paying staff for the new establishment or they will only help in acquisition of the planes and training of the pilots? Maybe our president should now visit Britain and ask for a grant to cover operational costs. Am waiting for Zamtel to declare dividends to the state.

  16. The National Airline was long overdue. It is a viable business project. If it was childish, then the French government would not waste time talking about it or investing in it. Therefore, the rest of the work is for commercial and technical professionals to perform efficiently.

  17. Setting up a Zambian airline is the easy part, but running it to grow it professionally + profitably is the biggest challenge.Not like a cheap salaula bizness.

  18. katondo boys you remind me of SA 96. I followed the games religiously. I remember missing super when Zambia lost to Tunisia 4-2. missing super at a boarding school those days was something out of the ordinary for a boy from the poorest of families .thanks for the memories

  19. For an airline, what matters are the economic fundamentals: Volume of business-If the volumes will be high enough to justify it, then fine. Given our level of economic activity and levels of poverty – most of those who travel by air, do so at company expense. I doubt that the volumes will be adequate. Costs: one of the major costs is fuel. Now fuel is cheaper, but will not remain so in the medium term to long term. I doubt that it will work. Since you insist try it. But just do a thorough feasibility before you dive in, it may minimize the tears!

    • “feasibility”??? Done by PF???
      Just look around and you will see “unprecedented development” abandoned left, right and middle.

  20. More folly the man is simply contradicting everything he said in that press conference…surely how can a aircraft manufacturer assist in establishing an airline? When are we going to learn as Africans why is it so much of a priority to set up an airline..why not form partnerships with tractor manufacturers? I see another loan being drawn up here. You still have not learnt anything about these broadcasting houses France 24 promotes French interests just like Russia Today instead of looking for assistance to help ZNBC with technical assistance he goes to do this.
    How did we end up with such a shortsighted myopic President with **** for brains…its really sad no wonder the little turd Hollande is smiling…its win win for French jobs.

  21. Don’t just do the uzungu anione… The president should press the French for their human rights abuses on Mayotte island today in Africa.
    Sucks how these Europeans doctored Afro minds to view & see them as Gods, so that whatever they do is not punished by ‘international law’.

  22. This airline issue is a none starter it will never happen big economys like Britain and France did away with runing their airlines to private hands and you still talking about it. Zambians you easy get fooled and carried away easily Lungu is using this for his camaign nothing will come of all this .you are already forgetting the suffering PF has brought on Zambia just after looking at a few photos

  23. This airline issue is a none starter it will never happen big economys like Britain and France did away with runing their airlines to private hands and you still talking about it. Zambians you easy get fooled and carried away easily Lungu is using this for his camaign nothing will come of all this .you are already forgetting the suffering PF has brought on Zambia just after looking at a few photos wake up before you are played again.

  24. So gullible zambians are.. They believe everything the boma says.. Just wait N see where this same airbus talks are 2 months from now… It will b past tense… Ask the boma the same question about the airline… They will reply dat the private sector is not interested.. It’s soo expensive… BlahBlah blah lol

  25. Operating planes on a national basis ain’t a joke.. It’s not much of a profit making venture.. Maintenance and stuff is expensive.. The government first better sort out the drainage and big craters on our main roads… Lumumba Road looks like a lusaka city council dump ground. Kafue roundabout is a nightmare during heavy rains… They want to start an airline lol

  26. Chifita will always be a beggar and now we are in France begging them to come and reap us off. Do we know understand what France does in Africa and why all their former colonies are still suffering economically? We Zambians must be wary of the business deals we engage with EU countries. As much as we are desperate to have an airline, we should get the right information and assess our main priorities straight. We have failed to bring back the rail systems that is much needed and busy pursuing an airline business at the expense of real issues.

  27. I am sure this is a deal to explore the opportunity further. I doubt if it is possible to strike such an important deal in 3 days unless works started way back behind the scenes. Anyhow, bwana job well done. Nomba zengu ( jacket) ili mu pic no. 1 ya shani bakalamba?

  28. Commenting on the establishment of a national airline, the French president said when you are ready inform us and our president has not said we are ready come on Monday. So I don’t really see the need for all the fuss being created.

