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I did not leave UPND because of Tribalism-Bob Sichinga

Headlines I did not leave UPND because of Tribalism-Bob Sichinga

HH Welcoming back Bob Sichinga to UPND
HH Welcoming back Bob Sichinga to UPND

Former Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister in late President Michael Chilufya Sata’s administration Robert Sichinga has refuted claims by political critics that former UPND Spokesperson Patrick Chisanga and himself left United Party for National Development (UPND) on account of tribalism pushed by loyalists that only a Tonga should succeed the late Anderson Kambela Mazoka and lead the party.

In remarks on Pan African Radio ‘OFF the CUFF” radio Program anchored by Hermit Hachilonde, Mr. Sichinga dismissed the claims as erroneous, adding that the truth of the matter is that UPND has always been an inclusive political party.

“The tribalism thing was not the basis I left the UPND, I only left when I was physically beaten at Mr. Mazoka’s burial,”

“That was not the correct scenario because I left before HH took over leadership of the UPND, I had resigned from the UPND because of accusations that were labeled against me and the differences in the selection of candidates within the party at that time and the fact the I raised the issue of Mazoka’s health,” said Mr Sichinga before adding that he thought was that it was better for Mr Mazoka to rest based on his health.

“The tribal thing was not a correct scenario. I had put Mazoka’s health  first, and the tribalism thing was not the basis I left the UPND, I only left when I was physically beaten at Mr. Mazoka’s burial,” Mr Sichinga said

Mr. Sichinga said that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema embraces people regardless of their individual tribal heritage.

Mr. Sichinga, who rejoined the UPND, dismissed as unfair accusations labeling the UPND leader as a tribalist with deserving contempt.

Mr. Sichinga said that most people make such unjustified assessment on account of ignorance.

Sichinga, a former UPND Kafue Member of Parliament (MP) believes that Mr. Hichilema is comparably a better and experienced leader with exceptional ability to manage the Zambian economy.

“Am sure that president Hichilema knows that he needs the support of all tribes in Zambia, so I would say to you that the issues of error in judgment and that cannot be pressed on Hakainde Hichilema because he was only called to run the affairs of the party and that is not his problem” Bob Sichinga Said

You can listen to extracts from the Interview below

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  1. I like HH- but cmon he has failed 4 times. I know it, he knows it and the chances of succeding are not very good are they?

    Imagine walking in the streets of Zambia- seeing McDonalds, House of Fraser, resurrection of UBZ, resurrection of free Buses.

    Well stop dreaming, those are things that are likely coming if you entrust your weapon of Mass destruction (What’s that?) Well it’s the MS weapon. You got it?

    Indeed, that Miles Sampa Weapon- Mission statehouse thrown by you on August 11.

    You can’t miss the target-can you?

    Vote Miles Sampa
    Orange Alliance

    See things improve dramatically



    • You’re just a Bemba tribalist. I have analysed your comments for a long time. You always throw Bemba names as your presidential candidates irrespective of their parties as long as they are Bemba. I can confidently tell you that no Bemba is likely to rule Zambia any time soon.

    • Is it right then to assume that Bob left PF after he was democratically beaten at the convention? So much about a personally known for taking and giving beatings. The question to most of us is what value do politicians who have not made a significant contribution to the general populace bringing to their new party? MMD members are rushing to PF, PF members are rushing to UPND what a load of nonsense! We need to to reject some of these obvious beggars otherwise the incident at Ndola airport will look like a Sunday school picnic for the horrific things to come in the name of party cadres.
      These same old politicians are the ones perpetuating poverty, corruption, tribalism and gross underdevelopment in Zambia.

    • Whatever, Mr Sichinga. You really should have said something then when HH was being attacked. I still think you did a right thing though to leave PF in time. Masebo must do the same. Everybody is welcome to move Zambia forward. We need all the brains and experience. HH has a vision. Its okay if you think this is a bias. I suppose I will have to vote for a real human being and not for a frog like in the KK era!! I also like Miles, Chipimo and Nawakwi. But for now, HH looks more stable and promising.

    • The remaking of a UPND that once was. Let it be. Let it come back and not go back to the party it subsequently degenerated into following the death of its founder, Anderson Mazoka.

    • Bob, you left UPND because you wanted to become the party president after Mazoka fell ill…just like you wanted to become PF president when Sata was dying…I hope you have not seen death in UPND!!!


    • Drop the caps – cettainly if you want to appear like you ae sober and not a muppet who craves attention.

