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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Kambwili accuses HH of demeaning Zambia at Cape Town Mining indaba

Headlines Kambwili accuses HH of demeaning Zambia at Cape Town Mining indaba

HH at the Mining Indaba in Cape Town
HH at the Mining Indaba in Cape Town

Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili has lashed out at UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema over his sentiments about Zambia’s investment climate at the ongoing mining indaba in Cape Town, South Africa.

Mr Hichilema was a key speaker at the 2016 Mining Indaba and spoke about the great opportunity that still exists in many areas of Zambia for mining projects, and in particular projects that will bring benefit to the people in terms of jobs and stimulating local economies.

The UPND leader stressed that with a stable policy environment, Zambia should have been producing 1.5 million metric tons of copper today, compared to the 750,000 metric tons it currently produces.

When asked what Zambia had learnt from the recent price fluctuations, Mr Hichilema suggested that for far too long Zambia has been like a microcosm of the mining industry, believing during the good years that they will last forever and not reinvesting the money in diversification, and when the bad times happen panicking and trying to impose legislation that ends up causing further harm.

He said this is a cycle that the country must break out from.

On the question of sustainability Mr Hichilema proposed that actors need to change their time horizons when looking at the sector.

He cautioned that politicians must be careful not to get caught in the trap of politicising the sector.

But Mr Kambwili who is also Information and Broadcasting Minister charged that Mr Hichilema showed that he will say anything to get into State House.

He said Mr Hichilema demeaned the country which he wants to lead.

“HH showed himself up at the mining indaba, he really showed the whole world that he is just a frustrated and disgruntled opposition leader who will say anything to get into state house. In his usual style of demeaning the country he wants to lead he heaped a lot of negativity about the mining sector, forgetting that he was heavily involved in the privatisation,” Mr Kambwili stated.

Mr Kambwili said Mr Hichilema failed to mention that he was part of the privatisation exercise that saw Zambia’s mining sector take a nose dive.

“Now do you listen to someone who played a part in the loss of thousands of jobs, or someone who is currently in the sector and has more of an idea of the current situation. We must realise that whenever we speak about Zambia abroad, we must try and sell our country not demean it, nothing positive ever comes out of a negative mouth,” Mr Kambwili said.

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  1. Iwe’ chi Kambwili!!
    You as a minister has failed @ your job, & your (Pathetic Failure)- P.F, party has failed to govern.
    After August 2016, all you will be remembered for will be Issuing threat after threat, ultimatums, & burping useless hot rancid air, that Never added any value to Zambia.
    Your party has ran Zambia into the ground, weakest performing currency on earth, load shedding, petrol scandals, shortages of medicines, & basic commodities.
    I will be here all night if I continued.
    Just keep grazing your Goats/ michopo, @ the Ndola Golf Club. In your dull eyes, that counts as massive development!!

    • Kambwili the ignorant baboon. You are misleading people. Was it HH decision to privatize the mines? You know very well this is not true. Chiluba and his government hired the company that HH worked for to value the mines so that they could be sold by government. Pressure to sell these mines came from IMF or else no donor funds to finance Zambia’s budget

      Tell the truth Kambwili for once.

      No we are hearing that your 90 day PF promise was just a proverb. How hilarious

      Viva HH

    • Hecky Hecky No! is in constant campaign mode. This man has used up so much of his money in his quest to become president, which might I add he has failed lamentably at, that where ever he goes he is indirectly asking for money from foreign investor by pretending to be intelligent. Unfortunately, those people already know that he is a failure multiple times over and probably snicker behind his back.
      That said, copper producing countries are going through a rough time every where regardless of policies in place and so are oil producing countries!

    • Everyone remembers the “Let the People Talk” episode where Kambwili exposed his ignorance and HH put him in his place! Thus no matter what HH will say, Kambwili will oppose without first trying to either understand or digest what HH has said. Chikali kumubaba baaaaad! Kambwili to have received the drubbing by HH’s articulation of what he was talking about!

    • So, the Oppenheimer family still wants to take over the Zambian economy through HH who they sponsored in the last elections by organising interviews for him on foreign media and international business meetings to boost his image,ka? These guys abandoned us when they pulled out Anglo America after copper prices fell. One wonders what agreement they have entered into with HH for them to invest heavily in him. I can hardly wait for Augut 11th……….Viva PF

    • Yeee ichi Chimbwili…HH has never been in government to have privatized the mines, he was part of the valuation process as a private sector employee. If you can’t understand the basics then shut your mouth. I think HH should take action against thus mis presentation baya saana. Viva UPND and HH

    • Can you imagine this clown sits in cabinet and has to advise a head of state. Worse, the ignorant majority in roan will have to re-elect him later this year.