    A memorandum of understanding is an intent or an invitation to treaty meaning something is on offer but the decision to take it or not has not been made. Don’t just criticize things in order to hear your own voice.

  29. Would like more specifics on the for the interest of citizens part. Is this a metaphor for military involvement.

    The airline part sounds like buy/lease Airbus and we will train you.

    Media part – didn’t France already supply equipment so that’s growing that relationship. Content wise they are twins focused on government news. French degrees all round for tourism and mining.

    As all the deals are not described one can only hope now ED is done he can focus on what is really biting Zambians at home. Bread and butter issues as none of the above will directly benefit the average Zedian.

  30. Airbus is a EU owned company which is headquartered in France, almost every European member contribute some part to an airbus plane, for example the turbo fan engines comes from Ross Royce which is based in England

    • They are smart the create jobs for their own…no airline flies directly to Lusaka and back they pass through Nairobi or Addis or Jo’burg…why because there is not enough traffic to sustain it..why on earth would one even envisage wasting taxpayers funds on this venture …simply laziness in ones mindset.

    • @ Jay Jay

      What about taking A350 out of service to be used as REAL President plane? Just like KK used to do with Zambia Airways.

  31. Job well done our President. We will give you 10 years more for the developments of our mother Zambia. ViVa Edgar Chagwa Lungu (PF)

  32. Surely you have u-turned on tariffs for electricity and you think some companies are going to come all the way from France to come and set up solar farms to supply electricity at a loss….this lazy bum of drunkard needs to sober up a good slap across his face would be highly recommended.

  33. my fellow Zambians lets be serious the issue now is not cosmetic development for the rich. Our focus is to reduce this inflation ,so as make sure every poor Zambian is self reliant with Food. Zambians are not asking for much those airplanes are for rich 3/4 of Zambians will never fly outside Zambia for next 30yrs.Human development is key to real development. We need balanced development that puts man on the center.

  34. This is proof of President Lungu’s Diplomatic acumen. He went on a trip and comes home bringing the Bacon! He Instills confidence in our economy. Great son of Zambia.

    All the opposition nay Sayers blogging negative nonsense on this matter are collectively jealous that PF’s Man on the Front is the BUSINESS, he certainly is bringing it! It’s quiet funny to note the tone of UPNDers here, it’s all geared up to disrupt, to misinform on ‘starvation,’ to create an environment for disagreement, conflict and violence. Measure that tone against the tone of Peace assurances made by President Lungu! Great Cons!

    • Plezzz.
      Lungu goes on a begging trip and he is a hero. About the airline, the French say they will be ready when Zambia is ready, meaning the assistance is not for free, where will PF get the money, they have maxed out the credit cards.
      The deal with France 24 is merly them providing a ka decoder so ZNBC can add France 24 to their multiplex for retransmission. Nothing to get excited about.

    • @ Spaka like

      Begging trips are speciality of all world Leaders. Even Western countries go to China, India to forge relationships. Tenuous as they may be they are an essential skill for a Leader. You want to be part of the conversation when Trade is discussed.

  35. France’s influence in central African has not been that smooth of late,Dr congo current president not so much into French fries usually like English breakfast, Rwanda kigali current president has bone to chew with the French, Burundi’s kuruzinza is a little candidate for the Hague, in short France has realized that there is easy bait in the neighborhood, just offer some training on how to fly planes, chaps will go bonkers in the jungle.

  36. What development has PF brought? PF have depleted all the coffers which MMD left. MMD dismantled debt of US$7.00 m and PF has accumulated a debt of US$7.m within four years of their rule. So what is the future for ZAmbia? Zambia needs an economist and accountant and Lawyers particularly Lungu has failed to rule the country. HH 2016

  37. Very easily excitable we Zambians get. That is why we vote the wrong people and governments in power. Lungu visits France, a few ‘agreements’ are signed and he becomes the ‘Dear Leader’. How many other Presidents from Africa have been to France and signed obscure agreements? Who really benefits from these? It might be that in the end all is well and good, but we need to be objective and critical about some of these populist trips. What roles did all the people in the entourage play, for example? Did Mumbi Phiri the deputy- PF SG need to be there to witness the signings?