      Caps are very heard to read- but then you are a black man so I expect you to not know the difference.



    • These political monkeys who are only good at jumping from one political tree to another are nothing but opportunists .They have turned politics into “umwakulishisha” their pot bellies and girl friends and they have nothing to contribute to our country. HH, be careful with political prostitutes because,should you lose in August,the same people will turn against you. Efyo baba tabachinja.

  3. Ok Ba Bob, I do also recall that the issue of Mazoka’s health and subsequent beating of you and the late Henry Mtonga led to your departure from UPND and you cited intolerance,violence as the main reasons. But then at some stage you had joined those who condemned UPND as a tribal party when Patrick Chisanga and Sakwiba were ill treated and told that they could not ascend to the throne because they were not Tonga! But I believe UPND has now been joined by many from other ethnic groups and is approaching equilibrium. My question is, don’t you believe HH has had those qualities even before Sata and you could have well supported him even in January 2015? You may be right but your move looks more of a personal survival strategy rather than serving mother Zambia. What are your achievements…

  4. Bashi nono u should have just retired from active politics instead of making a big fool of yoself. i dont c u adding an value to UPND. u failed to run the ministries u were given under PF. u are a spent force just like VJ.

  5. The number of ‘fallen’ politicians that are jumping on the UPND bandwagon is alarming. I hope they don’t end up being given positions because it will result in the country remaining stagnant with the same recycled politicians. We need fresh faces, new ideas.

  6. I always had tespect for bashi Nono butvtoday I have proved that a man can eat his own vomit when poverty lurks around him. This man was beaten by the same cattle herders he wants to embrace today and YES tribe was an issues and he also says ‘The Tribal Thing’ want the issue. So there was the Tribal thing afterall. Loadshedding or not I will never vote for HH coz of the ‘Tribal Thing’ . None Tongas supporting HH will have the shock of their lives if BY ACCIDENT HH wins

  7. BashiNoNo,
    Kanshi naimwe mulabepa, I am very shocked.Landinifye ati namupelelwafye, so kuya ku malushi, iyee yemwe tefyo bakita awe.Be honest and simly admit that you have gone back to vomit shame.

    • You are right the man should just admit just like Dora Siliya, Kapembwa Simbao, Kaingu and Sylvia Masebo did by joining PF.

  8. And why were you attacked again? And have the people who attacked you at the funeral apologized or left UPND?

    Just asking

    • He was attacked because he failed to speak Tonga at the entrance to the funeral house. The rule which was given to the door bouncers was that only a Tonga should be admitted. That’s why he was beaten it’s all about tribalism baba don’t refute.

    • So this man is always talking about other people’s health. The name shi no no came about because of Sata’s illness,and poor Sata died.He raised Mazoka’s Heath and he too died!Now HH is not feeling too well of late,should he comment?

  9. Mr Sichinga has explained himself and its for Zambians to judge for themselves. It is said a principled person does not sway from his moral persuation, beliefs and values. The fact that Bob left UPND on account of what he claims is less economical and inadmissible. The matter was addressable within the party structures. Today, if Bob stuck with UPND would have been more honourable than his past record of serving in PF government. Bob Sichinga still owes Zambians why and how he joined PF and served as PF government minister, when original PF were left out.
    Soon after late president Sata died, in typical ‘turn coat’ fashion embraces UPND publicly. Zambians have the right to ask ‘Where is the honesty and moral value of Bob Schinga?

  10. Roka – Just like Frank Bwalya left PF and called Sata Chimbwi Munshololwa, he has gone back and eating the chumbu of what Sata left behind. It is a question of judgement now especially if there are indication that the ship might sink on 11 August 2016.

  11. Looks like voting for UPND will be voting for no change and continuity with the failed status quo. Looks like All those that have failed and let the nation down are heading to UPND. All roads for all failures trying to get a second bite at the Cherry leads to UPND.

    If you want real change vote for either PF, MMD, FDD or Orange Alliance. UPND is slowly becoming a congregation or Den of plunderers ready to raid the country’s treasury. I doubt HH will be able to control them. better go a safe option that ensures that all these losers like Bob Sichinga, GBM, William Banda, Mwape Lupundo never again in my life time ever get near the corridor of power

    • chanda beu you are lair.HH is a political virgin all those in PF,MMD and FDD were once in Government and caused all these problem.Nawakwi was finance minister,Mumba was vice president and Lungu was UPND now PF.So what about Dora siliya and RB.