      This is the mediocrity we have to put up with.

    • It’s PF who have demeaned Zambia by subjecting it to massive deb which will terrorise us even to the second generation.

    • Kambwili should throw away amaso ya bakashi bakwe he uses as juju to be minister. Instead of attacking Yaluma for embarrassing PF government, he is going for HH who saved Zambia’s face.

    • The UPND leader stressed that with a stable policy environment,…….
      “HH showed himself up at the mining indaba,…” Kambwili
      The two statements above shows how poorly informed Kambwili is and lack of analytical skills on his part too. In the first place Kambwili must be demonstrating that his PF govt has consistent mining policy or not. For his knows PF has very poor and inconsistent mining policies he runs away from addressing that issue in particular.
      With the last statement he is not aware that HH was invited and did no show himself at that Indaba.

    • CORRECTION – Keleni – He was grazing his goats/cows at Roan Golf Club in Luanshya not Ndola Golf Club but he was unceremoniously chased away with egg on his face. He lost all his popularity in LYA over the embarrasment.
      Ba Sebenza- Anglo did not abandon the workers when they left. There was enough money in what was called employees welfare fund which was meant to be shared amongst the entire workforce but the few top brass in the Company decided to restrict to themselves- amounts up to USD 100,000 and more were given to some of these individuals after only 2 years service with Anglo. No worker was laid off. Further 3 years down the line all employees who had been left out during the initial pay-off were given something from the left overs when the fund managers closed the fund.

    • And who says privatisation is bad? We as Zambians we have failed to take care of our own companies hence the need of private hand to invest in them. We have even failed to manage our own Zamtel including Zesco which is now headed for its downfall because of greedy politicians such as Kambwili.



    • I reserve my comments against this Kambwili gremlin because all I wanted to say has already been said by my colleagues. Keep it up.

      VIVA UPND and HH Team.

    • Chimbwili is a Silverback hhule. The privatisation did not run the mines. At the time of privatisation in the late 1990s, Zambia was producing 200,000t of copper, versus the current 650,000t. The damage has happened since PF rigged the 2011 elections. Instead of being at 1.5mt as MMD had planned, production has even fallen below 750,000t.

    • What failure are you talking about, building roads, schools hospital- is that failure?What has the person you are support for people as a citizen? Why do you insult leaders instead of discussing issues.This clear shows that it is hatred you have for this person and a sign jealous and envy!!Viva CK and tell them off, people who don’t reason love flatterers like the one they support and vomit eaters

      “Mr Kambwili said Mr Hichilema failed to mention that he was part of the privatisation exercise that saw Zambia’s mining sector take a nose dive”.

    • The real tragedy here is that Lungu can appoint such a dull clown as a Minister to represent PF.

      This mans utterances clearly demonstrate he really has no clue about what he is saying, and has no control over his mouth.

      The difference between our Nation of Zambia, and poor government policy is beyond his mental capacity to understand. AND HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE MINISTER OF INFORMATION!

      Even my six year old daughter understands the difference!

      HH is not criticising Zambia. He is pointing out mistakes that need to be fixed. If Kwambili has difficulty comprehending that simple little concept he must be one of the dullest persons on earth!

    • I need help to understand how an individual could wake up one day and sell a mine and the government, together with its parastatal (ZCCM) bali fye ndwiii? Ba Kambwili, we are fed up with your histrionics! Or is it a matter of just keeping on saying something, no matter how outrageous, and expecting people to believe you simply because you are saying the same thing over and over? Even a fool is considered to be wise when he keeps his mouth shut ….

    • This low caliber leadership reflects very badly on the citizenry. We lag behind in so many areas and yet we, seemingly, always misdirect our energies.

      A dim wit like CK is not held in high esteem even in PF. As long as he tows the party line he will be tolerated. That is as far as his luck will take him.

  2. I wonder whether HH privatized the mines or it was the MMD government’s policy at the time. Hon. Kambwili when you describe the economic situation, it’s been affected by global factors which lamentably fail to describe in intimate detail. Here’s a leader that identifies the problem and offers a solutions. And your respond to that, his frustrated. ! Time has come for you to retire.

    • Lungu must fire this clown. If the President really wants to win in August, he cannot leave this disaster as Information Minster. Kwambili is doing more damage to PF than all the opposition combined.

