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Meeting Pope Francis at the Vatican will strengthen my Catholic Faith-Mumbi Phiri


Mumbi Phiri shaking hands with Pope Francis
Mumbi Phiri shaking hands with Pope Francis

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says meeting Pope Francis at the Vatican would strengthen her Catholic faith and would be a memory to hold on to for the rest of her life.

Mrs Mumbi, who was part of the delegation that accompanied President Edgar Lungu to Italy and France, said it was a privilege for her to meet the Pope as an ordinary citizen.

“As a Catholic it has given me honour and I know I am truly favoured by God, ” she said.

She was thrilled by the treatment the Zambian delegation received at the Vatican.

She added that unlike the normal custom and treatment given to people accompanying any head of state that visited the Vatican, President Lungu’s entourage was allowed to meet the Pope inside the Vatican.

“Usually what happens is that the people that accompany the president or any important person to see the Pope are not allowed to go inside; he comes out to meet them from the library but for us we were allowed to go in and see him.

“For me this was an experience I can’t even explain because I was given such a warm reception when I went there just as an ordinary member of the country, ” Mrs Mumbi said.

She added that President Lungu was favoured as he was the first Zambian leader invited to meet the Pope.

The PF deputy secretary said the visit was unique as the cardinals who received them revealed to them that the time Pope Francis took to meet President Lungu was unusually long as most visitors were given less time.

“When we arrived at the Vatican it was unique, even the cardinals who received us told us that even the time the Pope spoke with our President, the 20 minutes or so, was too much,” she explained.

She thanked the President for according her an opportunity


  1. Mumbwe Phiri should know that the Vatican is not a room but a city within the city of Rome. In fact, large parts of the Vatican are public spaces where tourists go for walks every day. So I am not sure what she is talking about. Anyway the quality of Catholics in PF is deplorable. Sata led this bunch of looters and liars. They should be locked in confession with their priests for the next 20 years after August 2016 as they recall their misdeeds and sins since 2011.

    • Ba Mumbwe, tekanyeni! The pope is just a religious leader. A human like you – except that you have no respect for yourself, other people and filled with hate for non-Bemba-speaking tribes. These attributes are not attributes of a Christian you dream of being. The pope is even better, he allowed you to go with your VIP to see him, a thing that is not common. The pope has shown you love and tolerance – the attributes you must start cultivating. Swine!

    • The UN has accused the Vatican of “systematically” adopting policies allowing priests to sexually abuse thousands of children.

    • In the first place is Mumbi Phiri a government official or party cadre? Was the President’s visit to the Vatican a Party visit or GRZ visit? So Mumbi Phiri was accorded an opportunity to go and shake hands with the Pope at the expense of the tax payers’ money.

    • Look at Edgar Lungu, what the hell????? Mumbi was dramatic enough from wearing her Catholic Chitenge while on a government trip…. Hoooo sorry, she was not on duty as a government official.
      Then she go ahead to adding drama by kneeling, what a wonder woman!! She is a PF diva for real.

  2. Sister Mumbi is your concious free with the fact that you as a PF party deputy ….. (whatever your position is) have used tax payers moneys for your airticket room and board to see the pope. May God forgive you, I hope you took time to confess this as well as your recent comments that the people who were brutalised and eye gouged by your cadres in sinde deserved it because they provoked you by wearing opposition regalia, what were the pope’s comments about this by the way or did you forget to mention this during your holy experience? God will not be mocked holy sister

  3. Please lets post things that can help our country. We can make proposals as to who HH and lungu should pick as running mates. which mps shouldnt be adopted.

  4. Mumbi Phiri I hope you can now reflect on what God is doing in your life and change your evil ways. Please tell no lies any more and the Lord God will favour you even more. You life has been ……. I dont know….

  5. Kanshi, where is Davies Chama, I thought he should be moving with the Presido, nomba Mumbi Phiri everywhere, i smell a rat!!!

  6. Like an excited young girl who has just known a man. Ati 20 minutes was longest ever for visitors, please what kind inferiority is this? Isn’t Lungu a Head of State to just be given 20 minutes by the Pope. Those Cardinals were just trying to comfort you please as they were equally shocked that invited President of a Republic was just allowed 20 minutes like a simple Diplomat or ordinary VIP. 20 minutes all the way from Zambia amounts to a rebuke unless this President was not invited after all.

  7. Do you know why the Mob is catholic? Because it is their firm belief that after every confession, the slate is wiped clean. That’s why Mumbi considers herself holier than thou!

  8. Did she travel at PF cost or cost to the tax payer? If her trip was financed by tax payers, then the President has difficulties to handle basic things!

  9. 20 minutes with the Pope was not even enough for you to be proud of, Pope holds 45 to 1 hour closed door meeting with many head of states. But he hold 20 minutes with Lungu, meaning Lungu had nothing special to tell Pope. For your own information when you meet with Pope, its you who is suppose to tell him about your country’s situation so that he could advice you over some matters. This indicates that Lungu had nothing special to tell the Pope. Ba Mumbi we hope that meeting with Pope will enable you ukulekako nobuule!!!!

  10. ..strengthen her Catholic faith..???..she must be reminded that the Catholic in one of the churches which tolerates world wildly behaviour like drinking, to some extent promiscuity ……
    …the Pope had a lot to reprimand ECL hence alittle more time was required…

  11. Iwe ka Jezzebel,after meeting the Pope then you unleash ifi ma cadres on hapless opposition supporters..what a bigot you are.

  12. Jesus as a baby was raised in Africa. Jesus died for all our sins. You can find Jesus in your own home, just repent and ask him into your heart. Simple isn’t it? Then read the Bible.

  13. what a visit! to include individuals to escort the presido only to go and shake hands with the holy father sure? this govt awe mwandini Lesa twafweni. civil servants are suffering after two yrs of wage freez only to be slapped with almost zero% salary increment while cadrez ar movng up and down around the global misusing taxpayers money. electorate this yr must careful on who to giv votes or else anothr 5 yrs with part wil finish zambia.

  14. Now you should behave like someone who has been to the Vatican. Otherwise you will put the Pontiff’s name in disrepute as your ZNBC would report. We are sick and tired of you guys

  15. In contrast, the pope comes to Obama to discuss real stuff and in Zambias case the “bums” go to the Pope for confession
    A visit to TB Joshua is what the entire PF bunch needs asap.
    This trip was just a waste of tax payers money,

  16. The devil in disguise… Just like many hypocrites in the name of the Lord but are fornicating all over the place… Mwanya ba shetani… Karma will get you…

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