    • @Chanda beu you are a liar, PF??, where is Dora, RB the master plumberer with his son Henry, where is Kaingu, simbao and all the former MMD minister who we rejected when we voted in Sata? Are they all in UPND? LIAR!!!

  12. My problem with Mr Sichinga’s statement is when it suited him he kept quite for 10 years while HH suffered those accusations. The best thing he should have done is to apologise for being part of an injustice to HH & the people of tonga ethnic persuasion.

  13. This is not difficult. This is why I have issues with Zambian journalism. Go and fish out the reports where he explained his departure from UPND and either prove his assertion now right or wrong. After this flipping report, you should have brought out that context those few years ago to balance this for readers. Is this too much to ask?

    • Yes, you are asking for too much from people who can’t even check their spellings when writting an article.
      What a professional journalist would have done was, to retract the article with Bob,s reasons when he left UPND and the add on with his current reasons on the same article.
      I guess there was no reasons relating to tribe otherwise PF cadres would have provided a link already

  14. What comrade Sichinga is saying is true.Bob left way before HH become UPND president and he did not contest the UPND elections.The reason he left is simply because he was mis understood by many members when he suggested the Mazoka should rest because he was too sick.People thought Bob was not sincire since Mazoka was the only one capable to bit Mwanawasa at that time.Its normal as human beings and he has forgiven us.HH is a peace loving person and was elected by delegates from all provinces of Zambia forming the electoral college of UPND in 2006.It was member who said HH is tribalist by quoting what Mwananjiti and Madyenkuku said.Both are Pf today,HH chased them from the party.zambians lets try HH if he fails we shall vote him out.We tried ba Sata lets also try HH.

  15. My problem with Mr Sichinga’s statement is that when it suited him he remained quite for 10 years while HH suffered the accusations.
    The honourable thing he should do is to apologise for being part of an injustice to HH & the people of southern province.

    • @ HH Techilema

      You and.other misfits spurn an elaborate web of lies glorified in the state media accusing people of southern province as tribalism for supporting HH. This was despite PF being rejected in all rural provinces.but.only amongst Bemba regions. PF was at inception and even now essentially a one tribe party.

      With malice aforethought apostles.of hate, slander and divisiveness surreptitiously left out the major tribal blocks.which have been the citadel and bedrock of UPND i.e.. Lunda, , Kaonde, and Lozi speaking groups.

      That was the design of a certain known lying.tribe from the North.

      It’s now.over…Your tribal card is gone!!!!

      Now debate issues like the economy, etc

    • @itizi turu
      Whatever Bob Sichinga is saying now and/or may have left unsaid in the past, must be seen in the light their political correctness. Don’t try to lie to yourself that UPND did not become tribal, at least in appearance, if not otherwise, following Mazoka’s death. As they say, “there is no smoke without fire.” In that context, you are being too irresponsible to demand that Bob apologizes to HH and to the people of Southern Province. Let bye-gones be bye-gones. Don’t try to reopen a can of worms.

  16. The political landscape is full of tired and haggard characters.I do not know who will bring a fresh breeze in political arena.We are tired of the same elements changing cloths from one party to a different party.It is embarassing that even educated people have become completely brainwashed owing to politics of the belly.Zambia is crying for new breed of politicians.The current politicians have lost their usefulness and need to be dumped in a bin of oblivion.They have lost their credibility and real touch towards modern politics.The country will never develop if we keep the same elements who have lost direction.They have just become like zombies who can hardly think about the progress of the nation.We need young and dynamic minds to move forward as a nation.

  17. Uncle Bob simply has no morals. He doesn’t seem to learn every time he sees the corridors of power. He needs to save his face by investing and securing a better life for himself. Bob is a spendthrift and has no cash, full stop. Too much skirts.

  18. So Sichinga is the dude who raises health issues of others just before they die and he leaves the party? Just saying…
    Is he gonna say something about HH…

  19. Uncle Bob, it is not a secret anymore that HH suffers from a life threatening aliment, the one that killed Makoza, not that Mazoka was poisoned but the skirts “KILLED” him due to more money in underwear’s. Azimai. When are you gonna advise HH to step down because he equally has a low immune system- CD 4 count, HIV Plus plus and the likes.