    • Emmanuel Mwamba, the PF bootlicker, was clapping and leading standing ovations for HH, but the government spokes person is insulting his ambassador by saying that HH was whatever..
      PF is now a bunch of ba chimbwi


  3. This man is a travesty of a human being. That all I can say. The tragedy or insult is that he is convinced that zambians are as retarded as he is. HH used simple plain lay english that even a grade 3 will understand. There is no instance where anyone in his/her normal senses would misinterpret the message
    Chimbwili, contrast HH’s clear unambiguous language to the mumble jumbo we heard from your whole entire minister of mines,,,,, is that the kind of speech you wanted HH to make? Why would he what to disgrace himself if front of the whole world? Sorry mister, mediocre is mediocre and don’t expect everyone to follow you to your mediocrity. You are a misfit so just do yourself a favour and disappear or hang. we don’t care!

  4. There is nothing that President HH said which demeans Zambia. I don’t appreciate petty and destructive criticism. We need mature political engagement


  5. During the Era of high copper prices, President Mwanawasa proposed Windfall Taxes so that today Zambia could have been swimming in dollars and we would not have had to borrow bond money for infrastructure projects which in turn has led to the plummeting Kwacha.
    Mining Houses supported by, who else, HH condemned Mwanawasa’s plans.
    Naturally HH has developed amnesia over the matter because that’s what he should have been talking about at the Indaba.

    • @Arm Chair Critic, you are a typical Zambian who just has the slightest idea of a matter, but wants to make the most noise about it. Make time and understand the downside of the windfall tax to help you stop exposing your ignorance in public and embarrassing your family!

    • Did PF support the windfall tax? No they did not, but clearly stated that they will not reintroduced the windfall tax but increase the mining royalty tax, which failed flat on it tummy. PF supporters exhibit some critical thinking when debating issues. No wonder you are blind supporters.

    • K Bwalya, you haven’t said anything. Did you lose your line of thought or perhaps you are the ignorant one? Don’t worry, it happens to people who are so bitter they forget what they want to say.

  6. Minister Kambwili really does not like to tell the truth for obvious reasons. Yes the mines were privatized by MMD but during President Mwanawasa Zambia saw those same mines make money and we had surplus money from the windfall the money the PF found when they formed government and just spent all of it without knowing how to make it, instead they started borrowing all over. Somebody should explain this even in more simple language. Am saying the mines made money in Mwanawasa’s time but not in Sata and Lungu why not…? Is privatization still the problem…? What was at play during Mwanawasa’s time which has not been in the subsequent Sata and Lungu’s governments…?

  7. Its true ba Kambwili hh is so desperate for plot one that whenever he opened his beak its just negatives about Zambia. What he forgets is that he is just a mere threorist with no practical government experience. All he knows is just yapping. Where is yo experience mr chilema? Running government is not like selling cattle in maamba iwe mudala

  8. If the president is clueless, his minions are more so. Kambwili please keep quiet and observe what real statesmanship is about. Listen carefully to HH and you will appreciate that he knows exactly what to do to change the direction of Zambia’s fortunes, whereas you and your boss Lungu have zero understanding, you are directionless, incompetent, just occupying office to eat. Nothing else. Shame.

    • Yet he was labelled corrupt by Membe and co. Unfortunate that Membe may well play a part in HH government if elected.

  9. I am not an economist but because I have been terribly affected by the adverse economic conditions that prevail in the country, I started reading economics. I have stumbled upon the critical principles which economists refer to as “Economic Fundamentals” i.e
    1) interest rate 2) inflation rate 3) unemployment rate, 4) exchange rate) 5) tax rate, 5) minimum wage, 6) rental rates. The fundamentally determine the wellness of a country ‘s socioeconomic. Conditions. A well managed economy entails controlling, regulating, monitoring and or predicting fundamentals like a medical doctor does to patients BP, collestrol, sugar levels, etc. What HH was saying is exactly what any trained economist should. His analysis of the Zambian economy was based on evaluating what has happened, what ought…

    • @mrs chilangwa

      We are being governed by people who have absolutely no understanding of even basic economics.

  10. Today I have believed that Kambwili is really dull.
    I have no regard for this man anymore for he has chosen to be dull all the time.
    Mr Kambwili we know you are not normal but please try to pretend to be normal for the sake of your ministerial position. You are a disgrace to Zambians

    • Some of us realised that Kambwili way before PF was elected. That is why like RB we wept when Ukwa was elected on that fateful day in September 2011. A dull man leading a pack of dull ministers and the results are there to see in the sorry state that Zambia is today.

  11. Kambwili needs to take a seat. I don’t understand why he feel the urge to blubber at ever given opportunity. What HH said was basically acknowledged by govt reps who said there was need to harmonise policy between mining firms and government to avoid the current inconsistencies. In any case investors don’t need HH to tell them wants really happening in Zambia, they carry out their own due diligence and act accordingly.

