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Contingent of senior US military personnel arrived in Zambia

General News Contingent of senior US military personnel arrived in Zambia

Ambassador Schultz and Zambian military officials greet U.S. military visitors.
Ambassador Schultz and Zambian military officials greet U.S. military visitors.

A contingent of senior United States military personnel arrived in Zambia on February 12 for a four-day visit to learn more about U.S.-Zambia military cooperation and to renew U.S. commitment to military cooperation with Zambia.

Admiral Gregory G. Johnson, United States Navy (Retired), leads the delegation as Director of a U.S. National Defense University program that focuses on joint military operations. He led 19 U.S. military leaders on their visit to Zambia during which they learned about U.S. Africa Command’s work with the Zambian military on joint training exercises such as Southern Accord held in August 2015 and in U.S.-provided training for the Zambian Battalions heading to Central African Republic for the UN Peacekeeping Mission.

The visiting U.S. Officers, at the ranks of Brigadier General and Rear Admiral representing the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard, were greeted at the airport by U.S. Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz and members of the Zambian military. Ambassador Schultz praised the warm relations and positive exchanges, including military-to-military, the U.S. and Zambia have shared.

Ambassador Schultz and Zambian military officials greet U.S. military visitors.
Ambassador Schultz and Zambian military officials greet U.S. military visitors.

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    • Best aircraft in what respect?? Your opinion is unqualified!

      Say something, like Medium sized transport with proven field experience, filling the void left by the aging but legendary C130 – which is still very much in service in various roles etc etc

  1. iWE TUTU NDIWEGALU Thats my Dad up their in ZAF uniform, come August pipo like u who vote UPND will be given political asylum to south sudan ..sha uka zikhala ndi ULEMU

  2. @ Tutu, those three Zambians in the bottom picture are “ba kapaso”
    And the fat obese black man in military uniform in the first picture is how an ordinary senior Zambia army personnel would look like.

  3. Take advantage of the US military cooperation to train Zambian personnel. They do a great job of technical and tactical training including humanitarian rescue during disasters. A US army base in Zambia would also bring a lot of jobs and technical training for the future.

  4. Tenze Bantu; do not demean our militery staff here in Zambia. We have one of the most disciplined soldiers in Africa. Let us give them respect.

  5. In 1992 a C5 Super Galaxy first landed at Lusaka and later flew off to Mbala Base to drop off some personnel…A few US military planes have landed in Zambia…You may just not be aware…

  6. Is that white ZAF officer not colonel Barry? I am sure he is the one. Yankees setting up base here will just bring more instability. Look at all places world wide especially Third World countries where they have intervened they have left a lot of confusion. Good examples DR. Congo, Iraq, Syria I short middle east and South America. We need their assistance but not their bases here. They will bring more confusion than political stability.

  7. Comment:oooh!watchout zambians those us militery personnels are here for hiden agenda’s there constructing underground concetretion comp,prisons for there newworldorder! New currency,etc. Those us military program shouldn’t be intertained in our poorly democrat weakened country. Careful.

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