  20. It is advisable to be respectful to our leaders regardless of our beliefs. Surely HH is a family man and has feelings its not just to claim he is unwell when you are not his doctor. Just as I have said we might not like ECL but it is best to respect him simply because he is President and a human being. Today the Past has spoken about corruption and benefits from Government Contracts we have smiled because with four fingers pointing back at them we smile…

    • Is that The Post? Well you have some sort of Freudian error….you really meant the Past as in its a paper no one should read!

  21. http://www.zambiawatchdog.com/how-hh-has-destroyed-upnd/

    How HH has destroyed UPND

    By on January 9, 2010·40 Comments

    Titus Dlamini Zulu

    hhWhen Mr Hakainde Hichilema, otherwise known as HH, took over the leadership of the United Party for National Development (UPND) following the death of its founder, Anderson Mazoka, the expectations among party members were high that he was going to lead the party to greater heights.

    His educational background as a university graduate with a masters degree and reported financial muscle were the key factors in his favour.

    In his early public statements, HH promised the people of Zambia that he would do away with the culture of insults in politics.

    The public appreciated HH’s emergence on the Zambian political scene as a…

  22. Ok Ba Bob, I do also recall that the issue of Mazoka’s health and subsequent beating of you and the late Henry Mtonga led to your departure from UPND and you cited intolerance,violence as the main reasons. But then at some stage you had joined those who condemned UPND as a tribal party when Patrick Chisanga and Sakwiba were ill treated and told that they could not ascend to the throne because they were not Tonga! But I believe UPND has now been joined by many from other ethnic groups and is approaching equilibrium. My question is, don’t you believe HH has had those qualities even before Sata won and you could have well supported him even in January 2015? You may be right but your move looks more of a personal survival strategy rather than serving mother Zambia. What are your…

  23. Mr Sichinga is very unreliable, he is not royal to his friends , he is arrogant and very self centred. Qualification: In Pf as Minister in different capacities his main focus was allowances to finish his projects. Friends he promised to advance their courses (because they contributed in promoting PF) through Sata his close relation were dumped and left reeling. As a public figure no public apology was given for his embarrassing behaviour over personal relationship with a woman

    Some of us do not know HH that well but if he is as professional and rounded up as the media would have us believe, why is he making come backs of guys like these such a big issue?

  24. Defectors should be welcomed in UPND in their personal capacities to tilt the numerical balance. With no value addition to the country’s social-economic dynamics, the greatest thing they should possess beyond the election day is party membership, not posts, unless HH wishes to contradict his political ideology. Their past haunts them and they require to observe leadership skills ‘from the trenches’, if not from prison for their past misdeeds.

  25. Zambian politics are more like recycled products,same people jumping from one party to another.we welcome u as UPND and continue giving us suport but forget abt positions.

    • Politics is a career. Each and every county on earth has recycled politicians. It’s how they gain their experience and political clout.

  26. Today I have proved that ‘Bashi Nono’kapuba. Why didnt he correct people’s views when he was in PF that now when Yamunuyokola njala ? These are serious signs of a poverty stricken man. For your own info all you non-Tongas flocking to UPND like fleas, the Quota System IS REAL and you will come packing in case HH ‘accidentally’ wins this year.

  27. You know the warning on Salesmen offering Snake Oil as an all round panacea to your problems……….there is no such thing…..
    Buyer Beware! This is a member of the Sick Political Society of Zambia conjoined with the International Fellowship Of Odd Fellows.

  28. The whole point, as I see it, is that Bob Sichinga’s decision to rejoin UPND has significantly tilted the scale in favor of the opposition party.

    • On Mr. Sichinga’s rejoining UPND significantly tilting the scales in favour of the UPND. Can you explain how, given that Mr. Sichinga has virtually no grassroots base and hardly has an impressive record of having won parliamentary elections.

    • Sorry responded at wrong place.
      Come on! @Meimatungu!

      At best it’s a cheap upward tilt in press attention. But who was Bob in PF? Exactly. Hardly the highest member, not SG or VP. The only element is his connection to Sata. But his infamy makes him a comedy character. He is not High End stuff and he just adds that soupçon of effluence de jour to HH.

  29. …I’m fed up with these politics of frog jumping here and there without any trace of principles….just say ..’I left UPND because I felt that PF was a better party at the time ..but now I feel UPND is the party of the moment period….trying to bring in tribal talks, Mazoka’s funeral fights, MCS was my in-law is all nonsense…
    ….people like nshinono are supposed to join the likes of Mwaanga VJ…announce your retirement but since he still enjoys his rights to belong to any organisation of his choice, he can still throw his weight on UPND but from the back ground…their active usefulness has expired

  30. LUSAKA, Zambia (AFP) – Zambia’s biggest opposition party split yesterday, just months before the country’s general and presidential elections, with several senior members resigning to form a new party in protest at the choice of a wealthy businessman as party leader.