  12. kambwili shut uour mouth if you do not know what you are talking about ….GRADE 12 clause must stay!! We cannot continue to have dunderheads as leaders

  13. What HH was saying is exactly what any trained economist should. One reflects, (situational analysis) and one predicts the future, in the short, medium and long term. His analysis of the Zambian economy was based on evaluating what has happened, what out to have happened and what should happen going forward . Yes HH is a politician, but he is also an economist. He clearly presented a economic perspective of the mining sector in Zambia. Short of that, he would have been a laughing stock among his peers Mr Kambwili. We need not always open our mouths even when it is not necessary

  14. What HH was saying is exactly what any trained economist should. One reflects, (situational analysis) and one predicts the future, in the short, medium and long term. His analysis of the Zambian economy was based on evaluating what has happened, what out to have happened and what should happen going forward . Yes HH is a politician, but he is also an economist. He clearly presented a economic perspective of the mining sector in Zambia. Short of that, he would have been a laughing stock among his peers Mr Kambwili. We need not always open our mouths even when it is not necessary

  15. So hh is been flaunted about at various forums by Anglo America and other mining firms in the hope that they’ll come and take over our mines for a song and pay peanuts to the workers- such buffoonery behaviour from a character who wants to proclaim presidency and be a puppet of the west! Awee mukwai kwikalafye!I know which patriots deserve my vote not elementary political novices hoping for job on training!

  16. So ALL Ambassadors for Change the ball is now in your court – put this message from HH in layman’s language like “Every woman and man and youth, join us – Zambia first, Zambia for all ! “…not chikopo vibes like “more money in yo pocket”…look at the US, Sanders is whacking Hilary with a glass clear “A future to believe in”! That’s “yes we can” Episode II ! Go out there and sell redemption for ALL 🙂

  17. @ Chils u are correct Kambwili lashes to things before studing the subject and find out the lasting solution to a problem,dreaming monkey kambwili.

  18. This hh is slowly losing relevance to our political paradign like Tsvangirai lost his credence in Zimbabwe- used and tossed away like a tissue that has just wipped an imperialist’s rear orifice!

  19. Every patriotic Zambian hates pf for what it is and ruining the country’s economy. It is a bunch of Grade 7s or graduates who dubiously passed hence their behaviour. What I know about education is that it involves learning – permanent change in behaviour (thoughts, words & actions). Therefore, if people continue behaving otherwise then they never learned but just abandoned education or simply just got schooled; without benefiting from the process! That is PF’s political failures. But when the situation is like this blame also goes to the electorates who just voted on tribal or monetary gains. ECZ shares the blame too for allowing a lot ‘electronic voting’ in the rife rigging and hacking of results at the expense of actual voting democracy. WAKE UP ALL!

  20. We know upnd has promised to bring back all the retrenched miners and maybe that’s why he is speaking like that… For a jobless man like me i will support him coz i want to work.. Pf promised xminers debt relief but no reply even now!!!!!!!!!!! Ba kambwili when miners are lied to they lose it and for lieing you will pay heavily… Neglect my advice at your peril… Keep on giving us x miners a cold shoulders TUKAMONA!!!!!!!

  21. This man is a very terrible reflection of the appointing authority and the PF government. How can the appointing authority maintain this guy as Minister of Information and Chief Government spokesman? This guy thinks investors are naive and so they can be told PF lies about the state of the Zambian economy? Mediocrity at its best! HH’s message was simple, clear, logical, honest and straight forward! And that’s what you want in a leader. In Zambia, every where you look you see abundant evidence of past and present mediocre leadership! Mediocrity in PF is excessive!

  22. Kambwili, only people which have succeeded in demeaning democratic Republic of Zambia are sitting next to you when planing how to strip People of Zambia, not just of its current wealth, but also imposing debit bondage to further generations.

  23. Kambwili is an embodiment of the mediocre leadership in PF that is responsible for destroying our economy! No wonder he is supporting those who are against the Grade 12 clause. This is what you get when chaps who failed in school get into leadership. We need to correct this in August 2016!





    • Do you really think that Lungu or Kambwili will ever have a debate with other political players?

      These failures know perfectly well they have no points to argue in a logical discussion. They rely on lies and half truths.

      The fact is that they have demolished the economy of Zambia and they know it.

      Debates? Never! Lungu cannot even bear to give a decent PRESS CONFERENCE with questions.

      Klueless Kwambili puts his foot in his mouth every time he opens it!


