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Secretary to Cabinet calls for revision of archaic laws to address drug abuse

General News Secretary to Cabinet calls for revision of archaic laws to address drug...

Roland Msiska
Roland Msiska

Secretary to Cabinet Roland Msiska says there is need to develop a comprehensive, integrated and balanced policy in order to counter the new challenges of illicit drug usage and trafficking.

Dr Msiska said development of policy on illicit drugs should not only include balancing supply and demand reduction strategies, but also take into account the socio-economic factors.

Speaking in Lusaka today during the opening of the stakeholders meeting to discuss the development of drug prevention and control policy in Zambia, the Secretary to Cabinet pointed out that the current policy on illicit drug supply and demand reduction was developed 26 years ago and may not address the evolving challenges relating to the scourge.

He cited the emergence of new synthetic drugs that are being produced in clandestine laboratories as one of the new challenges that requires to be addressed.

ZANIS reports that Dr Msiska also expressed concern that most of the illicit drugs are being consumed by young people resulting in increased social problems.

He urged stakeholders to cooperate in combating the illicit production, trafficking and use of drugs in order to protect the health of citizens.

And Alita Mbahwe, Commissioner for the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) said the stakeholders meeting was necessitated by the on-going discussions at regional and international levels on the implementation of the 2009 political declaration towards an integrated and balanced strategy.

The meeting is also a run up to the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on the world drug problem to be held in New York in April 2016.

Ms Mbahwe said DEC cannot realise its vision of being a proactive institution that prevents and controls illicit drugs, substances and money laundering for a safer and peaceful Zambia without the involvement of key stakeholders.
She said the scourge of illicit drugs is very complex and needs multifaceted approaches and involvement of all key stakeholders in order to successfully combat it.


  1. Msiska is a yes man.

    How he stabbed Guy Scott and aligned himself to EL was disgraceful.

    He another old bulb that will be thrown away by Miles Sampa after (not when ) the orange Alliance takes over.



  2. Great. Why not start with POA? It is definitely archaic, it is against UN basic human rights, it is discriminatory and worst of all, allows thieves and criminals to enjoy selective protection from the will of the People.

    • @ John Smith

      Are you or any other Zambian detained and subject to violation of Geneva Convention in Guantanamo?
      On the other hand, Zambian Police violate our Fundamental Rights Rights and ignores Ruling of the Supreme Court of Zambia 24/7.
      Are you suggesting that the People of Zambia are equivalent to Guantanamo prisoners?

  3. @John smith so just because the Syrian government is allowing the Russians to blatantly bomb it’s own civilians and opposition they should bomb opposition in Zambia too?(you probably would if you could) Some logic hey. Anyway everything is global with you guys. Let me localise an example: If your neighbours daughter is a prozi must you train your daughter to be one too? Why must we always bechmark against the worst possible case? POA is the elephant in the room you can ignore it but it won’t make it dissappear

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