    The split in the United Party for National Development (UPND), which holds 43 seats in Zambia’s 150-seat parliament, came after the party congress voted last week to choose wealthy 44-year-old businessman Hichilema Hakainde as its presidential candidate.

    Former UPND vice president Sakwiba Sikota told a news conference in the capital Lusaka that he and other senior members had left in protest at “nepotism and vote-buying” at the congress.

    “I have decided to resign from the UPND because of tribalism and…

    • Print media is hard evidence. Publish and be damned is an apt warning. They can tell us they changed their minds but they can’t lie about what was written. Bob et al did not refute this story at the time and we are now to trust this man’s mumbling about what he says was the truth then?!

  31. corruption that characterised the last party congress,” Sikota added.
    Sikota, who had been tipped to take over the party, lost to Hakainde in a vote at the congress marred by violence.
    A fight broke out between supporters of the two factions at the congress and police had to be called in to calm the situation.
    Sikota resigned alongside former deputy president Bob Sichinga, former chairman Henry Mtonga, several UPND members of parliament and over 200 grassroots officials and supporters.
    “Hakainde won the election through vote-buying and intimidation of delegates,” Mtonga alleged.
    akainde was encouraged to enter politics by supporters in the south after the death earlier this year of his mentor and business partner, the late UPND leader Anderson Mazoka.
    The new party has not been…

  32. They will beat you again come 11 August 2016 and will then see which party you would join. Zed politics sivinthu.

  33. if Lubinda was also not appointed minister, by now he could have announced his inclination to UPND…just as Bob would have stayed aloof…..
    ….at one time MCS and his cabinet were always puzzled to find confidential cabinet discussions published by Zambia Watchdog few hours after the meeting…or medical secretive movements of MCS that time when he was pursuing medicals all over the world…we usually got it from ZWD than the govt…I suspected people like Bob and Lubinda to have been behind those leaks…very treacherous characters…for now every party needs numbers just embrace him but with caution..

  34. In 2011 Sata’s PF received a number of defectors from the MMD and UPND.This was a clear indication of the presidencial outcome.Sata of PF won beating RB of MDD.This is what will happen as UPND of HH is receiving Big fishes from PF and MMD.The Kenyans say only old and experienced Baffalos know the routes that leads to rivers during a dry spell.The Tongas of Zambia say only old timer flamingos knows were the rains might fall.The experienced politicians have smelled victory and they know Pf is finished unless rigging.

  35. Come on! @Meimatungu!

    At best it’s a cheap upward tilt in press attention. Short lived. But who was Bob in PF? Exactly. Hardly the highest member, not SG or VP. The only element is his connection to Sata. But his infamy makes him a comedy character. He is not High End stuff and he just adds that soupçon of effluence de jour to HH’s campaign.

  36. Bwana ba Sichinga please say something else, we are not living in the 19th century, everything now is on the internet. In Time of Zambia dated 29th June 2006 you pulled out of the UPND presidential race citing tribalism…. and today because you want to eat with HH you have changed your stance has changed

  37. There’s a story in Zambian Watchdog (January 9, 2010). Title is “How HH has destroyed UPND”
    Please read for yourselves.

  38. We can not continue dwelling on the past. Life is never static otherwise the world will be one big funeral. Lets talk about 2016 that’s all.

  39. vultures have started making well calculated moves knowing that HH will not win August elections so Bob or the other should take presidency

  40. Bob is a brilliant man only he was in a wrong team………. He formulated a concept that ba PF shelved and it is accumulating dust i hope UPND will undust it and adopt it

  41. Politicians please give us a break below is the extract of the Post News Paper on what Sichinga said in 2006 when he left UPND
    By George Chellah and Gemima Mulenga
    Lusaka — FORMER UPND vice-president Robert Sichinga has said it is unrealistic for the party to present an outsider as a presidential candidate at the expense of individuals who have been loyal.

    And Sichinga said the architects of tribal hegemony in UPND might not be fully aware of the schism they have created in the party, thereby diminishing its chances of winning elections or forming government.

  42. Kamudala iwe wabula insoni! Sebana wikute type of politicians we have in Zambia. Sichinga you should have kept quite than anouncing whatever you uttered in the media.

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