  25. But this mangwamu also. He is sickening. He should not have been anywhere near Govt corridors. No wonder things have collapsed in the country. Zambians please redeem yourselves from such empty fellows from running your national affairs.

  26. What an ardent follower of HH. I am beginning to wonder whether this following is for the UPND or against the UPND.

  27. It is sad that some people loyal to HH still think he win elections in August 2016 what a mistake. What wrong has PF done to deserve the boot? UPND you are wasting time and resources. ECL and PF will sweep the poles later this year and you sadists will cry loudly. That man HH has already been fixed by the 50+1% where on earth can you get that from one province in Southern. HH has dull political advisers. useless

    • What wrongs PF have done are the following
      1. Made the kwacha valueless
      2. Introduced cadres as the masters of land distribution, even for land on title
      3. Contributed to loses of jobs for the miners through poor mining policies
      4. institutionalized corruption, refer to the Auditor’s report
      5. Increased Zambia’s debt to record high within two years (2013 and 2014)
      6. Left the national coffers at nil through supporting by elections
      7. appointed incompetent people to foreign mission i.e. the Brazil mission
      8. Destroyed the agric sector within four years
      In case you still what this list expended just indicate

    • @ Global. HH will win in the following Provinces:
      a) Copperbelt – 50%
      b) Lusaka – 50%
      c) Central – 60%
      d) Southern – 80%
      e) North Western
      f) Western ProvinceWhat do you think? Surely he can form Govt!

    • Its not about HH but your failures ba PF. Whether HH wins or loses does not change the fact that you are a bad and failed party in Govt. Wining elections will not make LUNGU better than HH, no. We cant support somebody who professes to be clueless/visionless and the effect that is all on the ground. PF you are disaster GOvt.

    • Zedpoor People, all these things you have listed were also used against the MMD by PF and UPND. But wait a minute….Zambians are not going to allow any more experiments. We are happy with the performance of PF so far. HH can remain on the bench until we are ready to substitute and it won’t be this year, believe me.

    • Microscope, you are happy because you are connected. For a person who was paying K8 per 2kg sugar in 2010 and now he is paying K28 in 2016 and has reminded with static income, he/she is not happy with PF. For you who is connected this change is normal and you still support PF.

  28. I wonder why Kambwili is always too fast to come to the defensive once HH speaks out his mindset on an international platform. Is it evident that the guilty are always afraid? In my opinion, anyone with evidence that HH played part in the collapse of the mining sector, a slander that arises when he speaks about this sector, to present it before a court of law or desist forthwith. Campaigns are around the corner and I think its time to put the best foot forward by all (valid) means. HH seems to have begun it in the international arena where ‘POA’ does not apply.

  29. Those are tongas for you. Even if Jesus Christ was to stand against a cow in SP and that cow was standing on UPND, the cow would carry the day. Just know that any tonga name is currently associated with UPND. No wonder PF was getting zero even in areas they had representation. These are the mujahadeen of SP led by their terrorist (Ichilema). We are burying them come 11th August so that sanity can once again be part of our political dispensation . There has been too much hate speech by these cattle rapists.

    • Just look at the speech you have put across, it is one from a sick supporter. It is a shame on PF if they count on you for support. Anyways insulting is your way of life and you do not know any better. A good reflection on your background.

    • Sad, sad indeed that the whole lot of u @#38 can respond in that manner. Read between the lines and stop living in fantasy. You are so tribal and u need psychological help

    • Homo kebe chikopo chapa Copperstone ati tribal tag backfired , didn’t you get the memo from the united Zambian people that we now know that a few mercenaries are peddling this topic with no support. Maswabi

    • you are mentaly ill and that is why we the Zambian people want you out this year. You spread tribalism like the plague and it is because you are empty vessels and do not know what to say at your campaigns that you speak ill of the Tonga s. I am not Tonga by the way and tribalism came back back into the country with the PF; During the Colonial days it was the Luvale people that were marginalised but Kaunda stopped it. STOP YOUR TRIBAL CRAP people do not rule or think by tribe but by capabilities.

  30. Please people.. be kind on Ba Kambwili… he does not even know what he was saying. The man just opened the mouth and trash started streaming out.. as usual.

  31. We need HH as a president who articulates issues whether economical or financial. HH is a fully fledged economist and a fully certified chartered accountant at global level so he knows what is good for the country. Kambwili is not in the fields above and should comment on things he does’t understand. HH 2016

  32. THE South African mining sector cut 47,000 jobs between 2012 and early 2015 as the industry grappled with soaring costs and low commodity prices, said Roger Baxter, CEO of the Chamber of Mines.

    Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane said recently a further 32,000 jobs were under threat, and the industry was working closely with the government and labour to minimise job losses.

    Speaking before the start of the Mining Indaba in Cape Town, Mr Baxter said the gold industry, followed by platinum and coal, had cut the bulk of the 47,000 jobs in little more than three years.

    Mining costs had increased by an average 20% a year for the past five years, he said, and electricity was the core component in those cost increases.

    At prevailing prices, about 80% of the platinum industry…

    • @Political prostitute, these are the examples Kambwili and his inept Mines and Labour Ministers should have been giving to the electorate instead of wrongly attacking a person on the basis of unfounded speculations. We know mines are closing and down sizing all over the world (Australia,Chile,Indonesia,South Africa,DRC etc they should research and explain) but to be simplistic by failing to provide well founded information on the situation in Zambia is what will cost them an election! Why jump when HH speaks instead of doing your job diligently to avoid blame!? Look at how pathetic Yaluma fared in that simple interview! As is he was an observer rather than the real Minister! No wonder Sata called them “useless Ministers!”

  33. You can insult lungu and kambwili but remember we, We polked you on 20 th January,2015, we shall pierce you in August 2016.

  34. can you please tame this neckless baboon..who the hell does he think he is to be insulting or belittling everything HH says..?..kambwili does not understand what HH said..shame to pf..look at how dull your minister is..

  35. Mr. Kambwili, Zambia was demeaned immediately people of your caliber were appointed as Minister. You Mr. Kambwili are further demeaning Zambia by thinking you can be a running mate to another fool called Lungu. Maybe a running mate from state house cos for sure Lungu will need your shoulder to cry on come 11 August 2016.

  36. CK the people who privatized the mines ar the ones your are courting to go into an alliance with (MMD) not HH. Grow up Mr Minister HH’s brilliance will raise yo BP day and night, the man is genius. Take ECL to such fora without a written speech you will be embarrassed

  37. HH should sue this ***** no good for nothing called Kambwili so that he can prove it in court that HH sold the mines better soon so that they stop using these lies against him we all know that he has never been in government

  38. Can Hon Kambwili tell the people why he was fired as a changachanga by ZCCM in Chingola. This is the story he has never told for public interest,meanwhile he keeps talking about HH who was hired by Got. to help in privatisation .
    Let me tell it on your behalf ; IT WAS FOR STEALING DECEASED PEOPLES MONEY ,YOU WERE LUCKY BECAUSE THAT TIME ZCCM WAS NOT TAKING THIEVES TO COURT . We know all these things can you deny them?

  39. Privatisation. The finger pointing on this subject should stop for once. we all know that Govt was in control of the exercise and it’s process.May we ask, at a time of privatising state owned companies how many companies were available offering valuation? can you tell us that it was only the Company which HH worked for? Who had the final say to accept the price for each company?Was is not the leaders in Govt at that time? If goverment was not happy on the valuation offered by grand thornton they had an option to reject it. Today how can you turn around and say HH is the one who sold the mines as if he was part of Govt has HH sat in any previous Cabinet meetings to decided on any govt affair?May be Nawakwi or Katele Kalumba can be better placed to explain what transpired not accusing…

  40. I wished the ignorance of Chimbwili, whom every one knows that he got his purported degree at Copper-stone in the night, then during the day he forced the znbc which he controls indirectly as director to advertise his ill-earned degree to show that he has also joined the elite group.
    People should just ignore the ignorant Chikambwili. People should know that anything higher that his understanding and comprehension makes his big-and widened mouth diarrhea puge his inner minute knowledge. Really does our Republican president have capable people be minister of information and spokesperson other than having the embarrassments from this chi-dude type who paints a picture of Zambia as though Zambia has backward politicians like Chimbwili. Like one Dr. said from UNZA that Kambwili needs to go…

  41. It is really sad to have such a dull man in govt and making such wild statements. At no point did HH demean Zambia and if speaking and elaborating the issues is demeaning, I’m afraid we are headed for a doomed future under PF. Kambwili completely failed comprehend what HH was explaining, hence coming out to condemn him such a manner. Now wonder Mumbi Phiri claimed only educated people will vote for HH because it is clear that PF leaders cannot grasp what HH explains. How I wish Kambwili was on that indaba and exposed his ignorance to the world.