    • @Harold Muna

      There us no way that you and your negative UPND friends here can prove it won’t happen, work etc. you are making negative assumptions on hopeful future. It must be a very dark world you inhabit.

  38. A corrupt house of cards can’t stand forever…

    The PF is a party built on cheap lies and piles of stinking excrement under the control of just a few fiercely tribally bigoted oligarchs of the Kambwili and Fatherless Bwalya, Mumba-Phiri type that can only function until August 2016. The time is nigh. August this year will mark a seismic moment in this ongoing war against graft and tribal bigotry. With economic collapse all around us, abena Chimbwili unomwaka kunya bebele!

  39. With all this talk about the urgent need to diversify our economy and the potential this country has for tourism this is definitely a critical activity – hearing from industry experts. The when and how, is something Zambians will have to work towards (to make it happen if we are serious this time around), evidently this is no easy road going the many who have failed to walk the talk. Developing a country involves many moving pieces / difficult decisions which have to be registered against e.g. different individual needs/expectations, time and resources; this one may not exactly tick for everyone and so criticism will be expected, constructive or otherwise. God bless our country.

  40. You must know that the so called deal between ZNBC and France 24 is only France 24, which is a news chanel, providing ZNBC with a ka decoder so ZNBC can receive that chanel and retransmitt. Nothing special. If all the so called deals are of this caliber, total waist of our time and money.

  41. Well done mr president keep it up you have my vote . Knew I would advise you to move in to the power house of agricture

  42. And of what benefit is this to the people of Misisi who sleep without a meal. Irrelevant and meaningless projects. It wont win you votes sir.

    • @Lucy

      It’s not all ‘ Belly’ contents you know. You must make money to fill bellies! It’s a chain. Being negative is not filling any bellies either.

  43. @Patriot Abroad … You need to be objective and don’t make assumptions. Because someone is criticizing the establishment it makes them a UPND member? What kind of narrow minded baseless patriotism is that? By the way, I see things from an enlightened perspective – it does not depend on any allegiances.

    • @Harold Muna

      I am most objective indeed.
      I assure you I’m not in league with any party. But generally the nastiest comments are UPND. Please don’t question my patriotism. I am the real thing. Flags and everything!

  44. Be wary of the French. They have a bad name in Africa. Look at the countries they ruled. Dictators were supported. They will support Lungu and …..

  45. Ooooh! I forgot to analyze the pictures, pic 4 typical “am humble posture” hands stuck to your body, this posture is typical of truants at school when headmaster is next to you, how many remember those days of corporal punishment in schools, your headmaster escorting you to your small chibokaila for hard labor. Most PFool cadres didn’t pass through this phase that’s why they seem not to know what they want in life. This posture simply tells they are not equals even the deal come out this will be headmaster /pupil deal, one thing i know pf government they ain’t good business negotiators, this should worry you.

  46. patriot abroad; that plane will be non profit making as it will be full of non paying cadres going shopping abroad.

    • I think there will be some of that! But if you think it does not happen with other world leaders and their glitterati friends then you are wrong. It’s an elite disease!!

  47. “Mr Hollande said Airbus, one of the largest global aviation companies, will help train Zambian pilots, provide technical support and SUPPLY AIRCRAFT for the new airline.” Obviously, kabili they only want to secure a market for Airbus. They might even give you multiple loans for all this. Remember, there is nothing for nothing!

  48. always good to see “national airline” coming again to Zambia. Try, try again… I mean, maybe someday this will actually work.

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Outgoing FAZ Super Division champions Zesco United have congratulated Nkana for winning the 2019/20 league title. Nkana were on Sunday crowned league winners of the...

Ndola Lime Company not sold-ZCCM-IH

The ZCCM-IH has denied signing a memorandum of understanding Global Human Benefit Zambia Limited for the sale of a 65% stake and the...

Cabinet Approves Introduction of Bills to Provide for Economic Processing and Exportation of Cannabis

Cabinet has at its 18th meeting today approved, in principle, to the introduction of Bills in Parliament to provide for cultivation, processing and exportation...

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