  42. We polked them last year now we shall pierce them in August. Lungu is going with 68% others will share 32% with rejected and spolied votes.This election is just a re-run, because in Jan 2015 no one reached the 50% +1 vote. I see pf winning overwhelmingly
    I will vote for PF again. I will also campaign hard that we in Eastern Province we vote like the Tongas. The Tongas know how to vote. Its not tribal but a lesson to these people from the south. They should be tolerant. You will cry badly this time around

    • @Pungwa

      You should not alienate Southerners. I am sure that they appreciate all the Developments HE Lungu has done in their region. Probably they want to join Team Lungu for this election! Let’s romance them a little.

      Otherwise, you are very right, we gonna lick ’em bad!

  43. Even if HH goes to be on London business panel. It is not going to help him become president as long as we know that he contributed to the selling of Zambian companies at a very cheap price. He is a contributor to those big problems being experienced in the mining sector where most people have lost their jobs. Wealth acquired through some bad means is not good. The UpND constitution says only T0NGA qualifies to be UpNd president. This was proved after the death of Underson Mazoka(MHSRP). In short those people from other provinces who are joining this tr1bal/bantustani party party will cry like birds after upnD wins in 2016. They are blindly being used forgetting that uPND has very old members who deserve those ministerial positions. So wake up before its too late!!!

  44. The crucial issue as for now is winning an election. Sharing international platforms with renown world economic giants is good but for now is not priority.

    HH should start growing his home base outside his strong holds and like Mumbi Phiri said that only educated people will vote for HH but are their votes enough to deliver him the presidency? The ans is a very big NO!

    HH should find a way to connect with the common man on the street outside his strong holds if he ever wants to be president otherwise his presidential ambitions will remain a fallacy.

    First win an election and then share the podium with whoever is of economic value to Zambia. That is the way to do it , you Tonga bull. No malice involved. I beg to move

  45. @ Prisca,

    That is very true, we have seen it in parliament where even UPND MPs are proposing the privatization of companies.


    All Tongas voted for HH and this served as a lesson to the other remaining provinces.

  46. This Indaba is Titled MINING, meaning surely that only those in mining should have attended?? Well maybe he has a mine or two.

    The sentiments are correct, this man would do any amount of damage to Zambia’s image in effort to bully the gov’t and it’s people to let him take office. He is Unpatriotic and always gives Zambia bad press internationally. He is like a sullen child acting up because he is not allowed too many sweets. His cautioning that politicians must be careful not to get caught in the trap of politicising the sector, was contradictory since he was clearly politising the issue by making negative comments on the gov’ts policy. He should have stuck to the topic in hand not make cheap shots.

    • if only people in mining should have attended that meeting, kindly point out to us Zambians what a PF cadre Mumbi Phiri was doing on the Presidential entourage, what position exactly does she have in government to be paid for byn we the tax payers.

  47. If kambwili is to be undressed today and made to climb in one of the trees of the congo basin during the mating season of gorillas and baboons,these animals would warmly welcome him.Let kambwili leave HH alone and join his collegues(gorillas and baboons).

  48. Indeed his comments are totally misplaced and unfounded!! He should find better things to attack HH for,we read through HH’s presentation on this LT he never said anything negative. Yaluma failed lamentably to explain things in a simple interview where the interviewer did not even ask deep soul searching questions! These are your own failures Kambwili and Co. HH in this case is clearly innocent!! Let us be fair and stop spreading hatred! Zambian will not buy the story that HH sold the mines when people know that Privatization was a government decision and without most of the mines would have closed? Now you say privatization led to the nose diving of the mining sector? Zambians will hear well if you explain the retrenchments,load shedding and rising costs of living and there are good…

  49. Did someone say this Kambwili clown is expecting to be LUNGUs running mate in August?

    Good! If that happens I will celebrate the day!

    It will be a complete guarantee that this DISASTER PF will be out on its FAT USELESS DISASTER arse!

  50. As we get closer and closer to the election date, HH will be mad and rushed to Chainama. The guy is so scattered and I really wonder and fail to understand those who support him. The man is a scatter brain and so inconsistent in his dealings. On one hand he says, we need to move away from copper dependency and the next day he says zambia should have been producing about 1.5 million tonnes of copper. So, what is he sayin, confused hey? Does this Under 5 even know that the second largest producer of copper which is Peru only averages about 1.6 million tonnes per year? China, America, DRC, the other top ten producers of copper are all below 1.5 million tonnes per year, does it mean these countries dont know the value of copper?
    Let Hakaivotela Heka and his brainwashed tribesmates answer…

    • I don’t know why you are failing to apply simple logic. The more copper we produce, the more revenue is available for diversification. So you want HH to advocate for a total halt of copper production so the country can diversify? What HH is saying is simple Zambia should manage revenue from copper properly and when the chips are down the govt shouldn’t try to squeeze investors. Do you know why the kwacha was stable during the last recession? Because we increased copper production. At least there is a scatter brain in HH but you sir. . .

  51. This has been our argument that PF government is full of uneducated and foolish people(late president Sata) told the nation that his ministers are foolish. Kambwili is that sample.

  52. Very surprised with HH supporters what if he fails to win in august what are you going to do. Some of you should think of zambia not an individual. Zambia is bigger than upnd in other parts of the country its not known or head mind you a country can not have a head of state. Talk of yourself becoming presidents what if the one you want dies by natural cause or plane clash are you going to continue supporting.

  53. I wish ministers were to be chosen from outside parliament. President would have had a wider selection of credibla men and women who avoid being in politics because of not wanting to be boot lickers of those who appoint them. Fat Albert will say anything to perhaps please those who pay him. Analysing the statement being condemned makes one wonder the calibre of those we have as policy makers. Maybe that is why we have such a political climate where the likes of Fat Alberts just know how to insult that logically cogitating upon statements before abusing them.

  54. Newbby instead of complaining about UPND supporters can you tell us what wrong things HH said at the Indaba? Everyone knows Kambwili is a dunderhead so whatever comes out of his mouth must be taken with a pinch of salt. Unless you believe Kambwili talks sense.

  55. Emmanuel mwamba was so impressed and yaluma was happy …..Dr.vhunga was happy too but cikala chishimba kambwili is not happy ….copperstone university manners

  56. Kambwili is semi educated I think. What did H.H. say in his speach that has made your heckles rise? Now you see why we want educated leaders? In your ignorance you misunderstood his speach. Sir go back to Copper stone and major in the english language.

  57. lwisa Indigo you are right.From the comments on Mr. Kambwili, it shows that he matters in some peoples’, especially those who are insulting him, remember nobody kicks a dead dog ever, Mr Kambwili is working and tells the truth.Ifikopa usually want to project their dullness(ubukopo bwabo) on others who are achievers and they are full of insults.Remember, the voting pattern reflected in the Jan.2015, it opened it cleared the logs in our eyes

  58. Mr. Kambwili you are a disgrace to civility. Your behaviour is a perfect fit of the definition of
    and *****. Read the statement on what HH said. At no point did he utter any adverse
    remarks about the country. No wonder we have failed to achieve anything as a country.
    What do you expect from mediocre leadership? Your chi head Kambwili is empty, no
    grey matter. I pity your wife, children and relative for being associated with a
    dunderhead like yourself.

  59. I don’t even know how i can call CK whether I should say Chimbwi or Kambwi coz the level of his understanding is more worse than that of a Chimbwi. I have never seen a dull information Minister of that type

  60. Ba PF,
    Honestly its this type of people that are causing your party to be unpopular. Lets face it, without even considering your party affiliation and putting yourselves in a normal Zambian`s shoes, do you really see any sense in Mr. Kambwili`s response above?
    I wish Mr. Kambwili would join this forum to get educated OR at least to hear what people think of him, that would provide him with a 360 feedback, and hope he wouldn’t be saying such rubbish.
    Maybe someone can send him these comments 🙂

  61. Shame on the man who appointed this dull man to be a government spokesperson – reflects the caliber of the appointing person!

  62. It’s like the late maximo N sauzande become ministers in their dramas.. Who would take them seriously??? It wudnt just suit them.. Difference is only dat ppl like kambwili are ministers in real and factual life… Wat a disgrace.. Shame

  63. First and foremost, may I appeal to the Management at Lusaka Times to consider changing the way they publish the bloggers’ contributions by publishing the latest on top and the oldest down like there Zambian Watchdog colleagues do. Having said that, Kambwili should not make himself an International laughing stoke. What was happening in South Africa was an international meeting attended by Gurus of business and not the business that Kambwili is doing (stealing copper and scrap metal). Kambwili, those business men and women were not going to sit there and listen to gossip by HH as you say. HH made a lot of sense and this is why the World gave him a listening ear unlike your Lungu who was lectured by the Pope. Come back to earth Kambwili. Playing to the gallery went with your ka small god…

  64. Kambwili should change his name to “Kuchimba Kaburi” ….those who speak swahili understand what that means.

  65. Kambwili is the dullest minister south of the Sahara. I love his energy but the man is dull, very dull. On Sunday interview, the man even says at the current moment, there is no English like current moment-use one, either currently or at the moment. And limited vocabulary is what makes the man always say bye and large always. My assessment is not based on his poor English though, it is just his poor judgement, lack of understanding of basics, and just being outspoken without substance. No miner will lose his job!!!

Comments are closed.

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